What Channel is Lifetime on DirecTV

Lifetime HD is on DirecTV channel 252. Lifetime entertainment service providers that are a subsidiary of A&E networks provide a cable channel named lifetime. This network is owned by Hearst communications and The Walt Disney Channel. Headquarters of this network are located in New York, United States.

This channel was broadcasted in Feb, 1984. It seems like the channels only promote male society by their actions, but now it is just for a gossip. Today, even women get their rights and are being promoted through these productions.

In this catalog lifetime is a channel 252 that promotes entertainment and informational programs over a wide range of issues related to women and their lives. Not only this along with it women are allowed to develop content and even produce them for the channel 252.

It was analysed that many women were moving through a path of fame in the production industry through their creative skills. They were encouraged and the results were that women rose in this field like a rising star and the lifetime channel 252 got many emerging writers and producers for their channel with an approximate increase of 50%.

What they offer

In the start they were on airing different types of game shows and scripted dramas. Their game shows included “Shop Till You Drop”, supermarket sweep etc. and some of the scripted dramas were Devious maids and witches of East End. Now along with time they also broadcast different types of films, reality show and series etc.

For Example;

  1. Dance moms.
  2. Super nanny.
  3. Grey’s anatomy.
  4. How I met your mother etc.

Not only these but many more are broadcasted on lifetime TV. Some of them are also produced by the team itself under lifetime productions and they target mostly women and their life.

How can One Get Lifetime for Free

There are many ways to get lifetime channel 252 for free. Although it is not very costly in any way but still free channel can be available in many ways;

  1. By watching it on Lifetime App.
  2. By streaming the lifetime shows and movies.
  3. Tuning lifetime channel for free.
  4. Watching lifetime channel on Roku.
  5. Watching lifetime channel on Fire TV.
  6. Watching lifetime channel on Apple TV.

What Channel is Lifetime on DirecTV

What channel is Lifetime HD on DirecTV? Lifetime HD is on channel 252.

Channel NameChannel Number
Lifetime HD252

The DirecTV Packages that Offer Lifetime

Sometimes we can’t get our favorite channels because they are not offered in our package but in this case there is no such problem. The reason is that the channel is offered in 6 types of packages.

Lifetime Channel Number on DirecTV: Here is the detail of Lifetime channel number 252 in different service providers;

  1. DIRECTV Select: In this provider the channel is available on channel no 252.
  2. DIRECTV Entertainment: It provides the channel on 252.
  3. DIRECTV Choice: In this provider the number is 252.
  4. DIRECTV XTRA: This channel would also broadcast the channel on number 252.
  5. DIRECTV Ultimate: This provider on airs the channel on 252.
  6. DIRECTV Premier: The channel is on 252.

How to Get Lifetime Channel Free on FireStick

One can watch lifetime TV shows on amazon fire app in just two simple steps;

  1. On FIRE TV one can easily navigate the app section and by choosing the entertainment category one can select LIFETIME.
  2. After selecting the channel you can easily enjoy all of the favorite shows.

Downloading the Lifetime Movie Club on a TV

Lifetime movie club is available on internet and can easily be downloaded on the computer, on smartphones, any apple device, and also on Roku.

Downloading Lifetime on Smart TV

If someone wants to download the app on TV some steps are to be followed;

  1. Navigate the app section of your smart TV.
  2. Select ‘get more apps’.
  3. Click the search icon.
  4. Select lifetime.
  5. Enjoy all the favorite shows.

How to Get Lifetime without Cable

HULU live TV comes to us naturally on streaming. HULU also offers lifetime TV network and one can easily enjoy all the shows for free.

1. Popularity of Lifetime

There are various channels broadcasted on Lifetime TV that are dominated by women. It can be said that this channel is for women, by women and from women. In this channel women can be watched speaking about various topics of life including fun to serious scenarios. In fact on every platform there are women speaking full of knowledge and dignity. There are some shows that are really very popular some of them are;

  1. Marrying millions
  2. Black love
  3. Dance moms

2. Marrying Millions

It is a popular show discussing factors of different relationships. What happens when two opposite shores of ocean meet together in the middle, where would the life lead them and what ups and down would they face in all these grooming? All these topics are picked in these shows.

3. Black Love

To watch the unearth tips of a long lasting love one should definitely tune into Black love show. It mentions all the untold featured love stories of different celebs. How they achieved a successful loving life.

4. Dance Moms

It is a competitive dance show that is followed by Abby Lee Miller and her students. It all describes the mixed choreography of the dancers to win the best dance team among the peers. It is a mix of passion, struggle, dreams, and tough reality of art. It also includes he struggles of parents for their children to achieve their positions in this path of struggle.

5. Movies Hub

It is a great hub of movies made and promoted by lifetime channel. It promotes many movies. If one is fed up of their routine life and fast and curious timetable then they should have a look for free on these. Some of them are:

  1. The secret life of Marilyn Monroe.
  2. Seeds of yesterday.
  3. Racing for the time.
  4. Paris can wait.
  5. A royal romance.
  6. Deadly love.
  7. Harry and Meghan.
  8. A face to die for.
  9. May I sleep with danger.
  10. Girl fight.
  11. Queen sized.

Advantages of the Lifetime on DirecTV Channel

There are many reasons one should watch this channel and navigate it in one of the favorite channels;

  1. It promotes some shows that make a different routine.
  2. The shows help to refresh mind from the daily routine tasks.
  3. Women find their favorite stuff.
  4. This channel promotes women and their issues.
  5. If children like to watch some bears in the morning they can probably get into this channel.
  6. For grannies watching TV for a day it is really interesting.
  7. Full time movies are playing.
  8. Some popular shows are broadcasted.
  9. Dance shows and love stories are on aired on this channel.
  10. It is easily accessible on every service provider.
  11. Can be watched without a cable.
  12. If one misses the show it can be recorded for future watch.

There are many advantages to have this channel in the watch list of people.

Disadvantages of the Lifetime on DirecTV Channel

It is a fact that when there is something advantageous there are some leakages too in every task. There are some Disadvantages of this channel too;

  1. For those who want political news it won’t be there cup of tea.
  2. Although it shows every type of show but for sports lovers it won’t be favorable.
  3. It mainly focuses on women priorities.

Here are not so many disadvantages of this channel as it promotes every aspect of life.

Customer Service Satisfaction

Each and every customer looks satisfied by their services provided. They find it easier to access their favorite shows but still if one cannot get the channel on their TV or provider service they can contact the customer service through a number that is 1-866-966-2797.

Bottom Line

Today women are not distinguished from males. But there are some shows that feel reliable for males and women still just waiting for their specific show to come on air so they can spread some time in enjoying TV. For babies and grannies when they want to spend time watching their shows there must be a channel that makes them free. For all these things lifetime TV provides ultimate source of entertainment.

They can easily get time for themselves and enjoy some feminist channels on their TV. It is not only a source of entertainment but also provides a platform for women to speak up and rise in different field of production etc. indeed they have a talent of writing and producing and their work is not only promoted by females but also is loved by the males and are a great source of entertainment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does HULU offer Lifetime Movie Network?

Yes, HULU live TV includes lifetime movie channel in their packages.

Which Lifetime Channel it is Available?

It is mostly available on lifetime channel number 252.

Is it Easy to Download to it on TV?

Yes, it can be downloaded on TV.

How Many Types of Packages are Provided by DirecTV?


What Types of Shows are Broadcasted on this Channel?

Every type of show is broadcasted on this channel. It may be a comedy, tragedy, love stories based or dance. Every type of show is available on this channel.