AT&T Low Income Internet Plans For Families, Senior And Student

Internet today has changed the world exactly like the discovery of a wheel in ancient times. In today’s ever-evolving world, it is necessary to have a good internet connection at your place to stay connected to people, friends, society, and family across the globe. The AT&T low income internet has made our lives easier and simpler in every manner.

Do you wish to learn a new skill? Use the internet in your favor. You wanna learn how to cook lasagne? Search for a recipe that suits your cooking style. Almost everything can be done with the use of the internet in today’s world. However, this much freedom and free knowledge also come at a price.

Today, we’ll guide you through the steps which can help you in reducing your AT&T internet bill every month. Keep reading.

AT&T Low Income Internet Plan

$5 a month10Mbps

AT&T has been offering this plan for low income families for quite some time now. However, this plan is still good for many families. If you qualify for this plan, you pay a nominal fee of $5 a month and get a download speed of 10Mbps. 10Mbps is still a decent speed for people who use the internet for surfing, playing mobile games, and even using social media.

Not only this, but the plans also include several services free of cost that no one really talks about. If you opt for this plan, you do not have to sign a contract with AT&T for any specific no. of months. Also, there is no deposit as well as no installation fee for its consumers. If you’re still not satisfied, you also get a free in-home wifi modem and access to more than 30,000 AT&T nationwide hotspots. I don’t consider it to be a bad deal at all.

  • Good internet speed.
  • Extremely low-cost plan.
  • No installation fee and no contract.
  • Free wifi modem.
  • You have to qualify for quite a lot of things simultaneously.

However, to opt for this program, you have to establish that you qualify by proving that your gross annual income is less than the baseline set by the government. You can do so by showing one of the following documents to the company:-

  1. Current income statement from your employer.
  2. Divorce decree, child support award, or any other official document containing your income statements.
  3. Social security statement of benefits.
  4. Unemployment or worker’s compensation state of benefits.
  5. Paycheck stub.
  6. State, federal, or tribal tax return from the previous year.

In addition to one of the above-stated documents, the consumer has to qualify for several other requirements as well:-

  1. There should be at least one member in the family who participates in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  2. You should stay in one of the 22 states where AT&T provides its wireline home internet services.
  3. You, as the consumer, should not have any outstanding debt for AT&T in the previous 6 months.

If you qualify for the above-written points you get the opportunity to opt for AT&T low income internet service offered by the company. This step will majorly help you in reducing your internet costs every month and you will end up saving a huge part of your money which can be utilized somewhere else.

AT&T Internet Bill – How to Pay

AT&T is a major service provider in the field of ISPs. The company has rolled out numerous plans which are not only budget-friendly but also suit the pockets of every consumer. AT&T services can be accessed from all over the country due to its vast network.

Below are some writing points using which you can use your monthly internet bill to quite an extent. By following these steps, you will also save money in the long term.

1) Search for a Discount Coupon

Discount coupons can help in reducing your bill every month. Search the internet and look for coupons that you can apply while paying your internet bill.

There are companies like Shoptaggr and Honey that can help you search for a coupon not only while shopping online but also during paying your internet bill. Add them as chrome extensions and save yourself some money while paying for your internet.

  • You can reduce your internet bill by 10-20% every month.
  • Services offered by Honey and other extensions are completely free.
  • You might need to spend some time searching for a coupon.
  • You might not end up getting a coupon.

2) Pay your Bills on Time

Quite a lot of consumers do this mistake of not paying their internet bills within due date and later on regret the extra charges levied on their bill by the company in the name of late fees. As a responsible consumer, you must never make this mistake since it can drastically increase the amount of money you owe to the company.

The increase in the bill after adding late fees can be as much as 20-30% of the initial monthly bill you were supposed to pay earlier. Never make such a mistake and always pay your bill within the due date.

And that price is nothing else but the internet bill you receive at the end of every month. Your Internet Service Provider sends you the receipt of your internet bill and you are in shock at how did it exceed your expectations? You’re at the right place.

  • You do not have to pay late fees.
  • You save money every month.
  • Your history in the company as a consumer becomes good.
  • There are no cons to this step.

