What Channel Is CBS On Dish Network?

DISH Network is a direct-broadcast satellite service provided by American cable provider DISH Network Corporation. It is one of the corporation’s available products other than its pay television, pay-per-view, prepaid, mobile wireless, and over-the-top media services.

And with several channels that DISH Network has to offer to its viewers, you might be wondering if your favorite channels happen to be part of the various plans provided by DISH Network. For instance, you might be wondering what channel is CBS on DISH Network. So, read on if you want to find out what channel number is CBS on DISH Network.

What Channel is CBS on DISH Network?

Browsing through various channels to locate your favorite one is an arduous task. Who wants to scroll through long lists anyway just to figure out what channel number your favorite channel is in? However, thanks to the internet, we don’t have to endure long periods of scrolling to find our answers.

For example, you might be looking up what channel is CBS on DISH Network. The CBS Channel is home to many popular shows such as The Big Bang Theory, S.W.A.T., and NCIS. Because CBS includes so many well-loved shows, the CBS channel is truly a must-have channel, no matter what your cable provider is.

So, if you’re asking, CBS is found on channel number 4 of the DISH Network for most states in the US. Still, the channel number where it’s located still highly depends on where you’re from. In addition, available channels are also dependent on your home’s location.

Here’s a list of the US’s major cities and their respective channel numbers for the CBS Channel on the DISH Network.

Name of City and StateDISH Channel Number for CBS Channel
Houston, TX11
Chicago, IL2
Brooklyn, NY2
Los Angeles, CA2
Miami, FL4
San Antonio, TX5
New York, NY2
Philadelphia, PA3
Las Vegas, NV8
Bronx, NY2
Phoenix, AZ5
Dallas, TX11
San Diego, CA8
Austin, TX42
Minneapolis, MN4
Denver, CO4
Atlanta, GA46
San Jose, CA5
Fort Worth, TX11
Orlando, FL6
Indianapolis, IN4
Saint Louis, MO4
Seattle, WA7
Tucson, AZ13
Portland, OR6
Charlotte, NC3
San Francisco, CA5
Jacksonville, FL47
Columbus, OH10
Fort Lauderdale, FL4
Milwaukee, WI58
Cincinnati, OH12
El Paso, TX4
Saint Paul, MN4
Tampa, FL10
Sacramento, CA13
Louisville, KY32
Cleveland, OH19
Memphis, TN3
Pittsburgh, PA2
Oklahoma City, OK9
Albuquerque, NM13
Washington, DC9
Fresno, CA47
Detroit, MI62
Baltimore, MD13
Bakersfield, CA29
Salt Lake City, UT2
Colorado Springs, CO11
Buffalo, NY4

If you don’t see your city on this list, don’t fret. There’s another easy way on how you can locate your local channels. All you need to do is go to DISH Network’s website and scroll down until you see the box that says “Channel Lineup” and click on “Get Your Printable Channel Lineup.” From there, you will be directed to a site that contains the following PDFs for their respective packages and choose your corresponding package to access your channel lineup.

On the other hand, if you’re new and want to apply for a suitable package that includes your most-wanted local channels, you can go to DISH network website and select “Upgrades.” After being directed to the site, click on “Find Your Local Channels.” Fill out the form with your corresponding details, such as your street address, city, state or territory, and ZIP Code.

Why Choose Dish Network?

Placing as number one in J.D. Power’s Customer Satisfaction rankings for four consecutive times, DISH Network includes innovative features for you to enjoy their one-of-a-kind DISH experience. Here are just some of the following perks and upgrades you can enjoy from their DISH Experience down below:

  • HD DVR: Don’t worry about missing an episode or two from your favorite TV show. If you’re busy and can’t make time to watch your shows as scheduled, you can enjoy up to 500 hours of TV recordings thanks to the Hopper whole-home HD DVR.
  • DISH Hopper Control: Now you have the power to include Amazon Alexa in your Hopper! Simply connect your Hopper to the internet, and you can now give commands to Alexa as you please.
  • Voice Remote Control: Too lazy to reach out for your remote control or push its buttons? Well then, this voice remote control is just for you. Easily browse through your channels with the command of your voice without the need for a physical remote. And the best part? You can use the voice remote control for other features, too, such as Netflix!
  • DISH Perks: You are given monthly access to brand new perks and content for just being their customer. For instance, you can see available shows found in their free preview, DISH Scapes, and more.

Plans and Packages

The CBS channel is included in the following DISH Network plans and packages: America’s Top 120 package, America’s Top 120+ package, America’s Top 200 package, and lastly, America’s Top 250 package. These packages are incredibly customizable and flexible, and they offer fantastic channels for every TV lover and movie fanatic’s entertainment.

All packages come with free installation for up to six rooms, have free premium channels for you to enjoy, and an included Smart HD DVR. The mentioned DISH Network packages only differ on the number of channels included and their individual monthly prices.

Here’s a guide that you can use as a reference to know which package you’d like to avail.

DISH Network TV PackagesPrice Per Month (for 24 months)  Number of Channels
America’s Top 120$69.99190
America’s Top 120+$84.99190+
America’s Top 200$94.99240+
America’s Top 250$104.99290+

Wrapping Up

With various package options for you to choose from, you’ll surely find the best package offer that fits all your budget and your needs as a huge TV fanatic. And as previously mentioned, all four packages discussed above include the CBS Channel, so you don’t have to worry about getting a TV package that doesn’t include that favorite channel of yours.

Besides, DISH Network TV packages are known for their flexibility and customization options, so you don’t have to worry about not finding the best deal that will suit your TV preferences. And with their added perks and upgrades, you can easily customize your streaming experience to make it even better.