What Channel Is FS1 On Spectrum? – Channel Guide

Fox sports channel was approximately launched in 2013 for the people who have a cable connection or for the ones who have a satellite connection so that they can easily stream the content of this channel 400. It is not easy for everyone to get to the studios or stadiums to watch out their favorite matches and one can’t also get the updates of each and every event by just sitting in a corner.

All when there is a need to gather information about our favorite celebrities and want an update about our favorite matches, we need to switch to such a channel that provides all these news together.

What Channel is FS1 on Spectrum? – Channel Guide

If you have the zeal for sports updates, FS1 is the right channel. With this channel, you will be able to get updates on various sports including soccer, boxing, golf, baseball and even WWE. This is a channel that never fails to impress its following.

The good thing is Spectrum cable TV subscribers receive FS1 channel with the select, silver and gold packages. Perhaps you want to tune into FS1 to watch a live sporting event or programming on daily sports news and discussion but the channel is nowhere to be seen. Don’t fret because you’re only missing the channel number 400 of FS1 on Spectrum for your city or state.

Find FS1 channel number on Spectrum using the table below;

Channel NameCity Or StateChannel Number
FS1 On SpectrumNorth Carolina400
FS1 On SpectrumMaine92
FS1 On SpectrumFlorida32
FS1 On SpectrumNew York400

Which Package is to be Subscribed to Get FS1?

Spectrum streaming offers different types of packages to be subscribed by the customers to achieve a desirable level of entertainment. They offer two types of packages; silver and gold and these all packages offer FS1 channel.

Channel Number:

The channel number may be different for different TV providers. Some of them are;

  • AT&T U-Verse HD: In this network provider channel number of FOX SPORTS 1 would be 1652.
  • Charter Spectrum HD: In this network provider the channel is tuned on channel number 40, 436, 740.
  • Comcast XFINITY TV HD: This channel provider has this channel on 857.
  • Cox Communication HD: In this channel provider the channel is displayed on channel number 1031.
  • DirecTV HD: The channel is tuned on number 219 on this channel provider.
  • DISH Network HD: Fox sports 1 is displayed on channel number 150 on this provider.
  • Time Warner Cable HD: Fox sports come in channel number 78, 400 on this channel provider.
  • Verizon FiOS HD: Fox sports channel is displayed on 583 channel number on this provider.

The Fox Sports Channel

Among the most popular programs in United States is fox channel. It is a great source of entertainment for people of different ages and origins. Different TV shows are shown on this channel. Fox channel also has sports channels that air all live sports events, including college sports, martial arts and all different types of matches. For those who are passionate for sports and never ever miss any update about their favorite matches then it would be their cup of tea.

The Fox Sports Offers

Fox sport is a sports channel that is on aired on spectrum TV. It is one of the most demanded sport channel as there are different top rated programs played that offer latest update about the world of sports as a result sports fans find easy to get information about their favorite teams and also can see live matches. It is displayed in different states and has different channel number in different states.

For Example: In New York its channel number is 400 while in California it is 95 and in Florida it is 32.

Programs of FS1 Channel on Spectrum

Different programs hosted by different host are produced on this channel. They provide update about many matches and also discuss many important events of sports.

Top Rated Shows on FS1 Channel on Spectrum

For sports lovers it is not enough to just get an update about their favorite match, in fact they desire a detailed analysis about their favorite teams and want to get information about their strengths and weaknesses and not only this but they also wish to know their opponents team as well.

Some top picks on fox sports 1 are:

  • TMZ Sports

1) TMZ Sports

It is one of the top rated shows on fox sports 1 channel as in this show different celebrities have a gossip about different sports activities. It is well known for the gossips related to sports. Critics also relate their real life events with these updates. People enjoy these analyses of different athletes. If one wants to know all the gossips, news, latest events about their favorite players then turn into fox sports 1 on spectrum TV.

2) First Thing First

Although there are many analytical shows on fox sports 1 but one of them that is determined to make our mornings better is “FIRST THINGS FIRST”. It makes a better day start for sports lovers as the host touches all the happenings of the world of sports including different debates, news and analysis.

3) Speak for Yourself

It is another show on aired on fox sports 1 hosted by Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho. They provide a detailed analysis on sports update. It is an opinion based show that covers all the updates and news of sports.

4) Lock It In

For those who are fond of betting into sports this show would be a better option for them. It makes them more informed about making bets on games. All these shows are top rated and are liked by the audiences. The information provided by the host is up to date and they even have a good humor in their shows.

Other Weekly Shows on FS1 Channel on Spectrum

Some other TV programs are MLB Whip around, NASCAR Race Hub, WWE Backstage.

1) MLB Whip Around

This show is hosted by Chris Meyer with a panel of analysts i.e. Nick Swisher, Frank Thomas, and Eric Karros. It is a live night show providing news of baseball league.

