What Channel Is A&E On DIRECTV? – Channel Guide

A&E is a cable TV network channel based in the United States. It operates in Canada and the US and uses English as its language. A&E transmits information using the high-definition television format. It was founded in 1984 and was initially known as Arts & Entertainment Network. At first, it showcased fine arts, drama, documentaries, and drama; eleven years later, the name was changed to A&E.

This was because people assumed it was explicitly focused on arts. 2002 was when it started incorporating reality shows to spark interest in the younger audience. In 2017 it chose to focus on reality shows primarily.

Is A&E Free on DIRECTV?

It is available on DIRECTV with no extra charges as long as you have an active subscription to any DIRECTV package. You can get the entertainment package, the PremiumTM, ChoiceTM, or the Ultimate package depending on your preference to watch A&E.

What Channel is A&E on DIRECTV? – Channel Guide

DIRECTV offers many channels to choose from, allowing you to arrange your Favourite channels on the screen guide of DIRECTV, which makes it easier to access. It may take time to access a new configuration. To watch A&E on DIRECTV, you need to know what packages enable you to access the channel. For the entertainment package, you can get A&E channels dial channel 265. The channel number is the same for the ChoiceTM package, the ultimate, and the premium.

How to Get A&E on DIRECTV Channel?

  • Through Cable: It is available on direct TV on their channel lineups. To add it to your lineup, navigate to adjust the TV service. Click on the channel add ons selection found in the change plan. Analyze the international, movie, premium, and sports options. Select the add option right beside the channel you want to add. Click add next to the A&E then you will have it on your lineup.
  • Without Cable: To get A&E on DIRECTV, you need to have a subscription that is active on DIRECTV. You can access it on the DIRECTV website, or you can visit the A&E website live and then log in using the credentials of the premium subscription from DIRECTV.

Top Popular Shows to Watch on A&E

A&E offers great entertaining shows to watch, but some are more popular than others. The top popular shows on the A&E channel schedule are:

1) Live PD

It focuses on issues related to how police handle their work in the US. It’s episodes deeply dive into the individuals involved in enforcing the law. Live PD shows how urban and rural forces work using dash cams and hand-held cameras. The show is presented by Dam Abrams, a journalist who takes people through what is happening in the show. People tend to hate the police on watching this show because it gives a reality they did not expect.

2) Intervention

It is a documentary-based series that focuses on the profile of various people with alcohol, drug, and compulsive traits. It gives us a glimpse of their journey through rehab and intervention, and they are offered opportunities to better their lives that will be important as they recover. You will see how their behaviours affect those close to them.

3) Born This Way

This show is based on 7 young adults with down syndrome and focuses on their persona and capabilities. It is a show that has humor, heart, and honesty. Through the show, you see them chasing their goals and dreams and finding romantic connections and friendships, which shows how they defy society’s expectations. Their parents also get to share the challenges the children go through as they try to fight against the syndromes. Born this way is an emotional show; have tissues on access for the emotional rollercoaster it will take you through.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Channel is A&E on Dish?

A&E is available on a Dish on channel number 118. It is mainly centered on shows that give us a glimpse of the natural world rather than those that are more scripted. It gives biography shows, dramas focusing on crime, investigative journalism shows, and more. It gives people an experience of the real world, from its charm to the dark side to beauty. It has shows that suit different audiences.

What Channel is A&E on Spectrum?

A&E is available on the spectrum according to the state. In Ohio and Orlando in Florida, it is accessible on channel number 42.

What Channel is A&E on Demand DIRECTV?

To get A&E on-demand, DIRECTV put one before the initial channel number 265. Thus, you will get it on-demand as channel 1265.

Does DIRECTV have A&E Channel?

Yes, it does. You can get the A&E channel on channel number 265.

How Much is A&E on DIRECTV?

A&E is available on channel 265 on DIRECTV on various packages. For the entertainment package, you can get it for 64.99 dollars, the choiceTM package goes for 69.99 dollars, the ultimate one is 84.99 dollars, and the PremiumTM package goes for 134.99 dollars. The packages are available for 12 months, and you have to pay taxes for them.

How do I Watch the A&E Channel?

You can watch A&E if you have a subscription activated on Sling TV, Philo, Hulu plus Live TV, and DIRECTV stream without a cable. A&E is accessible on those websites. Alternatively, you can go to the live website of A&E and then log in using the credentials of your premium subscriptions for the website of your choice from the ones listed.

How Long is A&E Free on DIRECTV?

As long as you have subscribed to the DIRECTV packages, you will get A&E on the lineup for your channel. You do not have to pay extra charges for it.


Watching the A&E channel on DIRECTV is excellent since it is free as long as you have a subscription. On top of that, you get to add A&E to the channel lineup of DIRECTV, which makes it easy to access. A&E channel schedule has many great shows to watch that are more based on reality than the scripted ones. Enjoy watching A&E on DIRECTV for a fantastic experience of the real world.