How To Get WiFi At Home For Free: Best Ways

Why you want to get free WiFi? Internet is basic need of the day. Most of the people couldn’t afford it and they look for free WiFi availability around them. There are some ways by which you can get free WiFi.

These Methods are Listed Below:

  • Access to free internet through Public WiFi.
  • Access to free internet using
  • By using Apps.
    1. WiFi Mapper 
    2. WiFi Free Spot
    3. Wiman
    4. Avast Wi-Fi Finder
    5. InstaBridge
  • Get free WiFi From Your Neighbor.
  • Get free WiFi Using a Sensitive Antenna.
  • Get free WiFi by internet provider.
  • Get free WiFi using Satellite Fishing.
  • Get Free WiFi using Dial-up connection.
  • FreedomPop.
  • To get free WiFi find hidden WiFi Networks.

Access to Free Internet Through Public WiFi

What is Public WiFi? Where can we Find it?

There are many public WiFi hotspots nearly everywhere. The internet services are totally free here. The availability of such public WiFi is usually at libraries, metro stations, bus stations, airports, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, parks, coffee shops and plazas. To get free WiFi without paying to internet service provider public WiFi is preferable and appropriate way.

You can also visit following places to get free WiFi:

  • Libraries: Libraries provide free internet access to people who go there for education. You can go there to get this access.
  • Public plazas: Nowadays, public plazas offer free WiFi to appeal public for shopping all over the world. You can visit there to get free WiFi hotspot.
  • Fast-food places: Popular fast-food places like restaurants and ice cream parlors also provide free WiFi hotspots.

Advantages of Using Public WiFi

  • You can use WiFi free of cost at public places.
  • There is no need of any app to detect WiFi signals and hack password, if you visit public places or live near public places where signal strength of WiFi is strong.

Disadvantages of Using Public WiFi

  • Access might have threat to your device.
  • There is a privacy issue for your personal data.
  • Your data could be hacked or seen by anyone.
  • You may get connected to fake public hotspot created by hackers.


To avoid issues described above, follow the guidelines given below:

  • Use VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Avoid using HTTPs based sites
  • After finishing the using WiFi logout your accounts which have used recently.
  • Enable firewall on your mobile phones

Access to Free Internet Using

What is

The Everyoneon foundation is governmental program which focuses on carrying internet to families with low income. Its purpose is to help people to attain internet services so that they could be trained through different programs for digital literacy.

If you will meet the requirements to be a participant of this program then you can get free internet services. It is very useful because it approaches the low income families who cannot pay for internet services. But it is not totally free rather it charges $10 per month initially.

Who Can Get This Service?

There are two steps to be eligible for this foundation which are:

  1. One of the family members should involve in fedral government service program. These eligibility criteria must be achieved to become the part of this organization.
  2. Next step is to fill the program application form. Moreover, many Internet providers have partnership with the government in this organization.

Advantage of Using

  • You can get internet access within minimum budget.

Disadvantages of Using

  • It is not totally free rather it charges $10.
  • The process to apply for becoming the member of this organization is not convenient.

By Using Apps

There are many apps which can be used to get free WiFi networks all around. To meet the high demand of internet, people can use these apps to get free WiFi.

To most apps are:

  1. WiFiMapper 
  2. WiFi Free Spot
  3. Wiman
  4. Avast Wi-Fi Finder
  5. InstaBridge
  6. WiFimapper:

1) WiFimapper

WiFimapper is an app used to get free WiFi at home. Just install this app in your device and scan the area where WiFi is available. A list of available networks will be visible on screen. It will provide all information about the network like type of hotspot, location etc. It also provides password sharing service.

2) WiFi Free Spot

WiFi free spot is similar app to WiFiMap which locate the free internet available around. It can find WiFi from airports, hotels, resorts, campsites, parks and large companies like McDonald’s etc.

3) Wiman

The largest hotspot database is Wiman which help to find free WiFi. It is also known as built-in WiFi connection manager. On the bases of hotspot quality and strength of signals it classifies free WiFi hotspots in different categories. It also gives rewards to see more appropriate WiFi.

4) Avast WiFi Finders

It is a CyberSecurity software company which is a convenient WiFi finder. To find free WiFi hotspots this app don’t need internet connection. You just simply tap on screen to search WiFi. Even it also provides WiFi password.

 5) InstaBridge

InstaBridge is a free WiFi internet research service especially created for smartphones. It also provides WiFi passwords. Initially its purpose was to share WiFi with Facebook friends. It detects WiFi networks which are available and shows the list of all networks. You can also share your home WiFi with your friends by using this app.

Advantage of Using Mobile Apps to Find free WiFi

  • You can easily find free WiFi networks which are available around you with a single touch on screen.
  • These apps can also find hidden WiFi networks or network with poor signals.
  • These apps can also provide you passwords.

Disadvantages of Using Mobile Apps

  • These apps are not secure because your private data could be hacked.
  • You have to use VPN to access free WiFi using these apps.

Get Free WiFi From Your Neighbor

If you have good relationship with your neighbor then you can get WiFi password from them. You have to search for WiFi availability around you. Your neighbor may not have secured there WiFi by using passwords, so you can also use that.

Advantages of Using Neighbor’s WiFi

  • No need of using mobile apps.
  • No need to go to public places.
  • No need pay for internet.

Disadvantage of Using Neighbor’s WiFi

Disadvantage of using this resource is no considerable because your neighbor can demand to pay half charges and you can simply refuse to use their WiFi.

Get Free WiFi Using a Sensitive Antenna

You can use this device to access free WiFi. For this purpose a powerful adapter is required to connect to the public WiFi which is available. It helps your mobile phone devices and laptops to identify the networks. It can detect network signals which are very power to be detected by your device without adapter.

Advantage of Using Sensitive Antenna

  • You can connect to free WiFi at any time.
  • It can also receive low quality signals.

Disadvantages of Using Sensitive Antenna

  • You have to set adapter and router.
  • It do not provide password.
  • It connect only WiFi networks not protected by passwords.

Get Free WiFi by Internet Provider

Internet service providers offer free trial for using free WiFi. You can contact them for this service but once the time period of trial is over than you have to cancel free subscription otherwise there will be charges to pay.

Get Free WiFi Using Satellite Fishing

It works on the principal of hacking. It sends signals to people and then hacks there network information. To use it you have to set a special program so that it catches signals and transfers network files to your device. But this method is inconvenient.

Get Free WiFi Using Dial-Up Connection

To use dial-up connection you have to install modem on some special phone numbers. Then after dialing it you can get free internet access. But its speed is very slow.


It is a company which provides free internet services. But its speed is only 1Mbps. If you use paid service then speed will be up to 25Mbps.

To Get Free WiFi Find Hidden WiFi Networks

SSIDs (Service Set Identifiers) are used to hide networks. You can find these hidden networks by using WiFi analyzer app like NetSpot, Kismet, and NetStumbler. Computer windows are required for this purpose.


There are many ways to get Free WiFi for those people who cannot afford internet services. The methods which are described here can help you to get free WiFi at any place which can meet your needs and the methods are very simple and convenient. Just follow the guidlines and enjoy free WiFi.

But some of the ways might cause threat to your device and may cause any privacy issue. But to resolve these problems some solutions are also described here. Simply follow the rules and get free WiFi at home.