Get 10 Best Cell Phone Family Plans In 2024 Updated

Communication is an essential pillar of a family setup. It is keeping family members in touch even when geographically separated. For efficient communication, the choice of a cell phone family plans is critical. It determines how well the family members can communicate. This is owing to the cost factor that accompanies every line. Luckily, our country isn’t short of service providers all of whom have unique phone plans targeting families. Top on this list are companies like T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T among others.

So, as they jostle for the market, the families benefit more. The scramble leads to the creation of better and affordable cell phone family plans. Although, getting the best cell phone plan isn’t a walk in the park. It requires a thorough analysis of the market from one carrier to another. You survey all the plans and their features then make an informed decision based on your family needs. For example, a family consisting of main youths will have different needs from a family of major seniors.

To simplify your search for the best cell phone family plans, we have scoured the internet to bring you the necessary information. This article also features a review of the top cell phone family plans you can consider for your household.

10 Best Cell Phone Family Plans in 2022 Updated

1) Verizon Plan More Family Plans

Unlike the vast majority of cell phone family plans, Verizon provides mobile plans that allow customization of plans. This allows the user to select their most suitable plan for their family. First off, the Verizon play more plan allows for four different lines of data. For this, you are charged a total monthly cost of $180. In addition to that, it provides users with unlimited data service across all its four distinct tiers of unlimited plans.

With this plan, users still get the chance to enjoy a 5G internet service that comprises 15GB LTE hotspot data. Furthermore, a Disney bundle is included for Disney streaming services. These Disney services include Disney plus, ESP plus, and Hulu. On the downside, this plan is generally slightly expensive when compared to others. 

  • Offers a 5G internet service.
  • Includes Disney streaming bundle.
  • Comes with 15GB of LTE hotspot data.
  • Allows mixing and matching of plans.
  • Suitable for a large family.
  • Generally more expensive compared to other plans.

2) AT&T Unlimited Elite Plans

Here is yet another cell phone plan that provides users with a very fast internet service. Actually, it gives a 5G coverage on all its plans. Moreover, the plan provides a whole 30GB of LTE hotspot data. Even though it is a slightly expensive plan, it allows for both HBO and HBO max streaming. Price-wise, the AT&T elite plan goes for a monthly cost of $200. This covers up to four distinct lines of data.

In addition, this plan allows its users to mix and match plans with respect to their most desirable preference. As if not enough, the AT&T elite plan does not reduce your Internet speed. However, in the event you consume more than 100GB of data in a given month; your Internet speed will be reduced.

  • Provides users with 5GB internet coverage.
  • Allows for both HBO and HBO max streaming.
  • It comes with a very bulky 30GB of LTE hotspot data.
  • It allows for the customization of plans.
  • It is very costly.

3) Visible Party Pay Family Plans

Are you looking for efficient yet affordable cell phone family plans, we thus introduce you to the above cell phone family plans. Normally, with this plan, the more data lines you have, the cheaper it becomes. To be more precise, individuals with two lines of data pay $35 for unlimited data for each line. On the other hand, the ones with four lines pay only $25 to get unlimited data for each line. Therefore, if you have four lines of data you will end paying only $100 in total.

The plan charges only $40 for unlimited data, talk, and text. More also, this plan comes with an unlimited hot-spot data package, that is capped at 5mbps. Despite that, it uses the Verizon network to dispense a 5G internet service to its users. However for you to enjoy the fast internet speed, you will need to have a modern smartphone.

This includes gadgets such as iPhone 12, Galaxy s20, and the Galaxy s20 plus. Lastly, once you subscribe to this cell phone family plan, you will definitely incur some minimal perks.

  • It is a very affordable cell phone family plan.
  • It provides users with 5G internet.
  • Comes with an excellent talk and text offer.
  • Only users with high end phones can enjoy their fast internet holistically.

4) T-Mobile Magnenta Plans

Despite being fairly affordable, the above cell phone family plan exhibits one of the best deals currently. You are charged $70 for the first line of data for all its unlimited plans. For the second line of data, you are charged only $50, whilst for both the third and the fourth line of data, you pay only $20 each of the two lines.

However, at the moment, this plan is giving a $20 discount for the third line of data. Therefore, this means you will only pay a total of $140 for all four lines of data after subscribing to it. Also, it comes with 3G coverage as well as video streaming which is capped at 480p. Additionally, once you settle for this cell phone family plan, it will cover a $9 cost for your monthly Netflix subscription. In case you love traveling, this plan will definitely suit you well.

This is because it gives travelers free texts and an hour of free Wi-Fi in case they are traveling on go-go-enabled flights with magenta. Lastly, the above cell phone family plan renders its users a 5G internet coverage. On the downside, it doesn’t allow users to mix and match unlimited plans.

