How To Cancel AT&T Internet Service: A Complete Guide

There are a couple of reasons people consider before deciding on their internet providers. Speed is one of the main ones. If you do your research, you will realize that internet usage has become very popular in recent days. Its use has grown from a mere source of information to a source of entertainment. People today can watch TV and movies without paying extra bucks for cable channels. Others are using the internet to attend online classes.

Generally, internet usage has gained popularity across the United States. Currently, more than 100 million Americans have turned to AT&T service for the internet. AT&T has been providing broadband internet, VoIP and IPTV in the whole of the US. It has several plans for its service. But it is not hard to find yourself in crossroads with the service provider. You may have different needs from your service provider. Also, the services you were receiving are no longer provided.

Also, you are relocating to another place where the AT&T service is not supported. The only option is to cancel the service. Although canceling your services with AT&T may look easy, it turns out it’s one torturous journey. You’ve got to do your math right and consider several factors lest you regret the move. In this article, we bring you all the crucial details you need to end AT&T internet consumption. The factors to consider, the steps to follow, and the common questions you’ll need answers to.

How to Cancel AT&T Internet Service Without Termination Fee?

The only way to cancel your AT&T internet service and avoid Early Termination Fee, is cancelling within 14 days. If the time passes without you cancel, then you will have to wait until the time of commitment elapses. Between those periods, you will be penalized. Something to note is most promotional offers end within a period of 12 months. It is now after this period you can cancel freely anytime without getting penalized with an ETF.

How to Cancel AT&T Internet Service: Step By Step Guide

When you think of cancelling AT&T internet service, the first thing you should think about is contacting the customer service. Make sure that you exhaust all the methods you can to avoid charges. If all fail, then follow the steps below to cancel your AT&T internet service;

  • Step 1: Find Your AT&T Account Number: The first thing you need is to have the account number at hand. You can get your account number in the billing account. If you cannot locate the bill paper, then you should opt for the logging to your account. You will get the account number in the online portal. Another criterion you can use to cancel the service is using the Mobile number or the address to cancel your internet service with AT&T.
  • Step 2: Review Your Terms of Service: Only a few people read the terms and conditions of a service or product before they get it. Many complain that it is long and many people equate that all terms and services documents are almost the same. The advantage of reading the terms of service is that it will help you to know the legal part of your service. Though it may give you headaches, it will give you knowledge about AT&T internet services. You will know the consequences attached before canceling the AT&T internet service. It will give the best time of canceling it without incurring ETF penalties.
  • Step 3: Call And Chat or Visit a Retail Location: AT&T has provided several methods that their customers can use to reach out to them. Before you start the cancellation process, you should opt for calling the customer service through their number. They also have a customer service email which you can use to mail them. Some people will choose to visit the retailers at AT&T retail store to have a face-to-face chat.
how to cancel at&t internet

How Do I Cancel My AT&T Internet service?

Customers can cancel AT&T’s internet service by calling their main customer service line at (800) 288-2020 and selecting “Cancel Service.” AT&T also has a paid support line for more advanced requests: (866) 294-3464.

Can I Cancel AT&T Internet Within 30 Days?

Corporate Responsibility Users under an AT&T business agreement – If you have agreed to a one-year or two-year service commitment, you have 30 days after purchase (or shipping date, if the equipment is shipped) to cancel your service without incurring a Cancellation Fee (also referred to an ETF).

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Things to Consider Before AT&T Internet Cancelling

# 1) Cancellation Policy

Before, AT&T internet cancellation was an easy process. Although, the recent change of policies changed everything. In the past, once you cancel the AT&T internet service you would get a refund for the unused service. But that changed and AT&T decided not to offer prorated refunds. This meant that you would no longer get a refund on unused service once you cancel the AT&T internet service.

They have a policy where if you cancel 2 days into your billing cycle, you are not eligible for a refund. Also, you will pay for the rest of the month even when they already canceled the service. Can you imagine how it feels to pay for a service you are not using? It’s pathetic. That’s why you need to thoroughly read and understand the policy.

# 2) ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) Charges

ETF charges are not very appealing. You need to consider how much you are going to pay and whether it’s worth it. However, you have a chance to look at the alternatives to cut such costs. There are many ways you can follow to make sure you don’t pay a single dime. These include;

  • Moving Your Service: This applies to the people cancelling their service because of location change. AT&T will give options for the new place you want to move to. If the location is within the 21 states their services cover, then you can opt-in instead of cancelling the service.
  • Transferring Your Billing Responsibility: You may find that your account is not holding any outstanding balance. Instead of incurring ETF because of cancellation, you can transfer it to a person who is in need. AT&T has a policy where you can combine two account bills. So, if the person you transferred to had another account, they will combine the two bills together and send them to the client.
  • Suspending the Account: You may have compelling reasons to suspend your account for some time. For example, you can suspend your account if you are on vacation. Natural disasters and military enlistment are other causes of account suspension. If you are in such situations, you can suspend your account instead of canceling and incur an ETF penalty.
  • Try Another AT&T Service: Instead of cancelling the AT&T internet altogether, you can win a soft landing by subscribing to different services. So, if you have wanted to change your phone carrier or satellite Tv, this is a good chance. You can stop this opportunity to get them to waive the fines.
  • Your State of Residence: The state and local governments have regulations on cancellation fines. Some do not allow the imposition of such charges. So, it is good to check and that can save you a lot of headaches. Before cancelling AT&T service, ensure that you have exhausted all the alternatives. Not all methods will give you the direction of not cancelling the service. Actually, others will give you a better way of doing it in a legal way that will not cost you.

