What Channel Is Discovery On DirecTV – Channel Guide

What channel is Discovery on DirecTV? If you’re a fan of Shark Week, MythBusters, and countless other shows on the Discovery Channel, this channel guide is for you. We’ve gathered all the data you need to know about where to find Discovery Channel on DirecTV and other cable providers.

Discovery Channel on DirecTV

Discovery Channel is available to DirecTV customers on channel 192. It is also available in the United States, a country on the continent of North America that borders Canada and Mexico to its north and south, respectively.

The United States has 50 states, a federal republic and a federal district. The country has over 310 million people, and its capital city is Washington, DC.

What is Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel is a television channel specializing in scientific, educational, and reality programming. It was founded by John Hendricks and launched on January 1st, 1985. The Discovery Channel’s primary mission is to increase human understanding of the world around them by exploring our planet and universe.

The Discovery Channel airs various types of shows, including documentaries about nature, science, and technology, as well as reality series where viewers can watch what takes place behind the scenes at some of their favorite places (such as restaurants or factories.) It also features shows about health topics like medical conditions or fitness routines that you can use at home to live healthier lives through the discovery channel live.

When was the Discovery Channel Created

Discovery Channel was created in 1985. The channel was founded by John Hendricks, a former CEO of the Learning Channel and Cable News Network, considered one of the most influential figures in cable television history.

The Discovery Channel initially focused on science-related programming such as documentaries, but it has since branched out into other genres such as reality TV shows and scripted series.

In 1990, Discovery Communications acquired National Geographic Television (now known as National Geographic). It led to a reorganization of both organizations, creating two separate entities: Discovery Communications LLC and National Geographic Channels International Limited (NGCI), which oversees all international versions outside North America.

Who Owns the Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel is part of the Discovery family channel. It is owned by Discovery Holding Co., which also owns and operates TLC, Animal Planet, and Investigation Discovery. This company was formed in 1985 by John Hendricks and other investors to acquire The Learning Channel (TLC) from Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network. It has over 200 channels in its portfolio across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

The holding company owns three main networks, one of which is Discovery Channel. This channel shows documentaries on science and nature topics and airs reality TV series like Gold Rush or Deadliest Catch. Depending on your location, you can find this network on DirecTV channel 285 or AT&T U-verse channels 151/605.

How Much does it Need to Advertise on the Discovery Channel

The cost of advertising on the Discovery Channel varies depending on your ad type. For example, commercials that run during prime time can be more expensive than those that run during daytime hours.

Additionally, there are different rates for different categories of sponsorships: automotive and consumer services tend to be less expensive than entertainment and lifestyle sponsorships (which are more expensive than technology-focused ones).

In general, though, expect to pay between $1 million and $2 million for an ad spot that runs during one of the network’s highest-rated shows-and up to $4 million or more if you want your commercial featured during popular award shows like Shark Tank or Gold Rush!

The Discovery Channel has been criticized for airing some of its content in the past. In 2012, they aired a show called “Fat Co.” which featured overweight people trying to lose weight by following a diet plan and exercising more often. The problem with this show was that it didn’t help anyone lose weight because viewers couldn’t relate to the people on screen (they were too extreme), and there wasn’t any accurate advice other than to eat less food and move around more often.

The channel continues to air a wide variety of programming, including crime and investigation shows, documentaries, and science-related programming. The channel’s most popular show is “MythBusters,” which was created by Dan Tapster in 2003. Other popular programs include “Deadliest Catch,” “Shark Week,” and the Shark Week spinoff series “Bridezilla.” TLC – This channel shows reality TV series like Cake Boss or Say Yes to the Dress; it also airs documentaries about parenting, weddings, and relationships.

Depending on your location, you can find this network on DirecTV channels 286/587 or AT&T U-verse channels 152/606. Animal Planet – This channel shows documentaries on animals and nature topics. The Discovery Channel’s website has a complete list of rates and sponsorship packages available, so you can get an idea of what your company would pay if it decided to advertise on the network.

How did the Discovery Channel Start

John Hendricks established the Discovery Channel in 1985; they wanted to create a channel that would be entertaining and educational. He was inspired by his love of science and space exploration.

Today, Discovery Channel is available in more than 220 countries and territories. It is distributed by Discovery Networks International and can be seen in the UK on Sky 156.

The Discovery Channel is a Popular Cable TV Channel Available through Cable, Satellite, and other Pay-TV Providers

The Discovery Channel is a popular cable TV channel available through cable, satellite, and other pay-TV providers. The channel offers several different types of programs and genres of documentaries to viewers. The Discovery Channel broadcasts in over 220 countries and territories worldwide, with over 20 languages available for international audiences.

The Discovery Channel was founded in 1985 by John Hendricks as the Consumer News & Business Channel (or CNBC). In 1988, it became known as the Discovery Channel after being purchased by John Hendricks’ company Ziff-Davis Media Company which changed its name from CNBC to “The Discovery Channel.”


The Discovery Channel is a popular cable TV channel available through cable, satellite, and other pay-TV providers. It was created in 1985 and can be found on channel number 183 on DirecTV. The channel has been airing since then and has grown to be one of the top networks with viewers worldwide, as well as many awards under its belt, including Emmys!