9 Best TracFone Unlimited Plans In 2022

TracFone is one the 90s prepaid original cell phone provider which emerged in the market at that time. However, TracFone operating company is still operating strongly. It provides one of the unconventional plans which are related to low data usage especially when there is no need for a lot of data. However, TracFone is not for every individual who is using a cell phone. There are no data or special features which are required by most people and even some of the TracFone plans are also high in price. Because of the above, will you be still able to get a plan of 1,500 minutes for the whole year?

TracFone is the carrier of a wireless service provider that provides SIM cards, phone plans, and phones. With TracFone, there is no need for a contract and it has month to monthly flexible plans. It is a prepaid phone carrier in which you pay your bill in advance for all those minutes which you are going to use. Whenever your TracFone minutes will run out, you will have to buy more minutes. To renew your TracFone plan regularly, an auto-refill option can also be used.

TracFone is different from typical cell phone companies as whenever you feel that there is no need for it, you can stop because it has no binding contracts like other companies. Although you can get one year plan for TracFone, however, still it would not be binding for you like other mobile companies. You can simply leave it whenever you feel uncomfortable or you want to leave without specifying any reason. The only downside of TracFone is the perks offered by other companies that include discounts and free subscriptions on smartphones.

How Do The TracFone Unlimited Plans Work?

Unlimited Plans of TracFone are specially designed for smartphones only. These plans provide unlimited text and talk facilities for the whole month with a high-speed large amount of data. Interestingly, unused data of these plans will never expire if you keep the service activated.

TracFone Unlimited Plans is Only for Smartphone

Currently, unlimited plans of TracFone are available only for Smartphones. If you want to purchase the classic plans of smartphones they are also available. The starting charge of classic smartphone plans is $15 which gives you a fixed quantity of calls, texts, and minutes. It is worth mentioning that unlimited plans of TracFone only apply for calls and texts, while for the internet, you have to purchase a fixed amount separately.

It is unfortunate for all those customers who have a feature phone because they cannot buy TracFone unlimited plans and they have to stick to the basic plans of their phone. However, if you are planning to upgrade your phone plan then the selection of TracFone smartphones is available at stores of TracFone.

9 Best TracFone Unlimited Plans in 2022

To elevate the experience of the phone and to save your wallet from heavy coverage fees, the best plan for cell phones will play an important role. Picking up a service provider is the first step in this regard either for an individual plan or for the family plan. The next step is about the requirement of data which you need, data requirement that will help you to decide to connect with which service provider.

After deciding on the basis of all these factors, now is the right time to opt for your cell phone plan accordingly. Few companies are great for Android users and few for iPhone users. You need not fear about your needs because there are many best cell phone plans available for you. A few of them are as below:

1) T-Mobile, The Best Mobile Plans for Heavy Data User

T-Mobile Magenta Plan is the best choice for heavy data users which is also formerly known as T-Mobile One with outstanding features. Its starting package for the family is $140 and for an individual, it is worth $70. Customers using T-Mobile Magenta have unlimited access to data.

2) Verizon Wireless, The Best Plans for High-Speed Data

If you are in search of nationwide best coverage then Verizon is the best choice. Plans associated with Verizon include a start-up family plan of $140 which is available for four line users (their higher tier is $180, and highest-tier is $220), and an individual plan of $70 for one line user (its higher-tier is $80 and the highest-tier is $90).

3) T-Mobile, The Best Economical Family Plans

T-Mobile has grabbed another achievement by introducing a family plan which is hard to beat due to its multiple features which make it the best value plan across the board. The best option in the plan is Magenta MAX which is available for four-line with starting price of $170, this price includes all taxes and fees. It has unlimited talk, data, and text along with hotspot mobile data, best quality 480p DVD streaming, and the most important free Netflix.

4) Metro by T-Mobile, The Best Prepaid Plans

When you are looking for the best-prepaid phone service then Metro by T-Mobile also known as MetroPCS is the best. Its starting plan for an individual line has the price of $40 and its family plan for the family of four or more persons has the price of $130. T-Mobile’s Metro plans cover all kinds of budgets for individual and family plans.

5) T-Mobile, The Best Plans for International Travelers

If you are a frequent international traveler then T-Mobile Magenta plans have the best rates with a host of features which include unlimited data and free Netflix. These plans also have great international coverage.

6) Project Fi, The Best Unlimited Plans

 Various companies offer some kind of unlimited versions of plans. Although unlimited plans of Verizon are great options and have great value for your money, however, there is still a new type of block which has been designed by Google i.e. the Project Fi. With Project Fi, you will get unlimited texts and calls with starting price of $20 per month for an individual.

In a family plan, the unlimited plan of Project Fi has a starting price of $60 per month (for one individual) and a price of $30 per individual for a family with four persons or more, these plans also include unlimited data.

7) Cricket Wireless, The Best No Contract Plans

Various individuals and families are looking for the best wireless budget plans, they don’t want to get into a binding contract, therefore, in this situation, Cricket Wireless plays an important role. Same like other, no-contract plans, with Wireless Cricket you have to pay the only monthly charges.

