What Channel is Univision on DirecTV – 2023 Channel Guide

The United States’ proximity to South America and its large population of Spanish-speaking citizens mean Spanish-language entertainment is a must among major cable TV providers. This is the very reason why Univision is available in all of the major satellite TV providers in the US, making way for South American TV shows and programs to be accessed by anyone who has a cable TV subscription.

Since Univision is available in most TV providers and streaming platforms, why should you choose DirecTV as your provider? Let’s take a look at why DirecTV is the perfect choice to watch Univision.

What Channel is Univision on DirecTV – 2023 Channel Guide

Univision is on DirecTV channel 402 (East) and 403 (West). Univision has been around for more than 6 decades and it was originally founded as Spanish International Network. The channel is considered to be the number one Spanish language channel in the US, as well as the largest provider of Spanish-language content in the country.

From variety shows to reality TV, telenovelas, sports programs, and news, Univision offers a plethora of programs that keep viewers entertained for days.

If you love watching Spanish telenovelas, Univision offers you the best lineup of shows. In DirecTV, you can find Univision on channel 402 on the East, and channel 403 on the West.

During the mornings, Univision typically shows kid-friendly and educational shows while telenovelas start in the afternoon, as well as news and sports programs in the evenings.

Channel NameChannel Number
UnivisionChannel 402 (East), Channel 403 (West)

Why Choose DirecTV to Watch Univision

There are a lot of satellite TV providers in the US but in terms of being the best and having the most subscribers, DirecTV leads the pack. It has millions of subscribers because it offers one of the largest lineups of channels, having more than 300 channels with its top-tier package, which is Premier.

Aside from having the largest lineup of channels with the best offerings, DirecTV offers more than 100 of these channels in HD. And more than that, you also get to have over 200 hours of storage for recorded shows, which you can watch later or whenever you’re free. They also have a comprehensive range of package offerings that have something for everyone.

From their free trial to their lowest-priced package to their most expensive offering, you can watch Univision with any DirecTV subscription.

Top Popular Shows to Watch on Univision

If you’re new to Univision, you may be wondering what shows to watch on the channel. Here are 8 of the best programs at Univision you need to watch now:

1. El Chapo

This show takes a look into the life of El Chapo, from his early days in the 80s to his ultimate downfall in 2016. It is packed with action and drama, based on a true-to-life story.

2. Amor Prohibido

From a real-life story, let’s proceed with a dramatic telenovela. Amor Prohibido means Forbidden Love in English and it was a popular TV series that first launched in 1979.

3. Vecinos

Vecinos stands for Neighbors, and it’s a series about the lives of everyday people in the Mexican barrios. It’s packed with drama, comedy, action, and everything you’d look for in a TV show.

4. Planeta U

This is the program for kids, where a series of shows are designed for kids ages 2 to 17.

5. El Show de Cristina

With Mexico being a largely Catholic country, this show is designed for Christians, where the Bible, Christianity, and Catholicism are front and center.

6. Rebelde

A teenage series about a group of schoolmates who attend a private school with the only thing in common among the teenagers: their love of music. It’s full of drama., comedy, and family.

7. Sabado Gigante

The most popular variety show in Mexico, it ran from 1986 to 2015 and it was packed with musicians, comedians, sketches, and games. The show lasted for 4 hours and was shown every Saturday night.

8. El Club de Los Tights

A show that started in 1994 and is still running today, this program features sketches and musical numbers performed by kids ages 4 to young adults.

Univision is full of shows that target every member of the family – from kids to teenagers, young adults, women, and men. There’s always a show worth watching, and Univision will never run out of Spanish-language programs that will keep everyone entertained.

Alternative Ways to Watch Univision Channel

If you don’t want to subscribe to DirecTV to watch Univision, you can still watch the channel’s programs from other TV providers and streaming platforms. Here are other TV providers that offer Univision:

1. FuboTV

At $64.99 a month, you can watch Univision as well as 220 and more channels from FuboTV. They also have a free 7-day trial where you can watch Univision for free.

2. YouTube TV

You can also subscribe to YouTube TV since they offer Univision in their channel lineup.

3. Univision Now

If you only want the Univision channel and nothing else, you can subscribe with Univision Now for only $9.99 per month. Simply visit the official website where you will learn how to subscribe to the channel on its own without having to subscribe to a cable provider.

4. AT&T TV Now

With 4 packages and $60 as the cheapest, you can watch Univision on AT&T Now.

DirecTV Plans That Include Univision

Univision is included in all of DirecTV’s plans or packages. From the free trial to the cheapest package named Entertainment, to the second package called Choice, to Ultimate, to Premier, with over 300 channels in its lineup.

Whether you want to try our DirecTV for a few days with their free trial or you subscribe to their Entertainment package, you will have access to all of the programs in Univision.

Final Word

Univision is the number one Spanish language channel in the US and to watch it under the number one satellite TV provider is the best way to have access to its programs. From kiddie shows to telenovelas, to soccer matches, news, and more, Univision is the best channel for Spanish-language shows in the US.

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