What Channel Is The Warriors Game On Today? – Channel Guide 2022

What channel is the warriors game on today? NBA is one of the most-watched leagues in the USA together with the NFL, English Premier League, and the MLB. It is home to the best and most iconic names in basketball known around the globe. Biggest names like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Stephen Curry became famous globally and other names are starting to become famous because of the NBA.

One of the most-watched teams in the NBA is the Golden State Warriors. Based in San Francisco, GSW had won six NBA championships. The team has been led by Stephen Curry, from the 2012-2013 season. Because of their excellent defense, three-point shooting, and great coaching staff, the team became successful in the NBA.

What Channel is the Warriors Game on Today? – Channel Guide 2022

The NBA can be watched from different channels but the NBA TV is the national broadcaster of the games. From this network, you can watch different NBA games in a week, game highlights, press conferences, and other live events.

Its channel differs from where you will be watching it. Below are some of the information you can go over to know where you can find NBA TV to know what channel is the Golden State Warriors Game on tonight:

1) Watch It On Spectrum

If you are currently a subscriber of Spectrum, you can watch the live games of GSW on channel 308 if you are located in Tampa, FL. However, NBA TV on Spectrum can be watched on other channels such as channel 803 in Tampa, Florida, 325 in Cleveland, Ohio, and 108 in Orlando, Florida. NBA TV can be watched on both Spectrum Silver or Gold plans.

2) Watch It On DirecTV

DirecTV is one of the popular choices of satellite service providers among US households. If you are an NBA fan, you can watch the games live on channel 216. NBA TV comes on 3 plans under DirecTV – Choice, Ultimate, and Premier.

3) Watch it On Dish Network

If you are a subscriber of the satellite network Dish, you can get it on channel 156. NBA TV comes on default with some plans on Dish Network. However, if it is not available on your current subscription, you can get it on Dish for as low as $19.99 a year. It comes on the Dish Multi-Sport Pack, America’s Top 100, and America’s Top 250 plans. The satellite network can also provide NBA League Pass which may cost more.

On a regular season, NBA League Pass airs up to 40 live basketball games of high definition quality. With this subscription, you will be able to follow your team from the start of the season.

4) Watch It On Xfinity

If you want to catch HD quality games, you can tune in to channel 478 if you are currently subscribed to Comcast Xfinity. The Xfinity X1 can provide a great basketball entertainment experience since you can check the scores, and game stats, and track other games while watching on NBA TV.

Like the other service providers, Xfinity also offers NBA League Pass to get the action of a full regular season. To get it, you need to be at least a subscriber of the Limited Basic plan, an X1 TV box, and an HD service from Xfinity. Just contact Xfinity or just say NBA League Pass on your remote.

5) Watch It On YouTube TV

NBA TV is included on the primary channel listing of YouTube TV. Subscribing to this streaming site can be convenient since you would not have to sign a contract and you can cancel your subscription anytime. Aside from NBA TV, you will also be able to get other sports channels such as ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC, and Sports Network.

A subscription to YouTube TV costs $64.99 which includes the channels and a cloud DVR unit where you can record the NBA games. However, recording the games can only be done in a limited time.

6) Watch It On NBC Sports

Another channel dedicated to sports, NBC is one of the sports networks in the USA where you can get it as a whole channel or as a streaming bundle on some of the streaming service providers. It can be more expensive than the other choices since you need to pay $115 per month if you like to get the whole sports package or pay $69.99 per month depending on your choice of sport.

7) Watch It On Fubo TV

With just paying $64.99 monthly, you will be able to access over 100 channels from this streaming service. To get the full sports channel streaming service, all you need to add is $11 on top of the monthly subscription to get an additional 24 channels that are focused on airing tv shows dedicated to sports.

The additional fee allows you to use the playback features without any ads playing while watching. Fubo TV also allows you to stream on 3 devices simultaneously.

8) Watch In Online Using a Web Browser

If you are outside of your home and wanted to watch NBA badly, you can watch the NBA live for free through NBA TV’s website. You will be able to watch the same shows that are life on air.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Channel is the Golden State Warriors Game on Tonight?

It is aired on different channels depending on your provider. It comes on channel 308 on Spectrum, 216 on DirecTV, 156 on Dish Network, and 478 on Xfinity.

Can we Watch NBA on Different Devices?

Yes. As long as it is part of your subscription, you can watch NBA on different channels for up to 3 devices.

Should I Pay Separately if I Want to Access NBA League Pass?

Though NBA TV is included in some basic plans of different providers, you still need to pay if you want to get the NBA League Pass.


Aside from NBA TV, some channels air live NBA games. However, NBA TV is an exclusive network where you can watch live and previous games, analysis of the games, documentaries, stories, and other content dedicated to the NBA.