What Channel is NBC on DirecTV – Channel Guide

The National Broadcasting Company channel (NBC) is a TV channel comprising many shows ranging from drama, news, comedy, talk shows, sports, and more. Considered one of the oldest and most prominent broadcast channels in the U.S., NBC is part of the Big Three of US TV.

Since NBC offers a wide variety of shows, it’s not surprising that many viewers would love to have NBC on their list of channels. For instance, you might be subscribed or interested in getting a DirecTV subscription.

Now, if you want to know what channel is NBC on DirecTV, you can continue reading below.

What Channel is NBC on DirecTV – Channel Guide

NBC is on channel 2 on DirecTV. It depends. But generally, NBC is located on channel number 12 in standard or high definition on DirecTV. Still, depending on the state you’re living in, the channel number may vary.

You can always use DirecTV’s Smart Search and search for the channel name whose channel number you’re trying to figure out. All you have to do is click on the Dash button. This button is located at the left of the zero of your Genie Remote control.

The NBC channel number on DirecTV varies depending on your location. Here is a list of all NBC city numbers for DirecTV:

City, StateNBC Channel Number On DIRECTV
Los Angeles, CA2
New York, NY4
Chicago, IL5
Philadelphia, PA6
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX8
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA11
Washington, DC12
Houston, TX20
Boston, MA25
Atlanta, GA26
Detroit, MI36
Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL44
Seattle-Tacoma, WA45
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN46
Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL51
Denver, CO53
Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, FL58
Kansas City, MO65
St. Louis, MO66
Phoenix-Prescott, AZ68
Hartford-New Haven, CT72
Indianapolis, IN74
San Diego, CA75
Columbus, OH81
Charlotte, NC82

Top Popular Shows to Watch on NBC

As previously mentioned, NBC is home to various shows of all genres. Therefore, you wouldn’t have difficulty picking a show to watch on this channel, thanks to its variety in genres. These are just some of the popular shows on the NBC channel.

1. The Blacklist

This thriller T.V. series follows the story of Raymond Reddington, who is also known as Red in the show. Before becoming a high-profile offender, Red was a former U.S. Navy officer who eventually turned himself to the FBI after decades of hiding.

However, he turns himself in under a particular condition. It is revealed that Red has a compilation of the most perilous offenders across the globe, whose names he collected throughout the years. He bargains to give out this information to the FBI to not get prosecuted.

In addition, he also requests to work with Elizabeth Keen, a newbie FBI profiler, exclusively.

2. The Voice

The Voice is a reality T.V. singing contest where aspiring singers from all over the country audition to reach their dreams of becoming a singer.

In this show, aspiring contestants can become trained under four of the country’s renowned artists in their journey of becoming a singer and the winner of The Voice. Moreover, The Voice includes a unique TV show format which is divided into four parts.

These include the exciting Blind Auditions, the impressive Battle Rounds, the intense Knockouts, and the energetic Live Performances.

3. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

This crime series-themed show is about a team of elite detectives investigating and prosecuting several sexually-based crimes.

These crimes involve domestic violence, sexual assault, and kidnapping. In addition, the show also discusses issues related to equal opportunities, sexuality, and gender identity.

he show takes bits of inspiration from real-life crimes on some of its episodes. Moreover, this long-running crime series has been releasing episodes every since September 20, 1999, and currently has over 500 episodes in total.

4. Dateline

Next on NBC’s list of popular shows is Dateline, a US TV reality and newsmagazine show. Dateline was formerly NBC’s central channel that showcased broad general news magazines. It now primarily showcases real-life crime narratives and sometimes includes special segments that give attention to different topics.

Although the show is primarily held every Friday at 10 PM Eastern Time and every Saturday at 7 PM (Eastern Time) during the non-NFL season, Dateline also includes specials every Saturday during fall and winter.

5. Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D. is a spin-off on the show Chicago Fire and, instead, whose primary focus is on the 21st District. This district is where the patrol officers and the said department’s elite Intelligence Team are based.

From the first season until the first portion of the fourth season, Chicago P.D.’s center point is mainly on the intelligence and patrol officers. From the fourth season’s remaining half, the show’s attention goes to the show’s intelligence team.

DirecTV Packages That Have NBC

DirecTV offers a variety of packages for its users. Now, if you’re wondering which DirecTV packages include NBC, we got you covered.

Here are the following DirecTV packages that include NBC, including their corresponding monthly subscription fees and the included number of channels. DirecTV Packages with NBC:

DirecTV Entertainment Package

  • Total number of available channels: 160+
  • Monthly Subscription Fee: $69.99

DirecTV Choice Package

  • Total number of available channels: 185+
  • Monthly Subscription Fee: $84.99 ($89.99 starting January 23, 2022)

DirecTV Ultimate Package

  • Total number of available channels: 250+
  • Monthly Subscription Fee: $94.99 ($104.99 starting January 23, 2022)

DirecTV Premier Package

  • Total number of available channels: 330+
  • Monthly Subscription Fee: $139.99 ($149.99 starting January 23, 2022)

What Channel is NBC Sports on DirecTV

Other than the NBC channel, NBC also includes a separate NBC Sports channel. Formerly known as the Outdoor Life Network channel, this channel contains all shows and news related to sports, such as various sports leagues, Olympic broadcasts, and other sports-related content.

Now, you might be wondering: what channel is NBC Sports on DirecTV? This channel is found on channel number 220 on DirecTV, but then again, it can also vary depending on the state you live in. And just like the NBC channel, the NBC Sports channel is also included in every DirecTV package indicated above.

Since NBC Sports is available on every DirecTV package, you wouldn’t have a hard time picking your ideal DirecTV package. After all, DirecTV offers plenty of excellent choices that can suit your needs and budget a casual or massive T.V. enjoyer.

How to Subscribe to a DirecTV Package

If you haven’t subscribed to a DirecTV package but don’t know how to, here is a simple step-by-step guide that you can follow to subscribe to your preferred DirecTV package below:

  • Step 1: Visit DirecTV’s website at directv.com to sign up for an account (if you don’t have one). Follow all the steps needed to create your DirecTV account.
  • Step 2: Once you’re done creating your account, go to Stream and select the Explore Stream option. From there, click on the Shop All T.V. Packages button to browse through DirecTV’s different packages.
  • Step 3: To check out the number and kinds of channels included in each package, you may click on the “Compare Full Channel Lineup” option.
  • Step 4: Once you’ve decided on your preferred package, click on the Shop Now or checkout buttons.
  • Step 5: Finally, fill out the necessary details to secure your subscription.


This ends our watching guide on what channel is NBC on DirecTV. Overall, both NBC and NBC Sports are available on any DirecTV package.

Therefore, you wouldn’t have to struggle too much when picking the right DirecTV subscription made just for you. And with so many channels to choose from, you’ll surely enjoy all the shows that NBC has to offer.

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