What Channel is FS2 on DirecTV?

In 1994 Liberty Media created a subscription television station called DirecTV. DirecTV continues to develop the best products, content, and services for its customers. In terms of entertainment, the world of DirecTV is already the best. DirecTV also boasts about FS2. The Fox Sport 2 channel presents high-end sporting events ranging from golf tournaments such as MotoGP, football matches such as the AFC Cup, basketball matches, One Asia Tour, auto racing matches, and many other sports-related events.

It also presents other sporting matches from grand slams of tennis (Australian Open, Roland Garros, and Wimbledon ). So we’ll discuss where we can find Fox Sports channel 2 on DirecTV.

Why Choose DirecTV?

Why should we use DirecTV? Because DirecTV was the best television station for almost three decades that airs a variety of entertainment and always provides the best deals for its customers. DirecTV strives to provide innovative entertainment experiences for its customers. You can even stream using DirecTV Stream that allows customers to be able to watch all their favorite entertainment in one place at a simple price and without a time frame commitment. By using DirecTV customers can access apps like Netflix, HBO Max, and various other viewing apps.

DirecTV is the best television station for you sports lovers because DirecTV always airs about sports like FS2 that you can enjoy through DirecTV. DirecTV has 4 subscription plans offered to its users starting at $64.99/Mo. In this package you can watch 160 channels, DirecTV provides 330 more channels, so you won’t get bored. And provide most live sports in 4K HDR. When you watch sporting events you can watch them in HD picture quality. You can compare with others. Of course, DirecTV is the best offer.

What Channel is FS2 on DirecTV

What Channel is FS2 on DirecTV?

DirecTV is the right television station to watch about sports, especially about the FS2 DirecTV channel 618 that is favored by many people. New DirecTV, users may be a little confused if they do not understand much about the channels on DirecTV. Those who want to watch their favorite channels will certainly be hard to find code from their favorite channels because DirecTV has hundreds of channels on the lineup. This aims to make customers more able to get maximum enjoyment when they want to watch a variety of entertainment options.

If you want to watch the FS2 channel on DirecTV, it’s on channel number 618. At 618, you can enjoy your favorite FS2 channel to watch a variety of shows aired by the channel. FS2 was a favorite sports channel because it has been sports shows which DirecTV users can watch on the channel 618. FS2 includes MotoGP, football matches such as the AFC Cup, basketball matches, One Asia Tour, auto racing matches, and many other sports-related events.

List of the FS2 on DirecTV Channel

Lately, the world is being horrified by the game of football, for lovers of the sport may never miss this season. Therefore certainly they will watch football games and other sports on their favorite channels. Even more if not FOX Sports 2 airing the latest and most complete sports entertainment about the matches held. Then how to watch FS2, anywhere we can watch the FS2 channel. Here is a list table from the FS2 channel;

Channel NameChannel Number
Dish Network149
Google Viber209
Verizon FiOS84 SD 584 HD
U-verse TV651 SD 1651 HD
AT&T TV618

In addition to cable, you can also watch FS2 live-streaming using several applications, there are even some applications that are free to watch FS2. Apps for FS2 streaming are DirecTV Stream, FOX Sports App, FOX Now, Hulu+Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV 7 Day Free trials, and Philo 7 Day Free Trial.

List of TV Programs on FS2

What tv programs show by channel FS2, below is the list.

  • PBC Collection
  • Formula 1
  • MotoGP
  • Boxing
  • PBA Bowling
  • NASCAR Race Hub
  • Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
  • Take Us Home
  • Pokerstars Championship
  • Football
  • NHRA Drag Racing
  • Horse Racing
  • TMZ Sports

Not only that, FS2 has many programs about sports both national and international which are broadcast live during special broadcast hours.

List of All DirecTV Sports Channel

DirecTV has several sports channels that can be accessed depending on the package purchased. The following is a sports channel list table for the DirecTV.

Channel sportsEntertainmentChoiceUltimatePremierNumber channel
ACCN 612
Big Ten Network 610
CBS Sports Network  221
ECE 790HD   790
ESPN 2 HD209
ESP News HD 207
FCS Alt 608-1   608
FS1 HD219
FS2 HD  618
Golf Channel  218
MLB Network 213
MotorTrend HD281
Next Level Sports   623
NFL Network 212
NHL Network 215
Olympic Channel  105
Outdoor Channel   606
SECN 611
Sportsman Channel  605
Tennis channel 217
TUDN  464
TVG 602

How Much is The Package Price Offered by DirecTV?

DirecTV has different offer packages, in terms of prices and services offered. The following is a price list table for the DirecTV package.


Benefits of Fox Sport 2 on DirecTV

It’s common knowledge that when it comes to watching FS2 channels, Fox Sports itself had a separate subscription plan. That means users who have subscribed to Premier Platinum can not watch the show on the Fox Sports channel. Likewise, customers who have activated the Fox Sports package cannot enjoy paid content on the Premier Platinum service.