  • Gives users a 5G internet coverage.
  • Offers a large discount on its large line of data.
  • It is a very affordable cell phone family plan.
  • Very suitable for travelers.
  • Its users cannot mix and match unlimited plans.

5) Cricket Wireless Plans

With monthly charges escalating up to only $100 per month for four lines of unlimited data, cricket renders its users greatly affordable family plans. In addition to this, they don’t require any annual contracts or even charge any monthly taxes. This package includes unlimited talk and text to Canada, Mexico as well as 38 other countries.

The data speed associated with this plan is limited to 8mbps per second. Albeit, this capping decreases in case you settle for lower-priced data plans that are available in both 2GB and 10 GB. Therefore, the two of these buckets tend to exhibit faster speeds due to their limited use. However, with the lower tier rate, you can purchase an additional one GB of data at an additional cost of $10 per month.

  • It is very affordable.
  • No monthly taxes.
  • Allows for unlimited talk ad text across many countries.
  • It doesn’t offer mixing and matching of plans.

6) Boost Mobile Plans

Unlike most family plans highlighted in the above list, the latter offers plans for a maximum of two lines. In case you settle for a single line of data, Boost will charge you a monthly rate of $60. On the other hand, if you settle for two lines of data, Boost charges you precisely $100 per month. Unfortunately, it charges monthly taxes on its users as well as annual service contracts.

Further, it offers unlimited data, talk, and also texts. With this plan, you get the chance to enjoy HD video streaming as well as 30GB of mobile hotspot monthly. The HD streaming quality goes all the way to 1080p, while music ad gaming exhibits a speed of 1.5mbs and 8mbps respectively.

  • Allows for quality HD video streaming.
  • Comes with a large 30GB of the monthly hotspot.
  • Offers users unlimited data, text, and talk.
  • Allows for mixing and matching of plans.
  • Offers great discounts up to $20.
  • Allows for a maximum of only two lines of data.
  • Only allows for a maximum of two lines of data.

7) Project Fi Plans

Flexibility is one of the cardinal factors associated with the above cell phone family plan. To begin with, this package includes unlimited calls, texts and data usage. However it comes with a restriction on data usage which allows for a maximum speed of up to 22GB.

In case you exceed this limit, your speed is automatically slowed down. People with two lines of data pay $60 for each of the lines which cumulatively comes to $120 per month. In case you settle for their four lines of data, you are charged $45 for each line, which will cumulatively cost you only $160.

They also provide flexible plans that offer users unlimited calls and texts for two at a price of $18 per line. For unlimited internet, they charge $10 for each GB of data consumed. On the upside, this price is constant in up to 135 countries. Therefore, this allows you to enjoy their services from various places worldwide.

  • Their services are accessible from a large number of countries.
  • They offer affordable rates.
  • Their offers are very flexible.
  • Has speed limitation.

8) Metro By T-Mobile Plans

Formerly recognized as MetroPCS, this plan provides one of the most affordable family plans today. This family plan charges about $40 for a single line of data. However, if you prefer having the four lines of data, a monthly fee of $130 is charged. Actually, with this plan, you can mix and match the plan depending on your budget.

Also, it provides users with very fast downloading speeds. Moreover, the company’s $40 10GB plan gives users up to 40 plus music apps for unlimited music streaming. In case you feel that this deal isn’t satiable to you, you can pay an additional $10. This in turn gives you unlimited LTE data as well as 5GB of hotspot data. Nevertheless, you can also pay $10 more which comes to a total of $60, and get 4G coverage as well as a 15GB mobile hotspot.

  • It allows for the mixing and matching of plans.
  • It is very affordable.
  • Suitable for large families.
  • Costly on several lines.

9) Republic Wireless Plans

This is another great family plan that provides unlimited talk and text at $15 per month. It also provides an opportunity to upgrade to 4 G LTE at an additional charge of $5. The plan imposes restrictions on users that use less than one GB per month. This makes it less suitable for data. On the downside, this plan doesn’t work with Apple products, and neither can a user bring their own carrier.

  • It allows mixing and matching of plans.
  • Uses a T-Mobile network which is fast.
  • Includes affordable rates.
  • Suitable and convenient for talking and texting.
  • Not compatible with iPhones.
  • Does not support BYOP.
  • Not suitable for internet users.

10) Verizon Just Kids Plans

This is a great family plan that is very recommendable for people with kids in the house. Usually, this plan allows a maximum of two lines of data at a rate of $110 per month. Once you subscribe to the latter, you are awarded unlimited talk and text in the US. This is inclusive of unlimited national minutes to 20 contacts.

