What Channel is MeTV on Spectrum – Channel Guide

Television is running out of entertainment sources nowadays. With the evolution in technology, television or TV was one of the most extensive entertainments for people in the late 20th century and initial years of the 21st century. There are various applications like Netflix, Instagram, and other social/movie applications that adapt people’s attention and entertain them in the current age.

However, entertainment does not mean different streaming mediums. Technology also impacts TV as other cable operators have introduced various services such as Charter Spectrum. This service possesses a plethora of options to consider TV as an entertainment source once again.

MeTV in Dallas Gone

MeTV is still on Spectrum channel 150 in Dallas. I’m watching it as I reply to this.

Is the MeTV Network Available on Spectrum Cable

Yes, the MeTV network is now available on the Spectrum cable; however, it is limited to Gold lineups and Spectrum Silver only.

Where to Find Spectrum MeTV

On the basis of the location where a person lives, Spectrum MeTV will be offered on different Channel. TV guide can be consulted for getting the guidance of channel lineup that helps in providing the exact Channel where MeTV is available. Another way to know the channel lie-up is to visit the website of the cable provider.

Is There an Option to Watch Western TV Series on MeTV

Yes, there are several Western TV series available on MeTV. For example, The Rifleman, Bat Masterson, Wanted Dead or Alive, Maverick, Trackdown, Wagon Train, Bonanza, Rawhide, Gunsmoke and several others.

About Spectrum TV

This is a TV streaming service for people who have spectrum internet subscriptions in their house. This service provides a cut-down channel lineup that includes 10 cable channels. The service subscriber can choose any 10 tracks, and the subscriber will also have some local channel without any cost.

To avail of this service, users are required to pay at least $24.99 every month, which is relatively cheap compared to other services provided by other cable companies.

Spectrum TV Offers

The cord-cutting trend did not allow the cable to demise the TV as Spectrum services offer more than 200 channels with programming from a broad genre’s Spectrum. With an increased number of channels, people could have a variety of programs that spark users’ moods and do not let them feel bored.

These services do not need any cable box to operate nor force customers to sign any agreement against their will. Moreover, Spectrum internet services can use Samsung & Apple TV, smart TV, Roku, and Xbox One. 

Apart from all the offers above and services of Spectrum services, a great act of Spectrum is the introduction of MeTV, which is loved by a vast number of people from all states.

Benefits of Spectrum Service

Spectrum is a growing cable service, and it attracts its customers in various ways to subscribe to its cable service.

Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

  1. The services are available at reasonable and affordable rates.
  2. It includes some public channels in deals as well and managed to stream PBS.
  3. Customers can avail the benefit of universal searches via Apple TV.
  4. It offers the best cloud DVR as it allows to extend recording even after the scheduled time is over. This feature is quite familiar to Spectrum users as they keep in touch with their favourite shows previously aired on TV.
  5. Along with the sub-channels, Spectrum also offers local channels. MeTV is one of the sub-channels.

About MeTV

MeTV or Memorable Entertainment Television is just like as it is named. This Channel got all the programs close to people’s hearts; therefore, American Broadcast TV network called it MeTV. This Channel strictly follows the phrase ‘Old is Gold’ because the older show may feel lame now, but they still have a personal touch. Also this Channel revives people’s memory and emotionally connect them with TV.

This Channel emerged with an old classic program back from the early 2000s. The massive transition has been made in this network over time, but its roots remain the same. Initially on a programming block on Chicago associated TV station WFBT-CA, MeTV broadcast 50 to 80s shows that include ‘The honeymooners,’ ‘One day at a time,’ and ‘I Live Lucy.’ These are a few blockbusters broadcasts of meTV in its early years that entertain people enough in history.

Things to Know About MeTV

In 2010, MeTV was all set to expand further at the national level and eventually, it outgrows up to the nationwide viewership. The transition of MeTV into a network with a standardized schedule allows MeTV to get affiliated with any TV station all over the US.

Today, MeTV has a large number of viewers, and things are bright. This network is available to 96% of households countrywide, and of course, this is not a small achievement anyhow. The affiliation of MeTV with DISH network and OTA digital TV as well as LPTV, cable TV, and specifically with Spectrum make this Channel accessible at every corner of the US.

What Channel is MeTV on Spectrum – Channel Guide

To get MeTV on your Spectrum, you must ensure that you have a spectrum subscription that aired this Channel on your TV in good quality and without any distortion. Of course, it is the right choice with respect to quality. The channel number of meTV vary from state to state; below there is the list of channel number with respect to a city of each state:

City/StateChannel numberCity/StateChannel number
Bourg, LA185Greenville, MI194
Worcester, MA184Bangor, MN12
St. Louis, MO24Duluth, MN196
Lancaster, NH3Carson City, NV186
Green Island, NE10Charlotte, NC1260
Albany, NY1245Bergen Co, NJ33
Dallas City, OR184Lexington, KY186
Akron, OH987Greensboro, NC1245
Columbia, SC1240Corry, PA995
Alcoa, TN181Austin, TX150
Richlands, VA305Barre, VT186
Cheyenne, WY194Milwaukee, WI19
Clarksburg, WV6Yakima, WA182
Albertville, AL194  

All the channel numbers mentioned in the above table are right as per the time of this blog. However, the number of channels may vary with respect to a different location. Moreover, the spectrum service provider also has the right to change these numbers.

If you are still unable to find the Channel, check the channel lineup/spectrum official website or call 1-855-423-0918 for assistance.

