What Channel is Saturday Night Live (SNL) On?

Saturday Night Live (often abbreviated as SNL) is one of the longest running sketch comedy and variety shows on American television. Debuting on NBC on October 11, 1975, SNL has been captivating late night audiences for over 45 seasons. With its signature comedic skits, celebrity hosts, musical guests, and cast of comedians, SNL has become an American late night institution.

But with so many options for watching TV today, many fans wonder – what channel can I find the latest SNL episodes airing live? This article provides an in-depth look at where to find SNL on your television:


As part of its origination on NBC, SNL airs on the NBC broadcast network every Saturday night at 11:30 PM EST. NBC can be accessed as a local affiliate station in your area included in most basic cable packages. Ensure your cable or satellite package carries your regional NBC station to be able to watch SNL live on television.

NBC is also accessible with an over-the-air (OTA) digital antenna connected to your TV, provided you live close enough geographically to receive an NBC affiliate’s broadcast signal. Use sites like AntennaWeb.org to check what NBC and other local stations are available free over-the-air in your location.

So in summary, locating NBC on your TV lineup is key to watching SNL live every Saturday night.


In addition to NBC, SNL is now also available on Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming platform. Peacock offers some content for free, but to get full access to all SNL episodes and content, you’ll need a Peacock Premium or Premium Plus subscription.

With Peacock Premium ($4.99/month after a free trial), you can stream SNL episodes the day after they air. To watch SNL episodes live as they broadcast, you’ll need a Peacock Premium Plus subscription ($9.99/month after a free trial).

Along with the newest episodes, Peacock also includes a vast library of classic SNL sketches and clips to binge. So if you want SNL on-demand in addition to live airings, a Peacock subscription is a great option.

YouTube TV

For those who prefer live TV streaming, YouTube TV is another way to access NBC and SNL live broadcasts. YouTube TV includes NBC in their lineup of over 85+ channels for $64.99/month.

As a streaming alternative to cable, YouTube TV offers unlimited DVR storage to record SNL and other shows if you can’t watch them live too. YouTube TV works on most streaming devices, tablets, computers and mobile devices with the app. So it provides a flexible cable-cutting option for following SNL anywhere.

Hulu + Live TV

Similar to YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV provides a live streaming television option encompassing 70+ channels, including NBC. For $69.99/month, Hulu + Live TV subscribers can watch SNL live on NBC, along with a huge on-demand library featuring past SNL episodes and classics available anytime.

Hulu + Live TV also offers 50 hours of cloud DVR storage to record airings of the latest SNL season. With support for a wide range of devices, it’s easy to watch SNL via Hulu whether streaming to your TV or on your mobile device.

Sling TV

Sling TV is another popular live TV streaming provider that offers NBC and SNL access similar to YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV. Sling comes in two packages: Sling Blue and Sling Orange. Of the two, Sling Blue ($40/month) is needed to receive NBC stations.

Along with live NBC, Sling Blue also includes 50 hours of DVR storage for recording shows. Sling apps allow streaming to most devices and platforms. While a less expensive option upfront, Sling Blue still provides the crucial NBC live feed essential to catch SNL on Saturday nights.


If seeking a streaming TV provider focused specifically on sports and entertainment, FuboTV includes NBC and over 100 additional channels starting at $69.99/month. A niche alternative with robust features for sports fans, FuboTV still carries NBC to provide SNL live every week.

FuboTV also spotlights entertainment and comedy programming through its Fubo Extra add-on package. By including this add-on, you can access even more on-demand comedy content in addition to SNL. Compare FuboTV packages and features on their website to see if it may be a fitting live TV streaming choice to tune into NBC and Saturday Night Live episodes weekly.

DirecTV Stream

As another cable-cutting streaming TV provider, DirecTV Stream (formerly known as AT&T TV and AT&T TV Now) features plans that offer live NBC access essential for SNL viewing. Their Entertainment package ($69.99/month) includes over 65+ live channels encompassing NBC, on-demand programming and 20 hours of DVR storage.

Review DirecTV Stream plans for more details. While a streaming alternative to traditional cable, it grants the vital live NBC broadcast feed to keep up with new SNL shows each Saturday night.

