AT&T No Contract Internet (Plans And Price For June 2022)

The company offers service in 21 states, with the majority of its customers located in the South and Midwest, but it also serves customers in California and Nevada. Fiber is more likely to be installed in urban regions, whereas hybrid service is more likely to be installed in suburban and rural areas. In addition, the corporation provides digital subscriber line (DSL) service to around 400,000 consumers, however it no longer sells this service to new clients.

AT&T offers both no contract-free plans as well as internet access on 12-month contracts with pricing increases after the first year, according to the company. Founded in Dallas, this firm is a descendant of the initial Bell System, which acquired the AT&T name after SBC – one of the regional telecommunications companies spun off from the historical AT&T following the latter’s court-ordered breakup in 1984 – purchased enough shares of the original conglomerate.

AT&T additionally operates the DIRECTV satellite TV service and, most recently, acquired the entertainment company Time Warner.

How to Get AT&T No Contract Internet?

Regardless matter where you purchase, keep the following shopping recommendations in mind;

Get a feel of the speeds you’ll require. It’s time to look at your average internet consumption now that you’ve figured out what possibilities are available at your address. In some circumstances, selecting a slower plan can save you money, as long as the slower plan fits your fundamental necessities. To determine how much bandwidth you require, use our bandwidth calculator. Examine the special offers to ensure that the “Final” pricing is appropriate. On average, AT&T internet packages last a year.

The price rises by roughly $20. Expect your prices to rise even higher if you bundle. Read the AT&T Plans & Pricing page for further information on AT&T’s pricing after the first year. Check to see if you’re eligible for a discount. AT&T is a big sponsor of a lot of public and private companies, and it gives employees of such companies discounts. We’ve seen county employees in a variety of sectors obtain discounts based on their location of employment, for example. Make sure to inquire about any other savings that maybe available.

8 Best AT&T No Contract Internet (Plans and Price for 2022)

The following tabulation shows a summary of available AT&T no contract internet plans and price;

Internet 100$35.00Fiber100mbps100mbpsUnlimited Data12 Months
Internet 300$45.00Fiber300 Mbps300MbpsUnlimited Data12 Months
Internet 1000$60.00Fiber940 Mbps940 MbpsUnlimited Data12 Months
Internet 10$45.00Part fiber10 Mbps1 Mbps1 TB12 Months
Internet 18$ 45.00Part fiber18 Mbps1 Mbps1 TB12 Months
Internet 25$45.00Part fiber25 Mbps5 Mbps1 TB12 Months
Internet 50$45.00Part fiber50 Mbps10 Mbps1 TB12 Months
Internet 100$45.00Part fiber100 Mbps20 MbpsUnlimitedMonths

Benefit of the AT&T No Contract Internet

Most consumers may benefit from AT&T fiber-optic services, which provide a stable WiFi connection for anything from gaming to streaming to Zoom. The slowest AT&T plan offers speeds of up to 100 Mbps, which should be sufficient for most individuals. It allows you to play online games, engage in Zoom meetings, publish to social media, and stream HD video across several devices at a consistent speed. If you live with a lot of roommates or family members and are all sharing the same WiFi connection, you’ll want one of AT&T’s speedier fiber plans.

In general, the more WiFi devices you have in your home, the quicker the WiFi will need to be. In order to handle high-bandwidth internet activities and a large number of smart-home devices, faster speeds are also required. If you do any of the following, the Fiber Internet 1000 package will come in handy;

  • Gigabyte or terabyte-sized files can be uploaded to cloud services or YouTube.
  • Organize livestreams.
  • Play online multiplayer games on five or more devices.
  • Stream 4K videos on 5 or more devices on a regular basis.


Although fiber is extremely fast, it is not available everywhere. As a backup, you might want to investigate a cable internet package, which is comparable to fiber in terms of speed and availability. For additional information, see our AT&T vs. Spectrum comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Internet Connection Types does AT&T offer?