3) Always Call Customer Service Before Paying the Bill

Calling AT&T customer service before paying your internet bill can result in your favor. Customer executives have coupon codes that they often use on consumers who are not happy with the company’s service. If you have good billing history, you might get a coupon applied to your bill by the customer executive. This will help you in greatly reducing your internet bill every month.

  • Your bill gets reduced. 
  • You’ll end up saving some money.
  • You might not get any coupons.

4) Reduce your Internet Speed

The majority of people across the country opt for plans that exceed their needs. These plans are highly promoted by Internet Service Providers since it makes a great deal of money. Paying for 1000Mbps speed when you don’t need it is totally unnecessary. You do not need more than 100Mbps for surfing the internet and binge-watching Netflix on 3 or 4 devices simultaneously.

So, do yourself a favor and reduce your monthly internet bill by reducing the internet speed. You will save a lot of money in the long run.

  • You save money in the long term.
  • Your speed gets reduced.

5) Try Negotiating

Negotiation is a skill that can create a fortune. Always try to negotiate with your ISP while getting a new internet connection. This way, you might get an offer you can’t refuse. Also, you will save quite a lot of money in the long run.

Also, if you’re renewing your contract with your service provider, it is the best time to negotiate. Your Internet Service Provider needs you to renew your contract so that the company can make money. This way, you’ll get more chances of getting a discount for the next contract.

  • You might save a lot of money.
  • Good speed is necessary.
  • You might not get your desired deal.

6) Save your Money by Buying your own Device

Companies like AT&T earn a large fraction of their money from modems and routers they have rented to their users. However, you make save a large chunk of your money if you get your own modem and router. All you have to do is invest once in a good quality modem and you will be set to save quite a lot of money every month.

This will reduce your internet bill and you will have your equipment at home. You will save yourself from paying extra money to the company.

  • You save money.
  • You have your equipment. You need not rent it from the provider.
  • If you face any problem with the router, you’ll have to fix it yourself.

However, even after using all the above-mentioned methods successfully, you have to pay approximately $45 to $50 as an internet bill every month. There is still quite a large group of consumers who cannot afford to pay even the discounted prices of the internet every month. Paying almost $50 every month on average can be quite expensive as well.

For such families who can not pay $50 a month every year on the internet, the government has rolled out its federal assistance programs which help at&t low-income families internet in assisting so that they can have a good speed internet connection at their place.

AT&T low-income internet service is for families who cannot afford to spend approximately $600 a year on internet services alone. A federal assistance program name Lifeline has been introduced by the government.

If you qualify for this scheme, the federal communication commission helps you in lowering your monthly phone or internet costs (not both). Lifeline provides you a discount of $9.25 a month on either your phone bill or internet bill. However, this discount is limited only to 1 discount per household.

Only certain programs qualify for this assistance from the government. AT&T has also tied up with the government to provide internet to low-income families at no cost or extremely discounted prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are frequently asked quite a lot of questions in the comments section. So, in order to clear the common doubts, below are some written Frequently Asked Questions that you should definitely read.

Does AT&T offer Plans for Low-income Families?

AT&T offers plans for low-income families at extremely low cost. Read the above-written article for more information on how to qualify as one.

Does AT&T offer Services in my City?

AT&T is one of the major ISPs in the country. As of now, AT&T offers its services in 22 states. We recommend you visit their site and look if they offer their services in your state as well.

How Do I Qualify for Low-income Plans by AT&T?

In order to qualify for the lifeline, you must not have any sort of debt with AT&T in the past 6 months. Also, one member of your family must be a part of SNAP.

Does AT&T offer Free of Cost Services?

As of now, AT&T offers plans for low-income families at extremely low costs. You can opt for one at the cost of $5 a month.


Internet is necessary for anyone who wishes to have a social presence on social media platforms. However, due to the high cost of the internet, it doesn’t seem that affordable to low-income families. Catering to this problem, it is amazing to see major AT&T low income internet service providers like AT&T creating bundles and plans for families who can not afford their normal monthly plans yet.