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CenturyLink Basic Cable Channels Package

CenturyLink is a telecommunications company based in Monroe, Louisiana that provides the backbone of fiber and for high-speed internet required for voice, phone, and television services to both residential and small business customers across 36 cities in the United States. CenturyLink has a long history of independently providing telecommunication services to homes starting from cable, but is now part of Lumen Fiber Technologies and the service spectrum has increased tremendously.

To give you an idea of its size, CenturyLink and Xfinity (Comcast) Internet service providers (ISPs) collectively serves over 150 million Americans – that’s how big CenturyLink is.

CenturyLink uses Cable, DSL and fiber optic internet, but the cost keeps rising with sophistication and speed of the service.

CenturyLink Basic Cable Network is Still Potent

Although CenturyLink forte seems to be products on fiber since different areas around the country have different telecommunication channels in use, basic cable is still available.

Cable are concentric wires that deliver data, voice and shows to you homes. A remote controller and cable provider route signals to the correct destination. Transmitting signal through airwaves is nonessential, but can be done in the cable network. Cable is an upgraded broadcast television network and I carries internet too.

Most of the telecommunication companies working with cable like CenturyLink retain their basic Cable network in certain areas because relaying the network again through new media would cost money.

This basic cable is sometimes faster than other services like DSL and 4G, because after all it is a direct line between the source and destination.

Therefore, CenturyLink still has a basic cable channel plan that gives acceptable features at a reasonable cost.

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CenturyLink Basic Cable Channel Package is Reasonable and Cheap

As per Local Franchising Authorities regulations, you must ask for a low-cost basic cable package from cable companies and they must present one to you.

Cable companies usually do not advertise these low margin packages that are around the $ 60 mark, so you must ask specifically for it.

People who usually look for basic cables are the ones interested in local channels too.

An alternative could be to switch over to an OTA (Over the Air) Antenna, like the old times, to get directional feed on local channels, which might cost $ 30 for the same basic cable channels.

Some Cable companies also bump up the basic package with better channels, but focus of marketing managers is not on this market. Telecommunication companies are spending the Ad dollar on higher end streaming, broadband and satellite packages. Basic cable users might end up footing the discount bill.

It is for this reason that giants like CenturyLink might not have the cheapest basic cable channel package like that of companies like Cox Contour TV starter, Xfinity Basic and Optimum 300 Basic in the less than $ 50 range.

Basic cable TV channel packages usually include ABC, CBS, FOX and PBS public access channels along with the local ones. Then, some juiced up basic packages provide Disney, ESPN, MTV and Fox News but not in all cases.

CenturyLink like all telecommunication companies dealing with TV channels, has its own basic cable channels plan too.

CenturyLink Basic Cable Channel List

These are the basic 108+ CenturyLink basic cable channels that you get in the price range of $ 60.

TL Info, 9999 DVR, A&E HD, ABC, ABC Family HD, BET, Big, 10, Bloomberg, Boomerang, Bravo HD, Cartoon Network HD, CBS HD, CMT, CNBC HD, CNN HD, CNN headlines News, Comedy Central, C-SPAN, C-Span2, CW HD , HD Discovery, HD Disney, HD E!, ESPN Classic, HD ESPN, HD ESPN2, EWTN, Food Network HD, HD FOX, Fox News Channel, Fox Sports, Fox Weather Channel, FSN West, HD FSN, FX, HD Golf Channel, Hallmark, Net, Net Movies, HD Theatre, HD HGTV, HD History, Home Shopping, Jewelry Television, Lifetime, Lifetime movie Network , Lifetime Real Women, Mexicana, MSNBC, MTV, My Network TV, National Geographic, NBC HD, Nickelodeon, Oxygen, PBS Create, PBS HD, PBS sprout, QVC, ShopNBC, HD Syfy, HD TBS, Telefutura, HD Telemundo, The Weather Channel, HD TLC, HD TNT, Travel Channel, Trinity broadcasting, Tru TV, TV Land, TVN PPV, Universal Sports, USA, Univision, V-me, WGB, VH-1.

What we can infer from this channel list is that CenturyLink Basic Cable Channel already includes the extended basic cable lineup.

Price Comparison of CenturyLink Basic Cable Channel

While the CenturyLink Basic Cable Channel plan is around $ 60, it is not the cheapest in the business.

Spectrum, Xfinity, Cox and Spark light basic cable channels plan ranges as low as $42- $50/mo.

CenturyLink Basic Cable Channel Plans with Internet

CenturyLink has several basic Cable channel plans that must be confirmed for availability before purchasing. The various plans are:

1) RCN

In $ 50.99 per month, you get 250 Mbps internet+ Digital Basic cable channels + Phone with Cable connection, free installation ad no term contract

2) WOW

In $ 74.99 per month, you get 100 Mbps internet, Basic cable channels, cable, and a 24-Month contract

3) Xfinity

In $ 79.99 per month, you get 150 Mbps internet, basic cable channels, cable, a 24-month contract and $50 credit.

4) Optimum

In $85 per month, you get 300 Mbps internet, basic cable channels, no term contract, free installation, HBO Max for 6 mo. and $ 300 credit.

