What Is A Good Internet Speed For Gaming?

Entertainment is not only limited to physical contact. Different people from different countries come together to relate with each other via the Internet. This is being referred to as “Gaming”. In Gaming, a certain speed of the internet is recommended, so that one will be able to game without hindrances.

This book focus on Gaming, types of games that are being played online, and the Internet speed required for gaming.

What is a Good Internet Speed for Gaming?

For a user to enjoy online games, his connection must be highly great in terms of speeds. Because the enjoyment of gaming depends solely on the internet speed. Speed is very important while playing games online.

If there is no adequate speed, the player may have trouble while playing the games comfortably. Good speed for gaming differs from one another. It depends on the kind of games played by the players. The good speed for each game is discussed below.

1) A Good Internet Speed for Playing First Person Shooter Games

As discussed earlier, the First Person Shooter Games are games of the main character. It is a game for a single person to seek out enemies and shoot at them. In order to play this game effectively, it requires a good internet speed of 30Mbps for the Download Speed and 1Mbps for the Upload Speed.

2) A Good Internet Speed for Real-Time Strategy Games

This games are the type of games that require players to chase opponent. In this game, the player will defeat the opponent through strategy. To play these games effectively, it requires a download speed of 3Mbps and a Upload Speed of 0.5Mbps.

3) A Good Internet Speed for Role-Playing Games

These games depict the player in a fantasy world with a fictional character. An example of these games is Xenoblade Chronicles. A good internet speed for this game is 1.5 Mbps for the Download Speed and 1Mbps for the Upload Speed.

4) A Good Internet Speed for Multiplayer Games

For multiplayer games, millions of users worldwide come together to play these games. In these games, a good internet speed is 3Mbps for the Download Speed and 0.5Mbps for the Upload Speed.

5) A Good Internet Speed for Xbox One Games

For this kind of game, the good internet speed is 3Mbps for the Download Speed and 0.5Mbps for the Upload Speed.

6) A Good Internet Speed for PlayStation Games

For these games, to have a good internet speed, it requires 3Mbps for the Download Speed and 1Mbps for the Upload Speed.

About Gaming

Gaming which is also referred to as “online gaming” stands for video games. These video games offer a player or players to relate with other player or players via the Internet. Gaming is said to be the act of playing electronic games either through computers or consoles or mobile phones with the aids of an Internet network.

That is, these players will have to connect to the internet in order to game. Gaming helps people from different countries to interact together. This interaction is what is being referred to as “Online Multiplayer”.

In the interaction, these players can form a team and face computer-controlled enemies or becomes enemies of each other. It could be on testing of one’s knowledge or skills. Gaming is of many types and genres.

  • Sociable.
  • Improve skills.
  • Entertaining.
  • Buffering.
  • Hindered by low connection.

Types of Games in Gaming

There are numerous types of games, that is, video games and these video games unite people from different countries together online where players from different parts of the world connect to each other either through Wi-Fi or hotspot or through switching on of their mobile data to search for nearby players.

Online Gaming has different categories or genres. These categories or genres also have sub-genres.

1) Action Games

Action Games are the type of games that allows players all over the World to be in control of an action such as shooting, fighting, and so on. This action is made up of challenges where players challenge each other.

These players may team up and challenge other team players. It could also be made up of a player fighting with numerous computer-controlled enemies or team players challenging computer-controlled enemies. Action Games have different categories under it, of which we have Shooter, Fighting, and Beat-em up.

2) Shooter

This is a sub-genre of Action Games. It helps players to make use of weapons when engaging themselves and in action. The goal of this sub-genre is that players will be able to use the weapons to defeat their enemies or opposing players. Under this sub-genre, we have the First-Person Shooters (FPS). This is made up of the main character. The best example of FPS is Call of Duty. There is also Third Person Shooter. In this, the action takes place from another viewpoint.

This view Point allows another player to see the main character. This means that the player and the main character are on the same team. An example of this kind of game is Splatoon.

3) Fighting

This sub-genre of Action Games features combat. In this game, a player with another player or a computer-controlled enemy or enemies. This combat may be hand-to-hand combat where two players fight each other with bare hands. An example of this is Street Fighter II. Apart from hand-to-hand combat, the player can use their special abilities and fight other players or computer-controlled enemies and fight their way to the top. Another example of this is Mortal Kombat.

4) Beat-em up

This is another sub-genre of Action Games. This sub-genre is similar to Fighting but the only difference is that in this sub-genre, players don’t face enemy individual but they face wave after wave enemies at the one time. That is, in this sub-genre, the enemies keep coming wave after wave. An example of a Game under this is God of War.

5) Action-Adventure Games

This is another type of Games. This game involves players facing obstacles. These obstacles keep coming one after the other. These players must conquer this obstacle with the use of weapons or tools he acquires during the game. Example of a Game under this The Legend of Zelda.