When you try to sign up for AT&T’s internet service, there are a few possible results. If any of the 300, 500, or 940Mbps speed tiers are available at your address, you have access to AT&T’s fiber internet service, which is powered entirely by fiber. Unlike DSL, cable, and other forms of internet, fiber connections are designed to be symmetrical, which means that your upload speeds will be just as fast as your download speeds.

This is especially beneficial for videoconferencing, file transfers (for those of us who work and educate from home), and online gaming. Aside from the three fiber options, AT&T’s other plans are mostly DSL, which is a combination of fiber-optic and copper connection. This means that download speeds are substantially slower than upload speeds, and upload rates aren’t as fast as download speeds.

In addition to fiber and DSL options, AT&T offers a fixed wireless plan that entails the installation of an antenna and wireless equipment inside the residence. With a connection like that, speeds won’t climb much higher than 10Mbps; it’s designed primarily for houses with few other options for getting online. AT&T’s Internet plans comprise 30% fiber, 7% fixed wireless, and the rest DSL, according to the Federal Communications Commission’s most recent report. However, the FCC’s figures are outdated (and the data comes with plenty of other flaws, too).

When we asked for the most up-to-date breakdown of AT&T’s service plans, an AT&T spokeswoman said the company’s fiber coverage is larger than the FCC’s two-year-old data shows. AT&T’s CEO, as we said at the top of the page, has reaffirmed the company’s commitment to fiber development.

Where is AT&T Internet Available?

The AT&T internet service region spans 21 states across the United States. Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin are among the states on the list. You can delve further into the AT&T coverage map to see which cities are featured in each state.

How do I Cancel AT&T Internet Service?

To begin, go to AT&T’s Contact Us page. Because no contracts are required, you can terminate AT&T Internet service at any time. You will not receive a refund or credit if you cancel before the end of your monthly period. Also, read the fine print on some of your promo offers. If you terminate your internet subscription and obtain free HBO Max, for example, you’ll lose that access. Finally, if you want to transfer your service rather than cancel it (for a pending move, for example), Call AT&T at; 800-288-2020.

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What do I Need for AT&T Internet Service?

  • An Electrical Outlet Grounded at the Optical Network Terminal: This device connects the light pulses inside the fiber connection to your home network and will need its own outlet nearby if you obtain fiber.
  • Your Router’s Home: It doesn’t matter if you have AT&T fiber or part-fiber service, a centrally located router will provide the optimum WiFi coverage.

How Much does AT&T Fiber Cost Per Month?

Spectrum provides three plans at three pricing. None of them have data limitations or require a contract. After a year, your monthly bill will rise by $25. Your internet speed will depend on the plan you choose.

How Much is an AT&T Unlimited Family Plans?

Cheap internet users won’t find a better deal than AT&T Fiber 300. This plan, which includes symmetrical download and upload speeds, is much less expensive than similar plans from most cable providers. AT&T just tripled the maximum speeds from 100Mbps to 300Mbps at no additional cost to subscribers, making this a great internet package. Nothing beats a free service upgrade.

Can I Bundle DIRECTV with AT&T Internet?

Consolidated Bill; A single bill for various services. For example, you can have both DIRECTV and AT&T Internet on one subscription. One account can have wireless, DIRECTV, U-verse TV, and AT&T Internet.

Does AT&T Internet Service Require a Contract?

No, while the promo pricing usually expires after the first year, you don’t have to sign a contract to get it.

What Does AT&T Internet Cost by Itself?

AT&T has some of the best fiber pricing. The greater fiber options, like the 300Mbps package, are also good prices. AT&T Fiber 500 costs $45 per month, while gigabit service costs $65. the AT&T Fiber options include unlimited data and no contracts. AT&T Internet deals, which are different from AT&T’s fiber service, are hit or miss. Starting at $40/month, available speeds vary from place to place and peak out at 75Mbps. a data cap, and overage fees if you exceed it

Summing It Up

It’s hard to beat AT&T’s fiber service for service and price. So what? Around two-thirds of AT&T’s coverage area lacks fiber options. Other AT&T plans have disadvantaged that fiber doesn’t, like slower download speeds and data caps. Simply put, purchase an AT&T fiber package if you can, but look into other choices if only slower speeds are available.