NBC and SNL 2024 Updates

Looking ahead to the latest developments and updates concerning Saturday Night Live on NBC, here are some key things to know for 2024:

New SNL Cast Members – With multiple longtime veteran SNL cast members departing between 2021 to 2022, 2023 will feature one of the show’s largest cast overhauls ever. At least five new featured players will likely join the SNL cast in September 2023 to help fill the void left by departing stars. Expect NBC to promote these fresh comedic faces heavily when marketing SNL’s 49th season premiering Fall 2023.

More SNL Content on Peacock – Peacock will continue releasing archived SNL content, including cherished classic sketches and episodes on their streaming platform. This will supplement their offerings of new SNL episodes available the day after airing on NBC. Peacock is set to announce an exclusive SNL retrospective special in early 2024 highlighting the show’s extensive 45+ year run on NBC.

Live Streaming Emphasis – As cable-cutting continues, NBC and Peacock will focus on showcasing SNL’s availability across major live TV streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV and DirecTV Stream. Expect promotional partnerships and offers making it easier for cord-cutters to access SNL live and on-demand via these streaming TV providers throughout 2024.

50th Anniversary Milestone Ahead – While it may seem far away, NBC already has early plans underway to celebrate SNL’s massive 50th anniversary approaching in 2025. This unmatched comedic milestone will warrant a huge marketing push across NBC, Peacock and all supporting platforms highlighting SNL’s half-century of laughs airing late nights on NBC since the 1970s.

So even as cast members leave, new ones join the venerable show each year. And as viewing habits shift more towards streaming, SNL maintains its coveted place cemented into NBC’s Saturday night primetime lineup, distributed across numerous streaming TV options. For comedy fans craving the latest skits skewering current culture and politics, NBC remains the first place to watch new Saturday Night Live episodes every week.

How to Watch SNL Without Cable

We’ve primarily covered how to watch NBC and SNL through traditional cable/satellite providers or streaming TV services. But there are a few alternative strategies superfans could utilize to view new SNL episodes without a costly ongoing cable/streaming subscription:

1. Try Locast – Locast.org offers free streaming access to local broadcast stations like NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and more depending on your area. Supported by user donations, tune into NBC on Locast to catch SNL live without paying. Just create a Locast account and stream NBC in your city when SNL is on. The only downside – Locast is currently only available in about 36 US media markets.

2. See if SNL is on Hulu – In some cases, new SNL episodes may temporarily appear on Hulu (free plan) or YouTube the day after airing. Typically only a handful of episodes rather than a full season, but enough to sample SNL for free before subscribing to Peacock or a streaming TV plan.

3. Free trials – Leverage free trials for streaming services like DirecTV Stream, FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, Peacock Premium and YouTube TV to unlock a week up to a month of NBC/SNL access for $0 upfront. Just be sure to cancel trials before the first payment kicks in!

4. Split the cost of streaming TV – To defray the monthly expense, partner with a friend or family member to share a streaming login for services like YouTube TV granting you NBC live. At around $65 monthly, splitting access cuts the costs while allowing you to still tune into new SNL episodes weekly during seasons.

5. Visit a viewing party – Search sites like Meetup.com for local viewing events focused on SNL fans getting together at bars or venues to watch new episodes as a group via NBC. A fun, frugal way to catch SNL surrounded by fellow comedy lovers!

Getting SNL access without a cable package may require some savvy additional steps. But fortunately between streaming TV, Peacock, Locast, Hulu and viewing parties, there are options to sample SNL episodes here and there without an ongoing cable subscription if needed.

How to Watch Classic SNL Episodes & Skits

Part of the enduring greatness of Saturday Night Live over nearly the past 50 years has been the iconic sketches, characters and moments that live on as comedic legend. But how can you re-watch classic SNL segments and episodes featuring your favorite cast members and guests?

Again Peacock Premium provides the most robust back catalog of vintage SNL episodes and curated “Best of” compilations by cast member, host, year and theme. Peacock houses over 650 classic episodes giving old school SNL fans endless ability to travel back through the show’s variety show history.

Other sources granting access to yesteryear SNL clips and episodes include:

NBC Website/App – NBC.com and the NBC app feature select full episodes from past SNL seasons to stream on-demand for no charge. Great way to sample the SNL archives legally.

Hulu – Occasionally past SNL episodes surface on Hulu for subscribers of their SVOD service at no extra charge beyond the regular monthly plan. Worth browsing Hulu Comedy section to uncover vintage SNL gems.

YouTube – Numerous official SNL YouTube channels showcase a deep stash of the show’s most unforgettable sketches freely on-demand. From Celebrity Jeopardy to More Cowbell, discover many iconic funny SNL moments ready to stream 24/7!

