How To Program Xfinity Remote To TV? – Easy Methods

Xfinity is among the largest telecommunication companies in the United States. It is a division of Comcast Corporation that offers cable television services plus telephone, internet and wireless connections. Comcast Xfinity TV is used by over 20 million customers across 40 US states. Xfinity TV has earned the #1 spot in American cable TV connection by providing the most available, reliable and cost-effective TV plans for decades.

You get the option to choose a contracted or no-contract plan depending on your preference. The two popular Comcast Xfinity TV plans are the Popular TV plan that offers 125+ channels at $49.99 a month and Ultimate TV plan that offers 185+ channels at $59.99 per month. All Xfinity TV packages include local networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CNN. You can get add-ons of international channels in different languages. If you need on-demand content, you can subscribe to the Xfinity streaming service called Xfinity Flex.

Xfinity TV can be controlled using the Xfinity remote. There are different models of the remote but all of them have pretty much the same functionality. The remote allows you to control the functions of the TV using voice commands to change channels, get recommendations, search through channels, and more. It can be used for both Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex users and there are different models of the Xfinity remote including XR11, XR15, XR16, and the Xfinity Adaptive Remote.

You can connect the remote control to the TV by pairing them, allowing you to navigate functions of the TV easily and from a distance. You can pair your Xfinity remote with the television and an audio/video receiver like soundbars by following the complete guide described in this article.

How to Program Xfinity Remote to TV? – Easy Methods

You can program Xfinity remote to both Xfinity TV Box and Non-X1 TV Box. There are different models of the remote control available and each method will be explained depending on the type of model you have and the type of TV set you are connecting it to. After you’ve successfully programmed the Xfinity remote to your TV, you can use this remote to change channels, adjust volume, power it on and off, and control other secondary devices like DVD players and soundbars.

Keep reading to make use of the effective instructions that will be explained in detail below. You can program your Xfinity remote to the TV manually, by using the Xfinity online code lookup tool, or through the Xfinity My Account mobile application.

Methods 1) Program your Xfinity Remote to TV Manually

To manually set up your Xfinity Voice Remote to your television set, you can follow the instructions below;

On your X1 TV Box or Flex TV Box;

  • Turn on the ‘TV’ and aim the ‘Remote’.
  • Click on the ‘Microphone’ button and say ‘Program Remote’.
  • On-screen instructions will pop up which you should follow to set up your remote.

On your Other TV Brands;

  • Aim the remote at your active TV and click on the ‘A’ button on the remote.
  • Select ‘Remote Setup’ and choose ‘Yes’ when the question ‘Do you want to use your remote to control your TV power and volume?’ pops up.
  • Answer the next question that says ‘Would you like to control your TV using your remote?’ by selecting ‘Yes’.
  • Choose the brand of your TV and select ‘OK’.
  • You will get a notification saying that the remote is ‘Ready to Pair’. Select ‘OK’ and confirm that the pairing is successful by attempting to adjust the volume.

After the successful pairing, you can go ahead and set up volume, power, and input control for your television and audio equipment.

Methods 2) Program your Xfinity Remote to TV Using The Xfinity Online Code Lookup Tool?

You can also program your Xfinity Remote to the TV by visiting the Xfinity Online Code Lookup Tool at; You will get a code after completing the process based on the type of remote and the brand of television that you are using.

If you can’t Find the Code in the Lookup tool and your Remote has a Setup Button;

  • Aim the remote at your active television and press and hold the ‘Setup’ button until the red light at the top of the remote turns green.
  • Input ‘9-1-1’ and the light will blink green twice.
  • Press ‘CH ^’ multiple times until the television turns off and click ‘Setup’ to lock in the code.
  • The TV will be all set after powering it on.

If your Remote Does Not Have a Setup Button, but Has Number Buttons;

  • Switch on your TV and press the ‘Mute’ and ‘Xfinity’ buttons together and hold for 5 seconds until the light at the top changes from red to green.
  • Input the first five digit code for the TV manufacturer and the light will flash green twice if the code is correct or flash red twice if the code is incorrect.
  • If it’s correct, aim the remote at the TV and press the ‘Power’ button. Check if it’s successful by adjusting the volume or changing channels.

If your Remote Does Not Have a Setup Button or Number Buttons:

  • Switch on your television and activate the remote by taking off the pull tab on the ‘Back’ of the remote.
  • Aim the remote at the television and press the ‘Microphone’ button.
  • You should then follow the instructions that pop up on the TV.
  • After pairing, you can program the remote to control your television by holding the ‘Microphone’ button and saying ‘Program Remote’. You can also access the remote programming instructions through the ‘Remote Settings’ menu.

Methods 3) Program your Xfinity Remote to TV Using the Xfinity My Account App?

The Xfinity My Account application is available for download on both your Apple and Android devices. You can use the Xfinity My Account application to pay and manage your bills, access your account information, manage all your services, and contact the Xfinity representatives. You can also program your Xfinity remote control to the TV using the Xfinity My Account application by following the steps described below;

  • In the Xfinity My Account app, click on the ‘TV’ icon and select your TV Box.
  • Click on ‘Setup a Remote’ and swipe to choose the Xfinity Remote model you are trying to program.
  • Tap on ‘Continue’ and pick ‘TV’ or ‘Audio/Other’.
  • You can then follow the programming instructions to complete the setup.

If none of the methods above have been successful, you can try performing a factory reset;

  • Tap and hold the Info (i) and Home (house icon) at the same time until the light on the remote blinks.
  • Click on Power, then on Last (< arrow), then Volume Down (-) on your remote control sequentially to complete the factory reset.
  • After the factory reset, you can then retry programming your remote using the various methods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Activate the Voice Control on my Xfinity Remote?

You can activate and use the voice control on your Xfinity remote by pressing and holding the ‘Microphone’ button. You can then speak a command at the microphone which is located at the top of your Voice Remote. You should then release the microphone after completing the command.

How do I Get an Xfinity Voice Remote Control?

You can get an Xfinity remote control by picking one up in person from a local Xfinity store, or ordering one to be shipped to you through UPS by contacting the Xfinity Assistant at or customer service.

Can I use my Xfinity Remote to Control my Audio Reciever and Soundbar?

Most Xfinity Remote models are able to control your secondary devices like the audio receivers and soundbars. You can check if your remotes supports the function by visiting You will also get instructions on how to set up the Xfinity remote to control your secondary devices, if supported.

Can I Download the Xfinity My Account App on my iPhone?

Yes. The Xfinity My Account application is available for download on almost all devices. You can download the app for free in the App Store on your iPhone and in the Google Play Store on your Android device.

What Functions can I Access on the Xfinity my Account App?

The Xfinity My Account application supports a wide variety of functions which include access to all your billing details, account information, appointments, your Xfinity plans, and Xfinity Help and Support. You can make your payments, manage your billing preferences, edit your account information, schedule or cancel repair appointments, find Xfinity store locations near you, manage all your Xfinity devices, set up your remote controls, and contact Xfinity customer service representatives.


Comcast Xfinity has made a good mark in the American cable and telecommunication market by providing a wide range of reliable and cost-effective services that cover cable TV connection, internet, and wireless connections. Xfinity TV keeps you connected to all the local and national channels that include entertainment, news, sports and movies. You can easily control all the functions on your television by using the all-inclusive Xfinity remote control. This remote comes in various different models based on the availability and type of Xfinity TV Box you own.

Before using the remote on your television and secondary devices, you need to program it and set it up for use. This can be done by following the different programming methods that have been explained in this article. Hopefully, you have been able to utilize these methods to program your Xfinity Remote to your TV.