Top 5 Best TracFone Unlimited Data Plan For June 2022

TracFone is one of the world’s biggest service providers as it currently possesses over 25.668 million subscribers. As a subsidiary of Mexico’s largest telecommunications company, América Móvil, it offers services and products under several brands. These brands include some of America’s largest network providers such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, USCellular, and more. What makes the company popular is its prepaid, no contract service, which caters to individuals that don’t fancy a long-term care plan.

If you use this network and wish to access its service and acquire unlimited data to surf the internet, this article is for you. Keep in mind that this process isn’t impossible and will require no technical skills to execute. Let’s begin!

What is TracFone?

As previously mentioned, TracFone is one of the world’s biggest service providers and has been around since the ’90s as one of the first original prepaid cell phone providers to enter the market. This Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) derived its fame by offering impressive prepaid services and several modern smartphones that use their network.

Furthermore, TracFone possesses no long-term contract, and users can carry over all airtime for data, text, and calls, if using the correct plan. The presence of a zero monthly or yearly charge or additional charge beyond buying their mobile phones and airtime gives its users/customers complete control of their finances regarding the network.

How Does TracFone Work?

It’s important to note that TracFone offers sophisticated smartphones and airtime/service days to its users and potential customers. Below is an in-depth analysis of both offers;

#1) TracFone Phones

TracFone grants members of the public the liberty to subscribe to their own service by purchasing a TracFone branded device. These devices are formatted to work only with the TracFone network, allowing users to experience TracFone at its peak. Alternatively, you can operate your smartphone with the TracFone Sim card instead of purchasing the branded device.

However, your desired cell phone must be unlocked and compatible with the TracFone BYOP program; otherwise, you cannot use their service.

#2) TracFone Airtime/Service Days

Once subscribed to their network, you can pick between the variety of TracFone’s airtime cards, which come in different amounts. These numbers include 60, 120, 200, 450, and more (minutes), alongside other airtime cards that only function with smartphones. For emphasis, all cards come with a specific number of airtime and service days, and also, as long as you possess both airtime and service days, you can make calls.

Once you run out of these two essential factors, you will need to spend money to acquire a new card. Suppose you used the $25 smartphone-only card on your device, TracFone will grant you 60 service days, 500 minutes of talk time, and 500 megabytes to surf the internet.

Is TracFone a Good Company?

TracFone has its ups and downs; nevertheless, it remains popular in several countries for its impressive flexibility and super low price. The brand feeds off many customers’ frustration with paying the unreasonable prices charged by contract cell phone providers like AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, which offers a 2-year contract and monthly bills that range between $60 – $120. TracFone satisfies this frustration by offering no contracts and monthly costs, meaning the money you spend depends on you entirely.

For example, if you use your phone moderately, your monthly expenses can range from $10 – $30.

How to Perform the TracFone Unlimited Data Plan?

As previously mentioned, TracFone presents its users with unique data plans compared to other networks, and the cost remains relatively high. Currently, TracFone possesses a $20 monthly plan with unlimited talk, text, and one gigabyte of 4G LTE data. Additionally, there are $35 and $30 monthly plans for high-speed internet access, and if your data runs out, you can always add more with $10 per gigabyte. The largest of its subscriptions offers 1,200 minutes, 1,200 texts, and three gigabytes for approximately $40.

What makes these plans “unlimited” is the fact that they never expire after the month ends. Essentially, TracFone allows its customers to continue using their data and Talk/text after it exceeds 30 days without canceling or resetting their balance. TracFone, suppose you have 90 service days, 200 talk minutes, and opt for one of the unlimited plans, you get extra time on your account.

These additional days mean you don’t have to renew your plan even after the designated expiration date; you still have your data and Talk time intact. Granted, this Unlimited plan will not permit you to consume several gigabytes online; however, it’s worth noting that TracFone plans are not designed for rigorous use. Essentially, their ideal customers are busy people who occasionally visit the internet several days a week.

Is the TracFone Unlimited Plan Worthwhile?

Ultimately, the value of this TracFone Unlimited Data plan depends on how much time you spend on the internet. The same applies to the talk and text as the typical TracFone user wouldn’t burn through more than 100 talks and texts per month. In terms of cost, suppose you use 1000 texts, 250 talks, and one gigabyte in a month; that would cost approximately $20, coupled with an additional $5 for 30 days for service.

