Where to Watch Saturday Night Live in 2024

Saturday Night Live (SNL) is one of the longest running sketch comedy and variety TV shows in history. Having first aired in 1975, SNL is now entering its 50th season in 2024. With its unique combination of comedy sketches, celebrity guest hosts, and musical performances, SNL has become a staple of American pop culture.

As SNL enters its fifth decade on the air, many fans both old and new wonder: where can I watch SNL in 2024? With new streaming services and TV providers available, there are a variety of ways to watch the newest SNL episodes and past seasons. This guide covers all your options for watching SNL based on your preferences and budget.

Streaming Saturday Night Live in 2024


Peacock is the best streaming option for watching current seasons of SNL in 2024. As NBC’s streaming platform, Peacock has exclusive rights to air new SNL episodes as they premiere during the show’s 50th season.

When New Episodes are Available

New episodes of SNL air live on NBC Saturday nights at 11:30 PM Eastern/10:30 PM Central. The new SNL episodes then stream on Peacock the next day, usually by Sunday morning.

So Peacock is the only streaming service with next-day access to new SNL episodes airing in 2024. This makes it a must-have for diehard SNL fans who want to watch the sketch comedy series week-to-week.

Peacock Streaming Plans and Cost

Peacock offers three main pricing tiers:

  • Free – You can watch select episodes and sketches from the current SNL season for free.
  • Premium – $4.99/month – Premium unlocks full season catalog from the current SNL season, though with ads.
  • Premium Plus – $9.99/month – Ad-free access to all Peacock content, including the latest SNL episodes.

So Peacock Premium or Premium Plus are required to stream new episodes of SNL day-after-air in 2024. The free tier only offers a limited selection of content.

Downsides of Watching SNL on Peacock

While Peacock is the exclusive streaming home of new SNL episodes, there are a couple downsides:

  • Only new episodes – Peacock only has rights to the current season of SNL airing on NBC. So it lacks a full back catalog of classic SNL episodes from earlier seasons.
  • Geoblocking – Peacock’s SNL content may be restricted depending on your location outside the USA.

So if you want access to older SNL seasons beyond just 2024’s new episodes, Peacock has its limitations. Read on for other streaming options for past SNL episodes and seasons.


Hulu has been a longtime streaming home for SNL over the past decade. Here’s what Hulu offers for watching SNL in 2024:

Fullcatalog of Past SNL Seasons

Unlike Peacock, Hulu has an extensive back catalog of SNL seasons and sketches. Nearly every episode from SNL’s 40+ year history is available on-demand.

So Hulu is a great destination for nostalgic SNL fans who want to revisit classic episodes with past casts and musical guests. It’s especially handy with 2024 marking SNL’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Limited Access to Current SNL Season

While Hulu doesn’t stream the very latest SNL episodes from 2024 week-to-week like Peacock, it does get full seasons of the show after they finish airing on NBC.

Typically by September of 2024, the entire latest season added to Hulu as Video-on-Demand. So Hulu offers a way to marathon or catch up on the current 50th season of SNL on-demand after it concludes its initial broadcast run.

Pricing for Hulu’s SNL Library

Access to Hulu’s full SNL catalog spanning over 40 years, including the latest seasons, requires one of the following paid plans:

  • Basic – $7.99/month – With ads
  • Premium – $14.99/month – Ad-free

So having access to decades of SNL via Hulu costs more than just getting the current season on Peacock. But the huge back catalog of SNL episodes and sketches makes it worthwhile for true fans.

Saturday Night Live Channel on YouTube

Beyond dedicated streaming platforms, Saturday Night Live also has an official YouTube channel that is completely free:

Watch Select Recent SNL Sketches

NBC and SNL upload select sketches and segments from recent seasons to the SNL YouTube channel shortly after they air.

Usually the most popular or buzzworthy sketches make their way to YouTube within the same week of broadcast for convenient streaming.

No Full Episodes Available

While the SNL YouTube offers a sampling of sketches, it does not publish full-length episodes from the current or past SNL seasons. So it’s not a replacement for Peacock, Hulu, or other streaming sources.

