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Top Ten Best Cheapest Prepaid Phone Plans in 2021 Provides

Gone are the days when cell phone companies bound you in long-term and restrictive contracts and that too at an extremely hefty price. You don’t need to sign a contract for a year or two with mobile service providers these days and that’s how the gap between postpaid and prepaid plans came to a close.

Most mobile phone users in America use the services of one of the top 4 mobile service providers in America I.e. Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular, and T-Mobile. But the thing is there are a lot of other options available besides these big names to choose from if you are looking for a discount.

We are going to provide you a compilation of some of the cheapest prepaid phone plans of 2021 in this article that will certainly suit your needs and budget.

The Best Cheapest Prepaid Phone Plans

cheapest prepaid phone plans

1. Republic Wireless One Month Prepaid Plan, 1GB-Unlimited Data, 20$-25$

Republic wireless network offers exceptional coverage with an extremely fair price range to its customers and has a number of cheapest prepaid phone plans. Republic Wireless uses the wireless coverage of Sprint and T-Mobile which in itself speaks of its great coverage.

Their deals started from a mere 20$ a month that provides 1Gb data with unlimited call and text. Republic wireless attracts its users with a one-year cheapest prepaid phone plans in which they offer to pay for your plan in monthly installments with a discount of free data for 2 months a year.


  • Quality coverage of spring and T-Mobile
  • Attractive one year plan
  • The monthly installment option is great
  • Discount of 2 months a year for a yearly plan


  • The lowest plan costs 20$ which is high
  • Only 1Gb data for a monthly plan

2. Tello, 1-Month Prepaid Plan, 500MB Unlimited Data, 5$-39$

Tello is a subsidiary of Sprint wireless network and has the most flexible prepaid package plans among small network providers. Tello provides you the luxury to create your own cheapest prepaid phone plans that means you can cut out the extras from your plan to manage your budget and thus gets the cheapest prepaid phone plans ever.

Tello provides you a monthly plan for as low as 5$ a month but the best-prepaid plan you can get from Tello is the one that costs you 10$ for 1Gb of data and unlimited text and calls for an entire month. The best thing about Tello is that you can reconfigure your plan whenever you want.


  • 5$ a month is the lowest price for a monthly plan
  • Create your own plan
  • Reconfigure your plan anytime
  • Flexible packages


  • Limited data
  • Not great coverage

3. Red Pocket, 1-Month Prepaid Phone Plan, 1GB Data, 10$

The red pocket needs whatsoever no introduction, although it’s an MVNO, it has links with almost all the big mobile service providers so you are undoubtedly getting great coverage with this small network carrier. Red pocket cheapest plan offers 1Gb of internet along with 1000 minutes of talk time and unlimited texts. So you are getting the best deal with the best possible network coverage with Red Pocket.


  • Linked with big service providers
  • 10$ a month is a great bargain
  • Best coverage quality


  • Limited talk time
  • Not many plan options

4. Consumer Cellular, 250MB-500MB, One Month Package Plan, 20$-25$

Not the cheapest prepaid phone plans you would ever get but on the back of AT&T coverage quality, this is the best you can get. The lowest and cheapest prepaid phone plans Consumer Cellular could offer with such a great coverage quality costs you 20$ a month for 250Mb internet with 250 minutes of talk time and unlimited texting service. You can always add up to 5 dollars to the cost and gets to enjoy unlimited talk time and texting service with 500Mb internet.


  • High-quality AT&T coverage
  • High-speed internet
  • Unlimited talk time


  • Expensive as compared to other service providers
  • Limited talk time in a 20$ plan

5. Ultra Mobile, One Month Package Plan, 5GB Data, 29$

If you can’t do with low data bundles and looking for a cheap package plan that will provide you with some more data to work with, ultra-mobile is your go-to option. With the back of high-speed LTE coverage of T-Mobile, Ultra-Mobile cheapest prepaid phone plans offers 5Gb of high-speed LTE data with unlimited calls and texts.

However, this is not it. You can get a discount on the ultra-mobile network’s multi-month prepaid plan by paying for 3,6 or 12 months of services at once. This multi-month plan from ultra-mobile offers the same high-speed LTE internet worth 6Gb with unlimited calls and texts along with unlimited international talk time for just 25$ a month.


  • High-speed LTE network
  • 5Gb data for 24$ is an attractive deal
  • Unlimited international talk time in the multi-month deal
  • 4$ discount for a multi-month plan


  • Paying for a multi-month plan at once can be difficult
  • No hot spot tethering option

6. Tello, One Month Plan, 6GB-8GB Data, 24$-29$

Another valuable monthly prepaid plan, Tello offers 6Gb data with unlimited calls and texts for just 24$ a month on the back of T-Mobile high-speed coverage. If you can’t do with 6GB data, there is another plan for you at the cost of 29$ a month for 8GB high-speed internet with unlimited calls and texts.


