How To Program Dish Remote To TV: Easy Ways

The thrill of viewing your favorite show is almost always unrivaled. If you haven’t set up the Dish Remote control, your pleasure may be cut short. Realizing how and when to Program and Connect your Dish Remote Control to your TV can help you get the most out of your equipment.

Remote/Dish Network

Dish Network is a satellite company that provides a wide range of tv shows and movies. Dish Network’s principal feature is internet broadcasting in general. Few among their services are available in a variety of packages, allowing users to select their preferred alternative. Cell phone service and Sling TV are among the things they offer.

When contrasted to other dish remote controls, Dish Remote controls are one of the finest and quickest to have and arranged. The controller has a sleek design and feature buttons that help customers have a satisfying experience. The Remote allows users to simply search, shoot, and switch between applications.

how to program dish remote to tv

How to Program and Connect a Dish Remote Control to a TV?

There are several ways to program and connect your dish remote control to your TV. The approach you use is determined by the edition and type of your dish remote controller. Some techniques for some Dish Remote Control models are listed below:

1) Setting a Modern Dish Remote Controller to a TV

If your Dish Controller is one of the following systems: 40.0, 50.0, 52.0, 54.0, there is an alternative way to design it. Here’s how to Connect your Dish Controller to your Television:

  • On your Dish Controller, press and hold the Menu Button twice. (If no home button is present, hit the Menu Button once).
  • Choose the Setting option.
  • On the on menus, select Controller.
  • Select the TV you would like to connect from the On-Screen Panel.
  • From the Panel, select the Match Wizard options.
  • Choose the TV you would like to connect.
  • The Matching Wizard will show you certain devices codes that will assist you in connecting your devices.
  • To check each code, complete the on-screen instructions.
  • When the code is valid, click Confirm on the display.

You could use your Dish Controller to control your TV using the way described above. If the code failed, you can consider a better one and repeat the cycle until it succeeds.

2) How to Setup an Earlier Dish Remote Controller to a TV

If your Dish Control is one of the below models – 20.0 or 21.0 – there’s also an unique way to activate it. The Power Scan approach is best for programming 20.0 or 21.0 series Dish Remotes. The procedure test cycles through many devices codes till it identifies one that is appropriate.

The Following is a Method on Utilizing Power Scan to link your Dish Controller to your TV Set:

  • Choose your remote device at support.
  • The 3-digit remote control hyperlink will appear in a pop-up tab when you select it.
  • Continue by selecting a model from the “Select a Type” drop-down menu.
  • Choose the title of the Dish Control.
  • Now choose a particular product from the “Choose a Product Category” drop-down menu.
  • Select the TV Set for which you would like to set your controller.
  • Next, choose a Company.
  • Afterwards perform the programming test using the provided code.
  • Set the Dish Controller just at television.
  • Furthermore, on your controller, press and hold the “TV key“.
  • After 10 seconds, remove your grip and look at the 4 Mode. The push button light turns on.
  • When you drop the key, the light will begin to blink.
  • Press and hold the controller’s Power Button before releasing it.
  • Using the controller, press the Up Button.
  • Then, at short intervals, hit the Up Button until the TV turns off.
  • When the TV turns off, you know the code is accurate.
  • To memorize the code, use the # Button.
  • Then try the controller on your TV to make sure it is working.

3) Scan the Dish Remote Controller to the TV

To program your Remote Controller using the scanner procedure, you must manually update accessible codes. It’s a non-code method of programming your Dish Remote Controller to your TV. Whenever you need to set your dish Remote control with no need for a code, this approach proves useful. Nevertheless, this process is slow because you must scan through such a large number of codes to find the appropriate one.

The Following is a Step-by-step Approach to Scanning your Dish Remote to Program it:

  • Turn on your TV.
  • Aim the controller at the television.
  • Wait until the 4 digit lights just at top of the controller flash before pressing the TV Key.
  • As once light starts blinking, drop the key.
  • To start detecting codes, press the Power Button.
  • Next, on the Dish Remote controller, hit the Up Button to verify all of the codes.
  • Continue to push the Up Button until the TV set turns off — this means you’ve obtained the proper code.
  • To verify and add the code to the Controller, click the # Key.
  • To watch TV, press the Power Button once more.
  • Finally make very sure your TV Remote works by testing it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Dish TV Remote Codes?

  • The TV code for your TV can be found in the Platinum Remote Control’s list. User’s Manual.
  • On the controller, click the “TV” button. Hold down the “Sat,” “VCR,” and “Aux” buttons until they light up. When you release the “TV” button, it will begin to blink.

How to Program Dish Remote to TV 2?

Except where UHF is utilized, such as on DISH Network receivers, you can program the remote control to work any other DISH Network receiver. Visit the System Info screen on the second receiver by turning it on. Note the TV2 address that appears. Push and hold the AUX button till all the Mode buttons light up, then leave it.

How to Program Dish Remote to the Receiver?

  • Click and hold the Menu Icon twice, then the Satellite Button on the remote’s Top Left Side.
  • Use the controller to dial any Numbers.
  • Pound the Keys.
  • Hold down the Record Button till the number appears in the “Remote Address” part of the screen.