But SNL’s YouTube channel is great for quickly catching viral sketches and standout comedic moments from new episodes without paying. Popular musical performances also frequently get uploaded.

Free to Watch

As a free option, SNL’s YouTube channel obviously has no subscription cost. So it’s a budget-friendly way to check out snippets of the new 2024 season without any streaming fees.

Just don’t expect to find a full SNL episode experience like what Peacock or Hulu offer. Think of YouTube as more of a “best hits” reel.

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Other Ways to Stream Past SNL Seasons

Beyond the major platforms of Peacock, Hulu, and YouTube, there are some additional options for streaming SNL archives and past seasons on-demand.

Amazon Prime Video

Like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video has select past seasons of SNL available to subscribers. Typically Amazon has episodes from recent seasons like the last 5-10 years.

So while not as extensive of an archive as Hulu, Prime Video fills some gaps like the mid-2010s. It also occasionally gets new seasons added faster than competing streamers.


For cable-cutting cordcutters, DIRECTV STREAM (formerly AT&T TV) includes access to many past SNL episodes via its on-demand library . Channel add-ons like NBC can expand that selection of content.

So if you’re looking for a cable TV replacement that still offers some SNL options from over the years, DIRECTV STREAM is worth considering.


The official NBC App includes select episodes of SNL after they air for free streaming. However, only a limited number of recent episodes are featured, usually just the current season.

So the NBC App functions more as an additional option for catching up on new 2024 episodes you may have missed. But its lack of a back catalog makes it less useful than Peacock or Hulu for full SNL access.

Other On-Demand Services

Depending on which on-demand storefronts you already use, additional platforms like Vudu, Apple TV, Google Play, or Microsoft Store may sell access to SNL episodes and compilations for a per-episode or whole season fee.

But for most fans, services like Peacock and Hulu with flat monthly rates tend to make more financial sense if you want an all-in-one hub. Still, don’t rule out the transactional approach if you only want to purchase select SNL episodes to own.

Watching SNL Broadcast Live in 2024

While streaming SNL offers flexibility, some fans still enjoy watching new SNL episodes as they air live on NBC. Here are options for live SNL viewings in 2024:

Via Cable or Satellite NBC Channel

Traditional pay-TV subscribers can watch SNL on their cable box courtesy of local NBC affiliate channels. So the usual 11:30 PM time slot on Saturday nights applies if watching as originally broadcast.

Just be sure your package includes your regional NBC channel feed. And take time zones into account for the correct SNL airtime.

Free Over-the-Air (OTA) Antenna

Using an over-the-air (OTA) TV antenna is a cost-effective cable alternative for watching NBC. With a strong enough signal, you can view new SNL episodes at no monthly cost.

Just know that a high-quality outdoor antenna is recommended for the most consistent reception of your regional NBC affiliate broadcasting SNL.

Live TV Streaming (YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV)

Online live TV streaming providers like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, Sling, and DIRECTV STREAM all include live NBC feeds in select packages and markets.

So with a good internet connect and compatible device, live TV streamers offer a modern cable alternative for viewing new SNL episodes in real-time via NBC.

Again time zones apply, so schedule your DVR or watch live by 11:30 PM Eastern late on Saturday nights according to your region.

NBC Website (With Cable Credentials)

Similar to their mobile app access above, NBC’s website offers free live streaming of new SNL episodes in 2024 to valid cable subscribers.

By signing in with partnered pay-TV account details on NBC.com, you can live stream your local NBC channel showing SNL as it airs.

So if away from your TV with laptop access on Saturday nights, the NBC site is handy for cord-cutters who still have active cable bundles eligible for streaming credentials.

How to Watch SNL VOD or DVR After Initial Airings

SNL fans unable to catch NBC’s Saturday late night broadcast have options to watch on-demand or via DVR recording:

Peacock Premium

As detailed earlier for new episodes, subscribing to Peacock’s Premium tier grants next-day streaming access to the latest SNL season.

So if you’re busy Saturday nights but still want to keep current, Peacock Premium lets you stream new SNL episodes all day Sunday. Great for lazy “morning after” catch up viewing.