  • High-speed T-Mobile coverage
  • 6 Gb data in 24$ plan is great
  • Multiple monthly plans to choose from


  • No family plans
  • No discounts available

7. Mint Mobile, 3-12 Month, 4GB-15GB, 15$-25$

If you are looking to get the best out of your money, Mint mobile is the way to go. Although it’s not the cheapest network, it gives you the best data plan as an MVNO. Its 10Gb data plan costs 20$ a month, although you can get more out of your money if you opt for a multi-month data plan for 3 months. The best thing about Mint mobile is it gives you unlimited hotspot tethering and access to 5G.


  • 10Gb monthly plan do a lot of good
  • Great multi-month plans
  • Unlimited hotspot tethering
  • Access to 5G


  • Not so great coverage quality
  • You have to pay for a multi-month plan in advance

8. Visible, Unlimited Data, 40$, 1 Month

If you don’t want to limit yourself in these limited data plans, visible is providing the best unlimited monthly data plan, and that too on the back of the best MNO of America, Verizon. Visible is providing the best coverage among all MVNOs because of the strong backup they get from Verizon.

Visible offers unlimited data at 40$ a month for an individual plan. If that’s not enough, visible offers an incredible family package plan that counts for an incredible discount of 15$ per line every month, which cuts out your monthly cost to 25$ a month for 4 persons.


  • Unlimited data
  • Verizon high-speed coverage
  • Brilliant family plan


  • Expensive
  • No hot spot tethering

9. Boost Mobile, 1GB Unlimited Data, 10$-60$, One Month Contract

For those looking for the best coverage quality under T-Mobile, this one is for you. Boost mobile offers a data plan of 2Gb with unlimited calls and texts at the cost of as low as 10$ a month for an individual prepaid plan. The best thing about Boost mobile is that it has a discounted family plan too which counts for unlimited data, texting, and calls for a whole month for multiple users.


  • Monthly plan for 10$
  • Discounted family plan
  • Unlimited data on a family prepaid plan
  • High-speed T-Mobile coverage


  • Only one monthly individual plan
  • No international roaming

10. Twigby, One Month Plan, 3GB-10GB, 20$-26$

If you live in an area covered by Verizon mobile network but not willing to pay a heavy price for your monthly prepaid phone plan to Verizon, Twigby is the cheaper option with the same high-quality coverage as Verizon. Twigby is giving 3Gb data with unlimited call and texting services for as low as 20$ a month.

If that sounds a little expensive to you, remember you are getting the coverage backed up by Verizon which is the best service provider in America. Also, Twigby is offering a 5$ per month discount to its new customers nowadays, so it’s the best time to switch over to this cheaper Verizon alternative.


  • Verizon high-speed coverage
  • Valuable prepaid plans
  • 5$ monthly discount to new customers


  • Limited data
  • No family plan

People Also Ask

What is a prepaid phone plan and how it works?

A prepaid phone plan means you get to choose a monthly, weekly, fortnightly, or quarterly plan and you pay in advance. In prepaid phone plans, you get what you pay. You don’t have to pay any hidden charges or any extra amount in the name of taxes.

Are prepaid phone plans better than postpaid?

It depends on what your needs are and what you want from your service provider. Prepaid phone plans are often cheaper than postpaid plans but they have their limitations in terms of the amount of data or coverage quality etc. On the other hand, prepaid phone plans cost more but provide better services and benefits like the best coverage and speed.

Do prepaid phones provides a phone number?

Yes, they do. If you get a prepaid phone, you will get a registered sim card that contains your name, address, number, and a 4 digit pin to activate your prepaid phone.

Can I use my contract sim card on a prepaid phone?

You can certainly use it but only if the prepaid phone is manufactured from the same wireless provider as the contract sim card and the phone has a sim card jacket.

Bottom Line

We often underestimate little monthly savings and that’s why we generally don’t bother to think about mobile phone plans before getting into a contract or buying a prepaid phone plan. But the thing is, it matters a lot in a long run. You can save a lot of your hard-earned money by opting for a suitable mobile phone plan that will provide you what you need and won’t be expensive.

Gone are the days when the prepaid phone plans offer nothing, nowadays you can easily get a suitable prepaid plan that costs little if you could just think it off before making a decision. We have put in a lot of research to compile some of the cheapest prepaid phone plans in this article to help you get a suitable deal.