How to Program Dish Remote to TV Volume?

On the transmitter controller, click the Settings menu. Choose the System Settings Icon with the Arrow Keys, then click the Choose Key. Click on the option for Volume Control. To manage volume with your DISH Remote controller, choose the DISH Remote Volume Control option.

How to Program Dish Remote to TV without Receiver?

  • Based on your controller, click the HOME button twice or the MENU button once.
  • Choose Setting.
  • Choose Remote Control from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the device code you would like to memorize with the arrows.
  • Choose the device’s proper Pairing Wizard.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the Screen.

How to Program Dish Remote to Operate TV?

Check which device is connected to your television when you begin. The guidelines for readers in the Hopper family and receivers in the ViP series are dissimilar.

How to Connect a Dish Remote Control to a Hopper, Joey, or Wally?

  • Click the HOME or MENU keys twice on your controller, based upon what one you possess.
  • Choose Setup.
  • Choose REMOTE CONTROL from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the item codes you would like to study with the arrows.
  • For your devices, identify the suitable Pairing Wizard.
  • To finish the setting, follow the instructions on the display.

How do I Pair my Dish Remote to my TV?

Set up your DISH remote to control a Television. Choose “Settings” from your receiver’s menu. “Remote Control” will appear. Select your preferred device. Choose the Wizard for Pairing.

How do I Resync my Dish Remote?

  • The simplest way to do this is to unpair and connect the controller. There are only two main steps to this technique.
  • Press the SYS INFO button on the front screen of your receiver.
  • Use the arrows to choose UNPAIR after pressing the SYS INFO button.
  • This will disconnect your gadget from your controller. Re-pair the controller to your receiver after several minute.

How do you Sync a Dish Remote to a TV without the Code?

  • Double-click the Home button on your Dish Remote controller.
  • Choose ‘Remote Control‘ from the menu shown on your screen by going to ‘Settings.’
  • Choose the device to which you want to connect your Dish Remote controller.
  • From the menu, choose the ‘Pairing Wizard‘ button.

How do you Find the Code for your TV?

The Television codes to link with your Dish control can be found in the user manual for your controller.

Why Doesn’t my Volume Work on my Dish Remote?

If your Dish controller isn’t associated with your TV or speaker, it won’t be able to manage volume. You can link it with the device-specific code or by implementing the methods outlined in the article above.

What is the Dish Remote Code for a Hisense TV?

  • Turn on the Television and the transmitter.
  • Using the Dish controller, click and hold the top-right concise Television Key till all four lights flash.
  • Press and hold the Red Power Button for one second.
  • Turn the Television off by pressing the Switch Up Button.
  • Press and hold the Pound Button for one second.
  • Turn off the TV by pressing the Red Power Button.

How do I Get the Volume to Work on my Remote?

On the receiver controller, click the Menu button. Choose the System Setup option with the Arrow Keys, then click the Select button. Click on the option for Volume Control. To manage volume with your DISH Remote, choose the DISH Remote Volume Control option.

How do I Program a Dish Remote to a TV without Code?

You can use the Pairing Wizard from the Settings menu to program newer versions of Dish controllers without a code. For earlier devices, you’ll have to utilize the Power Scan method, which flashes off device codes until one of them activates. Simply press the SAT Key on the Dish Remote control to connect it with a Joey or Hopper DVR.

How Did you Figure Out which DISH Remote Type you Had?

If you’ve threw out the paperwork that came with your device (just like anyone else), you can match it to the photographs on the DISH website. Because each controller has an unique shape, it should be simple to figure out which one you’re using.

How can you Install a Second Dish Remote Controller?

There is no way to set a TV remote to control a dish. The remotes are usually always programmed to only function with particular STBs. But, you could replicate one of those general kinds to work alongside yours.

What Codes do I Need to Setup my Dish Remote Controller?

You can hunt for codes and guidelines for setting the controller on the internet or by calling customer care. However, this will be dependent on the control type series and the device in question.

How can you Change the Channel on your Dish Remote Controller to TV?

On your controller, press the “TV” button on the side. This informs the controller that you are attempting to control your television.

What is the Procedure for Resetting Dish Network Remote? 

What is the procedure for resetting my Dish network remote? P Your DISH Network controller cannot be “Reset,” but it can be “Re-linked” to your receiver. This is how you do it:

  • On your controller, click SAT.
  • On the receiver, select System Info.
  • On your controller, click SAT once more.

How Do you Operate a Dish TV Remote?

On a level surface, put the Dish TV Universal Remote. Set your TV remote in front of the Universal Remote so that their LED lights are immediately facing one another. A 5cm gap in between controllers is recommended. To set the TV Power Button on the Universal Controller, click the TV Power Key on the Universal Remote Controller.


It would not be difficult to connect your DISH controller to a receiver. If you have any issues during the setting, you can still call DISH and they can assist you from over phone. Note that whether you’re using a DISH controller or a global remote, there’s always a method to finish the setting. Setting your Dish Controller to your Television should be simple using the procedures outlined above. The process is completely seamless; but, if you have a problem when programming, you can repeat your steps and begin again.