How To Get Unlimited Hotspot On MetroPCS? – Easy Ways

A hotspot is currently a wireless device that accompanies all Android phones and Apple phones. It is used to connect to another network connection in order to access the internet. MetroPCS is a hotspot category to connect to the wireless network. This book tells us what a hotspot is, what a MetroPCS is, as well as how you as a user can get unlimited hotspots on MetroPCS.

About Hotspot

Hotspot allows the user to connect his laptop, PC, mobile phones, tablet, or other devices to a specific internet when the user is away from home or network or out of data.

What a Hotspot is?

A hotspot is said to be a physical location where users access the internet by using Wi-Fi through a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). Through hotspot, the user is able to connect their mobile phones, tablet, or laptop to the internet provided through the wireless network.

A hotspot can either be private or public. In the private hotspot, a user will need the password which is the security key in order to connect to a wireless network. In public hotspot, users connect to free network. This kind of hotspot can be provided by some public places like a school, a hotel, coffee shop, or an airport. There is also some public hotspot that requires the user to pay.

  • Saves data.
  • Help users to access the internet.
  • Authorized security.
  • Requires nearby devices.

How to Hotspot is Created?

Users connect their devices to a specific device that creates a hotspot wireless network. The following is how a hotspot is created with various devices.

A hotspot is created by someone’s mobile phone. If a particular phone had a hotspot device, definitely the phone is capable of sharing its data with a nearby phone. In this kind of hotspot, what you need to do to connect to the network is to go to your setting.

  • Click the label, “Network & Internet”.
  • After the label, you will see “Hotspot and tethering”.
  • Then, you switch on the hotspot.
  • You can now turn on your device you want to connect with by switching on your Wi-Fi and your Wi-Fi will locate the hotspot wireless network.

A hotspot is created by a mobile hotspot device. A mobile hotspot device is a pocket modem that uses a hotspot data plan. This provides a private connection to the user’s device.

A hotspot is created by Public areas. This hotspot is a free public Wi-Fi zone. This Wi-Fi is offered to customers by companies. It could also be a network provided by an internet provider.

Terms Associated with Hotspot

  • Access point: This is also known as Wireless Access Point. This is a network device that allows a Wi-Fi device to connect to a network which is wired. The Wireless Access Point can be physically or integrated. A Wireless Access Point is never a hotspot.
  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is referred to the technology that aids the user’s mobile phone or PC to have access to the internet through a Wireless connection.

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About MetroPCS

A MetroPCS is referred to as a prepaid service owned by an American prepaid service. MetroPCS operates as a Wireless Service provider. MetroPCS is owned by T-Mobile US. In the past, MetroPCS operated as a telecommunication network using CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). Before 2013, this brand operates as an American service. But in 2013, it becomes a service owned by T-Mobile US. Presently, MetroPCS operates under the brand name, “Metro by T-Mobile.”

This prepaid service (MetroPCS) was established in 1994 by Roger D Linguist and Malcolm Lorang as General Wireless Service. The PCS attached to Metro is referred to a term in the industry. This term is PERSONAL COMMUNICATION SERVICE.

In 2013, the company merged MetroPCS with T-Mobile Us. At the time of the merging, T-Mobile had more than 32 million subscribers. When MetroPCS was merged with T-Mobile, it added more than 9 million r to T-Mobile Us.

In 2018, T-Mobile announced that MetroPCS will no longer operate under the name “MetroPCS” but as “Metro by T-Mobile.” It was at this period that two unlimited plans were added to MetroPCS.

What a MetroPCS is?

MetroPCS is a prepaid service in the United States of America that provides Nationwide talk, as well as text and data depending on plans made by users using HSPA, HSPA+, 4G LTE, and GSM Network.

How to MetroPCS Works With Mobile Phone?

MetroPCS works with a mobile phone that can access MetroPCS 4G LTE Network. Any mobile phone that doesn’t have access to MetroPCS 4G LTE can’t access MetroPCS unlimited hotspot data plans. MetroPCS uses an Internet Service provider. Users connect to the internet connection via the internet service provider. This connection is being referred to as “Tether.”

MetroPCS initially does not offer Standardline hotspot data plans, but they offer data plans together with their pay-by-the-gig and unlimited plans.

How to Check if Your Phone Has 4G LTE APN Settings?

You just need to go to your setting, click “Wireless connections”, click “more”. Then, you will see “Mobile Networks”, open it. Then, you will see the settings. You can fill in the MetroPCS settings below.

At the Access Point Name, make use of MetroPCS. After this save your settings and connect to them. You can as well restart your phone to activate it.

Getting Started with MetroPCS

You are new to MetroPCS and you want to start using it, follow the three steps below:

  • Choose a device from MetroPCS. You can as well take your phone along to the store. Your phone will be activated with MetroPCS. What they all need are your IMEI and your details.
  • Buy a new Sim Card that allows 4G LTE Network.
  • Then, switch to MetroPCS.

You can do the above steps by visiting the website

How to Make Payment on MetroPCS?

Making payment on MetroPCS varies, you can make payment via MetroPCS website, or through your phone or stores or through mail.

