What Channel Is HBO On DIRECTV – Channel Guide

What channel is HBO on DIRECTV? DIRECTV is indeed the country’s #1 satellite television service for watching movies, headline news, weather forecasts, and more on the large TV in the living room.

DIRECTV is a subsidiary of the well-known AT&T Telecommunications and is an American broadcasting distribution company situated in California.

What Channel is HBO on DIRECTV – Channel Guide

The abbreviation “HBO” refers to “Home Box Office,” in case you didn’t know. It is fairly evident that this product provides the greatest at-home entertainment. HBO has the reputation of being the longest continuously running TV provider in the country. And since 2018, HBO has had over 35 million viewers in the US, and DIRECTV coverage is sure to add to that number.

Have a look at the table below and make your life easier as you don’t have to search through a plethora of channels to find your favorite network;

Channel NameChannel Number
HBO®501, 504
HBO 2502, 505
HBO Zone509
HBO Comedy506
HBO Latino511
HBO Signature503
HBO Family507, 508

On DIRECTV, What Channel is HBO

Subscribers to DIRECTV have access to a wide variety of television networks, and also HBO’s other station, HBO East. You might be wondering what channel HBO is now on DIRECTV and if it’s featured in all of the company’s TV packages.

HBO is available on DIRECTV channels 501 (East) and 504 (West). These networks are common for everybody, and it’s definitely a good idea to write them down so you don’t have to furiously look through the thousands of networks on the guide when it’s time to start watching.

Top Popular Shows to Watch HBO Channel on DIRECTV

1) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Sexually-based crimes are particularly horrific in the criminal justice process, and the devoted officers who uncover these terrible crimes in New York City are part of an elite premier team known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their tales.

2) The Walking Dead: World Beyond

A team of adolescents who have been protected from the horrors of the post-apocalyptic planet gets a signal that drives them to abandon the security of their own house and venture on a cross-country quest to save their father. The television series, situated in Nebraska ten years after the zombie outbreak, is the third edition in the “Walking Dead” trilogy and follows the first generations of survivors.

3) The Flash

At age 11, Barry Allen’s world was turned upside down when his mom perished in a strange incident and his father was found guilty of her death. He’s now a criminal investigator, and his desire to figure out the truth about his mom’s death leads him to research every new scientific breakthrough and urban myth. When his newest passion, a hadron collider regarded as a game-changing innovation, explodes, a strange storm occurs, and Barry is hit by lightning.

After nine months in a comatose state, he awakens with the ability to travel at superhuman speed. When he discovers that others who have obtained talents are using them for wickedness, he vows to defend the defenceless while continuing to investigate the ancient enigma.

4) The Bachelorette

After entering Matt James’ season as a late entry, Michelle instantly captured the bachelor’s eye, as well as the emotions of the Americans who fell madly in love with her stunning smile and great sense of humor.

The 28-year-old fifth-grade educator, a previous Division I basketball star from Minnesota, now aims to teach the kids to be the next era of local leaders. She’s on the lookout for the superhero to her Wonder Woman, and she’s eager to settle down with someone with whom she can establish a household.


When a promising young financial adviser is discovered murdered at a naval post, NCIS investigates by questioning the suspect’s three-dimensional projection, which she made prior to her execution.

The Best HBO DIRECTV Package in 2022

DIRECTV provides a diverse range of plans for its customers. We’ve got you covered if you’re searching for which DIRECTV packages feature HBO. The following DIRECTV subscriptions, which include HBO, are shown below, along with their monthly membership and number of stations featured.

  1. Entertainment Package
    • The number of channels available: 160+
    • Monthly Subscription Cost: $69.99
  2. Choice Package
    • There are more than 185 channels available.
    • Monthly Subscription Cost: $84.99 ($89.99 per month beginning January 23, 2022)
  3. Ultimate Package
    • The number of channels available: 250+
    • Monthly Subscription Cost: $94.99 ($104.99 per month beginning January 23, 2022)
  4. Premier Package
    • The number of channels available: 330+
    • Monthly Subscription Cost: $139.99 ($149.99 per month beginning January 23, 2022)

What Channel is HBO Max on DIRECTV – Channel Guide

While most of the major networks are launching subscription-based streaming services, HBO has hopped on board with HBO Max. This smart software contains a ton of TV series and movies to choose from. Most significantly, it allows you access to HBO’s library, which includes shows like Sesame Street, the Lord of the Rings series, Rick and Morty, and Friends, among others.

This isn’t the end of it. It also protects you if you have kids at home. They are available from a variety of providers. You may have it as part of your selection as well by paying an extra fee each month.

So, what station is HBO max on DIRECTV? HBO Max station can be found on DIRECTV channel 51, but it may differ depending on where you live. Depending on whether you choose the entertainment or premier package, you can expect continuous amusement.

On top of that, you’ll receive:

  • Channel selections feature a wide range of popular genres
  • Including all on-demand services
  • 4K and HDR options are very limited
  • Genie HD DVR with 200-hour storage capacity
  • The capacity to live stream television
  • All premier channels, including HBO, Showtime, EPIX, Starz, Cinemax, and others

How Can You Sign Up for a DIRECTV Package

Select the optimal DIRECTV Stream package for you. Find out how to set up an account, choose a subscription, and begin watching;

  • Click “Shop Now” from the DIRECTV Stream menu.
  • Verify availability by entering your ZIP code.
  • Select your option and add it to your basket.
  • As an alternative, you can select any premium channels you desire.
  • Choose your cloud DVR and multimedia devices, if applicable.
  • Choose “Review Cart” and then “Checkout” from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill up your account data and create a login ID-or use one you already have.
  • Examine and agree to the terms of service.
  • Select a form of payment. To complete it, click Submit Order.

Final Thoughts

One of the most popular satellite TV services in the United States is DIRECTV. You can get the best services without breaking the bank, which even the biggest competitors typically can’t match.

So, what do you have to lose? Pick up a phone and place your order for the best plan. It’s possible that its HBO or HBO MAX. Get an AT&T plan to make your life more convenient.