How to Watch AEW Without Cable – Watching Tips

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has taken the wrestling world by storm since it debuted in 2019. With stars like CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and more, AEW offers an alternative for fans looking for something different from the WWE.

The promotion puts on weekly Dynamite shows every Wednesday as well as Rampage on Fridays. Plus, there are periodic special events on pay-per-view featuring marquee matches. This guide will explain multiple methods for watching AEW without a cable subscription in 2024.

Streaming Services to Watch AEW Without Cable

These days, more and more people are cutting the cord and moving to streaming alternatives. The good news is some major services offer access to AEW programming options.

Fite TV

Fite TV (stylized as FITETV) is likely the foremost outlet for streaming Dynamite, Rampage and AEW pay-per-views. The platform allows you to buy events individually or subscribe for $4.99 per month. This gives you access to weekly shows and discounts on PPVs.

One nice perk offered exclusively on Fite TV is an option called “AEW Plus.” This grants subscribers access to the promotion’s entire archive. So you can go back and watch any past episodes, whether recent shows from 2023 or debut episodes from 2019.

Fite also provides multiple purchasing options. You can pay via credit card, PayPal or even cryptocurrency payment processors like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This offers flexibility for fans.

Additionally, the streaming quality on Fite TV tends to be higher and more reliable than other outlets. The service is dedicated to combat sports and wrestling rather than juggling other entertainment content.


Long gone are the days when Hulu only focused on other television programming besides sports. These days, their subscription packages provide access to many live channels just like a cable service.

The basic $69.99 per month Hulu + Live TV plan includes TBS. This station airs AEW Dynamite every Wednesday. So you can easily watch the flagship show just like those still sticking to traditional pay TV.

Rampage also recently moved to TBS in 2023 so now both shows are on the same network. For PPV events, you’d still need to purchase through Fite TV or another provider since those are not included. But for weekly broadcasts, Hulu + Live TV suffices.

Hulu offers a wide range of other programming, including many sports beyond just wrestling. The service has invested heavily into building a robust content portfolio in recent years.

Sling TV

Another popular streaming television provider is Sling TV. Like Hulu, they also provide live channel access with various pricing tiers based on how many channels you want.

The Sling Orange package includes TBS for $40 per month. You can then use this to watch AEW Dynamite and Rampage on Wednesday and Friday nights. Additional channel add-ons are available for sports and other genres if interested.

Sling TV runs frequent promotions too. So be on the lookout for discounts or free trial periods when signing up. This lets you test it out before paying.

The flexibility live TV streaming brings is the main draw for cord cutters. You avoid contracts and can cancel anytime while also accessing programs like AEW wrestling events. Sling makes it easy.

DirecTV Stream

After AT&T spun off DirecTV to focus more on wireless, the TV service was rebranded to DirecTV Stream. It takes the satellite provider into online live streaming rather than just traditional dish setups.

DirecTV Stream has different channel packages but the Choice tier at $89.99 per month includes access to TBS. So with this streaming television subscription, you can watch Dynamite and Rampage each week.

Despite a high starting price point, DirecTV Stream offers a generous 5 day free trial for new users. So you can evaluate the performance before paying anything. Deals are also frequently offered bringing costs down introductory offers.

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Additional Methods to Watch AEW Without Cable

Beyond major streaming platforms, there are a couple other ways to view AEW pay-per-views and weekly shows without a standard cable package.

Bleacher Report Live

Owned by Warner Media, Bleacher Report made a name through sports reporting but has been expanding in recent years. Bleacher Report Live provides access to various events whether NBA, NFL or wrestling PPVs.

When it comes to AEW specifically, this platform will stream PPVs whether All Out, Revolution or others. So throughout 2024, big marquee shows with championship matches will likely air here.

The pricing is very reasonable too. For about $50, you can stream in high definition. Bleacher Report Live can be accessed through web browsers or by downloading the app available on various smart TVs, tablets, smartphones and other devices

Using a VPN

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are another option for watching AEW outside the normal means. The basics of how these work requires routing your internet traffic through servers in different geographic locations.

So for example if you connect to a UK-based server using a VPN, you trick services into thinking you are based in Britain rather than the actual United States. This allows access to streaming channels you might otherwise get blocked from.

Currently, using a reliable VPN provider provides access to ITV which airs AEW pay-per-views in the United Kingdom. By masking your connection through countries outside America, more viewing possibilities open.

The top VPNs today provide fast connection speeds perfect for HD streaming. Just be careful when choosing providers and read reviews closely before subscribing. Quality matters when picking the best virtual private network.

Free Trials

Some mainstream streaming platforms highlighted above offer temporary free access. Hulu, DirecTV and YouTube TV often provide 5-7 days to test the service without paying initially. Sling TV does a preview too.

The prime opportunity here relies on timing. Since Dynamite airs every Wednesday with Rampage following on Fridays, you could utilize a trial period to watch episodes at no cost. As long as a PPV doesn’t fall during the same window, this provides a short term solution.

Just be sure to cancel before the trial ends unless you want to continue the paid subscription. The providers make it relatively easy to sign up quickly and terminate once finished watching AEW episodes.

While only lasting several days rather than long term, using free previews gives wrestling fans a chance to catch shows without increasing monthly bills. Trials reset after a period allowing potential to repeat the process later on too.

