How To Connect Phone To TV Using Bluetooth Without WiFi?

Everyone loves watching on the big screen. It is like giving your home the feeling of being inside a movie theater house. Huge pictures and booming sounds, what else can we ask?

But what if the videos and films that we want to play are only accessible through our phones?

And then, in a split second, you are thinking of connecting your phone to the television! Did we get it right?

Well, then, if that’s the case, you came to the right place!

In this article, we will be laying out and explaining the different ways of connecting your phone to tv using Bluetooth without wifi.

How to Synching your Phone Onto Television Using Bluetooth?

Contemplating on how to link your phone to the television? Below are the several options suggested for you:

Bluetooth has been there since the early age of mobile phones. Technically, Bluetooth is used to pair and connect with other phones to transfer files from one phone to another. However, eventually, mobile phones have evolved. A lot of software phone managements develop various ways to transmit files to other phones.

But did you know that you can still make use of the Bluetooth in your phone when you want to stream on your big screen?

Bluetooth still supports some android and smart televisions, but the others are not. Before doing this, you might as well want to check the brand of your television.

Here is the Guide on How to Connect a Phone to TV using Bluetooth without WiFi:

  • To begin, you must enable Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Switch the television on.
  • Using your television’s remote control, navigate to the settings menu.
  • Search for the REMOTE and ACCESSORIES selection.
  • Select the ADD DEVICES or ACCESSORIES choice in your smart television.
  • After that, your smart tv begins to search and scan all the Bluetooth in the on mode.
  • When your smart television is done scanning, it will recognize the phone’s Bluetooth connectivity. With that, a notice would appear on your phone, prompting you to authorize the said connection. Click the “Accept” button to connect it.
  • After you have accepted the connection, a pair feature will also appear on the television. Agree to pair your phone to the smart tv.
  • Voila! Your phone is already linked to your television. You can now stream different Youtube videos on your phone through the big-screen television.

It is pretty easy to cast your phone on the television. There is no need for those wires and HDMI cables that might get in your way. However, you are only limited to streaming youtube videos. If you wish to project different applications, you might want to try other casting methods and devices.

Alternatives for Casting my Phone to Television

If you are wondering what the other methods of streaming in your smart television with the use of your phone are, then here are some of our suggested ways:

But first, do I need wifi for Smart TV?

Yes! Unlike in Bluetooth, some of these techniques might require you to have an internet connection, and others might need cables and wires.

1) Chromecast

It is a tiny device made for plugging in your television’s HDMI flash drive connector. Chromecast can support various streaming applications. To connect it, ensure that your gadget is connected with the same wifi with the Chromecast and television.

2) Mirroring your device’s screen

One of the most popular ways to cast your phone through the smart television is screen mirroring. Almost all smartphones released today have the option of screen mirroring, where you will be able to connect your phone to the smart tv in the fastest way. To mirror your phone screen on the television, turn on the “mirror screen” option on your phone and wait for the tv to detect your gadget.

3) HDMI/Adapter/Cables

As we are talking about connecting the phones to the television, one of the practical ways to do it is by using an HDMI, adapters, and cables. With the use of these wires, you will connect different gadgets like laptops, phones, and iPad or tablets to your television. As long as it supports the plugs of your devices, then you are good to go!

There you have it! Those are some of our suggested different ways to stream onto your big screens using your smartphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

To Wrap It All Up

There are many ways to share your videos, photos, games, and other applications on a big screen. Whether you have an internet connection or not, there are many alternatives to enjoy your streaming experience on your favorite music or movies to your television. We hope that this article helps you fix your troubles when connecting your gadgets to your smart tv.