DVD/Blu-Ray – Diehard SNL fans craving highest video quality experience should invest in DVD/Blu-Ray box sets collecting full seasons and the best sketches starring preferred cast members over the years.

Comedy Central – This cable network dedicated to comedy regularly shows abbreviated “Best of SNL” specials highlighting sketches featuring alumni like Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig after they depart the long running program.

Live Event Reunions – Occasionally comedy theaters and venues host live shows bringing together classic SNL casts and creative teams to share stories, relive memories and screen footage from their tenure. Keep an eye out for these rare in-person events in your area!

Thanks to NBC and Peacock retaining decades of SNL episodes and content, it’s easy for comedy aficionados to bask in the show’s rich history anytime. Stream a 1970s episode showcasing the original Not Ready for Prime Time Players or revisit iconic ‘90s moments from the Farley/Spade/Sandler years. No matter your favorite cast or era, endless Saturday Night Live classic sketches and episodes can be viewed instantly from the past 47 seasons and counting.

Additional Ways to Watch SNL

Beyond primary broadcast and streaming avenues already detailed, Saturday Night Live enjoys extended reach across supplementary platforms that further enable audiences to join the SNL fun each week:

On-Demand – Can’t catch SNL live Saturday nights? Many cable/satellite providers package SNL episodes to watch free on-demand for 1-2 weeks post-airing on NBC. Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, DirecTV and more allow subscribers replay of the latest SNL via on-demand menus.

Roku Channel – This free Roku streaming channel recently added next day access to new SNL episodes. Tune into The Roku Channel on Roku players/devices under the Live TV section to watch Sundays after 11:30 PM airings on NBC.

IMDb TV – Amazon’s free ad-supported streaming service IMDb TV presents select recent SNL episodes on-demand typically a month after NBC premiere. Don’t expect full seasons, but enough SNL content to sample occasionally commercial-free!

OTA antenna/tuner – Plug an over-the-air antenna into an HD tuner like HDHomeRun connected to wifi and stream NBC live airings of SNL to various devices. Helpful supplement particularly in difficult reception areas to bolster antenna signals pulling local NBC.

Radio/podcasts –Can’t watch along live? Multiple radio partners simulcast the audio from SNL nationwide in real-time on late night AM/FM stations and via online streaming. Also subscribe to the official Saturday Night Live podcast recapping episodes weekly.

Thanks to NBC’s many syndication partnerships combined with Peacock and streaming service distribution, audiences can catch SNL premiere airings and replay recent episodes on a multitude of platforms beyond simply live NBC.

Access SNL content whenever convenient through these additional sources granting more opportunity to laugh along with the late night leader in sketch comedy.

So in summary – between NBC, Peacock, Hulu, streaming TV and the wider distribution ecosystem…SNL in 2024 showcases no shortage of options to enjoy new and old episodes on your terms!

What Channel is SNL on DirecTV

Saturday Night Live (SNL) airs on NBC, which is available on several channels on DirecTV:

  • Channel 3 or 1903: For HD viewing of your local NBC affiliate
  • Channel 206: For the national NBC “West” feed in SD
  • Channel 1206: For the national NBC “West” feed in HD

So if you have DirecTV, you can tune in to watch SNL on Saturday nights at 11:30pm EST/11:30pm CT on your local NBC affiliate on channel 3/1903 in HD. The national NBC feed on 206/1206 also carries the show simultaneously.

To record SNL, you can set your DVR to record on any of those NBC channels – 3/1903 (local), 206/1206 (national). Just be sure to add time on to the end in case it runs longer. And double check your channel listings to know exactly where your local NBC affiliate resides in your DirecTV lineup to catch SNL live or record it each week it airs.

What Channel is SNL on Tonight

Saturday Night Live (SNL) airs tonight, January 3rd, on NBC. Here are the details on what channel you can watch SNL on tonight:

If you have a TV and access to NBC via cable, satellite, or as a local over-the-air channel, SNL will be on your local NBC affiliate station tonight at 11:30 PM EST and live across all U.S. time zones.

If you stream live TV through services like YouTube TV, Hulu Live, DirecTV Stream, FuboTV, or Sling TV, you can watch SNL tonight via your NBC live stream at the regularly scheduled 11:30 PM time.

You can also watch SNL live as it airs on the NBC website or app if you log in with your TV provider credentials.

