What Channel is Bravo on Xfinity – 2023 Channel Guide

When it comes to watching reality television and similar entertainment shows, Bravo is one of the best American TV channels to watch it on. Even though most of its content is focused on reality shows, storyline-based shows provide variety for their viewers.

From shows like The Real Housewives to Top Chef, there are a lot of shows that you can watch on this channel. Aside from their regular programs, they also run reruns from off-network series. With a wide range of entertainment shows, you might want to watch it on your TV.

If your cable service is Xfinity and you want to watch this channel, you might be asking what channel is bravo on Xfinity Comcast? You can learn where to view it and other relevant information about the cable service and the TV channel here.

Xfinity Overview

Xfinity comes with cable television service and other essential internet and phone connection services. When you avail of a service, you can include another service in a bundle to get a discount. Similarly, you can also buy all three for the most significant price reduction. Xfinity is a relatively user-friendly service that works well with any device you may have.

In particular, Xfinity, a cable television provider, is an excellent choice. Not only do they allow an extensive range of channels available on a country-wide scale, but they also allow local television channels depending on your location. If you like watching popular channels like HBO or Bravo, you can watch them on this channel.

Is Bravo Available on Xfinity

Yes, Bravo is available on Xfinity. No matter what cable TV plan you have with Xfinity, you will be able to watch it on Xfinity. It is one of the channels included, even with a basic cable plan for Xfinity.

What Channel is Bravo on Xfinity – 2023 Channel Guide

To answer your question on what channel is Bravo on Xfinity, the first thing you would need to determine is your current location. Channel numbers, including Bravo, are different depending on your current location. Other local television channels are included, creating differences in the channel numbers.

From Miami, Florida, you will find Bravo Television on channel numbers 66 and 430. Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Jersey Xfinity subscribers can watch Bravo on channel number 832. If you want an alternative number for Maryland, it is on channel 29. On Michigan, the Bravo channel is on 69, and on Virginia and Pennsylvania, you can also find Bravo on channel number 52. For New Jersey, your alternative channel number is 61.

For residents in Alabama, you can watch Bravo on your Xfinity Comcast on channel number 58. If you are in the Connecticut area, it will be on channel 66. There are two available channel numbers that you can use when you are from California. To access Bravo in this state, you can watch it on either channel 63 or channel 733. If you are from Illinois, there are also two numbers that you can use. These are channel numbers 35 and 181.

In Kentucky and Mississippi, both areas share channel 430 as one of their channel numbers for Bravo on Xfinity. You can also watch Bravo on channel 175, while you can use channel number 63 for Mississippi. For individuals from Georgia, you can use channel numbers 70 and 872 to access the Bravo channel.

Generally, you would be able to find Bravo on channel numbers 1463 and 30100 no matter your current location. The signal would vary depending on your existing connection, but these two channel numbers are the same for every state. If you cannot watch Bravo using the local channel numbers, you can try these two numbers instead.

City/StateChannel Number
Miami, Florida66, 430
Baltimore, Maryland29, 832
Detroit, Michigan69, 242
Phoenix, Maryland29, 832
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania52, 832
Charlottesville, Virginia52, 832
Roseland, New Jersey61, 832
Huntsville, Alabama58
Hamden, Connecticut66
Stockton, California63, 733
Chrisman, Illinois35, 181

How to Watch Bravo on Xfinity

Watching Bravo is easy on Xfinity. You can move from one channel to another until you find the channel. If you want to move to the channel faster, you can use the available channel numbers in the previous section. Since it is an open channel, even on basic plans for Xfinity, there is no other step you would need to take.

Alternative Ways to Watch on Xfinity Channels

Aside from Bravo, there are also numerous HD cable channels that you can watch with Xfinity. If you are a fan of animal and geographical documentaries, you can also find Animal Planet and National Geographic on the available channels for Xfinity. The Discovery Channel and the Science Channel are also available with their cable television plan.

You can watch Disney, Nicktoons Network, HBO, and Cinemax for other entertainment channels. Food-focused channels such as Food Network and the Cooking Channel can also be accessed in their HD versions. There is a large selection of channels that you can watch with Xfinity, from cartoons to movies.

Top Popular Shows to Watch on Bravo on Xfinity

Now that you know which channel numbers are used to watch Bravo, you might be interested in viewing new television programs for this channel. If you are not familiar with the channel, here are some recommended shows that you can start with.

1) Top Chef

When it comes to cooking shows, Top Chef is one of the most famous programs. Chefs with different experiences and expertise are challenged with challenging cooking competitions. This is not only an excellent show to keep you entertained, but you can also learn new recipes with this show at times. This show has received adaptations, spinoffs, and awards with so much success.

2) Project Runway

For individuals who like fashion or at least see competitive fashion designers in action, then you can try watching Project Runway. It is one of the most successful shows in the channel that have received various spinoffs. In this show, you will observe several designers compete against one another in competitions of different styling themes.

3) Below Deck

If you are not a fan of watching rich multimillionaires and their lives on cable television, Below Deck might be a great palate cleanser. Instead of following the lives of the rich and the famous, you can watch people who work with them instead. In particular, this show documents the life of young adults who work on expensive yachts.

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