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How To Program DirecTV Remote To Vizio TV?

DirecTV is a subscription satellite television station in El Segundo, California, United States that has been operating since 1994. DirecTV is operated by The DirecTV Group, owned by Liberty Media. Usually when you buy an electronic device, you will definitely get a remote control for the device.

Your DirecTV Remote can be programmed to control a variety of devices including DVRs, TVs, DVD players, sound bars and more. The approach you choose for how to program your DirecTV remote to a receiver will depend on the type of DirecTV remote you have and the type of device you are trying to program the remote with.

How do I use one remote for two different devices? This time we will discuss about how to program remote DirecTV to Vizio TV.

How To Program DirecTV Remote To Vizio TV?

DirecTV remote can be used for two different TV  devices, which will surely benefit users when the remote of the TV they have is lost. They can take advantage of the DirecTV remote to be able to enjoy TV programs that aired on the TV brands they have.

Below is How to Program DirecTV Remote to Vizio TV Easily:

  • Step 1: The First, have the TV off press power switch off.
  • Step 2: Slide the switch to TV. 
  • Step 3: Switch the remote’s mode to TV.
  • Step 4: Locate the 5-digit code for Vizio TV by using DirecTV websites. The code often used for Vizio TV is 11756, so you can enter the code.
  • Step 5: Press and hold mute+select until light flashes two times.
  • Step 6: Enter the 5-digit code from Vizio TV. The light will flash twice once completed.
  • Step 7: Test the connection by pressing volume up. If nothing happens, repeat steps 1-6 with a different code.
  • Step 8: Press and hold mute+select until light flashes two times.
  • Step 9: Enter the Vizio TV code, and the lights will flash twice when they have done.
  • Step 10: Turn off the Vizio TV to try whether the DirecTV remote can be used, to turn on the Vizio TV or not.

If these steps are working, then you will be able to program Vizio tv using your DirecTV remote. But if it still fails to repeat for 3-times using different codes.

Step to Program DirecTV Remote to Vizio TV For Older TV

How does the program DirecTV remote to Vizio TV differ from the new Vizio TV with the old version? There is a way to program DirecTV remote to Vizio TV for the old version?

  • Step 1: The most important thing is to turn off your TV, which had done to find out if the remote DirecTV is working directly.
  • Step 2: Then you can Slide the switch to Vizio TV. 
  • Step 3: After this, Hold mute and select until the light blinks twice.
  • Step 4: The next step is to press 991.
  • Step 5: After pressing 991, then press 1.
  • Step 6: Then press the channel down, keep press down. It could take up to 100 times if your Vizio TV is old when the TV turns on, then press select The light will blink twice, then press power.

How to Program Your DirecTV Remote to Your TV?

DirecTV remote can be used for various types of TV things that distinguish it only code from TV type, for code can be checked through control code lookup, here is how DirecTV remote program for on-screen. Programming instructions for on-screen pairing.

  • Step 1: The First step You can Press the menu button.
  • Step 2: After that, you can go to the setting.
  • Step 3: Then go to the remote control.
  • Step 4: Then Select pair/ a remote program.
  • Step 5: To complete the processes. Use your TV model’s information to finish the final on-screen instructions.

What Is Vizio TV Code For DirecTV Remote?

When using the DirecTV remote to program to Vizio TV you need to understand the Vizio TV codes used for DirecTV and there are several types depending on the model of Vizio TV.

For RC6 (RC64, RC65, RC66, RC32, RC24)For RC7 (RC71, RC72 and RC73)

How to Program DirecTV Remote To HD DVR Or HD Receiver?

  • First Step: Is to click the menu on the remote DirecTV.
  • Second Step: On the screen menu goes to select settings, then remote or remote control, then selects a Remote program.
  • Third Step: Of selecting the device (DVR, DVD, Audio, TV, etc.) chooses the one you want to control. If you don’t see your device listed. Then you can enter a 5-digit code or use the code lookup tool.

If the device is registered, then you can follow the instructions on the screen and the process is complete.

How to Change TV Input Using Universal Remote DirecTV?

Directv remote universal can help you to change the source of tv input in a very easy way, a lot of uses of DirecTV remote for all types of tv one of which is this.

  1. First, you can slide the mode switch to the tv.
  2. Then Hold down the Mute and Select buttons simultaneously wait until the lights flash twice after which you can take them off.
  3. Once the lights can blink enter the code 960, wait until the light flashes twice more if it still hasn’t blinked again.
  4. In the next step you can slide the mode switch to the DIRECTV logo after everything is done you can enjoy your tv.

How to Program DirecTV Genie Remote?

The DirecTV Genie remote is known to be more advanced than the standard DirecTV remote. Therefore, the programming process for Jin is slightly different. You can program the remote automatically or manually. To automatically point the remote at the genie device, you can press Mute+Enter at the same time. Don’t stop holding the buttons together until you see a green light flashing twice on the remote. Wait until the TV displays the message “Apply IR/RF settings” on the screen, then turn on the device you’re programing.

