How Does Straight Talk Hotspot Work?

It’s been an era since wireless technology was introduced. With the increasing interaction of technology, its usage is quite common everywhere. The developers created a spectacular LTE network service in 1880. In previous times, only lavish businesses had access to online operating platforms. However, the exponential expansion in wireless technology brings every company and person online.

Presently, millions of people are at their home because of COVID 19, but wireless connectivity allows them to keep connected with their loved ones, conducts official meetings, and learn online. WiFi hotspot plays a significant role in promoting wireless connectivity. It is a wireless LAN node that offers virtual private access and internet connectivity from any specific location. These hotspots allow broad coverage areas with multiple device connectivity.

Additionally, it provides high-speed internet and is an effective marketing tool as everyone needs internet, and if it is free, people will grab it immediately. Many companies are providing wireless connectivity such as hotspot services and increasing their client globally. This article primarily focuses on the Straight talk hotspot working via smartphones or home phones.

How Does Straight Talk Hotspot Work?

Similar to other Straight Talk services, an individual has to pay for mobile hotspot service plan and then the Hotspot will be simply broadcast in the service that the user is using. To activate Hotspot, visit or call 1-877-430-2355. After activating Hotspot, people can tether various devices, including smartphones, computers, or tablets, within the Hotspot’s coverage area.

1) ZTE Mobile Hotspot

To connect Straight Talk hotspot with different Wifi enabled devices, visit ZTE Z291DL at This mobile Hotspot is specifically designed to connect with up to tablets, smartphones, or laptops. It is pocket-friendly device and provides 4G LTE connectivity with the best data speed.

2) Hotspot Plans

There are various plans for hotspot users, and people can choose their plans as Straight Talk offers affordable and contract-free hotspot plans. The plans start from 30 days plans providing 1 GB data up to 60 days program with 7 GB data selection. Straight Talk also offers an exclusive package of 60 days contract-free plan with 20 GB of data at $75. Therefore, following people’s usage and affordability, they can choose any plan.

3) Easier Accessibility with Straight Talk

The Straight Talk hotspot service is quite helpful for easier web access and browsing various sites at once. It provides more data and speed with less investment via different plans and devices following the user’s needs. Straight Talk has the motto to connect people, no matter where life takes you.

4) Using Phone as WiFi Hotspot

Straight Talk provides cell phones based hotspot services as there are numerous benefits of using the phone as a Wifi Hotspot:

  • Mobile’s data can be immediately used as a router in the absence of Wifi
  • A good hotspot speed can replace home Wifi
  • For remote working and enjoying anywhere out, rather than using public Wifi use mobile Hotspot as it is more reliable and safer option

5) Turn Straight Talk Phone into Wifi Hotspot

From October 2019, Straight talks allowed its users to turn their phones into Wifi Hotspot as most of its users had issues with it. The service recognized that phone as a Wifi Hotspot is a contemporary approach for providing internet services to many people.

There are the following steps to use Straight Talk phone as Wifi Hotspot that are mentioned below:

  • Assure mobile data connectivity with 4G symbol along with two arrows on the top.
  • If the 4G symbol is not there, then check if mobile data is turned on.
  • Then turn on the mobile’s Wifi hotspot via mobile settings in tethering and mobile hotspot options.
  • From the same settings, check the Wifi hotspot name and password.
  • Once the Hotspot is on, it will be shown in all Wifi-enabled devices within the coverage area.
  • Now connect the devices with Hotspot like Wifi is connected by putting the password from mobile’s settings.

Straight Talk by TracFone Wireless Inc.

TracFone Wireless Inc. are one of the US’s largest no-contract cell phones provider, and they provide the service of Straight Talk with over 25 million subscribers. The Straight Talk services were launched on October 18th, 2019, being no-contract phone plan services. Mr Carlos Slim owned this service, the founder of a Mexican telecommunication corporation named América Móvil. América Móvil leads TracFone, and different brands are associated with TracFone, including Total Wireless, Simple Mobiles, and Walmart Family Mobile. Following the agreement with Walmart, the exclusive retailer of Straight Talk is Walmart.

Straight Talk Offers

Like other cell phone companies, Straight Talk works the same; however, it does not undergo long-term contracts. A Straight Talk service user may keep his phone or buy a new one to avail organizational consistent and clear nationwide coverage. This company offers unlimited talks and texts plans with high-speed data.

Straight Talk Service Plans

Straight Talk offers four different service plans with varying storage and data options. Moreover, focusing on the diverse needs of users, the service plan varies. They have three, 30 days service plans;

  • At $30, a plan user can avail unlimited nationwide messages, 1500 nationwide minutes, and 100MB of internet data.
  • At $45, a user could have an unlimited plan with unlimited texts, talks, and data, where the initial 5GB data will be at high speed, and then it will run with 2G speed.
  • At $60, a user has an unlimited international plan with unlimited nationwide messages and talks with initial high speed 5GB internet and then 2G data. It further provides unlimited international calls to cell phones in India, China, Canada, Mexico, and more than 1000 landlines. This plan also offers 400 minutes talks with Claro Guatemala subscribers.

Straight Talk also provides 3 further unlimited service plans that offer unlimited texts, minutes, and multimedia texts with certain data for 90, 180, and a year of service.

