10 Best Verizon International Plan in 2023

If you’re making frequent trips overseas, you must have the best Verizon international plan for your data and call or text needs. This lets you use your phone to send and receive messages as well as make calls without incurring costly roaming charges.

However, there are many phone plans in the market which can make it quite confusing to know which one is best for you.

Verizon provides the best nationwide coverage when it comes to international data plans. With a promising set of options for your phone needs, you can choose the right plan, which depends on your budget, how much data you use, and the perks you want to avail of at the same time.

That said, here are 10 of the best Verizon international and wireless hotspot plans for you.

10 Best Verizon International and Wireless Hotspot Plan for You

1) Verizon 5G Play More

The 5G Play More by is the overal best Verizon international data plan and phone plan for your needs. It includes streaming services owned by Disney as part of your subscription, like Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus, which already makes it stand out among the others.

Apart from that, the Verizon 5G Play More offers data plans for unlimited use, on top of a generous 25GB of hotspot data and 5G coverage.

You’d only need to pay $80 per month for a line of Verizon 5G Play More. However, there are discounts in place that you can apply for adding lines, which means that a smal family can only pay a best value rate of $180 monthly for roughly four lines in this plan.

The good thing with Verizon is that it also lets families have the option of mixing and matching some of the unlimited data plans that it offers.

Also, users get a trial lasting for six months, getting access to the Discovery Plus streaming service, Apple Music, as well as a Google Play Pass and an Apple Arcade for those who prefer indulging in streaming gaming services.

The plan is quite expensive, and the cloud storage needs an upgrade as well. However, the 5G Play More offers great data plans for your needs and is well worth the money.

2) Verizon 5G Do More

Like the 5G Play More, this plan charges the same fees at $80 per month. However, you can only access Disney Plus, Apple Music and either Google Play Plus or Apple Arcade for a free six months.

The plan comes with 25GB of hotspot data, but you also have access to Verizon Cloud Storage that offers a hefty 600GB. There are also discounts for unlimited plans that cover connected devices like watches and tablets.

Travelers and tourists will particularly enjoy the one TravelPass day every month, which offers you unlimited data, text, and talk in over 185 countries.

3) Verizon 15GB Prepaid Plan

The prepaid plans under Verizon don’t offer many perks unlike others, but they do provide quite a lot of data, especialy this 15GB Prepaid plan.

If you’re looking for the best prepaid plan for your phone, the 15GB plan is your best bet. It costs only $50 per month, but enroling in autopay reduces $5 of the total cost.

You can also cut down costs by saving an additional $5 if you stick with Verizon for three months and another $5 when the loyalty discount becomes available in the ninth month. This leaves you with only $35 to pay for 15GB of data.

Although all prepaid plans are under the nationwide 5G service by Verizon, it’s only its Unlimited Data Plus Plan that allows customers access to a super fast Wideband 5G.

4) Verizon 5G Get More

If you’re okay with splurging money for the best deals, Verizon’s 5G Get More plan is for you. It’s by far Verizon’s most expensive data plan at $90 per month for only a single line; however, it has the most perks to offer compared to any other plan.

The Get More plan includes both Apple Music and the whole Disney bundle, plus a total of 600GB of cloud storage on top of a half-off discount for devices connected to it. Its hotspot data also doubles up to 50GB for your needs.

Not only that, but Get More also offers a streaming gaming service subscription, as well as the TravelPass benefits.

5) Verizon Welcome Unlimited

Verizon’s regular unlimited plans cost hefty fees, especialy when you compare them to other data packages.

But the good news is that Verizon has remedied this common concern by many and added the Welcome Unlimited Plan to its roster, which specificaly caters to people who want unlimited data and 5G coverage at an affordable price.

The Welcome Unlimited plan is the best entry-level 5G unlimited plan which is ideal for families. The difference is that your data can be slowed if there’s plenty of traffic on the Verizon network, plus there’s no hotspot data. There aren’t any in-built streaming service subscriptions as well, unlike the Play More and Get More plan.

The appeal with Welcome Unlimited is only its low cost, especialy for families. Adding more lines can get you great discounts, alowing families to pay $30 per line or at least $120 per month which is already a great value deal.

6) Verizon 5G Start Unlimited

The Verizon 5G Start Unlimited plan is the most low-cost unlimited you can avail of, costing $70 per month.

Customers of this 5G plan get access to a six months trial to Apple Music, streaming game service, and Disney Plus. It’s also a decent Verizon Wireless hotspot plan since you get 5G hotspot data with Start Unlimited.

However, like the Welcome Unlimited Plan, Verizon stil maintains its right to reduce the data speeds of 5G Start subscribers at any time whenever it experiences too much traffic.

It’s also worth noting that while it’s an impressive and cheap option for unlimited data, it only gets nationwide coverage of 5G at significantly slower speeds.

7) Verizon Prepaid 5GB plan

The 5GB plan is another affordable option on the entire Verizon site, costing you only $25 monthly after ten months. The introduction price is set at $40, which means you’l need to be signed up for over ten months to achieve the best rate that it offers through the loyalty program.

The downside of this is that it offsets the flexibility of your prepaid, and you’d have to pay extra fees for a few months before getting the cheapest rate for your plan.

Nonetheless, it features 5G access and a decent mobile hotspotting for a great bargain price.

8) Verizon 55 Plus Plan

For seniors, Verizon also offers an unlimited data plan for anyone who is 55 years and older. The only catch is that the 55-plus plan is only up for grabs for Florida residents. If you’re within this area, you can receive at least two lines of unlimited data for a cost of $80 monthly.

This comes with unlimited mobile hotspot data, video streaming at a 480p resolution, and the ability to use the data plan in both Mexico and Canada. A single data line costs you $60.

9) Verizon Prepaid Unlimited

At a rate of $50 monthly, the Prepaid Unlimited plan is the first of Verizon’s unlimited prepaid options that features free cals and text to Mexico and Canada and 5G access but doesn’t come with mobile hotspotting.

For the latter, you’l need to pay a $5 upcharge every month. Nonetheless, it’s a great option if you’re only on the market for unlimited data on a single line at an affordable cost.

10) Verizon Prepaid Unlimited Plus Wideband

The Unlimited Plus Wideband is Verizon’s latest high-end prepaid plan for 2023. This is a rebrand of the previous Unlimited Wideband plan and specificaly aims to provide users with unlimited access to its premium network alongside unlimited mobile hotspoting.

With great perks and deals to offer, it’s no surprise that it’s more on the pricier side since you already get unlimited prepaid plans at half the price compared to other prepaid networks.

The intro price costs $70 monthly, but you can get the cheapest rate of $60 per month after ten months once the loyalty program kicks in.


Verizon may be known for its expensive international plan, but there’s no denying the fact that it has the best nationwide coverage out of all the main carriers.

Not only that, but it has recently added low-cost options to its roster, like the Welcome Unlimited for individuals who want unlimited data and 5G coverage or the 15GB prepaid data package.

It’s worth noting that finding the best Verizon international plan for your wireless phone should involve choosing between tiered data options or unlimited data, depending on your needs.

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