How To Connect FireStick To Internet Without Remote – Easy Ways

Firestick Is define as a media information can be transmitted that allows you to watch videos, install apps, and play music on your mainstream tv. It’s based on the Android software and transforms your regular television into a smart television. You may use the device to load Application software and play online games as well as download music It has very simple and small design. it is the size of a Flash drive and can be plugged into any TV HDMI port.

The Firestick’s plugging mechanism is rather easy. When talk about connectivity of the stick that the spoken control is Bluetooth-enabled and extremely simple to use. Mirroring the screen is feasible, however it is not particularly smooth.

In market there are many company’s firesticks are available. In this company like Airtel, Amazon, Egate, Xiaomi, Mi, Porodo etc. Amazon would be also updating for 4K in this gadget.

The Main Component for the Firesticks

The firestick would be working with internet. It is a basic requirement for the stick. We can talking for box of gedget. The dongle, Fire TV voice remote, Usb – c (for power), charger adapter, HDMI extension cable, and two AAA battery packs are all included in the package.

You will also receive an instruction booklet to assist you with the installation. In this all kind of component that the Remote is very important product for the stick. Because it was working on remote when connecting internet.

Great it’s would be great thing. But can we imaging when we had not remote but can we connecting firestick to internet? It would be big issue for the clients of sticks. So we can talk about the solution for the how to connect stick to internet without remote.

Is There Connect Firestick to Internet without Remote

The Firestick is a clever technology that allows users to access to their television from everywhere on the planet. As a result, it is a great travel companion for many individuals who want to watch their favourite shows on the road. All you’ll need is a TV with an HDMI connector and a wireless Internet connection.

What will you do, though, if you miss or loose the remote control while packing? “If it possible that the connection of firestick to internet without remote?” that the answer is “YES, It would be possible that the connection of firestick to internet without remote”. So, without further time, take a look at the following information.

There are a some cool methods to attach your Firestick to WiFi without using a remote.

How to Attach your Firestick to the Internet Without Remote (Using HDMI-CEC)

Are there any Walmart or Best Buy stores in your area? For a few dollars, you could get a third-party remote that works similarly to a universal remote. These remotes are usually made to manage a wide range of devices, including Apple TV, and, most importantly Fire TV.

Some are more universal, supporting a wide range of boxes, while others are specifically targeted towards Fire TV users. You might be wondering how it works, but it’s actually quite straightforward, thanks to HDMI-CEC, a worldwide standard.

Customer Electronic Control (CEC) is a feature that allows you to connect a universal remote to your TV through HDMI connector.

As previously said, you may be able to get a clever universal remote that will perform the work for you. If you’re lucky and have a newer-generation television, you might be able to manage your Fire Stick from the same remote that you use to control your TV.

Although CEC released the HDMI 1.3 standard in 2002, it is an optional feature that has not been incorporated in every TV since then. Most high-quality televisions should have it, and if yours does, your problems are over. Before connecting your TV to the CEC remote, make sure this mode is available on your TV. Some TV models do not include this feature, while others name it differently from basic HDMI CEC device control.

If you have a working remote or the ability to operate your Fire TV Stick with your phone, make sure it is activated on your Fire TV Stick. It only takes a couple of steps, thankfully. If you have a remote control, use it.

  • Go to Settings and then to Display and Sounds.
  • Check HDMI-CEC and make sure it’s turned on in Display and Settings.

But how can you know whether or not your TV has the CEC mode?

To see if the option is accessible for the same, go to settings, display, and audio. If you see an option for HDMI CEC device control, activate it first before continuing. Some television brands, on the other hand, don’t name it CEC; instead, they brand it with their own labels. We can show it following terms.


By the way, the description for the selected choice is also visible. It also has CEC capability, allowing the Amazon Fire TV to be controlled from the TV remote. The next steps are straightforward. You may connect your Firestick to your TV and use the universal remote, also known as an HDMI CEC device, to operate it.

As a result, you can browse the Fire TV stick using it as a remote. On the negative side, you won’t be able to use the remote’s voice control functions.

How to Connect your Firestick to the Internet Using An Echo Or An Echo Dot

The usage of a Sound or Echo Dot as part of the above two-device technique is another option. You can use an Echo or Echo Dot instead of a second smart device after re-establishing the Fire TV Stick network connection.

Because you can’t change network settings with voice commands, having a smartphone or tablet to complete the initial configuration would be helpful. After that, you can connect the Echo or Echo Dot to the same network and control the Fire TV Stick with voice commands.