Why People Cancel AT&T Internet Service?

No matter how good a service is, there are several reasons that can lead one to cancel an active AT&T service. Such reasons will help you to know the next way forward after cancellation. Additionally, it will help you to identify what you want from your next internet service provider. Basically, having knowledge of why you are canceling AT&T internet service helps you plan for a better future. It is both in internet service acquisition and service providers. Here are the reasons why people cancel AT&T internet service.

1) Relocating

You can decide to cancel AT&T internet if you are resettling to a new place. Reasons may be because you want to use a different provider or their services are not available. If so, you need to contact them through 1-855-925-2541 and inform them of your decision. Instead of cancelling, you can also check whether the new location has AT&T services. If the services are not available then cancelling AT&T services will be a good option.

You may get another service provider which is even cheaper than it. Before doing the cancellation, you should inform AT&T Customer Service that you are moving. Also, you should tell them you want to cancel their service.

2) Cutting Back on Technology

Most people cancel internet subscriptions because they want to cut their technology consumption. The Internet can become so addictive consuming your precious time on unnecessary things. Without control, it can mess up your plans and schedules. People feel so preoccupied with everything the internet has. If you feel compelled to reduce your internet engagements, you can cancel the AT&T connection. After all, why pay for a service you do not need?

3) Access to 5G Network

5G technology is one of the fastest-growing world’s networks. It has changed how people are connecting to the internet. Before, AT&T wireline connection was the common and the most reliable. However, the 5G network connection is now penetrating the market and causing serious challenges. You can imagine when your house is connected to a wireless 5G internet without wires and low speeds.

The requirements for 5G are also few. Unlike the clutter of cables experienced with AT&T, all you need here is a gateway to connect your devices. As at now, AT&T has not enrolled 5G internet although plans are underway to bring fixed 5G home service. Therefore, access to the 5G network may be a reason why people cancel AT&T internet services.

4) Change of Tech Habits

Technology is evolving at a high rate and new trends coming up. New platforms like Netflix and Hulu are giving people a new way of doing things. The lifestyles of people have changed because of the new invention. Due to these inventions, people now prefer these streams where they can watch TV everywhere. It may be when you are travelling, in offices etc. Additionally, people game online using their phones and laptops.

These new trends in technology are doing away with a wired connection. Someone with such daily experience may opt for terminating AT&T internet services.

5) They Do Not Like AT&T

Not always people want to disconnect internet because they no longer want the service. Sometimes the decision is informed from unfavorable terms. In such cases, a subscriber may feel exploited and thus want to quit the current provider. You may feel that the internet speed is slow, many downtimes among other reasons. Everyone has their tastes on different internet service providers.

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel AT&T Internet?

There is a termination fee which you incur when you cancel AT&T internet service. However, if you cancel your service within 14 days, you are not penalized. The penalty is only imposed when you cancel the service before the end of the promotional term. In such a scenario, you will be liable for an Early Termination Fee (ETF). AT&T Internet plans do not have an annual commitment. That means you will be penalized with ETF when you cancel the service past the promo period.

Below is tabulated ETF amount data which depends on how long you have kept the AT&T internet service for. The data is based on a max of $180 in ETF and twelve months commitment. Look at the table carefully and you will know what you have to pay on cancellation.

MonthsProrated ETF

Is AT&T Internet Good?

AT&T has got a couple of data plans that are worth considering. When it comes to internet quality, it is termed to have 99% unwavering, flaunt internet. It does not matter whether you are choosing fiber, DSL or the internet; you are assured of a 99% dependable system. It has plans running from 5Mbps to 1000Mbps depending on the access area. So, yes, their internet services are one of the best compared to other providers.

How Much Is The AT&T Internet Plan?

The standalone AT&T internet plan starts at $35 per month for AT&T Fiber. Also, it has a package that costs $45 per month which is for AT&T DSL. It is an advantage to the customers whose address has a DSL service because their package comes with the fastest speed of 75 Mbps.

How Fast Is The AT&T Internet?

AT&T Internet offers packages which run all from 5Mbps to 1000Mbps. As discussed above, all this is dependent on the package you buy and accessibility. It has Wi-Fi which has an upload speed which is 20x the wired internet.

Is AT&T Internet Down?

There are a limited number of times you can experience internet downtime. When it occurs, mostly it is due to human causes. For example, when the network is too overloaded. Some other times when the internet can be down is when you use the internet past your limits.


If you want to cancel your usage of AT&T internet service, there is no better way than starting on this page. You get to have a detailed guide on how to go about the process. Moreover, it gives you the available options to evade ETF charges. The path is no longer all dark. You at least have somewhere to compare your notes before making your decision.