How To Download Apps On LG Smart TV? (Easy Ways)

How to Download Apps on LG Smart TV? Downloading any app of your choice to your smart LG TV is very simple. You will only have to connect your TV to internet access. With internet access, you can easily choose the apps from the content store of the LG website. For the apps in the store, press the button with the “Home” symbol on your TV remote control. After pressing Home, click the content store, a tap with black and red color in the TV menu. The content store will be displayed on the screen where you will now select any app you want to download.

The apps in the LG content store are always grouped in different categories depending on their service status and the country. For this reason, you will only choose the app designed to operate on an LG smart TV to make it functional.

How to Install Apps?

After downloading your preferred apps from the LG content store, you will have to install them for you to start using them on your LG smart TV. The installation process will be pretty easy if you follow the steps below;

  • Step 1: On your TV remote control, press “Home” to launch the content store on your TV screen.
  • Step 2: Choose the category of the apps you want to install. The app category is displayed on the screen top in the form of a list. Therefore, you will click on the preferred app from the list of the apps shown.
  • Step 3: After selecting the app, look at the app details carefully to understand its terms and conditions. Keeping in mind the details, you now press install to begin the installation process.
  • Step 4: After the installation process is over, run the app on your LG smart TV immediately to confirm if it is functional. You can also consider connecting an external storage device search as an SD card memory to your TV if the TV storage is insufficient and you cannot install the downloaded apps.

However, some external USB memory devices may fail to work correctly or be rejected by the TV. Therefore, it will not be 100% that the external storage device you choose will work on your TV. At the same time, the TV will reject the USD storage device that has apps downloaded from another TV.

You can easily remove or delete any of the apps you downloaded but are not interested in by clicking on the items of the app, then My Apps. Therefore, it is an easy step that will help you eliminate the apps; you don’t need to create space to install the newly downloaded apps. This will enable you to manage the internal storage of your TV to accommodate all your apps. Remember, the internal memory of the TV is the most reliable storage facility where all your installed apps will be more secure and safe.

How to Search for Apps?

It is also essential to know how you can easily search for the apps you want to download from the LG content store. This content store always has its unique search engine. Therefore, when you access the store, the search engine will enable you to find different types of information alongside the apps you may want to download. But how can you search for the apps? That’s the big question that requires a response to the following steps;

  • Step One: On your LG smart TV remote control, press the Home button.
  • Step Two: Wait for the search to launch on the TV screen.
  • Step Three: You can search for your preferred app by using the search terms that suit you more.
How To Download Apps On LG Smart TV

How to Add Apps to LG Smart TV?

Adding more apps to your TV is simple as it involves downloading your preferred apps from the LG content store and installing them. After installing the apps, you can now run the apps on your TV to start using them. To install the apps safely on your TV, you can use the steps illustrated in the previous section of the article. So let’s start method;

  • Connect LG Smart TV to Your Computer or Smartphone.
  • Download LG Smart TV and APPs.
  • Install LG Smart TV and Apps on LG Smart TV (EPG Guide, Youtube, etc will be available).
  • Turn ON your Bluetooth in your Smart TV.
  • Enjoy!.

How to Configure LG Smart TV:

  1. Press and hold the home, power and menu buttons.
  2. Press OK to display the on-screen keyboard.
  3. Type the letters or number corresponding to your channel.
  4. The Smart TV will be automatically switched to a pre-set channel,
    when you press the OK button or enter a number into the phone.
  5. After you’ve setup the remote, you don’t need to type any numbers
    (or letters) to change to the channel that you want. When you use the OK
    button to change the channel number, or when you change the.

How to Update LG Smart TV Apps?

Updating the already installed apps in your LG smart TV is very simple. For this reason, you will not have to hire an expert for assistance or seek support from anyone. You can update the apps easily by following the steps below;

  • Step One: Switch on the LG smart TV, then press the button “Home” on the remote control.
  • Step Two: Click the content store displayed on the TV screen and then allow it to launch.
  • Step Three: After it has been launched on the screen, press “Apps,” then move “My Apps.” All the installed apps on the TV will be shown on the screen. You then click on the “Update all” option if you want to update all the apps. However, you can also update specific apps by selecting each app and clicking the “update” option on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Updating Apps on LG Smart TV Necessary?

The LG will continually update the apps on your TV. For this reason, you will only have to run updates for your apps if there is a new update released by the app developers rather than periodically.

Can I Install an App Downloaded from Another TV using my USB Storage Device?

It is not advisable to install apps from another TV as your TV will, in most cases, reject the USB devices, making the apps fail to function in your TV.

Can I Install my Downloaded Apps on an External Storage Device?

It is possible to install some of your downloaded apps on an external storage device such as a USB, especially when your internal TV storage is insufficient. However, there is no guarantee to this practice as your TV may reject some external storage devices making installation fail.


How to download apps on LG smart TV? The download and installation of apps on your smart LG TV make you have additional entertainment options in your smart TV as desired. For this reason, you will have great fun when enjoying you’re your free time watching your TV. Therefore, following the guidelines in this article makes everything easy for you when using your LG smart TV.