Best Metro PCS Bill Payment Options For Online: Instruction

Founded in 1994 by Texas-based Malcolm Lorang and Roger Linquist, MetroPCS is a prepaid wireless carrier. The Company was initially established as General Wireless, Inc. Subsequently, in the year 2002 the Company had forayed into Personal Communication Service (hence the name PCS).

It is a brand owned by T-Mobile US. As a matter of fact, MetroPCS was an earlier name for the brand which has since been rechristened as Metro by T-Mobile or simply called Metro. Under this brand, T-Mobile has launched new unlimited plans wherein OTT apps like Amazon Prime, Google One Storage, etc are offered as a bundled feature.

Best Metro PCS Bill Payment Options For Online: Instruction

With a subscriber base of more than 75 million users and a nationwide market reach of close to 100 markets, MetroPCS has been able to grab the attention of pan American wireless sector. However, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities” and MetroPCS believes in the same. With a growing subscriber base, the Company has to ensure that there is a payment option for everybody.

Customer satisfaction is a core mantra for MetroPCS and this is reflected in the fact that it has an ample number of payment options to ensure that its customers are spoilt for choice. While most of the payment options are widely known and used, the following paragraphs undertake to describe each of these options in detail.

metro pcs payment options

1) How to Metro PCS Bill Pay Online Via Telephone – Top 3 Methods

The subscribers of MetroPCS have the option to pay their dues by using the telephone services. For the operational convenience of the users, the method is further classified in the following Three Ways; 1: Texting, 2: Over a Call, 3: Customer Service Executive.

# Methods 1) Metro PCS Bill Pay Online Via Telephone Using Texting

The payment via telephone using the texting facility has been enabled for users with an existing online funding account with MetroPCS. Sending text from a preauthorized number is a sort of confirmation given by the user to MetroPCS to deduct the dues amount from the said online funding account. The text message has to be in a specific format though it’s not rocket science as well. At the start of this transaction, MetroPCS sends the details of the overall due amount to the subscriber. The subscriber has to reply to this text message.

This reply from the customer is treated as a tacit confirmation from the customer’s end to deduct the amount. It’s as easy as sending a text message, literally.

  • Easy to use for non-tech savvy people.
  • No additional charges incurred.
  • Safe and secured method.
  • Not favored by tech-savvy generation.
  • Based on older technology.

# Methods 2) Metro PCS Bill Pay Online Via Telephone Using Over a Call

Next comes the payment via telephone over a call. Under this method, the customer has to simply make a call to a predestinated number i.e. *99. As soon as the call is established, a one-time fee of $2 is charged (yes, this is a chargeable method of making the bill payment). A MetroPCS representative then assists the customer over phone as to how to make the bill payment. While this method involves a fee of $2, the good part of this method is that the bill payment is instant. The processing time is reduced to real time in this method.

  • Easy to use for non-tech-savvy people.
  • Safe and secured method.
  • Bill payment is instant.
  • Real-time settlement.
  • The additional cost of $2 for every transaction.
  • Not favored by tech-savvy generation.
  • Based on older technology.

# Methods 3) Metro PCS Bill Pay Online Via Telephone Using Customer Service Executive

The third sub-category under this method is payment via telephone using the help of a customer care executive. The predestinated number, in this case, is 1-888-8metro8. As soon as the call is established, the customer is charged $3. However, then comes the convenience of payment over the phone with a dedicated executive being available to assist in the process. Once again, the settlement is real-time, and then there is no processing time involved.

  • Easy to use for non tech savvy people.
  • Settlement is real time.
  • Assistance from customer care executive is required by many users.
  • The additional cost of $3 per transaction.
  • Not favored by tech-savvy generation.
  • Based on older technology.

Apart from the stated 3 methods via telephone, a 4th and lesser-known method is also present, called My Metro. The good part is that this service method is absolutely free of charge. However, the other side of the coin is that the processing of payment takes about 2 hours and the transaction is not real-time.

2) How to Metro PCS Bill Pay Online Via Internet – Top 6 Methods

One of the more prevalent methods is the payment of dues via the internet. In the world of growing internet usage, this method assists in a higher collection of dues for MetroPCS as compared to any other method. This itself encompasses multiple sub-methods as follows:

# Methods 1) Metro PCS Bill Pay Online Via Internet Using My Account

For using the payment option via MyAccount, the customer has to visit the Company’s secured portal i.e. The customers are encouraged to form their own login ID and password to access the payment method. However, it is completely at the discretion of the subscriber whether to enter as a guest i.e. without an ID password or to create a lifetime profile in the portal free of cost. Upon entering the requisite details, the option MyAccount is visible wherein the customer can go and make the payment.

It will be worth mentioning that MetroPCS ensures complete data safety of its enrolled user base. To further strengthen the security measures, the customer, while logging in, is required to enter an 8 digit PIN. This is accompanied by a security question. Once the identity of the customer is established, the payment is a cakewalk from thereon.

# Methods 2) Metro PCS Bill Pay Online Via Internet Using Mobile Application

MetroPCS has also ensured to keep the flexibility of using a couple of clicks on the mobile for payment of dues. With high mobile penetration in the American market, the Company has launched its own mobile application called Metro by T-Mobile. The app is well trusted with inbuilt security measures. The same can be downloaded from intune store (for Apple users) or Play Store (for Android Users).

The app is by far one of the more convenient methods. Not only is the downloading of the app free of cost, but it also allows flexibility to the customers to pay their bills well in advance. The process is considered by many as the more convenient, faster, and reliable way of clearing the dues.