5) Spectrum

In $ 89.98 per month, you get 400 Mbps internet speed, Basic cable channels, cable, no term contract and free internet modem

6) Cox

In $89.99/ month you get 150 Mbps internet speed, Basic cable channels, and contract for 24 months,

7) Spotlight

In $ 95 per month, you get 100 Mbps internet, basic cable channels, a cable connection with no term contract and savings of $ 35 for six months.

Step Above CenturyLink Basic Cable Channel

When you finally decide to step up from the CenturyLink Basic cable channel plan, their partner DIRECTV offers three improvements

  1. My TV – 120+ Basic channels similar to the basic cable channel ones at a higher price of $ 89.95 a month, but with the addition of
    • NFL sports channel
    • Video on demand
    • Pay per view
    • Unlimited calls nationwide
  2. My Complete TV – 180+ Channels at $ 101/Mo with the addition of Digital Video Recording, Fox Movies, Animal Planet and Food Network.
  3. My Premium TV – 210+ Channels at $ 145 / mo. you finally get HBO in addition to all the facilities mentioned before.

Step Below CenturyLink Basic Cable Channel

Over the air antenna can be directly connected you TV set to get local channels and publicly available broadcasts will be a one-time fee of $ 25

CenturyLink Basic Cable Channel Transmission Medium

While the CenturyLink basic cable can receive signals through a normal coaxial cable, the higher plans with recording and on demand video streaming will require faster internet and that means Direct Subscriber lines (DSL), 4G and even satellite DISH depending on where you are located.

Advantage of CenturyLink Basic Cable Channel Plan

  1. Low cost around $ 60.
  2. No need to pay the $ 30 extra to get nearly the same channels on basic DIRECTV package.
  3. Customers are usually looking for a good price on TV programs and may not be interested in paying more for nationwide dialing.
  4. Smart TVs like Sony already have in-built DVR, so why pay for the premium package.
  5. The extra channels in the premium packages are Animal Planet, Bravo, Food Network, FOX Movie and HBO, but at an extra $30- $85.
  6. Simpler installation.
  7. Internet is not essentially required.
  8. CenturyLink basic cable channels are available in 36 major cities of USA.

Disadvantage of Century link Basic Cable Channel Plan

  1. You’d miss out on the fact-based and high-energy genre of TV like the.
    • DIY (how to)
    • Fit TV (health)
    • Military Channel (war stories are interesting)
    • Outdoor Channel (adventure)
    • The Science Channel (technology)
    • The Sportsman Channel (fitness)
    • HBO (movie giant)
    • Action Max (exciting channel)
  2. No nationwide dialing.
  3. No Video on Demand.
  4. Internet, if you get the basic cable.

Customer Satisfaction on CenturyLink TV Channels

CenturyLink has been criticized for receiving the most one-star Consumer Affairs reviews among it competitors, with nearly 3,946 dissatisfied customers who rated the company that poorly. But this does not consider the customers in the highest rating percentile.

Customers using CenturyLink Basic Cable Channel plans will not have this problem because of the simplicity of installation.

In some incidences cable installation will include simply plugging in the jack into the wall socket and the other end into the TV.

How Do CenturyLink Basic Cable Channels Work?

Broadcast waves and coaxial cables are used in various combinations to transmit TV programs to you home, but with availability extra bandwidth on fiber-optic cables, customer’s expectations have also increased. CenturyLink Basic Cable Channel mechanism involves none of that complexity and simple displays TV shows over cable to your home TV screen.

If you want to add internet over the same cable, you must pay extra for the modem and routers. The same internet gets you better quality TV as well, at an extra cost.

The Recommendation Tool in CenturyLink Cable Channel Selection?

Because CenturyLink offers varied packages and has so many partners besides DIRETV and AT&T, they offer a package recommendation tool that helps people decide on what mode of transmission and which features suit their taste.

CenturyLink Emergency Broad Band Benefit (EBB) Discount Program

EBB federal program provides a monthly discount to qualifying households for internet service. If a household qualifies for Lifeline, then then automatically qualify for EBB program. The CenturyLink application will still need to be submitted.

People Also Ask

Does CenturyLink offer basic Cable service?

CenturyLink does not offer basic cable TV service, but only facilitates its choice, setup and installation though its affiliates like DIRECTV and others. For further details on their basic cable channel plan, call 1-866-318-8693.

Do you need a landline for CenturyLink Basic Cable Channel?

CenturyLink Basic Cable Channels do not require a land line or a phone line to reach your TV set. For something like Netflix, you do need their 940 Mbps plan.

CenturyLink Basic Cable Channel senior discount

CenturyLink doesn’t offer a senior citizen’s discount for internet or the Basic plan. However, they do offer a Lifeline Program discount to low income customers that many seniors may qualify for starting at $49 per month for their DSL connection which increases to up to $65 per month for the fiber net.

How much does CenturyLink Basic Cable charge for a router?

There are additional equipment fees for your internet connection from CenturyLink like the Wi-Fi modem monthly rental $9.99/mo. or Wi-Fi modem Purchase costs One-time fee of $99.99.

How much does CenturyLink charge for installation?

CenturyLink professional installation is $149, which is higher than most, but you can opt for self-installation, which costs $15.

Bottom Line

CenturyLink basic cable channels are for people who are not interested in recording, and watching TV shows of their choice, at their own leisure. It is a linear TV show watching mechanism, with some On-demand privileges, that gives you sufficient entertainment whenever you desire it.