6) Adventure Games

In this type of Game, players interact with their environment as well as other characters in order to solve some set of puzzle with clues to progress the game stories. This kind of game is made up of story, where the players will have to move from a story to another. Sub-genre under this are Text Adventures, Graphic Adventure, Visual novels, Interactive movie, and Real-time 3D.

In the Text Adventures, players use their keyboard to input commands in response to the game they are playing, while in the Graphic Adventure, players pick an on-seen object that matches the text that will be shown.

7) Role-playing Games

This is another type of Game. This type of Games is one of the popular genre of online gaming. In fact, it is the second-most popular genre of game. It is sometimes acronym as RPGs. This genre features Medieval and Fantasy Settings.

8) Strategy Games

This is another type or genre of online game. This genre allows players to use strategy or tactics to overcome obstacles. An example of games under this genre is Tower defense. In this Tower defense, players are required to fend off computer-controlled enemies to win.

9) Sport Games

This is another genre of Game and one of the popular games among the boys. This genre includes Football, basketball, baseball, etc. It also includes Olympic sports like darts and Pool. Opposing players in this game could be live opponents or computer-controlled players. Under this game, we have Racing, Team Sports Game, Competitive Games, and Sport-based Fighting Games.

10) Racing

In this sub-genre, players race against each other and the winners are determined. The winners are usually 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

11) Team Sports Game

In this sub-genre, players play against each other. For example in Football games, a player will choose a team consisting of 11 players against another team of Eleven players of another player. These two players battling together through dribbling and scoring. The winner is determined by the number of goals he scored against the other. And this could be between a player and a computer-controlled opponent.

12) Puzzle Games

This is another type of games. In this type of game, players are required to solve a problem to advance the action in the game. Example of games under this are Logic games and Trivia games. There are more than 30 types of online games and players access these games via the Internet. Some of these games have been explained above.

About Internet Speed

Internet Speed symbolises the range of network players used while gaming. A certain connection will be required before the players will be able to access gaming. This connection is determined by the speed of the players internet.

Internet Speed is therefore, determined by how much data the connection of the players can download and upload per second. In downloading and uploading, the speed will be shown as bits per second (bps). Internet connection transfer more than a thousand bits per second. These speeds fall among Mbps, Kbps, and Gbps. The kind of speed that is suitable is Mbps. Speeds that fall under Kbps are usually referred to as Slow Internet while the Gbps speeds are in the ultra-fast range.

1) Fast and Slow Internet

Fast internet is between the range of 25Mbps. These speeds support most online gaming. The fast internet downloads speeds of 100Mbps or even higher. While in the slow internet, download speeds that are less than 25Mbps are considered as Slow Internet. With these speeds, players experience buffering or difficulties while gaming.

Slow Internet are anything less than 1Mbps, it could be 3Mbps, 5Mbps, 10Mbps, 15Mbps and 18Mbps.

  • Effectiveness.
  • Internet capacity.
  • Lack of connection.
  • Buffering.

2) Checking Your Internet Speed

You can check your internet speed, whether it is fast or slow through some speed-check websites like Ookla Speedtest or fast.com. These sites measure connection latency.

  • Knowledge of one’s speed.
  • Effectiveness.
  • Latency.
  • Cost of data.

Why Slow Internet Speed?

There are several reasons why internet connection speeds are slow. The Internet connection can be slow based on where the players live. It can also be caused based on the particular time the players are using the internet. Another reason is from the numbers of people in the player’s house that use the internet at that period.

The speed of Internet connection can also be slow on busy weekdays. In the busy weekdays, there are more users of the internet than when it is not busy. It is to note here that the more users on the internet, the heavier the congestion will be.

Understanding Download Speed and Uploading Speed

The two speeds that aid the connection of gaming are Download Speed and Upload Speed. Download Speed is the kind of Speed that measures how much time it will take data to travel from a server to the player gaming device. While the Upload Speed deals with how much time it will take data to travel from the gaming device to the server.

FAQs – About A Good Internet Speed for Gaming

Can Internet Speed Affect how I Play Games Online?

Yes, of course. Internet speed really affects how you play games online. It determines the effectiveness of the game. If you have good internet speed, you will enjoy your game but if you have low internet speed, it will become an issue for you.

What are the Online Games that are Popular?

I will say there are many popular games online which you can play and they are really interesting. Examples of such games are League of Legends, The World of Warcraft, Roblox, and so on.

Why does Internet Speed Matter in Online Games?

In Gaming, you will definitely need an internet connection. This connection uses Download Speed and Upload Speed. Internet speed matters because it determines the effectiveness of the games.

What Should I do if I Have Slow Speed?

It is very simple. You can use a wired connection by connecting your device to your modem. You can also reset or restart your device. Also, try to upgrade your internet plan.


Games are now played online and in order to play these games effectively, one will need some certain speed in his Download Speed and in the Upload Speed. If these speeds are not meant, it could cause buffering and might affect the effectiveness of the games. Therefore, a good internet speed is required while Gaming.