Additionally, tonight’s brand new January 3rd SNL episode will be available to stream on demand tomorrow on Peacock Premium.

So in summary, tune in to your local NBC channel tonight at 11:30 PM EST to catch the latest new episode of Saturday Night Live airing live in its regular time slot across the country on NBC and streaming platforms. Set those DVRs!

What Channel is SNL on Time Warner Cable

If you have Time Warner Cable (Spectrum), Saturday Night Live airs on your local NBC affiliate channel.

To find what channel number NBC is in your area on Time Warner Cable/Spectrum, you typically can check the following channels:

  • Channel 3 or 703: For HD viewing of your local NBC affiliate
  • Channel 8 or 1008: For SD viewing of your NBC affiliate

Additionally, SNL will be on these NBC channels at 11:30 PM local time on Saturday nights when new episodes are scheduled to air live.

So check your Time Warner Cable/Spectrum listings for the channel number of your local NBC affiliate. Tune in to that channel Saturday evenings at 11:30 PM to watch new episodes of Saturday Night Live on NBC via your Time Warner/Spectrum cable service.

You can also DVR record SNL by setting your Spectrum DVR box to record on your designated local NBC channel at the appropriate Saturday 11:30PM time slot.

I hope this helps explain where to easily find Saturday Night Live on Time Warner/Spectrum cable lineups each week it airs new episodes.

Saturday Night Live – Youtube

Here are a few ways you can watch Saturday Night Live (SNL) content on YouTube:

  • SNL Official YouTube Channel – NBC’s Saturday Night Live has an official YouTube channel where they post select sketches and clips from the current season as well as some all-time classics. This allows you to watch SNL highlights and bits for free on YouTube.
  • Live Stream on YouTube TV – If you subscribe to YouTube TV, you can live stream episodes of SNL as they air on NBC via the YouTube TV app and service. YouTube TV carries live NBC so you can watch new SNL episodes as they broadcast on TV.
  • Peacock YouTube Channel – Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, also has a YouTube channel that includes clips and footage from SNL episodes available on Peacock. This lets you sample some SNL sketches being showcased exclusively on Peacock.
  • SNL Classic Clips & Compilations – In addition to official SNL channels, there are a ton of classic SNL sketches, segments, celebrity cameos and musical performances from throughout the show’s history available widely across random YouTube channels. Search for your favorite vintage SNL cast members.

So while full episodes are not available freely, YouTube does offer plenty of official and unofficial SNL content to enjoy. Between current clips, nostalgic flashes from the past, Peacock teasers and live airings via YouTube TV – there are enough Saturday Night Live offerings streaming on YouTube to get your sketch comedy fix.

Watch Saturday Night Live Online Free

While you can’t stream full episodes of Saturday Night Live for free online, there are a few ways to watch some SNL content free on the web:

  1. SNL’s Official YouTube Channel NBC’s Saturday Night Live posts select skits, clips, behind-the-scenes videos and web exclusives on their official YouTube channel for free streaming. Great way to catch highlights from current and past seasons.
  2. Peacock NBC’s Peacock streaming service offers next-day streaming of the current season of SNL with a free account. You’ll only have access to a limited amount of content, but can watch the latest episodes a day after they air.
  3. NBC Website/App NBC.com and the NBC app provide a rotating selection of free recent SNL clips and segments from the current season. Requires watching a few commercials.
  4. Hulu Occasionally, Hulu will make a smattering of SNL episodes from the current season available for free streaming with commercials even without a Hulu subscription. Worth checking every so often.

So in summary, while full free access to SNL is limited, you can still legally stream various sketches, highlights and even a few current season episodes on occasion without paying by leveraging NBC’s YouTube, the NBC app, Peacock’s free tier or Hulu. These options allow you to sample Saturday Night Live content online gratis!


We hope this extensive guide covers everything fans new and returning need to know regarding how to be in tune with NBC on Saturday nights for new episodes of Saturday Night Live all year long.

With Peacock supplementing SNL availability even further, NBC continues upholding its commitment introducing the next iconic comedic talents and memorable sketches well into the late night show’s fifth decade on air and counting.

Just locate NBC across the various cable/satellite, live streaming, and à la carte viewing sources detailed above. Plus tap into Peacock’s massive archive anytime to revisit your favorite superstar hosts, musical guests and golden era casts who’ve cemented SNL’s legacy as one of America’s premiere destinations for late night laughs year in and year out!

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