2) NASCAR Race Hub

This program also provides latest news to the audience. The news may include highlights of the matches, news, updates, analysis or reviews of previous matches and also the upcoming matches.

3) WWE Backstage

This show is hosted by Renee Young and Booker and comes on air on Tuesdays. It is also a WWE related studio and to watch this show one can tune into FS1 channel.

4) Big Noon Kickoff

If there are football fans they must like this show at craze. Big games are played here and all one requires about football is delivered to them

5) Skip and Shannon

This program tunes for one and a half hour daily with hosts bayless and Shannon Sharpe. They provide different debates related to every sport and provide their opinions in big games.

6) The Herd with Colin Cowherd

It is a morning show with great gossips. These shows are already really enjoyable but when hosted by Colin it is on fire. The way he relates all the things about sports into your ears, one would definitely leave the show when entertained. All these are really gossip shows on FS1 all related to sports and hosted by great analysts of time.

Advantages of the What Channel is FS1 on Spectrum

Fox sports channel is one of the most watched sports channel in United States which is tuned on different channel providers in different states of America. Almost every state channel providers on air this channel. There are some advantages of this channel such as;

  • All live matches can be seen in a channel.
  • Different analysis is on aired on this channel.
  • Many celebrities share their own point of views in their channels.
  • One can watch multiple games simultaneously.
  • No cost for watching.
  • Easily tunable.
  • Latest updating channel.
  • Professional analysis is provided.
  • One can easily check out different games such as soccer, baseball, wrestling etc. and get updates about their favorite celebs.
  • Unlimited information about the world of sports.

Disadvantages of the What Channel is FS1 on Spectrum

Although there are many advantages of watching live matches on your TV but along with it comes some Disadvantages too.

  • You are bond to sports information only.
  • You need to apply for the package when finished.
  • It is on different channels on different channel providers in different states.
  • Other entertainments are missed such as movies etc.
  • One miss outs fact based general information.

The FS1 Channel Customer Service and Satisfaction

They provide a reliable customer service i.e. if they face any problem in tuning their channel or activating the required package they can easily call for the helpline and get the channel tuned. They are always available for helping their customers with their problems.

There is a great level of customer satisfaction relating to this service. As the audience easily gets all information about their favorite matches and sees their favorite celebs on one table they really feel satisfied by these services and prefer this channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does FS1 Have a News Show?

Of course FS1 has great shows hosted by different hosts such as WWE Backstage, lock it in etc.

What Channel is Fox Sports 1 on DIRECTV?

You can watch fox sports 1 on DIRECTV on channel number 219.

What Channel Number Are FS1 on Spectrum?

Spectrum cable is easily accessible in different states of America. Although the channel lineup may vary from a location to another, still the channel can be found 400;

  • One can go to the spectrum website page and find out whether the channel is available in their preferred package.
  • One can directly check the channel lineup as the numbers of channels vary in different spectrum TV’s.
  • If the channel is still not found then one can find out by calling on customer support and get a guide from them to find the channel.

Is FS1 Only Channel From this Network of Channels?

FS1 is not the only channel that provides different updates and news of sports. The network is divided into 2 channels that provide information according to sports news and updates, one is FOX SPORTS 1 and other is FOX SPORTS 2. These channels are on aired on spectrum TV.

Is it a Paid Channel?

It is not a paid channel for what you would need to pay on daily basis but, yeah there is a package to be subscribed to get this channel on your service provider.

It Shows Live Matches?

These channel on airs the live streaming of different matches. Even many analysts also join the programs and deliver their review about the matches making it a tough and enjoyable time.

Is it Displayed in Some States?

FS1 is not only displayed in some states of America. In fact they are available on every channel provider service.

Is the Channel Number Same on Every Channel Provider Service?

The channel number is not same on every provider. It may be tuned on different channels. Even in a state the channel number might be different such as in Miami, Florida it is 7 while in Tampa, Florida it is 13 and in Vero Beach, Florida it is 29.

Does it Provide News Update?

It provides news update about sports. It has two channels FOX SPORTS 1 AND FOX SPORTS 2. Different shows provide all information about sports programs.

Is There a Help Line for This Channel?

There is a great spectrum customer service by these providers and the number is 1-855-423-0918. One can easily call on this number to easily activate to the desired package.

Bottom Line

Sports are liked by many people and it is not easy for each and every one to get into a stadium and enjoy the live match. For this purpose the matches are telecasted on TV channels so that people can enjoy each and every goal and achieve their happiness. Due to this fondness of matches there are different sports TV channels all across the world.

In the same way FS1 is a well-known channel with all its pros and cons. Many big analysts are represented in these shows and they provide their reviews about the matches to the audience and along with it the audience can even enjoy the latest news about their favorite teams and players. it on airs the top rated programs with utmost demand and provide an ultimate enjoyment to people.