What Channel Is CW On Dish Network – Channel Guide

What channel is CW on Dish? Dish Network is one of the major providers of satellite TV across the USA. Subscribers can choose from the network’s bundle offerings that include up to 290 channels. You may also add up other channels that suit your interests.

If you are looking for a channel that includes a library of DC Comic shows, drama series, and other movies, you can subscribe to whatever package in Dish to get CW. Channel numbers depend on the areas where you are located. You can look for the CW channel number on Dish’s website.

The CW is also available for free on local tv. However, you need to use an HD antenna to get a good-quality picture of the CW channel. If you want a variety of channels to watch,

What is CW on Dish Network

The CW is a free-to-air network started by Warner and Viacom in 2006. Originally, the target market of The CW was mostly women, and they intended to create a lineup of shows that are focused on ladies aged 18-34. Since 2011, the channel has featured shows that interest men.

The CW runs primetime shows seven days a week and a live-action show every Saturday morning. If you are a subscriber of Dish, you will have access to The CW whatever package you are paying for.

What Channel is CW

You can catch the CW shows on different channels, depending on your location. Here are some of the most common locations and their appropriate channels.

  • Dallas (33)
  • Cleveland (43)
  • Los Angeles (5)
  • San Diego (6)
  • New York (11)
  • Chicago (26)
  • Phoenix (61)

If your location is not on the list, you can check it on the Dish website by just entering your location’s zip code. Or go to the channel list available directly on your tv and search for The CW.

Top Shows to Watch CW Channel on Dish Network

1) Riverdale

This tv drama is famous for its resemblance to Archie Comics. The story goes around its major characters, Betty, Veronica, and Archie as they experience American teenage problems, issues, and some of the truths that the characters have found out about their small town. Riverdale is set to be renewed for Season 7.

2) The Flash

The Flash is one of the DC Comic shows you can watch on The CW. Flash is an American crusader with a unique power of extreme speed. Flash is known as Barry Allen, an investigator who gained this superpower to fight criminals even with the same powers as his. It will be renewed for Season 9 on the CW channel.

3) Gotham Knights

A new DC Series you can watch on CW, Gotham Knights is about a group who aims to find Batman’s killer, as he appeared dead in this series. These people who were framed up for Batman’s death include his adopted son and the children of the Dark Knight’s opponents.

4) Magic With The Stars

A new unscripted series to watch on CW, Magic With The Stars shows how artists work with professional magicians and have their special performances as they are judged on how they execute their magic. Criss Angel, a world-famous magician, leads the panel of judges who will determine who will come back to battle in the finale.

5) Family Law

For those interested in family dramas, Family Law talks about an alcoholic female lawyer who got kicked out of their home because of her drinking habits. The story is centered on the life of Abigail Bianchi, who went to a court trial drunk, got suspended, and is only allowed to go back to law practice if she finds a senior lawyer as her mentor.

6) The Winchesters

Another new show to premiere on CW, The Winchesters is the prequel to the American drama series, Supernatural. It talks about how the parents of Dean and John started their demon-hunting family. The story starts when Dean’s parents meet for the first time, fall in love, and started hunting.

How to Watch CW Channel on Dish Network

Before you can watch CW on Dish, you need to subscribe to the network’s packages. The CW channel is available on any tv plan from $69.99 to $104.99.

Upon subscribing to Dish, your satellite tv connection will be installed for up to six rooms and will be activated for free. There are HD channels included in your plan which allow you to watch high-quality movies and series. All plans also include a free DVD-R and a Google voice remote.

These plans include almost all local channels available in the US, including The CW. No need to pay extra if you want to have CW in your channel listing.

You can get Dish’s lowest plan, the Top 120. It includes more than 60 HD channels and other local channels. The Top 120+ includes all the features of the Top 120, but it comes with more than 110 HD channels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Watch CW on Dish for free?

If you are using a TV antenna, you can watch it for free. But if you are subscribed to Dish, you can watch shows on this channel, as well as other channels where you can watch different on-demand titles for free.

What Channel is CW?

Its specific channel depends on your location and satellite tv provider. If you are unsure of the channel number, you can search it on your provider’s website, or search it manually on your tv using the remote control.

Is CW Available for Streaming?

Yes. There are streaming platforms where you can simultaneously stream the CW. You may install these streaming sites on your smartphone to enjoy every CW show wherever you are. Because Dish plans come with a DVD-R you may also record your favorite CW shows to watch later on.


The CW offers a lot of shows which can get you hooked up on its stories. Since it is a local channel, you will be able to watch movies and series without adding up any amount to your current Dish subscription.