# Methods 3) Metro PCS Bill Pay Online Via Internet Using Content to Pay

Another convenient method of making an online payment is using the service of ‘Content to Pay’ Supported by PayNow, under this method the subscriber has to add certain predefined details to their existing KYC verified wallet. A customer-specific transaction is then generated by PayNow and the customer has to simply respond to the content using 729669. This will initiate the payment process without any further hassles.

# Methods 4) Metro PCS Bill Pay Online Via Internet Using AutoPay Option

One of the most convenient methods wherein the customer has to literally do nothing is to give one-time access to the AutoPay option. As the name itself reflects, under the AutoPay option, the subscriber will give a one-time standing instruction to allow on-demand charges (like service fee, subscription fee, etc) to be deducted from the linked wallet, card, or checking account. Even though the settlement requires about 2 hours of processing, the fact that it’s free of charge and involves minimal intervention by the user makes it a preferred choice of payment for many.

# Methods 5) Metro PCS Bill Pay Online Via Internet Using Express Pay Option

One of the faster options is the option to pay via Express Pay. As the name suggests, the payment is done in express mode. This does not require entering any pin or password. No login credentials are required either. The user has to simply go online on Company’s website and select the express mode of payment. In the name of details, the only information required is the phone number and card details (credit, debit, or Metro Card) and voila, the payment is made.

# Methods 6) Metro PCS Bill Pay Online Via Internet Using E-Wallets

Last but not least under this payment option is paying via eWallet. It is best suited for a limited (amount as well as the frequency of payment) set of payments. While the payment is fast and secured, this option can be availed only by the customers who are legal residents of America and are aged 18 years and above.

  • Preferred by most of the users as it’s tech-savvy.
  • No additional charges incurred.
  • Safe and secured method.
  • Easy to keep track of the payments made.
  • In the world of growing threats on internet and scams, this method is losing its importance.

3) How to Metro PCS Bill Pay Online at Select Installment Centers

For users who believe in visiting the store/ location and then making the payment, this traditional method is best suited. MetroPCS has further enabled 2 ways of making such physical payments i.e. payment via installed machines or payment via approved counters. Machines for accepting the payments are installed at key locations. The customer will however have to incur the additional cost of $2 per transaction.

Simply enter the phone number against which the payment is to be made and enter a secured 8 digit pin to make the payment. The process though in itself is not tiring, it is not so popular as the customer has to ensure that the installed machine at the given location is authorized or not. While once again the payment settlement takes about 2 hours, the payment option is available 24*7*365 days.

Alternatively, the customer can also make payments over the counter. Here also a convenience fee of $3 is charged. However, the good part is that the customer can make payment in cash which is not possible in any of the earlier discussed proposals. MetroPCS also provides the service of drop box wherein the user can drop the cheque against the outstanding dues. While the process is free of charge, it entails close to 48 hours of settlement.

  • Easy to use for non-tech-savvy people.
  • Safe and secured method.
  • Not favored by the tech-savvy generation since the in-person physical visit is required.
  • Based on the older method.
  • Additional cost required for conducting the transactions.
  • The settlement is not instant.

4) How to Metro PCS Bill Pay Online Via Email

MetroPCS has ensured the simplicity of the payment process and has accepted payment methods via emails as well. This however requires the involvement of Payment Service authorities who are intimated of the payment via an authorization from the user. This authorization is communicated via email. The Payment Service authorities will then debit the customer account and credit the same to the MetroPCS collection account.

  • Easy to use for non-tech savvy people.
  • No additional charges incurred.
  • Safe and secured method.
  • Not favored by tech-savvy generation.
  • Based on older technology.

5) How to Metro PCS Bill Pay Online Via Mail

Last but not least is the payment of dues via mail. Often considered as old school, the method has still be enabled to service those users who prefer the traditional method of making the bill payment. A cheque is required to be drawn for the exact due amount in favor of MetroPCS Wireless Inc. The reverse side of the cheque should clearly include the service account number. This is then posted to the following address. MetroPCS Wireless, Inc. Post Box Number 5119, Carol Stream, IL60179-5119.

While the method does not entail any cost, given the process of sending mail, it requires close to a week or more for the settlement to happen.

  • Easy to use for non-tech savvy people.
  • No additional charges incurred.
  • Safe and secured method.
  • Time-taking process.
  • Misplacement of mail is a risk factor involved.

The Best Metro PCS Availability of Plans

The service provider currently offers 4 basic monthly plans to its users. These include a USD 30 monthly plan, USD 40 monthly plan, USD 50 monthly plan, and a USD 60 monthly plan. Each plan comes with its unique set of features and options.

How Can the Payment Request, Once Initiated And Be Cancelled?

While there are multiple options to pay, but once the payment request is initiated, there is no going back. The user cannot cancel the same.

How to Setup the Auto Pay Option?

The auto pay option is one of the more convenient ones. This can be initiated via multiple methods like under MyAccount option on the website, click on auto pay. Also, using the mobile application, users may turn-on the AutoPay option.

How to Modify the Linked Card in AutoPay Option?

The same can be ensured by going to the mobile application or by logging into the website. There the user can update the credit card details against the AutoPay option.

Can Anyone Avail the Option of MetroPCS Payment Platform?

While most of the users can, to check your eligibility you need to ensure that firstly you are a resident of USA and secondly you are 18 years or older in age.

Are there Location Payment Methods for Me to Avail?

Yes, for users who believe in making a visit for payment confirmation, there are four location payment methods i.e. OTC, drop box method, installed machines and authorized counters.

In Conclusion

Overall, the service of dues collection by MetroPCS is very streamlined, fast, and reliable. It must be said that MetroPCS has walked that extra mile to ensure that when it comes to clearing dues and making payments, it has something for everyone. Given the huge number of options to pay, the customers can pay via methods most convenient for them. While some users prefer the ease of payment some others may prefer cost-effectiveness. Regardless, MetroPCS has the provision for all.