This plan has a basic text and call package with starting price of $25 per month while for the individual high-speed premium line price is $60 per month. The main feature of this plan is the family plan which is available for just $100.

8) Republic Wireless, The Best Plans for Light Data Users

Although the name of this plan is not so attractive, however, its plans and their rates are the most attractive thing. Republic is especially beneficial for all those users who use very little data, it is inexpensive for these kinds of users.

Its starting plan is $15 with unlimited text and calls, user of this plan can also add additional data of 4G LTE at the rate of $5 for every GB. Republic only charges basic charges to those users who use less than 1 GB of data per month.

9) TracFone, The Best Plans for Kids

It is quite difficult for most of the family to add additional data or to cover the needs of their kids in existing mobile phone plans, however, this problem has been resolved by TracFone in which you can add on additional data to your existing plans and can have a check on your kids’ data usage.

As most of the plans start from $20 per month, however, with TracFone, parents can opt for even smaller plans to meet the maximum need of their kids by choosing 30 days plan for just $15 with 500 texts and 30 minutes.

Best TracFone Unlimited Carryover

Unlimited Plans of TracFone provide facility for Unlimited Carryover to customers. However, for unlimited carryover, your service must remain active. Unused data of your plans will automatically accumulate and will be carried over to the next plan.

Therefore, with this feature of TracFone, you need not worry about your unused data and its expiry. By keeping service active means that you have to monitor the end date of your service plan. Most of the Unlimited Plans have no feature of auto-refill, therefore for an unlimited and uninterrupted service you have to keep renewing your plan manually.

TracFone Unlimited Plans Compared to The Classic Plans

Varioustypes of Classic Plans for Smartphones are available with the cheapest cost of only $15 a month.Classic Plans also have more selection options in terms of choices. If you are in search of a cheap price then classic plans will win.

However, on the other hand, it looks very nice to have a plan with just $15 per month cost, when you will cross the limit of minutes, texts, and MB available with your monthly classic plan, you have to opt for the add-on. These add-ons will ultimately cost you higher at the end of the month. In such cases, the unlimited plans provided by TracFone would be a wiser option. Classic Plans are only useful when you have to choose a yearly plan because yearly plans are not offered by Unlimited Plans.

TracFone Unlimited Plans Summary: Are They Good Deals?

TracFone offers unlimited plans which are a fresh air’s breather for all those users who are seeking more freedom in their calls and text plans.If you are one of those who text and call a lot, then unlimited plans are the best choice to save you from the worry of constant monitoring of your balance.This worry is also less whileyou are surfing on the internet as you get a large amount of data with unlimited plans.

There is no doubt that TracFone unlimited plans are the best deal if you are availing of their $20 plan for a smartphone because by expending the same amount you will migrate to an unlimited plan and will get a lot more than a classic plan.

TracFone Customer Service

Although it looks awkward that TracFone has no in-person or physical customer support for its users. However, no need to worry about any arising issue that any customer is facing during activation of plan or changing the setting of your device, their customer service in the form of phone or chat is always available.

Whenever customers dial given contact numbers of TracFone, they get prompt answers to their common questions including calls, texts, and data usage problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I Add New Unlimited Text or Talk Plans, What Will Happen to My Existing Text, Minutes, and Internet Data?

There is no worry about your previous plans upon activation of the new plan because your current benefits (text, minutes, and data) will not be lost. Moreover, your current expiry date of the previous plan will automatically extend for the next 30 days with the activation of the new plan. Even you will also be able to use the benefits of your previous plan upon the expiry of your unlimited plan.

When My Unlimited Text and Talks Expire, What Will Happen?

When your unlimited text and talks plan expires, you can simply refill it with any unlimited text and talk plan of your choice. Even if there is any previous balance in your plan, you can use it too.

If I Choose To Go Back To My Previous Plan, What Will Happen?

To go back to your previous plan you have to wait for the expiry of your current unlimited text and talk plan. When unlimited plans will expire, you will automatically be shifted to your previous plan/benefits.

Is there any possibility of triple minutes in new Unlimited Text and Talk plans?


If I Add an Unlimited Text and Talk Plan Will I Lose my Benefits of Triple Minutes?


Is there any possibility of Adding Add-on Cards to my Unlimited Text and Talk Plan?

Yes, there is a possibility of add-ons for data as well as for Global Calling to make international calls to your loved one. However, you will not be able to add only text or minutes because it is an unlimited text and talk plan.

In Unlimited Text and Talks, Why Am I Not Able to Add Only Text or Minutes?

Since you have unlimited minutes and texts for the whole month in the unlimited text and talks plans, therefore, you cannot add only texts or minutes.

After Adding a New Unlimited Text and Talk Plan, Can I Enroll for Auto-Refill?

Yes, Auto-Refill enrolls in available for unlimited text and talk plans.

Final Word

Tracfone is one of the biggest players of cell phone companies for its low-cost plans of the cell phone. Besides the Tracfone Wireless brand, it also runs Simple Mobile, Total Wireless, Straight Talk, and many more features.