The plan also gives users a 5GB 4G LTE data coverage. It also comprises DVD-quality streaming 480p for the kids. However, at times when the network is overloaded, Verizon may decrease your browsing speed. For people who enroll through auto-pay and paper billing, this plan gives you the chance to save up to $10 per month. Also, Verizon allows you to bring your own phone or even get a new device with either monthly installments or even at their full price.

You must note that even if you suspend your service plan, you will still need to pay the monthly installments for your device. Last but not the least, this plan comes with parental control ability to their kids.

  • Comes with a parental control feature.
  • Works with any device.
  • Allows payments through monthly installments.
  • It does not allow for the mixing and matching of plans.

How to Choose Cell Phone Family Plans?

A choice for the best cell phone family plans is characterized by mulling over several issues. And you should sign the contract with a carrier only if you feel comfortable with everything. Below are some critical areas that you should look into before making your decision:

1) Family Composition and Traits

This is an important aspect of the family because it determines the users’ habits. A family consisting of a youthful population means high data usage. Contrary to that, a family of seniors doesn’t need as much data. With this information, you stand a better chance to make a more informed decision.

That however doesn’t mean that only youths have the highest affinity to data. Even some adults spent most of their time streaming or gaming online. In the event you realize that your family spends a lot of data, you need to go for plans with unlimited data. Otherwise, you can settle for plans with less or limited data allotment.

2) Data Allotment Type

Data allocation is what simplifies communication and consequently lowers its cost. However, different plans use different allotment techniques. Basically, there are two of them; the shared and data per line. With the shared allotment method, the available data is shared amongst all the lines attached to the account. For example, if it is 16GBs of data and you have 3 lines; all the three share the 16GB. The expenditure is unregulated.

That means all these lines can use the data differently as long as the total adds up to the allocated bundle. The data per line method allocates data to each specific line. In the example above, each of the three lines will have 16GBs of data. This is the most popular method of allocation today. It means every line can be assigned specific data depending on the user’s needs.

3) Network Coverage

This is a crucial factor that you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to. You need to understand the carrier’s network coverage before committing to their services. The importance of this is that the members of the family may be scattered in different regions. Therefore, if you limit the network range, some relatives may be locked out. You may also want to consider the international options.

In case one of you resides or travels often, it’s prudent to consider their convenience. Some service providers have plans that include international services though at higher rates. Therefore, if you have families or friends in a different country, ensure you check the most affordable plans for them.

4) Budget

You need to gauge the company’s pricing structure compare it with your budget. Depending on your intended use, you can then determine the feasibility of a certain plan. After all, there is no need of paying a lot of money for a service you won’t be using.

Best Prepaid Cell Phone Family Plans

Metro by T-Mobile phone plan is the best of the best-prepaid family plans. If your family wants to pay upfront for their phone services, you need the best-prepaid family plan. There are several reasons why we consider this plan the best. Its unlimited data, texts, and calls package is one of the top contributors to the ranking of the plan.

It goes at only $120 per month for 4 lines; this translates to $30 per month for each line. With that, it sets itself as one of the most affordable family plans. On top of the unlimited data package, customers get to benefit from other features. These include; 100GB of cloud storage, 15GB of a mobile hotspot as well as Amazon prime membership. Considering the high network coverage and data speeds of T-Mobile in the country, families can enjoy incredible services.

The good thing is that the $120 cost includes all the charges such as taxes. That means there won’t be an additional fee making it very easy to budget for.

What are the Best Cell Phone Family Plans?

Every family has their unique needs that determine their choice for a family phone plan; network coverage, international option, and a number of users among others. Below is a list of best cell phone family plans based on different criteria:

1) T-Mobile Magenta

Formerly T-Mobile One, T-Mobile Magenta is our overall best cell phone family plans. With an already established name for data, texts, and talk time provision, T-Mobile’s Magenta is an incredible plan. The plan features a list of perks that are hard to pass by. For instance, it allows up to four lines at $140. Depending on T-Mobile’s coverage in your area, you can get a host of features. If your area has proper coverage, you get free access to various online subscriptions.

These include Netflix, unlimited SD and HD streaming, 4G LTE hotspot, and in-flight Wi-Fi when flying on Gogo-enabled flights. Additionally, you have the option to add a tablet or wearable such as a Smartwatch though at a fee. The unlimited data feature is one of the strengths of Magenta. Therefore, if your family does a lot of browsing and streaming, this plan is a good choice. You’ll also be sure of daily special offers. These further enhance family communication by relatively lowering the cost.

2) Project Fi

For families with relatives in other countries, the project fi plan offers exceptional pricing. To start with, it has unlimited talk time and texting at only $35 per month for two lines. Every 1GB of data is also charged $10 per month. The advantage is that you first spent the data then billed after the end of every month.