Interestingly FOX Sports 2 is available on DirecTV for subscribers who activate the Ultimate and Premier plans. This is certainly beneficial for FS2 lovers who also want to enjoy other shows but have to save budget because by subscribing to the Ultimate and Premier packages on DirecTV they can watch FOX Sports in one place without having to pay extra to subscribe on the FOX Sports 2 channel. By using DirecTV you can access various sports programs.

How Many FOX Sports 2 Channels are Available on DirecTV?

To watch the FOX Sports 2 channel, you can watch it on DirecTV. If you have subscribed to the Ultimate or Premier package on DirecTV. Fox Sports 2 is available on DirecTV just by entering channel number 618, you can sign in to the Fox Sports 2 channel. At number 618, you can already watch the FS2 channel HD, very easy, isn’t it?. You can already enjoy the FOX Sports 2 channel and watch the match held on time.

What are the Differences Between the FS2 on DirecTV Channels?

The difference between FOX Sports 2 channel on DirecTV compared to others is certainly due to the costs incurred are very different from others. With DirecTV only need to buy Ultimate or Premier packages you can access the FOX Sports 2 channel on DirecTV. In addition, DirecTV has a wide range and image with the clearest quality.

So it makes us more comfortable when watching sports matches because DirecTV only provides HD for FS2 channels. Compared to others DirecTV is more comfortable to use to watch FS2 channels because on DirecTV there is only 1 channel available for FOX Sports 2, so customers do not need to be confused considering the channel to watch FOX Sports 2. DirecTV also has many sports channels in addition to FOX Sports 2 so customers who want to watch sports can access other channels so as not to get bored with the shows on FOX Sports 2 and more varied in enjoying the shows provided by DirecTV.

How to Get FS2 On DirecTV?

To be able to access FOX Sports 2 on DirecTV, you must subscribe to DirecTV first, but FOX Sports 2 is only available for Ultimate and Premier packages. So you have to buy this package to enjoy FS2. Here’s how to buy ultimate or premier packages on DirecTV.

  1. Visit DirecTV’s official website on https://www.directv.com/
  2. Hover over the top right end and select login. If you don’t have an account, register first by email.
  3. After the account is created you can start clicking the “Satellite” menu on the left, then click DirecTV Satellite TV and select the package that you want ultimate or premier.
  4. Then select the payment method and complete the payment.

Once the package purchase is complete, you can start exploring the channels available on DirecTV and watch the FS2 channel to watch about your favorite sports. In addition to subscribing to DirecTV Ultimate or Premier, you can also access FS2 streaming on DirecTV Stream. To subscribe to DirecTV Stream, you need to pay $94.99/month with that kind of payment, you can get 130 channels. Or you can call 855.949.5045 to order DirecTV STREAM 855.931.2531 to order DirecTV satellite.

What Channel Is FOX Sports 2 On DirecTV?

If you are looking for FOX Sports 2 you can enter the FS2 channel number 618, after entering the number you will enter the FS2 channel, so you can enjoy the sports shows you want to watch.

What Is The Difference Between FOX Sport 1 and FOX Sports 2 on DirecTV?

So the difference between FOX Sports 1 and FOX Sports 2 on DirecTV is on different channel numbers, if you want to watch FOX Sports 1 you can enter number 219 while FOX Sports 2 is on channel 618. To access FS1 you can subscribe to the start entertainment package, choice package, Ultimate package, and Premier package. As for accessing FS2, you must subscribe to the Ultimate plan or Premier plan.

How Much Does It Cost To Subscribe To The Ultimate Or Premier on DirecTV Plan?

For the ultimate DirecTV subscription price, you only need to spend $84.99 / Mo for 12 months after which the price will rise in the second year after purchase. While the price that must be spent to subscribe to the Premier plan is $134.99 / Mo the price will rise after subscribing in the second year.

Can I Watch FOX Sports 2 Without Cable?

You can, you can watch FOX Sports 2 streaming without cable through streaming applications such as DirecTV Stream, but you have to spend $94.99 / month. In addition, you can go through Fubo TV and Philo for a free trial for 7 days. It can also be accessed via Hulu, YouTube and Sling TV.

Where Can We Buy DirecTV Packages?

To make a purchase of a DirecTV subscription package can be through the official DirecTV website that has been described above, after that you will be directed to the purchase of the package you want to buy. There are 4 types of packages offered by DirecTv, each package has different uses. But if you are a sports lover and want to watch the FS2 channel you can buy the Ultimate or Premier package.

Bottom Line

For sports lovers, FS2 is the best channel that presents about the sport, and its contents are complete about the sport. To be able to access FS2 channels, use the package offered by DirecTV, so you do not need to spend additional costs to buy FS2 channels. Besides being able to watch FS2, you can also watch other sports programs not only that, you can watch various entertainment events, news, and others on just one platform. To subscribe to DirecTV, you can call 855.931.2531 to order a DIRECTV satellite.