5 Best MetroPCS Free Phone Deals When You Switch To Metro

MetroPCS is one of the most reliable MVNO operators in the United States. To entice more people to switch MetroPCS deals, they offer several customized deals to new customers who switch from other carriers. Previously, the company offered its services only on CDMA networks. Although, after merging with T-Mobile, it availed 4G and LTE networks. This led to even more affordable and widespread deals. The reason is, the T-Mobile operated on GSM technology. Thus, MetroPCS could work with the two technologies.

Now, people have the freedom to either switch under bring your own phone or choose the free MetroPCS phones. Besides, there is are varieties of mobile phones. Again, you can choose whether to maintain your number or get a new line after switching. Otherwise, there is a lot of flexibility when you want to join the MetroPCS network. We’re going to further avail; other critical information alongside mind-blowing MetroPCS deals if you want to switch.

How to Choose MetroPCS Deals When You Switch?

MetroPCS offers several deals which can easily attract your attention and wish to switch to their service. Although, you shouldn’t be blinded by only the glamour of the deals. It’s only prudent to do your due diligence before the switch. Otherwise, you can end up with similarly unsatisfactory deals. To help you in the process of choosing favorable deals below is an elaborate guideline. These should help you navigate a sea of deals to land the best plan from Metro pcs after switching;

1) Previous Data Usage

MetroPCS gives you an unlimited data plan for those who bring their own phones at $40 per month. However, knowing your previous data consumption rate will help you in your decision. For example, if you normally use on average 2GB of data, there is no need of subscribing to unlimited data plans. Therefore, you need a summary of how much data you use when choosing the MetroPCS deals switch. Without this, you may end up choosing a plane that you will under-utilize after spending several dollars.

2) Lines Needed

If you need many lines; probably for your family use, MetroPCS offers discounted options. You also need to know the number of lines you choose. This way, you stand a better chance to land the best package for your family.

3) Your Cell Phone

Knowing the nature of your cell phone is also an important aspect in your pursuit of better MetroPCS services. One good thing with MetroPCS is that they offer free phones to the customers when you switch. Therefore, there is no need to use a lot of money when unlocking your phone or repairing your phone. All you need is to switch and get a free phone. The only fee you pay here is $10 for activation. Eventually, you can then select your most preferred deal according to your needs.

4) Time Spend on a Phone

Everyone works towards cutting the cost of their bills. For example, you may be looking for a senior’s plan before or after you switch. The time that seniors spend on a phone is minimal compared to young people. Therefore, if you are getting the plan for seniors you don’t need to subscribe to an unlimited plan. You can get a cheap plan only used when the senior needs to pass information.

5 Best MetroPCS Free Phone Deals When You Switch To Metro 2022

MetroPCS has several deals that you can choose. With a good data history, you can easily make a well-informed decision as earlier discussed. The difference between the deals is the amount each cost. Here is a breakdown of the best deals from MetroPCS that you can get.

1) 2 GB Data Plan

This MetroPCS plan will cost you $30 per month. When you subscribe to this, you get 2GB of data with no contract. Additionally, you can get 2 free LG phones and 2 free tablets. The free phones and tablets you get when you switch and activate the new voice and tablet line.

2) $40 Unlimited Plan

When you subscribe to this plan you will get unlimited data with no contract. Here, you will only be required to pay $40 per month. Additionally, it includes 2 free LG phones and 2 free tablets only when you switch and activate a new voice and tablet line.

3) $40 10 GB Plan

This plan costs $40 per month. It comprises 10GB of data and which you can change whenever you want. Additionally, you get 2 free LG phones and 2 free tablets. This is for the customers who switch and activate the new voice and tablet line.

4) $50 Unlimited Plan

When you subscribe to this plan you will only pay $50 per month for unlimited data. Also, there are no contracts when you subscribe to the deal. Like the other deals, you also get 2 free LG phones and 2 tablets when you switch.

5) $60 unlimited Plan

In this deal, MetroPCS customers pay $60 per month to get unlimited data with no contracts. Similarly, you receive 2 free LG phones and 2 tablets when you switch and activate a new voice and tablet line.

The Benefit of MetroPCS Free Phone Deals When You Switch

MetroPCS has several good deals for their customers especially after switching. All these deals come with benefits that customers enjoy. Here are some of the top benefits you can enjoy if you switch your carrier;

1) Plans and Pricing

MetroPCS are cheap when you switch from other carriers to its services. The company offers non contractual deals and optional add ons on top. If you switch from another carrier, you are likely to get unlimited data plans starting at $50 per month. Also, the deals come with Amazon premium if you get the most expensive unlimited plan. Additionally, you can have the option of additional data and international service depending on your plan.

