How To Watch TNT Without Cable? – Tips To Watching

How to watch TNT without cable? If you want to watch classic films, tv programs, and sports, the best channel to tune into is TNT. This channel is the best one to binge-watch all the classics from its first episode up to the last. Usually, it is included on a basic cable and satellite subscription of every household in the United States. Since June 2001, its lineup has also included drama series and movies. Some of the most-watched series are the Last Ship, Claws, and Snowpiercer.

But how can you watch TNT without cable? Taking advantage of the current technology, you can do this by subscribing to a TV service from your chosen provider. Even if you are not subscribed to a cable service, you only need to pick a top-rated streaming site.

How to Watch TNT without Cable? – Tips to Watching

When you are looking for a channel to watch Snowpiercer and NBA but you have no cable and satellite subscription, there are a lot of streaming sites where you can watch TNT for a cheap price. Some also offer a free trial so you can try the site’s interface or check how it works first before you pay for a streaming subscription.

On these sites, the shows aired on TNT on cable TV are also aired at the same time on the streaming site. These include Hulu, DirecTV, Youtube, and others. Take a look at this guide to know where you can spend time watching TNT shows and movies.

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How to Get TNT Without Cable?

As mentioned earlier, you can stream TNT online by subscribing to streaming sites. The list below will provide information on pricing as well as the other details of streaming sites.

1) Watch It On Sling

Among all the choices, Sling offers the cheapest subscription. Plans on Sling start at $35 on both the orange and blue package. If it is your first time using Sling, there will be promotions such as discounts on the first months of the subscription.

Both plans include TNT on their channel listing. However, with the Blue plan, you will be able to stream on 3 devices simultaneously. The Orange plan allows you to stream on a single device but it offers ESPN and channels operated by Disney.

Even if you are on a computer or a smart device, you will be able to stream TNT on Sling. But if you own a Roku, Fire TV, or a ChromeCast, you may install Sling and watch on a TV. Another advantage of using Sling is you may cancel your subscription anytime you like.

2) Watch TNT on Hulu

With Hulu, you will be able to stream channels from their large streaming library. Upon subscription, you will be able to watch series and movies on Hulu as well as on other channels. You may choose from the 2 plans offered by Hulu. The basic plan costs $5.99 a month and it includes TNT. However, Hulu + Live TV is the best option to watch on TNT since it also includes more than 60 channels and allows you to stream on 2 devices.

Like Sling, you can watch on Hulu using a web browser, Android and Apple devices, Fire TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

3) Watch TNT on YouTube TV

YouTube has been famous for video streaming using the web. When you subscribe to YouTube TV for $64.99, you will be able to catch programs on TNT as well as on more than 80 channels. Aside from the channels included, you will also get an additional unlimited cloud DVR as part of your subscription which can allow you to stream for at least 3 months.

Unlike cable or satellite subscriptions, YouTube does not require you to have a contract for streaming services. It comes with a free trial for 7 days which you can end anytime. YouTube also works with Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Chromecast, and other smart devices including mobile phones and tablets.

4) Watch TNT on DirecTV

As long as you’re subscribed to DirecTV Stream, you will be able to access TNT and binge-watch the series that you like from their wide library. DirecTV is known to provide all the entertainment services you need. Aside from TNT, you can also watch other channels if you want sports or news.

A subscription to DirecTV Stream starts at $69.99 a month which provides you with all the tv essentials. Once you upgrade your subscription at DirecTV, you will be able to stream premium channels and simultaneous streaming on 3 devices.

You can watch TNT on DirecTV by using a web browser, Apple devices, smart TVs, Amazon Fire, Xbox, Roku, and many more.

5) Watch TNT on a Roku Device

The first step to watching TNT and other channels on a Roku device is to subscribe to a streaming channel that you prefer. Just go to the Search option to enter the streaming services that you are subscribed to. From there, you can now scan the channels. If TNT is not included on the channel list, you can try checking the Go-To Channel option.

How to Watch TNT for Free?

Now that you know how to watch TNT via streaming, you may be asking if you can watch it for free. Good thing, most of these streaming sites offer a free trial period. Usually, these free trials are offered within 7 days and 3 days for Sling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I Watch TNT without Cable?

All you need to do is subscribe to streaming services that include TNT on their plans.

Can I Watch Animal Kingdom on TNT?

Yes. Animal Kingdom is one of the most famous series offered by TNT.

Are there other Channels available when I Subscribe to a Streaming Service?

Yes. Most streaming services include ESPN, TBS, MBL, and Disney-operated channels on their live tv.


Some may consider subscribing to streaming services an expensive cost. However, a streaming service has a lot of features compared to a regular cable subscription. You just need to choose which streaming service can cater to your entertainment needs to make the payment worth it.