How to Watch TV without Internet – Tips to Watching

Nowadays, watching TV via the internet is becoming common in our homes. Technological advances have led to the use of smart TV that needs the internet to watch. However, sometimes it is not cheap to buy the internet or access it across the country.

Have you ever asked yourself how you can watch TV in case you do not have internet? Or else have you ever found yourself in situations where you do not have internet and you want to watch TV?. There are a lot of reasons why you can find yourself terminating internet services. One of them; maybe you want to cut the costs of living among many others. So because of this, you need an alternative to watch TV without the internet.

So, if you have a Smart TV and you do not have internet access, here is the information you need to know. Note that you may need the internet to set up your smart TV in the beginning. However, you do not need the internet to watch your TV every time.

Will a Smart TV Work without Internet Service

Yes. It’s possible for a smart TV to work an internet service. Although you won’t be able to access some essential built-in apps like YouTube and Netflix, you can watch the regular TV programs with help of a top box. You can also watch a smart TV without internet services with help of connectors like HDMI or USB. So, there are various options you can work out your smart TV if it does not have internet service.

How do you Setup a Smart TV without Internet

One of the strongest methods you can connect your TV without the internet is the use of Ethernet cable. Also, it is the most stable connection. So, if you want to set up your smart TV, locate the data port and plug the Ethernet cable to connect it to the internet. Note that your TV should be close to your router. Besides, make sure that you have a strong connection for this to succeed.

Here is the procedure on how to set up your smart TV without internet:

  1. Locate Ethernet port: Most smart TV has an Ethernet port in the back. The manufacturer will label it for you so that you will not struggle to find it.
  2. Connect the Ethernet cable: Once you locate the port, plug in the Ethernet cable from the router to your smart TV. The port has signal lights that will show to you once the connection is successful. The advantage of Ethernet connection is it is free from buffering.
  3. Network menu navigation: After you confirm the connection is complete, power on your TV. Select the menu on the remote of your TV. This will give you several options, proceed to Network Settings.
  4. Enabling connection: Now, select the option enable wired internet. When you are successful, you will type your WiFi password using the buttons of your remote. The smart TV will prompt a virtual keyboard where you will type the password. The typing is through the remote controls. The advantage of Ethernet connection is much faster than WiFi.

How to Watch TV without Internet – Tips to Watching

It is not mandatory to watch TV without the internet. Below are easy methods you can use to enjoy your favorite TV shows without the internet.

1) Using Antenna

You can watch TV using the antenna. When televisions were introduced, people used antennas to receive signals from broadcasting houses. However, the broadcasted signals were analog as well as the TV receivers. Nowadays, all the media houses across the US did digital migrations. Also, the TV manufacturers have the convert box inbuilt. This is majorly for transforming the signals from analog to digital.

So, all you will need to do is look for an antenna from any online store. Order and install it at a point where you can get the signals. Many will opt to place them on the roofs of their houses. This way, you will install it facing the direction where the nearest receiver is. Fine-tune the antenna until you receive the strongest signals. When the process is successful, you will be free to watch the free channels without the internet.

Benefits of watching TV using antenna;

  • It is cheap to instal.
  • There is no compressing of high-quality signals.
  • You can watch in almost all rural areas.

2) Cable TV

Another easy method you can watch TV without the internet is through cable. In most area across the country, there are companies which send their TV signal via cable. They install coaxial cables that carry with them TV signals to your home. In most cases, You will find cable television boxes attached mostly outside of your house. The box has connectors that you can use to receive TV signals. The connectors link the cable line in the streets to the coaxial cables that run to your TV.

So if you do not have an internet connection in your area, cable TV is the best option for you. All you need is to look at the nearest cable TV provider and contact them for installation. Once the installation is successful, you will start watching the provided channels. Note that the channels may differ depending on the provider.

Benefits of cable TV;

  • It is not affected by weather as the broadcasting of signals is through optic fiber.
  • You will not buy an analog/digital signal converter as most cable TV are digital.
  • It is cheap compared to watching via the internet.

3) Using Satellite

Several satellite companies provide TV services by use of satellite. Some of these include; DirecTV and Dish. Although you will pay for the services, you do not need an internet connection to watch. However, some collaborated with internet service providers to give internet too. So, all you will need to do is to contact one of the satellite TV service providers for installation. On average, their prices range from $50 to $125 depending on the programs you want.

So, the team will install the satellite dishes and make sure you connect to the packages you paid for. You will not need the internet to watch your TV when using satellite. Something common with the satellite TV providers is that they have streaming services. So, you can conduct them in case you need an internet connection.

Benefits of using Satellite to watch TV;

  • It has high quality image compared to cable TV.
  • It has global coverage.
  • There is high speed access to services.
  • You can get as many channels as you wish.

4) Using Amazon Fire Stick

This is another method you can use to watch your TV if it is unable to connect to the home internet. Amazon fire stick is an HDMI streaming product that you can use to access your favorite shows. The gadget is designed in a way that you will plug in your TV then direct your home internet to connect. Once you connect, you will be able to access channels like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and many more.

Benefits of Using Amazon Fire Stick;

  • It can turn your normal TV into a smart TV.
  • You can install applications into it and play games.

Final Words

You can watch your TV regardless of an internet connection or not. The only thing smart TV is not able to do without the internet is accessing its built-in apps. Also, you will not be able to access the video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. However, there are different methods available as described above, to watch your TV if you do not have internet.

Generally, smart TVs have a great viewing experience compared to dumb TVs that are not dependent on internet connection access. So, if you have a smart TV without internet, the ball is on your side. Explore the various discussed methods and you will get a way to watch your TV without the internet.

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