1) Payment Through MetroPCS Website

To make payment via the MetroPCS website, dial the URL Payment via this website varies. We have the following method of payment via the website:

  • Autopay: This is the easiest way of making payment on MetroPCS. This is because it allowed automatic debit every month since your card details will be saved here.
  • E-wallet: In this method, you will need to store your credit/debit card information in an e-wallet. In this method, you don’t need to re-enter your card information again.
  • Empressway: This method allows you to pay without signing in to your account. You will need to re-enter your card details again for another payment.

2) Payment Through Phone

You can make payment through your phone. To make payment via your phone varies. The following are various ways you can make payment through your phone:

  • Automated System: In this method, you just need to *99# and follow the prompts.
  • Customer service care: you can make payment through MetroPCS customer service care. What you need to do is to dial 888 – 8 metro8.
  • MyMetro: MyMetro is MetroPCS application. You can make payment for your MetroPCS data plans through the app. What you need to do is to download the app.

3) Payment Through Stores

Another method which you can make your payment is visiting stores. These stores vary, of which we have the following:

  • MetroPCS stores.
  • MetroPCS payment machine.
  • MetroPCS drop box.
  • An Authorized Center.

4) Payment Through Mail

You can make payment through the mail. What you need to do here is to mail the following to MetroPCS. Make sure you mail your payment directly to MetroPCS Wireless, Inc PO Box 5119 Carol Stream, IL 60197–5119. In this payment, kindly include your service account.

How to Set MetroPCS APN Setting?

Before a user would be able to connect to internet connection, a particular configuration must be done. The user configures his phone via APN settings. If this is not done, the user will have issues in his connecting to internet network.

To use MetroPCS, you as a user must configure your mobile phone by using MetroPCS APN settings. Here is how you can connect your Mobile phone or tablet or PC using MetroPCS APN settings;

  • Go to your APN settings and fill in the field appropriately. Under the name, write MetroPCS. At the APN label, write fast You don’t need to insert anything in the following field-Proxy, Port, Username, Password, and Server.
  • In the MMSC, fill in At the MMS proxy and MMS port, you have to leave it blank. You will see MCC and MNC, put in the following numbers ‘310’ and ’16’ respectively.
  • The next fields you will see afterward are APN Type, APN Protocol, APN Roaming, Bearer, and MVNO Type. In APN Type, select ‘default’, ‘mms’, and ‘supply’. In APN Protocol, select IPV4. You do not need to put in anything under the APN Roaming, Bearer, and MVNO.
  • You can now save your settings. Finally, you can now connect your phone to the MetroPCS Mobile hotspot network successfully without any issue.
  • To increase your MetroPCS Network, install APN settings on your Mobile phone, edit it and insert the above.

How to Use Unlimited Hotspot on MetroPCS?

To use an unlimited hotspot on MetroPCS, all you need to do is to purchase MetroPCS Unlimited data plans.

  • Unlimited plan that cost $50: This data plan includes 5 GB mobile hotspot data and 100 GB Google One.
  • Unlimited plan that cost $60: This data plan includes 15 GB mobile hotspot data, 100 GB Google One and Amazon Prime.

MetroPCS Frequency Information

MetroPCS shares the same cellular network as T-Mobile. Below are the frequency information of MetroPCS hotspot network:

  • MetroPCS Voice/3G Boosters: For Voice and 3G data, MetroPCS uses 1900 MHz blocks. This is a major and popular frequency used by all Carriers in the United States of America.
  • MetroPCS 4G LTE Boosters: For the 4G LTE, MetroPCS predominantly uses AWS band. This frequency is popular among carriers in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Can I Get MetroPCS Mobile Phone?

To get MetroPCS mobile phone is simple. You just need to visit any MetroPCS store and chose a device there. You can as well take your own mobile phone along to the store. And your phone will be registered with MetroPCS company.

Is MetroPCS the Same as Metro by T-Mobile?

Yes! MetroPCS and Metro by T-Mobile are the same. In the previous years, it is called MetroPCS but in 2013, MetroPCS was merged with T-Mobile US. In 2018, T-Mobile US announced that MetroPCS will change its name. That was when the name was changed to Metro by T-Mobile. But recently users are still familiar with the use of MetroPCS.

How Can I Upgrade my MetroPCS?

You can upgrade your MetroPCS by getting a new Sim Card to connect to MetroPCS. You can as well visit any MetroPCS store for upgrading. Also, you can call Customer Service care via 1 (888) 863 8768 for upgrading.

How Good is MetroPCS Performance?

MetroPCS performance depends on the location of the users. MetroPCS acts fast in urban areas. The user does not need to struggle to find a connection. But it acts slowly in rural areas. Nevertheless, MetroPCS has proved itself as a brand that offers fast wireless speeds.

I Called MetroPCS Customer Service Care but No Reply?

Every brand will have these issues especially MetroPCS. Yes, their customer service care is not that okay. But don’t be sad, your patience is being tested. You just need to keep trying and be patient.

Is MetroPCS Good?

Yes, MetroPCS is good. MetroPCS has proved itself to be one of the fastest wireless networks.

Does MetroPCS Use a GSM Network?

Yes, MetroPCS uses GSM Network.


Hotspot generally has served as a means by which users connect their devices-Mobile Phones, Tablets, PC to another external network. The hotspot can be private, that is, it requires a network by connecting to it. It can as well be Public, where users will connect publicly free of charge, while others require payment of which we have MetroPCS. Users will need to subscribe before using this hotspot. Payment varies. The hotspot unlimited data plans of MetroPCS cost $50 or $60.