While not as fast as Peacock to add new episodes, Hulu‘s SNL streaming archive eventually gets updated with the full latest season every fall after it finishes airing on NBC.

So by September 2024, the entirety of SNL’s 50th season lands on Hulu for fans who want to marathon it on-demand.

DVR Through Pay-TV Provider

For cable or satellite subscribers, setting your DVR to record SNL broadcasts on NBC each week is handy for time-shifting purposes.

Most modern DVR boxes let you store at least a few weeks’ or months’ worth of SNL episodes locally before deleting or overwriting. Useful for staying current at a slower pace.

Cloud DVR Options

Alternatively, “cloud” DVR options offered by streaming bundles like DIRECTV STREAM allow you to record SNL virtually over the internet. This expands storage capacity for keeping more episodes before deletion.

Cloud DVR through online live TV providers has become very reliable and convenient for effortlessly amassing a hefty SNL viewing queue of new and past episodes airing weekly on NBC.

Watching Classic SNL Content from Decades Past

While theaboveoptions are best for viewing newer SNL content from recent years or months, fans feeling nostalgic can revisitclassicSNLeras also:

Peacock Limited Vintage Content

As part of its Premium Plus offering, Peacock does include a small “SNL Vault” section featuring select episodes and sketches from earlier SNL seasons spanning the 1970s to 1990s.

But with only several dozen classic episodes included, Peacock pales to Hulu’s 200+ episode archive from SNL’s first 5 seasons in the late 70s.

Still, nostalgic Peacock members may appreciate a sample of vintage SNL alongside access to the newest current season.

Hulu Extensive Archive

By far, Hulu boasts the largest streamable catalog of classic early SNL content with over 200 episodes from the sketch comedy phenom’s inception through 1979-1980 (seasons 1-5).

Every episode from SNL’s foundational first five years hosted by Chevy Chase, John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Dan Aykroyd, and more is available on-demand for hardcore fans.

Further editions of vintage SNL pop up across other seasons periodically. But Hulu undeniably delivers the biggest bang for fans focused solely on the show’s rib-tickling roots.

Physical Media Releases

Collectors or completionists looking for the maximum available SNL archives beyond streaming may want to also invest in physical media options released over the decades:

Full DVD Sets

Various DVD sets compilation key seasons with episodes select sketches have been published periodically since the early 2000s, compiling harder-to-find content prior to today’s streaming availability.

Spanning original casts like the infamous 1990s era through modern highlights of recent favorite sketches and characters, full DVD sets are still handy for superfans.

Limited Edition Box Sets

Special collector’s sets like the 15-disc “SNL – 25 Years” DVD box with 24 hours of curated content offer even deeper dives into SNL history not always featured on streaming platforms.

So dependable disc-based releases are still quite valuable to diehard SNL devotees looking to amass the series’ most substantial archives from 1975 onward.

SNL Streaming FAQs: Common Questions

Still unsure where exactly to watch classic or current SNL episodes online? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Where can I watch old SNL episodes?

Hulu has the most extensive catalog of vintage SNL full episodes on-demand, with every episode from 1975-1980 (Seasons 1-5) available to stream commercial-free. Sporadic episodes from later seasons also appear.

Where can I watch the current season of SNL?

Peacock Premium is the exclusive streaming home of the newest 2024 season of Saturday Night Live, with episodes generally added the day after NBC broadcast.

What is the cheapest way to watch SNL?

The SNL YouTube channel offers select segments, sketches, and musical performances from the current 50th season for free streaming. While not full episodes, it samples the best moments.

Does Hulu have every SNL episode?

No streaming platform or service has access to all 50 seasons of Saturday Night Live content. Hulu comes the closest with 200+ episodes spanning 1975-1980 and other snippets from later years. But coverage has gaps.

Is SNL on Netflix?

No, as of 2024 Netflix does not stream any Saturday Night Live episodes or content. Peacock and Hulu maintain exclusive rights.

So in summary – whether you want to watch SNL’s breakthrough beginnings from the 70s, greatest hits from the 80s and 90s, or stay current with the latest 2024 season – streaming options let both nostalgic and newfound SNL fans enjoy everything the classic comedy sketch series has delivered for nearly 50 years and counting.