Why Watch AEW Online

Beyond the financial savings from cancelling cable or satellite subscriptions, choosing to view AEW wrestling online provides other benefits:

  • Flexible timing – Streaming offers more control over when you watch. Rewind or pause live broadcasts. Perfect for busy schedules.
  • Device availability – Access AEW PPV events and Dynamite shows on smartphones, laptops, tablets and many other gadgets rather than relying solely on a TV.
  • Multiple pricing tiers – Providers allow customization based on household needs. Pay for only necessary channels rather than hundreds of unnecessary ones just for a few programs.
  • No contracts – Streaming services generally don’t lock you into long term agreements. You can cancel monthly rather than waiting years to switch again. Much more flexible terms catering to viewers.
  • HD video quality – Modern streaming outlets provide exceptional visuals in 1080p or 4K resolution. This brings match action to life unlike old school cable systems limited to lower quality broadcasts. Crispness enhances shows.

As television viewing evolves further into internet-delivered content, watching AEW while ditching cable makes sense. Streaming brings a better experience for fans all around through various providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

New fans curious about watching All Elite Wrestling online without cable likely have various questions. Here are answers to some frequently asked topics:

Does AEW have its own streaming service?

Currently, AEW does NOT offer a standalone direct-to-consumer streaming platform. All shows and pay-per-views air through services like Fite TV, Bleacher Report Live or Hulu requiring separate subscriptions or transactional purchases.

However, rumors suggest the promotion has considered launching their own branded streaming app. With Warner Brothers Discovery now owning AEW through mergers, something may materialize in coming years fueling speculation.

But for now in 2024, fans need access through third parties. Having an official AEW streaming home would prove exceptionally useful for cord cutters though if management pursues the concept..

What devices can I watch on?

The beauty of streaming AEW online depends on expanded device accessibility. Here are some of the most popular outlets available:

  • Smartphones – Android and Apple iOS phones/tablets featuring mobile apps
  • Computers – Watch via browsers on Windows, MacOS laptops and desktops
  • Televisions – Smart TVs with Roku, Android TV, Apple TV and Fire TV software
  • Game Consoles – PlayStation and Xbox platforms allow install of streaming apps
  • OTT Devices – Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast and Apple TV boxes connect televisions

You are no longer constrained only to watching wrestling on a big screen TV in the living room. Online streaming allows viewership across a spectrum of internet-connected electronics.

What countries can access AEW streams?

Much like traditional broadcasts, regulatory restrictions exist on streaming related to geographic market limitations. However, using a quality VPN helps bypass these digital boundaries.

In general though, outlets like Fite TV and Bleacher Report Live host AEW pay-per-views for fans located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and other select European countries. Availability may evolve over time.

Hulu and Sling TV specifically cater to American audiences per channel licensing agreements. So international customers need to use a VPN router to tunnel location accordingly if traveling outside those regions.

Will VPNs buffer during live events?

VPN streaming suffers if using an unreliable provider but top services offer high-speed connectivity perfect for AEW events. Buffering results from network congestion slowing data transfer rates.

The best VPNs excel specifically for streaming, using protocols like Lightway or WireGuard to preserve fast speeds. Testing on off-peak hours also helps benchmark performance during less active network activity times.

Furthermore, connecting to geographically closer VPN servers reduces latency. So someone in New York would fare better linking to an East Coast server rather than somewhere internationally farther away. Leveraging these tips prevents live event buffering woes.

What happens if my stream cuts out mid-match?

Streaming glitches happen but fortunately watching AEW PPV events or Dynamite shows online build in protections through backup measures or rewind abilities.

Fite TV for example allows you to restart broadcasts from the beginning even while still airing live. So if you lose connection mid-match, quickly reconnecting takes you back to watch what you missed immediately.

Furthermore, events remain available for replay on demand for a week or longer after originally showing. That provides a window to playback matches in full down the line in a pinch.

Ultimately technology never proves perfect but streaming outlets provide safeguards for wrestling fans unlike cable or satellite alternatives. Outages become less problematic with online delivery capabilities backing up the experience.

The Future of Streaming AEW

While currently airing through various premium digital broadcasters and live TV streamers, AEW possesses the potential to disrupt wrestling viewership patterns even more substantially in coming years. More fans cut the cord from cable each month while sticking solely to internet-delivered shows.

Once Warner Discovery examines options for capitalizing on wrestling audiences beyond conventional television, game-changing direct-to-consumer platforms enter consideration. Promotions want easier branding opportunities separate from distributors. Development costs may delay progress but the writing stays on the wall where media consumption travels.

AEW adopting some version of WWE Network’s model but catered exclusively to their promotion’s programming presents a fascinating outcome. Archival libraries tackle fragmentation by centralizing access. Transition premium events off traditional PPV, folding them into a singular branded streaming network.

Rather than partner with multiple parties, AEW controlling their own singular distribution channel transforms how fans subscribe. All while maximizing revenues, profit margins and operational analytics metadata to inform business intelligence.

It may take years fully developing but some variation on streaming directly mirrors long-term direction. TNT and other networks must adapt contracting approaches, evolving from strict outdated standards into more flexible dynamic agreements catering to non-linear viewing behaviors.

Warner executives sound publicly receptive negotiating revised guidances echoing that ethos. Finances always dictate timelines but tonight’s partner eventually transitions into tomorrow’s competitor amid the technological times ahead. AEW holds the advantage launching originally within the streaming era DNA built intrinsically from inception.

Wrestling viewership modernizes when providers centralize access. Fans ultimately win saving money while gaining simplicity following beloved organizations. Streaming brings liberation cutting cords; the next waves stay ready for sailing.