What Channel Is MLB On DirecTV? – Channel Guide 2022

What channel is MLB on DirecTV? DirecTV is one of the most trusted digital television providers in the US and Latin America. The entertainment service offers different television channels with high-quality pictures and sound. It offers the latest movies and series on its channels as well as classics and a wide range of sports programming. It operates through DirecTV US, DirecTV Latin America, and DirecTV Sports which distributes digital television to its subscribers.

Since baseball is part of the American culture, everyone wants to be updated on Major League Baseball (MLB). You can watch it in high-definition quality at DirecTV. This 2022, you can watch the 15 teams from National League and 15 from the American League. Though it can be live-streamed on other platforms, watching it on DirecTV will provide you with action-packed games in the comfort of your home.

Aside from MLB, you may also watch NBA, Major League Soccer, and other sports channels. To know which channel is the Dodger Game on DirecTV, read on the article below.

What is MLB on DirecTV?

With the league’s growing popularity, you can watch MLB games live as well as replays regularly. Major League Baseball (MLB) has its TV network where you can watch the games and all MLB-related content. You will be able to watch live games, analysis of the games, documentaries, and other shows dedicated and exclusive to MLB.

Since DirecTV has millions of subscribers, you can access MLB through this television service provider with one special channel that focuses on MLB only.

What Channel is MLB on DirecTV? – Channel Guide 2022

On DirecTV, looking for the channel you prefer can be difficult due to the number of channels the service provider offers especially if you do not have an interactive guide.

If you want to watch the baseball games or other content from MLB, you can get them on channel 213 (MLB Network HD). If you want to know what channel is Dodger game on DirecTV, get the baseball game live at the MLB Network HD.

Shows to Watch on MLB Network HD at DirecTV

As mentioned earlier, not only the live and replay games are available on MLB Network. Below are some of the popular shows that you can also enjoy on MLB.

1) MLB Tonight

During the regular season, MLB games can be watched through this show. However, once the current season ends, MLB tonight airs documentaries and other information about MLB teams. The show is the televised edition of the MLB Network Radio.

2) MLB Central

The MLB Central is a magazine and morning show dedicated to all the updates from MLB. It features the latest updates and news on the teams and games. Former players are invited to the show to talk about their previous games, insights, and their baseball careers.

3) Quick Pitch

Like the other shows, it broadcasts the highlights of the previous games of the MLB. Usually, it is aired on weekdays at 1 AM and 8 PM during Sundays every regular season after the Saturday night game. If you were unable to watch the live game, you can rewatch it on this show since all games are aired. Upcoming baseball games are also shown here.

4) Intentional Talk

This show runs for an hour and 30 minutes during the off-season and is aired from Monday to Friday. It is hosted by Stephen Nelson and Kevin Millar and talks about trending events and what you will expect in the coming baseball season and games.

This is an interactive show where the audience can participate by sending a tweet while the discussion is ongoing. There are also sessions where hosts can stay at home with a split-screen.

5) MLB Network Showcase

This show focuses on some of the MLB teams such as the Mets, Red Sox, and Yankees. During the regular season, you can also watch the live games here. However, game schedules can be changed since there are local blackouts.

6) MLB Now

On this show, Brian Kenny invites guests to discuss breaking and trending news when it comes to previous games. Usually, the guests invited are current baseball or sports journalists, players, and managers.

How to Watch MLB on DirecTV?

MLB Network HD is available on the Direct TV network service. DirecTV offers entertainment which ranges from movies, and series, to sports and news. If you are searching for a channel that is not on the default list of DirecTV, you can upgrade your plan to include some premium channels.

After you subscribe to DirecTV, you can choose from various DirecTV plans such as DirecTV Choice, Ultimate, and Premier. All these plans have MLB Network HD on the channel list.

There are also extra innings of MLB on DirecTV. This is the premium channel dedicated to MLB which shows out-of-market games which can be viewed in HD quality.

You can also catch MLB games and other MLB shows on the DirecTV stream. It is a streaming service that also includes most games. However, it is not available in some areas. You can get DirecTV Stream by subscribing to the TV network. If you are a new user, you will be able to avail the free trial and discounts for the first 2 months.

Aside from the free trial, Topps has partnered with DirecTV to provide a back-to-school promo where verified students can watch for free. Students just need their identification cards to be verified and have access to the complete games as well as the playoffs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are All-star Games available on MLB Network HD?

Yes. Aside from the regular games, all-star games are also available on DirecTV.

Can I also Get the MLB Extra Innings?

Yes. You just need to call the hotline to know the activation process.

Can I Stream MLB Online?

Yes. Aside from DirecTV Stream, you may also register to MLB.TV, confirm your subscription and add DirecTV as your provider. Instructions will be given to link your billing account.


MLB has been a part of every American household. Watching the games together with families can also be a good time to spend at home. With DirecTV as your provider, you will be able to get the high-definition shows of MLB as well as the updates and news on the current season.