This offer is ideal for heavy users that can exhaust their plan within the designated period. On the other hand, casual users will lose money on this regular plan since it will expire before they exhaust their purchase. However, opting for the $30 TracFone Unlimited plan is a better deal as it supplies you with 3 gigabytes per month and upwards of 1000 texts per month, and 300 talks. Additionally, you get to roll over the plan to the next month, allowing you to save both money and time.

Ultimately, the TracFone Unlimited Data plan is worthwhile for individuals who wish to casually surf the web without fear of losing their data once the month ends.

Top 5 Best TracFone Unlimited Data Plan And Price

Currently, TracFone offers numerous worthwhile plans that come in cards containing airtime and data; However, if you’re a casual internet user that dreads losing their subscription due to expiration, this section is for you. Below are some of these data plans, enabling you to surf the web without fear of losing connection with the internet;

TracFone Unlimited Data planPrice
TracFone $25 Unlimited Talk, Text, 2GB Data – 30 Day Smartphone Plan$25
TracFone Monthly Subscription for Unlimited Text, Talk, 1GB Data plus Carryover Data$20
TracFone Hotspot compatible $40 Unlimited Talk, Text, 8GB Data$40
TracFone $20 Unlimited Talk, Text, 1GB Data plan$20
TracFone Smartphone Only Plan – 200 Minutes, 500 Text, 200MB Data For 30 days$20

You may also wonder “How much can I do with this amount of data?”. Well, suppose you currently have 300 megabytes available, you can scroll through hundreds of your favorite websites, read the news, and purchase items from online stores, and interact with 245 blogs. If you enjoy visiting social media platforms, 300 megabytes will grant you over 15 hours of usage on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Additionally, you can enjoy 10 hours of music streaming, and send approximately 4096 emails. Essentially, the plans above are sufficient to provide you with continuous access to the internet as long as you surf the web occasionally. In other words, if you’re a heavy internet user, it’s best to opt for a more robust solution as TracFone wouldn’t suit your requirements.

How Much Does TracFone’s Unlimited Data Plan Cost?

This unlimited talk, text, and data plan from TracFone costs $40 per month and offers unlimited talk and text. We provide unlimited carryover of unused minutes, texts, and data with active service. You can use your existing high-speed data to create a hotspot of up to 8GB. A 30-Day IDNotify Identity Theft Protection Plan without a contract is available from IDNotify. A nationwide 5G network that provides the best coverage in the nation on the largest and most dependable networks in the country.

In order to use this Service Plan, either you must renew your existing TracFone service or you must activate a new TracFone service.

Is TracFone Being Discontinued?

In a recent report published by the Van Buren Township Dispatch and the Public Safety Department, many of the nation’s wireless carriers said they were discontinuing the use of 3G within the next five years.

As of January 2022, older models of 3G TracFones, flip phones, Jitterbugs, and similar products will no longer be available. It has been reported that Van Buren Township Police will be unable to not only disable those 3G devices from normal use but also prevent the devices from making or receiving 9-1-1 calls.

In an announcement on the Federal Communications Commission’s website, it said that “mobile carriers are shuttering their 3G networks, which are built on outdated technology, to make room for newer, more advanced networks, including 5G”. The change will have a major negative impact on many older cell phones as they will not be able to send or receive texts or calls, in particular 9-1-1 calls, or use data services. This will have a particular effect on 3G mobile phones as well as some older 4G mobile phones which do not support voice over LTE (VoLTE).

It is possible that this wireless network shut down will also affect other forms of connected devices, such as tablets, smartwatches, vehicle SOS services, medical devices, home security systems, and other connected products that utilize 3G networks.

It has been requested by the FCC that everyone develop a plan in advance to deal with the phase-out.

The monitoring service provider or another service provider should be contacted if you do not see any label on your device. They can advise you on how your device connects and whether it may be affected. The Public Safety Director, Greg Laurain, asks everyone to check their devices to make sure that their loved ones remain connected to each other, saying “We want to make sure everyone stays connected to one another.” In the event of an emergency, we wish to ensure that both you and your loved ones are able to contact 9-1-1 at all times.

What About TracFone Coverage Map?