2) Free Phones

MetroPCS gives a free phone when you switch from another carrier. Some of these phones are superior modern smartphones with incredible features. For example, they have LG Stylo 6 and Samsung Galaxy A21, and recently they added iPhone 7 in their store. Whether you subscribe online or in their affiliate stores, all these phones are available. The only thing you will do is to pay $15 for the line activation. You may complain the phone is not free but that is a small change compared to buying a new device.

3) Unlimited Data Plan

After switching to MetroPCS from another carrier, you are hooked up with an unlimited data plan. You only need to pay $40 per month and you start enjoying unlimited services. The only requirement to benefit from this is to have a port in a number that has never been on T-Mobile. Also, you will get this unlimited discount in the stores. Therefore, if you have been waiting for a chance to switch to MetroPCS, this is the best time.

4) Wide Coverage

MetroPCS uses T-Mobile towers to provide coverage to its customers. T-Mobile is one of the major 4 service providers with the greatest coverage across the United States. Although T-Mobile prioritizes mostly on its customers, it also pushes MetroPCS. Therefore, when you switch to MetroPCS deals, you will even enjoy the 5G coverage across the country.

5) Reliable Customer Service

Most service providers do not have reliable customer service. This is not the case with MetroPCS. If you run into trouble with any of their deals, you can always reach customer service to solve the issue. You have the option to call or visit their physical stores to have your problem solved. The reviews from existing customers show that 99% of consumers are satisfied with the company’s customer care services. This is a crucial factor since not all carriers offer such customer care support.

Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) Program

MetroPCS allows customers with good phones to bring their own phones. The only requirement is to unlock if they are locked. Before that, you should check whether the phone is compatible with the Metro SIM card. If everything checks out, you’re now free to sign up to the MetroPCS network and enjoy the benefits of switching. Affordable plans, unlimited options, and many more.

# Discounted Family Plans

Are you choosing MetroPCS and you have a family? Then you should be smiling because MetroPCS has discounted options for people looking for family plans. The discounts are for every single line you get which makes it even easier to manage your subscription.

# Sharing Unlimited Data

When you switch to MetroPCS services, there are several data options you benefit from. One of these packages is the unlimited data plan. If you subscribe to the unlimited data deals, you will be able to share the data with other devices. This is good, especially where you have several devices which need internet in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you Get a Free Phone when you Switch to MetroPCS?

Yes. MetroPCS offers free phones when you switch from another carrier to their services. Some of the phones available include LG Stylo 6 and Samsung Galaxy A21 and recently they added iPhone 7. Others include Alcatel Tru, Alcatel Fierce 4, Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL, LG 450 among others.

What Deals does MetroPCS have for New Customers?

There are several deals you can get when you sign up for MetroPCS. All these deals include customers who switch from other carriers. As a new customer, you benefit from a free new phone after you switch. You will also get unlimited data plans when you bring your own phone at only $40 per month.

Basically, new customers have a pool of affordable plans with incredible services. Besides the free phone, new customers enjoy awesome packages. During holidays also, MetroPCS tend to splash all manner of offers for newcomers.

How Much does it Cost to Switch to MetroPCS?

MetroPCS do not charge you for switching to their network. All you need to do is to pay $10 which is used for activating the Metro SIM card. Probably you can pay before switching to MetroPCS is if you were on contract with your previous provider. Otherwise, you are not supposed to pay a single penny for the switching process.

How can I Get Metro PCS to Lower my Bill?

Sometimes you may find your bills too high compared to the service you are getting. This may be due to the expensive plan you subscribed to. Also, your busy schedules may cause you to pay for what you are not using. This should not force you to abandon Metro PCS. You have the power to meticulously lower your bill.

One of the top options is asking for more affordable plans. To do this, you can either Visit the local Metro PCS store, dialing *611 on your MetroPCS phone, or dialing 1-888-8metro8 on another phone. When all this is not applicable, you can log in to your online account and change your plan to a more affordable one.

What do I need to Switch to MetroPCS?

To switch to MetroPCS, one does require a phone which is unlocked. Make sure you get your phone unlocked according to your previous requirements. This is because different carriers have different requirements when unlocking your phone. When you unlock make sure your phone is compatible with the MetroPCS SIM card. Visiting MetroPCS Store to have your SIM card activated can fasten the process. If that is set, select a MetroPCS plan which suits and then you are a MetroPCS customer.


MetroPCS offers some mind-blowing deals to new customers switching to their network. This is on top of the strong services you get to enjoy on their modern network infrastructure. They provide affordable service plans and a brand-new phone when you switch. That takes the burden of purchasing a new phone from your shoulders. In the event you feel so attached to your old device, you can still move with it. All you need is to ensure that it is compatible with the network. Ever seen a carrier that doesn’t tie you with contracts?

MetroPCS is one of them. If after some time you get bored with their services, you are free to move to other carriers without penalties. If you are looking to switch to a nation-wide service provider, you may want to check out MetroPCS.