What Channel is Comedy Central on DirecTV – 2023 Channel Guide

What channel is Comedy Central on DirecTV? Comedy Central is on DirecTV channel 249 (East HD) and 249-1 (West HD). Watching TV shows has always been a great way for people to unwind and relax, but with all the options today, choosing the best entertainment provider can be a major challenge. However, if you want a service provider that provides hundreds of options, then one of the leading in the business is DirecTV, considered to be the number 1 digital satellite provider in the US today.

If you’re looking for endless comedy shows, nothing even comes close to the options offered by DirecTV. So if you’re still on the fence about choosing it, or you’re planning to but not quite sure yet, here is everything you need to know about DirecTV and its Comedy Central offerings.

Why Choose DirecTV

Before we start talking about Comedy Central and why you need it in your life, let’s talk about why DirecTV is the best choice to watch its shows. First of all, DirecTV doesn’t just have a hundred channels, it has over 285 of the best channels on the planet, with over 195 of them offered in HD.

You’ll enjoy access to the latest blockbusters and hit TV series from the past and present, brought about by advanced satellite technology.

The movies and shows are accessed “On Demand” on a screen of your choice, giving you absolute convenience and instant accessibility to hundreds of shows and episodes, whenever you want it, however you want it.

If you’re looking for the best deals and the best shows, you will find them on DirecTV.

What Channel is Comedy Central on DirecTV – 2023 Channel Guide

For Comedy Central, you can find channel 249 in the East and channel 249-1 in the West on DirecTV in 2023.

Channel NameChannel Number
Comedy CentralChannel 249 (East) and 249-1 (West)

What to Watch on Comedy Central

There are tons of shows on Comedy Central but there are 10 amazing shows that have become the most popular and legendary during its time and beyond. If you want to watch the best shows on the channel, here is a list you need to read:

Top Popular Shows to Watch on Comedy Central

1. South Park

Launched in 1997, South Park is about a group of foul-mouthed fourth-graders in South Park, Colorado. The show is credited for putting Comedy Central on the map and praised for its raunchy and hilarious storylines and narratives that contain commentaries on recent events. An animated show for adults, South Park also features frequent celebrity guests represented in their animated selves.

2. Corporate

If you’ve ever worked or you’re working in the corporate world, you’ll find this show a precious gem. It is a satirical take on corporate culture, featuring characters and plots that depict the dark side of corporations. It is a dark and edgy comedy that ran for 3 seasons and is perfect for anyone who wants to have a laugh out of toxic contemporary office culture.

3. Chappelle Show

Known as the controversial king of comedy, Dave Chappelle stars in his own show, the Chappelle Show, which aired for 3 seasons and became highly acclaimed for his skits and stand-up antics. Among his most popular skits involved societal commentaries and taped sketches, but he shocked the entertainment world when he turned his back to returning for another season. Get the best of Dave Chappelle in these three seasons exclusively shown on Comedy Central.

4. The Daily Show

The Daily Show is considered to be the longest-running show on Comedy Central and it put the legendary host, Jon Stewart on the pop culture map. Launched in 1996 as a real-world news report show but with a humorous twist, it was only in 1999 that Stewart came on board and brought the show to international attention. The show eventually won 24 Primetime Emmy Awards and when Stewart stepped down after 15 years on the job, current host, Trevor Noah, took over, and it is still running today.

5. Another Period

Another Period is a period sitcom that was made to be a spoof of the reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It follows the lives of the Bellacourt family who lived in Rhode Island at the turn of the century, and their exploits in society as a profanely rich family. The story narrates their daily lives and that of their servants, depicting concepts and storylines that reflect the modern world but set in a time a hundred years ago.

6. This is Not Happening

A show originally made by Ari Shaffir, who was the first host of the show, This is Not Happening is an American storytelling show where comedians narrate real-life experiences but are told humorously. The show featured a different comedian in every episode, garnering rave reviews for its comical take on storytelling and features.

7. Workaholics

Workaholics is a 2011 sitcom about three best friends who happened to be college dropouts, co-workers, and roommates at the same time. The three stars of the show were also co-creators and writers, catapulting their careers in Hollywood. The show ran for 7 seasons and was praised for portraying humor in a group of slack-offs.

8. Shorties Watchin’ Shorties

This adult animated comedy features two “shorties,” which are babies, who are obsessed with watching TV. The shorties discuss everything they see, from contemporary events to life in general. Some of the shows they watch also feature stand-up comedy skits by popular comedians.

9. Key and Peele

Key and Peele ran from 2012 to 2015 and it launched the careers of famous director Jordan Peele and comedian Keegan-Michael Key. The show received a Peabody Award and a Primetime Emmy Award for its sketch comedy skits about ethnic stereotypes, social awkwardness, race relations, and many other various societal topics.

10. The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report is about a satirical newscaster named Stephen Colbert who provides commentaries on the current events in US politics and general news, as well as issues and events happening around the world. Stephen Colbert stayed on the show until 2014 when he was about to take over as host of “The Late Show.” The show was known for its hilarious and sometimes dark commentaries on recent events.

Comedy Central offers a wide range of shows that offer something for everyone. Satire is one of the channel’s best assets when it comes to shows, and it’s what the channel is best known for.

Alternate Ways to Watch on Comedy Central

Comedy Central is available on its official website. which is www.cc.com, where you can watch free shows and other scheduled series. The website offers a few free full episodes and clips online and in their app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Other platforms where you can watch Comedy Central include Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Moveis and TV, Vudu, as well as cable TV providers.

Paramount+ also offers Comedy Central with your subscription.

Plans on DirecTV That Include Comedy Central

Comedy Central is included in several DirecTV plans. Here are the packages where Comedy Central is included:

  • DirecTV Select: It costs $59.99 per month for the first 12 months and features 150 channels.
  • DirecTV Choice: It costs $69.99 per month for the first 12 months and features 185 channels.
  • DirecTV Xtra: It costs $79.99 per month for the first 12 months and features 235 channels.
  • DirecTV Ultimate: It costs $89.99 per month for the first 12 months and features 250 channels.
  • DirecTV Premier: It costs $181 per month for the first 12 months and features 330 channels.

Final Words

Comedy Central is one of the most highly coveted channels in the US and it’s the best option for satirical comedy, dark comedy, but also historically correct shows that are surprisingly accurate and well-researched. With a broad range of shows, Comedy Central is one of the top channels included by cable providers and even streaming services.

DirecTV, while being a digital satellite entertainment provider, may not be as accessible as other streaming platforms, but offers hundreds of shows that are unavailable in most streaming services.

With Comedy Central on DirecTV, fun and laughter are endless when you subscribe and avail of the packages that give you unending entertainment.

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