How to Cancel Xbox Live Subscription – Quick and Easy Ways

Xbox has established its brand as one of the most entertaining subscriptions available, especially to the gaming network. The multiplayer gaming service already has more than 60 million subscribers worldwide. It allows subscribers to access Microsoft’s exclusive games and upcoming events.

There is a free version of Xbox which offers basic functionality. But the Xbox Live Gold can get the most and best gaming experience from Xbox. The paid subscription to the game console includes all the features a player can get from the free plan, online gaming, exclusive sales, and free games every month.

Since its launch in 2013 on Xbox and Xbox One, it has become a favorite in the gaming market today. Though the paid subscription has many features, many players are considering canceling their subscriptions because of the changes that Microsoft made to the said console. A lot of features have been available for free.

A lot of gaming benefits are offered by Xbox Live Gold. There are games that are only accessible to their subscribers. Usually, these are premium games and other indie games. If you are one of these players, here is your guide on canceling Xbox Live in different ways.

How to Cancel Xbox Live Subscription by Online

Canceling your subscription to the gaming service is easy. Among the several ways and the easiest one is canceling it through the web browser. Here is your guide:

  • Open the Microsoft Xbox website on your web browser
  • Click the green button on the left to sign in
  • Enter your login credentials
  • Open your account using the My Account button below the page
  • Choose Xbox Live
  • Click Auto Cancel

Aside from instantly canceling your subscription, you may also opt to cancel your subscription and still use the remaining days before your next billing cycle. Here’s how to do it using your web browser:

  • Open your web browser
  • Open the Microsoft Services or Microsoft Account page
  • Sign in to your account
  • If your Microsoft Account is not accessible, you may use your Xbox account login credentials to open your Microsoft Account
  • Click Services & Subscriptions
  • Look for Xbox Live Gold from the list
  • Click Manage
  • Click Upgrade or Cancel Subscription
  • Choose Cancel Subscription and confirm
  • A pop-up message will appear; choose Don’t Charge Me

How to Cancel Xbox Live Subscription from your Console

You may also do it directly from the Xbox One if you have no PC available. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Open your Xbox console
  • Open the Settings menu
  • Choose Accounts
  • Choose Subscriptions
  • From the list of your active subscriptions, choose Xbox Live Gold
  • Press A to get into the details of the subscription
  • Look for the Cancel Subscription in the Payment and Billing section
  • Follow the next on-screen instructions to cancel it

Another set of steps if you own an Xbox Series X/S. It is a different process, so you need to know which model your eBox is. Here are the instructions if you own an Xbox Series X/S:

  • Open your Xbox console
  • Go to the Xbox support website
  • Click the sign-in button
  • Use your Microsoft username and password to log in
  • When you see your account details, look for Xbox Live Gold
  • Click Manage
  • Turn the auto-renew off from the list of options available on the list
  • Confirm your cancellation

How to Turn off Recurring Billing Xbox Live

Recurring billing allows the user to pay the subscription fee manually. Players may also use it to cancel the subscription automatically. Here are the steps:

  • Follow the steps again to open the Services & Subscription from Microsoft’s page
  • Choose Xbox Live Gold from the list
  • Click Manage
  • Under the payment settings, turn off the option on your recurring billing

You may also turn off the recurring billing using your console’s web browser. You can follow the steps below:

  • Open your Xbox console
  • Press the Xbox button on your controller
  • Under the Profile & System menu, choose Settings
  • Choose Account
  • Select Subscriptions from the options listed
  • Select Xbox Live Gold from the list
  • On the Billing & Payment section, choose View and Manage Subscription
  • The Services & Subscriptions page of Microsoft will open
  • Choose Xbox Live Gold from the list of your subscriptions
  • Hover the cursor over the Manage link and click it
  • Go to Change to turn off the recurring billing

In general, if you don’t pay on the scheduled billing date, your subscription will be canceled by Microsoft.

Cancelling Xbox Live Subscription using Third-Party Software

There are apps available to help you cancel your current subscription. However, these apps have different processes. You can check the app’s instructions to entirely cancel your Xbox Live.

Reasons Why Players are Choosing to Cancel their Subscription

Xbox offers a lot of free-to-play games to its players. Multiplayer access for popular games like Fortnite and COD: Warzone is available without a subscription to Xbox Live. Some players choose to cancel it because of the cost it adds to their monthly expenses. Some players choose to play games on their PC for free since these are almost the same as what Xbox offers.

Also, the games that you have downloaded when you are still subscribed can still be accessed even if it is already been canceled. However, the free games you have redeemed will not be available.


Subscribing to Xbox Live is worth it if you spend a lot of time playing on your Xbox. A lot of deals and offers are exclusive to its subscribers. But if you’re not an avid gamer and think that Xbox Live is not worth it anymore, you can follow the different ways mentioned above to cancel your subscription. The guide is easy to follow, and the cancellation can be made in different ways.

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