Although TracFone doesn’t present the best features, it makes up for its lapses in coverage map. Currently, this service uses three networks which are AT&T, Verizon, and T-mobile, the top networks with the most impressive range. However, amongst the three, reports show that Verizon performs the best outreach, while T-Mobile provides impressive data speeds. If you’re worried about which network you will end up getting, this factor depends on the phone that accommodates your TracFone Sim.

For example, if your smartphone uses AT&T, your TracFone will automatically feed you via that network. However, if you buy a TracFone phone, the network you use will depend on the model you own. Nevertheless, the presence of three (AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile) giants ensures that TracFone users get the best coverage map the country has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I Get Unlimited Data on my TracFone free of charge?

You can use this method to use unlimited free data without any limitations;

  1. You can buy a new SIM card or internet connection that is prepaid.
  2. At your location, you can get a trail hotspot connection.
  3. With the freedom app, you can test TracFone unlimited data hack for free.
  4. This can be achieved by using the Psiphone free app as an APN.
  5. TracFone will give you a free unlimited gift when you renew your SIM card plan.

Should you Buy a TracFone Phone?

Like any other brand, TracFone phones are not compatible with everyone. Essentially, customers who spend money texting and making calls will spend too much money buying minutes and texts and shouldn’t bother getting a prepaid phone. Other companies with contract plans are a better option for such rigorous activity; However, people that rarely call or text only a handful of business contacts and loved ones weekly are ideal for this service.

After buying a TracFone phone, using the device feels intuitive, and you can begin making calls, sending texts, and surfing the internet within hours of ownership. Additionally, the minute cards are easy to input and use, and you can find them online and in most retail stores.

Does TracFone have Customer Service?

Yes! TracFone has a customer support system, but unlike the typical in-person assistance, all your issues will be handled through phone or chat customer service. This factor applies irrespective of whether your issue is the activation or using your device. TracFone users get instant answers to common inquiries despite the lack of in-person support, including the TracFone Unlimited Data plan. Users can connect directly to assistance by dialing 611611 on their device.

Does TracFone have Premium Features?

Unfortunately, TracFone presents its users with no premium features as its advertised as a simple network for simple individuals. In fact, the only quality it possesses that’s close to premium is the unlimited data plan with the rollover feature. In other aspects, they perform as expected; their service doesn’t support mobile hotspots, video streaming quality stays at 480p, but it supports wifi calling. Essentially, everything about this network is streamlined, meaning if you’re looking for a provider to grant your heavy data and fast access to the internet, TracFone isn’t for you.

Do I Lose my Data and Minutes on TracFone?

Currently, users are allowed to purchase unique plans to handle their activities for the week or month. These subscriptions possess expiring dates, and once this time elapses, the service ends with no rollover. However, users can keep their data and Talk amounts even after the 30-day limit elapsed with the TracFone unlimited data plan.

What Happens when I Run out of Airtime on my TracFone?

If you end up running out of airtime on your TracFone, you need to top it up with a Wireless Airtime card. The amount to use depends entirely on you as TracFone allows you to extend your service 30, 90, or even a year from the date you added the card.

Can I Put my TracFone Sim on Another Phone?

Yes! It’s not impossible to eject your TracFone Sim card and insert it into a different phone. This liberty allows you to use your TracFone on any device with little obstruction. However, it’s important to note that the new phone will be compatible with the TracFone Sim card; else, there will be readability errors and difficulty connecting with the network.

Is The TracFone Unlimited Data Plan Unlimited?

No! The TracFone Unlimited Data plan doesn’t grant you infinite internet access without interrupting your time online. The bundle presents your 1-3 gigabytes of data and additional talks & text time. What makes this plan unlimited is the rollover feature, where TracFone carries your subscription to the next year instead of canceling it due to expiration. This factor presents multiple benefits, especially the liberty to surf the web without fear of losing connection casually.


Ultimately, the TracFone Unlimited Data plan remains an ideal option for people who casually surf the web but despise disconnections due to expiration. Additionally, if you decide to opt for the phones, it’s worth noting that these devices are easy to operate and set up. Essentially, once you purchase the device, you can begin calling and texting within hours, and topping up airtime is easy as the prepaid minute cards are in many retail stores.

Nevertheless, remember that the TracFone Unlimited Data plan is not for heavy usage. The primary audience is people who occasionally visit the web and want their subscription to stay intact after the 30 days elapses.