To program the remote to program remotely can be done by pressing the menu button on the remote, then select rules and help then select remote control and click remote program option after that select your device then follow the instructions on the screen DirecTv to be able to program remote Genie.

If the automated method does not work to program your remote Genie, then you should program it using manual methods.

  1. Press the select+mute button simultaneously then point the remote at the genie box.
  2. Keep holding this until you see a green light on the remote that flashes twice.
  3. Press the number “961” on your remote and then press the “Channel Up” arrow key.
  4. Press the “Enter” button and then press the “OK” button when you are told that the remote control is now set to RF.
  5. Turn on the device you want to program to the remote and then press the “Menu” button on the Genie remote.
  6. Go to “Settings & Help,” then “Settings,” then “Remote Control,” then “Remote Program.” Select your device on the screen and then follow the on-screen DirecTV instructions to complete the process.

How to Replace Remote DirecTV?

If your DirecTV remote can’t be found or it’s lost either because it was tucked away or something else, hurry up to replace it with a new one. then how do you buy a new DirecTV remote? You have several options for that, try to buy it at the nearest online shop or electronics store or you can contact Directv. then how to contact Directv, here are the steps.

  1. Go to the DirecTV website and select the “Tools” menu then you can select “Remote” in this section and a page will appear containing the available satellite remote receivers. in this option click “Order Now” then you can fill in the information in the form of an address and others for the purchase process after that you will be directed to pay after all processes are complete your DirecTV remote will be delivered to your home immediately.
  2. Buy it at your favorite online shop or electronics store that sells a complete DirecTV remote so you can get a new DirecTV remote.
  3. Depending on the remote you purchased, the programming process is slightly different. After you have purchased a new and programmed DirecTv remote from the shop, you can try using the DirecTV remote for what you want without the need for programming, you only need to input the code that matches the type of TV you have and follow the instructions on how to use it as instructed.

What If There Is A Problem With The Remote DirecTV?

To overcome the problem on the remote directv you can visit the directv website and then go to the directv remote troubleshooting page to overcome the obstacles you experience when using remote directv. There are various explanations about problems that are often experienced by users, so the page will greatly help you in solving the problems you experience.

Remote DirecTV Price

Directv remote has different price variants depending on the type, but the price is quite affordable. Here is the latest directv price list that you can buy through amazon or your favorite electronics store.

Remote Control Compatible with Directv Direct TV RC73 IR/RF  $21.99
Directv RC71 RC72 RC73 IR/RF Replacement Remote Control $19.88
RC73 IR/RF Remote Control- DIRECTV 4336303112 2 Pack  $20.00
DIRECTV RC73 IR/RF Remote Control  $12.99
2 Pack – DIRECTV IR/RF Universal Remote Control (RC66RX)  $14.00
Directv RC71 RC72 RC73 IR/RF Replacement Remote Control Fit  $19.88
DIRECTV RC73B Universal Backlit Remote  $26.98
DIRECTV Backlit RF and IR Remote RC71B  $28.89
DirecTV Satellite Cable TV DTV RC65 D11 D12 H20 H23 Compatible Receiver, Cerepros RC64 Replacement Remote Control.  $19.90
DirecTV RC65 4-Device Universal IR Remote  $8.44

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Where to Find Vizio Code for Remote DirecTV?

To search for Vizio code you can access the remote DirecTV website and then click control code lookup after that select the remote’s model number click Vizio and then click search, after which there will be a display of code from Vizio.

2) How to Solve DirecTV Universal Remote Not Working Properly?

If the remote does not work according to the command you want you can try to enter all the codes that match the appropriate device brand. Do not forget to make sure that all components can work properly via the infrared remote control.

3) Can The Remote DirecTV Be Used Other Than VizioTV?

Yes, directv remote can be used to control tv brands other than viziotv. You can plan the ways of directv remote to tv programs as described above.

4) How to Overcome The Vizio Tv Model That Wants To Be Programmed Using A DirecTV Remote But Is Not On The Vizio TV Model List?

Take the steps to program viziotv using a directtv remote then enter the code 11758 wait until the lights flash again. to program the input button the tv press and hold select and mute again tell the flashing lights, release select and mute and press the number key “961” the lamp must flash again. Everything is programmed now.

5) Where Can We Buy A DirecTV Remote?

To buy a directtv remote you can buy it through your favorite online shop or to the nearest electronics store.


Directv remote has many uses to program various types of tv, one of which is Vizio TV. And this is a way to program the DirecTV remote to vizio tv using manual means and also on screening. Not only that but also provide an explanation of how to program the DirecTV remote to the type of TV other than Vizio TV. As well as explaining how to use a remote directv and how to program it. for the purchase of DirecTV remote you can buy it at the online shop or through the nearest electronics store, make sure they sell DirecTV remotes in complete quantities.