Straight Talk Networks Coverage

Primarily Straight Talk is a mobile virtual network operator (MNVO). It is a mobile phone provider service, and it does not have its own towers, but it works in the partnership of more than one network to provide coverage. Straight Talk works with all four extensive US networks: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. This networking partnership increases the sales of Straight Talk every year. However, the service user cannot access all four networks at the same time. According to the device and location of the user, the service will automatically connect with any of the networks mentioned above.

How to Get Start?

Throughout nationwide, Straight Talk is accessible at more than 3000 Walmart locations. Despite this, an individual can also order SIM cards, service plans, and phones via To avail these services, there are just two primary steps:

# 1) Ordering Process

Place an order for your SIM card, service plan, or phone at It will be delivered in 1 – 3 business days. People can also buy SIM cards or service plans from Walmart.

# 2) Activation Process

To activate SIM, use the SIM activation kit that comes along, and follow the below steps:

  1. Insert SIM in new phone or the previous one.
  2. Follow the instructions on the kit or visit for activation.
  3. After completing aforementioned steps, a message will be received mentioning the activation status, and in a couple of minutes, the service will be activated.

If an hour has passed and service would not be activated, the individual must call the service center to file a complaint and resolve the issue.

# 3) Straight Talk Mobile Phone Options

Straight Talk services can be available with various mobile phones. A service user does not require to invest too much money and can use his own phone for the services if it is compatible. Despite this, Straight Talk also sells Android and iPhone to facilitate its users and even upgrade their cell phones. There is a vast range of Homophones and Wireless phones plans, including some budget devices, which are free with the purchase plan of Straight Talk.

Phones the Straight Talk provides includes:

1) Apple6) Reliance11) ZTE
2) Motorola7) Alcatel12) Franklyn
3) BLU8) Huawei13) LG-INC
4) LG9) TCL
5) Samsung10) BYOP

There are up to 24 months of financing on certain devices if anyone cannot pay the total price at once.

# 4) No Overage Fees

As the plans of straight Talk are prepaid so the users would never be charged for overages, and to use the phone, service users require to refill their phones first.

# 5) Straight Talk Call and Text Performance

Straight Talk relies on mobile networks; therefore, network availability within the area for network switching is a major concern. While switching networks, phones often show text notifications and face calls issues like sudden call drop, distorted voice, late text receiving, or others. Straight Talk provides an auto-network connection with the network with strong signals in the area or upgrades phones that better catch signals to overcome these issues.

A customer has quoted that he availed of 30 days service plan using an AT&T SIM card, and he experienced 0 missing of any text and 0 dropped calls from Atlanta, Georgia, his home location. He stated that he was previously connected with Verizon network and faced various networking issues, but now he experienced a good change.

He called his friends and family and asked their reviews about call quality, and everyone was pleased with this network switching as it enhances the overall quality. Wifi calling was also available on his device, but he did not try that much. Overall, he was well satisfied.

# 6) Data Speed

All network data and wireless devices are based on their speed quality. Straight Talk has been through different tests to check its data speed. As per LTE average, Straight Talk has 31.1 Mbps downloading speed and 15.6 Mbps uploading speed, suitable for service users.

# 7) Customer Service

The posted reviews of customers indicate that they are well satisfied with the services and data speed. The customer representatives are pretty helpful, deal with every customer pleasantly, and resolve their issues as soon as possible that increasing customers” trust

  • If any individual has any query or requires any assistance/information about Straight Talk service/product, so feel free to contact their customer care at 1-877-430-2355.

# 8) Unique Plan Benefits

The service provides monthly plans at lower rates, freedom to choose any other plan without additional cost, and a variety of cell phones to choose from or a person can also keep his own phone. Moreover, the EBB program is quite attractive that offers:

  • Free unlimited data.
  • Free unlimited minutes and messages.
  • Free 10GB of Hotspot Data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Frequently a Person needs to Supplement a Service Plan or top-up a Straight Talk Service Card?

An individual must supplement a service plan to top-up his account every 30, 90, 180 or 365 days and ensure unrestricted Straight Talk services. One can choose to purchase and supplement a new service plan every time before the expiration of services. They can also enroll with their credit or debit card to automatically add a new service plan before the expiration.

Can a person share Messages, Minutes & Data with another Straight Talk customer?

Unfortunately, there is no such practice exists to share messages, minutes or data. Service cards and service plans of Straight Talk are non-transferable and may only be used on one phone.

Where can one find their Serial Number for Mobile Hotspot?

The Serial Number for Mobile Hotspot is present at the front of red Activation Card. Also, the bottom of the device also has the serial number next to “MEID.”

What mobile sets work best with this network?

With Straight Talk following are the mobiles that provide efficient and unimpeded services.

  • Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
  • Apple iPhone 12 series
  • Apple iPhone SE (2020)
  • Samsung Galaxy A32

Can an old phone number be kept with a Straight Talk plan or phone?

In several cases, a person can keep his old phone number if his own phone is registered with a Straight Talk plan. Client can speak to a representative to see the eligibility of the old phone number with Straight Talk.

Bottom Line

Many service providers offer their services to consumers. Internet is a necessity, and people rely on it for their routine work, particularly during the COVID-19 outbreak; a good hotspot and wireless connection with improved speed is needed. Among several different offers, Straight Talk provides better services with easy terms and conditions for its customers. On top of that, there is no need for its customers to worry about the hectic payment process once it’s done, and they can enjoy the services with ease.