The Google Fi unlimited plan features different data options. Even though the data usage is not limited, its speed drops from 22GB. However, other aspects such as texts and calls remain unaltered. The cost is $60 per line. So, for two lines the cost is $120.

You can also add other lines up to four and lower the cost per line to $45. Several other advantages accompany this plan. For example, you can make free international calls to more than 40 countries. This is on top of a free mobile hotspot. If you are frequently traveling abroad, you have even better options to enjoy.

The project fi provides you 1GB at $10. And this is available across more than 130 countries. Such rates are hard to find. Therefore, even though you may have to do a bit of work setting up the family plan, it’s worth every effort.

3) Cricket Wireless Unlimited 2 Plan

In terms of value, no plan beats Cricket wireless unlimited core plan. The carrier’s network piggybacks AT&T 4G LTE network. By so doing, it gains nationwide coverage thus spreading its services across many regions. Their family plan consists of 4 lines at a cost of $100 per month.

For value purposes, the data speed is set to 8Mbps. However, if you select lower-priced plans the cap can deep further. Basically, you have a wide range of options in the lower-tier plans. For instance, you can purchase an extra monthly 1GB at only $10.

The Cricket international plan is also a notable option. It allows you to make unlimited landline calls to over 36 countries. So, in terms of value, Cricket offers the best cell phone plans.

4) Verizon Wireless Unlimited Plans

Among all wireless carriers, none has better coverage than Verizon Wireless. The company has a rock solid 4G LTE network from coast to coast. Offering two competing plans, it all boils down to a family’s need. The Start Unlimited plan consists of 4 lines at a cost of $35 per line. Nevertheless, it offers slightly reduced quality services. For example, it reduces the video quality to DVD. Also, the quality of video streaming on phones and tablets reduces to 480p.

The higher tier plans may offer better service quality though at a fee. For instance, you pay $45 for each of the four lines to stream videos at 720p on smart phones. The quality goes higher to 1080p with tablet and hotspot devices. Whichever plan you settle on, finding faults on Verizon network isn’t easy. Being among the first carriers to introduce LTE network, they’ve made their systems more robust.

5) Ting

Ting is the most pocket-friendly wireless service provider. They allow you to set up your own rates in accordance with your family’s needs. That eliminates the problem of unwanted features and thus customers can enjoy exactly what they want. The Flex plan is the cheapest at only $10 a month for every line. For data usage, the company will charge you $5 for every 1GB. Therefore, you can easily regulate your expenses and focus more on your essential features.

The Set 5 plan costs $25 a month for one line. The plan comprises 5GB LTE/5G data plus unlimited texts and talks time. This is a considerably low cost and it’s not the end. There are other pro plans you can go for if you need more features. But the higher you rise the more bucks you’ll cough.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who has the Cheapest Family Cell Phone Plans?

T-Mobile is the carrier with the best family cell phone plan overall. Their Magenta plan features incredible options including unlimited data and daily special offers. Besides that, you are free to include your other devices like Tablets, smartphones, and wearable. These provisions combined with wide coverage make this carrier unrivaled.

What is the Best Family Cell Phone Plan for Kids?

Want controlled cell phone use for your kids? Verizon’s Just Kids family plan is the best choice. This is a specially tailored family plan by Verizon to cover kids. The plan grants more parental control to ensure healthy mobile interaction. Instead of leaving your kids to operate your Verizon unlimited plan, all you need is to add the Just for Kids plan. You’ll also need to add an extra $35-$50 per month to your subscription.

Is it Cheaper to Get a Family Plans?

Yes. Service providers always charge multiple line owners cheaper than single line owners. Actually, with some carriers, the cost of operating a single line doubles that of multiple lines.

What is the Average Cell Phone Bill for a Family of Two?

Different companies have different plans for a family of two. Simple mobile plan for example charges only $75 for two lines in a month. On the other hand, Metro by T-Mobile charges only $70 per month. So, the cost of operating two lines shouldn’t go beyond $75 a month.

What Phone Company has 4 Lines $100?

Several phone companies offer plans with 4 lines at $100 bucks. These include Verizon, MetroPCS and Cricket wireless. All, all of them have different features in their plans. For instance, Verizon 4 line plan has unlimited data, voice and texts. Also, it allows international calling and texting to more than 200 countries.

Final Word

Technology has successfully converted the world into a global village. Today, people can keep in touch even while thousands of miles apart. For families, this is a good thing. Relatives can text, call, and video calls each other. To better promote this culture, the service providers designed family plans. We have scoured the internet to bring you all the information you need to choose the best plan for your family.

Your choice of plan is very critical. You need to consider all factors to ensure you maximize every opportunity to keep in touch with your people. Whether separated by a street, sea, or border, family plans got you covered. Depending on your budget and location, there’s always the best carrier with the best cell phone plans for your family.