How to Replacement Remotes

Rather than utilising a common HDMI-CEC remote, you may buy a replacement remote designed exclusively for Fire Stick devices that should work right away.

You won’t find these at your local big box store, but Amazon offers the option of purchasing a new remote that is tailored to your device. In fact, there are two versions of the Fire remote available online:

  • First– Generation device with Alexa built-in and.
  • Second– Generation one with power and volume controls built-in.

Before you buy one, make sure it’s compatible with your FireStick by reading the description.

Use the Other Device to Control the Fire TV Stick While Using Your Smartphone as a Hotspot

You might be asking why you can’t just use your phone as the remote for your Fire TV Stick if your TV doesn’t support CEC or if you have it turned off on your Fire TV Stick for whatever reason. After all, there’s a Fire TV app for your smartphone, and you can use it as a remote at home at any time, even with voice controls!

There is, however, a catch. Your smartphone and the Fire TV Stick don’t communicate directly; instead, they must be connected to the same WiFi network. Also, keep in mind that your Fire TV Stick is already configured to connect to your home WiFi network, which you most likely did not bring with you on your trip.

They won’t be able to communicate with one another because there’s no method to interface with your Fire TV Stick to alter its network connection to that of your local WiFi, so the smartphone remote control won’t work.

However, there is a creative way to make it work. Here’s how you go about it:

  1. Create a wireless hotspot with a smartphone or other device. When you enable the hotspot, make sure your SSID and network password match those on your home network, which is where the Fire TV Stick is connected.
  2. On a second device, install and launch the Amazon Fire TV app. This could be a tablet, a second phone, or a phone borrowed from someone. It will only be required for a little moment.
  3. Connect the second device to the wireless hotspot you set up in step one.
  4. Your second device (the remote control) is now linked to the same WiFi network as the Fire TV Stick and can see each other!
  5. Connect the Fire TV Stick to your television. The Fire TV Stick will be seen and controllable by your second device.
  6. Reset your Fire TV Stick’s network connection to the hotel’s or wherever you’re staying’s local WiFi network using the second device.
  7. Turn the hotspot off.

You can now control the Fire TV Stick with either your second or first device as the remote control! (Note that a smartphone can’t connect to its own wifi hotspot for network connectivity, so you’ll need two devices.) You’re good to go as long as you remember the SSID and password of the last network your Amazon Fire Stick was connected to.

One fascinating potential with this two-device approach is that once you’ve re-established your Fire TV Stick’s network connection, you can operate it with an Echo or Echo Dot instead of your smartphone or tablet.

Because you can’t modify network settings with voice commands, you’ll need your smartphone or tablet to conduct the initial configuration, but once that’s done, you can connect your Echo or Echo Dot to the same network and operate your Stick with voice commands.

How to Connect a FireStick to a New WiFi Network without Using the Remote

There are a 6 methods to attach your Firestick to New WiFi without using a remote.

  1. Install the Fire TV app on your device.
  2. Use a Hotspot That Is Identical.
  3. Toggle to a hidden network configuration.
  4. Use Your TV Remote.
  5. Switch to a different Fire TV remote.
  6. Make a Wi-Fi hotspot with your smartphone.


FireStick lacks buttons, navigation is only possible through remote control. You have the option of using two smartphones, one as a hotspot and the other as a remote. Alternatively, you can use a universal remote to operate the Firestick by enabling the HDMI CEC feature on the TV. However, if your television does not support HDMI CEC, you will have to resort to the second approach. It would be when we have old wifi remote problems.

We have Connect Firestick to New WiFi Without Remote While you are ready to complete the operation, you may need to consider various actions. Listed a few straightforward methods for completing the setup. When it comes to Amazon items, we have an intriguing article comparing the Fire Stick 4k to the Fire Cube. Hope you will app reciate it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Reset the Amazon Firestick without a Remote?

If you don’t have a remote, the Firestick device has a pin lock that you can use to reset it..

Why is my Firestick Constantly Reporting that it is Unable to Connect?

It’s possible that your Wi-Fi has limited communication links or that the signals are weak. 

Why Won’t my Firestick Connect to the WiFi?

This is most likely due to a lack of Wi-Fi indicators. You can fix this by restarting your device or router.

How Do I Pair a New Remote with my Old Firestick?

Using the Add Remote option in Settings>Control system & Wireless Sync, you can pair a new wireless charging pad.