The Content Aired on Spectrum MeTV

People who admire the classics from the old Hollywood era can enjoy a wide range of content on MeTV. The portal offers its viewers masterpieces from the renowned Alfred Hitchcock. Not only this, the extensive repository of MeTV is designed to meet the cravings of its viewers within the range of fingertips. To facilitate a diverse audience, MeTV can be accessed through cable television.

Spectrum is responsible for ensuring gold and silver channel lineups for MeTV as the primary provider. Spectrum MeTV takes pride in making sure uninterrupted airing of classic control alongside its current block of programming. Some of the most demanded shows that reflect the essence of the 90s are the ones with significant recognition.

Classic movies are a representation of art that brought many changes in the cinema. Spectrum MeTV had focused on promoting it to remind of a simpler time when technology did not take over the world.

Current Programming on Spectrum MeTV

Sitcoms that are acquired as Programs and here are some of the most demanded sitcoms are:

  1. I love Lucy.
  2. My Three Sons.
  3. The Love Boat.
  4. The Three Stooges.
  5. ALF.
  6. The Brady Brunch.
  7. The Monkees.
  8. The Honeymooners.
  9. The Flintstones.
  10. Green Acres.

Drama Series

For people who like to watch the twist and turn in dramas, the following list is a great deal of entertainment for them:

  1. The Waltons.
  2. Cannon.
  3. Perry Mason.
  4. Barnaby Jones.
  5. In the Heat of the Night.
  6. Mannix.
  7. Dragnet.
  8. The Fugitive.
  9. Columbo.
  10. Mission: Impossible.

Sci-Fi TV Shows

Viewers who are intrigued by the science fiction genre can scroll through the long list of shows.

Some of the mainstream ones are:

  1. Star Trek.
  2. The Invaders.
  3. Planet of the Apes.
  4. Land of the Giants.
  5. The Time Tunnel.
  6. Lost in Space.
  7. Josie and the Pussycats.

TV Series on Western World

Viewers who love experience the raw side of the Western World can enjoy:

  1. Rawhide.
  2. Gunsmoke.
  3. The Rifleman.
  4. Bonanza.
  5. Trackdown.
  6. Bat Masterson.
  7. Wagon Train.
  8. Wanted Dead or Alive.

We all have our favourite shows that are not available on any channel anymore. Classic movies and shows are the significant missing. The good news is that Spectrum MeTV gathered an endless number of previous classics. From Wonder Woman to Star Trek, there are plenty of titles available on this channel worth watching.

Spectrum MeTV gives good competition to Paramount network, which is again a big achievement itself. People can watch their memorable shows and can enjoy their childhood in adult ages.

The three most popular shows on Spectrum MeTV are:

  1. Planet of Apes: Have you people watched the present revamps of the planets of the Apes? Some individuals still believe that this has to be the best one. The story moves around the battle between the Apes and mankind. It has some thrillers and excitement. I think you must watch and decide which is the best one.
  2. Star Trek: This is another masterpiece of Spectrum MeTV. Its story is based on a federation, which gets involved in a crazy arms race on a far-off planet of gorillas. In the whole plot, Kirk came across many hurdles while trying to defend himself from a space ape, Mugato.
  3. Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot is more pretty than the protagonist of the story, but she is the first ever wonder woman. She is the lady who bravely fights with her foes such as criminal empires, gorillas, Nazis, and aliens. If you are a fan of classic action, then this show is the right choice for you.

Spectrum MeTV Entertainment Class

Spectrum TV revives older memories and provides a network for today’s children, such as Nickelodeon. Similarly, people who like to watch reality TV shows should stream Bravo and Showtime for the latest Hollywood movies.

In other words, Spectrum is a complete family feast, where you find everything for each age group. Like Spectrum, MeTV also provides its viewers with a daily dose of classic programming on their home screen. Today children can also find the shows enjoyable and attractive; therefore, Spectrum MeTV gives everyone a good family TV time as well that has been lost somewhere because of smartphones in all hands.

Spectrum MeTV for Cord-Cutters

With a TV streaming service, everyone can enjoy the daily dose of the MeTV network if anyone does not have a cable TV subscription. MeTV application is available for both Android and iOS. This app allows MeTV viewers to watch licensed MeTV content on-demand from anywhere; all they need is a good internet connection. Now you have your go-to entertainment, and you can enjoy it anywhere.

How Can a Person Subscribe to Spectrum Bundles

Spectrum Bundles can be purchased easily at the Spectrum website. To subscribe to Spectrum Bundles.

Follow the Given Steps:

  1. Go to the spectrum website.
  2. Click on the page “cable TV plans”.
  3. Look at the bottom right of the page; there will be an option to get guidance from the customer service operator. The operator can guide about different packages.
  4. Another option is to purchase the package by clicking on it directly.

How to Access Spectrum Customer Support on Call

If there is any query, complaint, or need guidance related to Spectrum Bundles, one can reach out to the customer support services on1-833-780-1880. The operators are available 24/7 on this toll-free number.

Bottom Line

In the present time, where classic lovers do not find anything interesting on TV, let’s not miss any series of their favorite show anymore. Presently, very few classic shows can be found on TV, and classic lovers do not want to miss them.

MeTV is aired the Channel in all serviced states on Spectrum. They have an economic package with an easy billing schedule. So, get a Channel subscription from Spectrum and be connected with your old classics via MeTV. If you have any queries, you may visit the spectrum official website or call spectrum customer service representative.