How to Watch CNBC Without Cable in 2024

CNBC is a popular business and financial news channel that many investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals like to watch. However, a traditional cable subscription can be expensive just to get access to CNBC. The good news is that in 2024, there are now several excellent ways to watch CNBC without a cable subscription.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about accessing CNBC without cable. We discuss the various live TV streaming platforms that carry CNBC, options to watch CNBC online through their website or app, and alternative business news channels you can view for free.

Live TV Streaming Services With CNBC

1. Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the most affordable live TV streaming services, with plans starting at just $40 per month. Their Sling Blue package includes CNBC as part of its lineup.

Sling Blue also gives you access to over 40 other popular channels, including Bravo, AMC, E!, and FX. You can stream on up to 3 devices simultaneously and cloud DVR storage is included to record shows.

Sling works on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, iOS, Android and more. They also offer a free 3-day trial to test the service.

2. YouTube TV

YouTube TV has quickly become one of the top cable alternatives on the market. For $65 per month, you get over 100+ channels, including CNBC.

YouTube TV’s channel lineup also includes ESPN, TNT, CNN, MSNBC, and many other top networks. Unlimited cloud DVR storage is included, and you can stream YouTube TV on most devices such as Roku, Apple TV, game consoles, and more.

One major perk of YouTube TV is that it allows up to 6 accounts per household, each with their own login, profiles and recordings. This makes it easy for multiple people to share the same subscription.

3. fuboTV

Another excellent option for streaming CNBC without cable is fuboTV. Their base plan called Pro offers over 120 channels for $70 per month.

CNBC and other business channels like CNBC World, Fox Business, and Bloomberg TV are all included. FuboTV is a great choice for sports fans since they offer tons of sports networks and packages as well.

Some other fuboTV highlights are excellent device support, 500 hour cloud DVR, and the ability to stream on up to 10 devices at once. They also offer a free trial to test it out.

4. DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream (formerly known as AT&T TV) grants you access to CNBC and over 140+ live channels for $70 per month under their Choice package.

This streaming service stands out for its superior picture quality and stability compared to other cable alternatives. They utilize advanced technology like 4K resolution, HDR imaging, and voice controls via Alexa and Google Assistant.

Unlimited cloud DVR storage is also included at no extra cost. DirecTV Stream supports most popular streaming devices too. Overall it’s a great option for watching CNBC, especially if you prefer a more premium viewing experience.

5. Philo

If you’re looking for an even cheaper live TV streaming service, check out Philo. For only $25 per month, you get 60+ channels including CNBC and other business/financial networks like Bloomberg and Cheddar.

Philo focuses primarily on entertainment rather than sports, so it’s missing ESPN, FS1, TNT and channels like that. But if you just want CNBC plus great entertainment options like MTV, HGTV, Comedy Central and more, Philo delivers excellent value.

Unlimited DVR storage is included with Philo too. You can stream on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and most other devices. Philo even allows 3 separate streams at once, a rare feature for such an affordable service.

Watching CNBC Online

6. CNBC Website & App

CNBC offers extensive on-demand content available for free on their website and mobile apps. You can keep up with the latest headlines, analysis and shows without needing a cable subscription.

Some of the popular CNBC programs you can stream full episodes of include Mad Money with Jim Cramer, Squawk Box, Fast Money and more. You can browse videos by the type of news or shows you’re interested in.

The CNBC apps for iOS and Android also provide a personalized feed with the latest videos organized by your watch history preferences. This makes it really easy to stay updated on specific stocks or sectors in the business/investing world.

While the on-demand library has a lot of great content, one downside is you can’t actually live stream real-time CNBC with the website or app. For that you’ll need one of the streaming TV services above that carries the CNBC live feeds.

Alternative Free Business & Financial News Channels

7. Yahoo Finance App & Website

The Yahoo Finance app and website at are fantastic free resources for the latest market news, investment research tools, and even live streaming business television.

For TV, they have live news coverage from partners like Yahoo Finance Live and some original programming. You can tune into hourly market updates, daily closing bell shows, expert interviews and analysis on stocks, sectors and global business trends.

Yahoo Finance also offers real-time stock data, company/sector profiles, advanced charting tools and more. You can track your own portfolios, get news alerts on tickers you follow, and access financial research reports. It’s an essential app for any investor or CNBC fan.

8. Bloomberg TV+ App

While a paid TV provider subscription is needed to watch Bloomberg TV’s live linear feeds, their app Bloomberg TV+ offers select live and on-demand business news coverage for free.

Bloomberg TV+ provides live streams of daily shows like Bloomberg Markets: European Close, Bloomberg Markets: China Open, What Goes Up with Mike Regan and more. You also get access to an extensive on-demand library of the most recent episodes across all Bloomberg TV programs.

The app experience makes it really easy to find the Bloomberg video content aligned with your interests, like technology, markets, politics, sustainability and other popular topics.

9. Cheddar News App & Website

Cheddar News is an upstart streaming business and financial media company with a website and app full of video content tailored to a younger audience.

Their team of anchors and reporters covers the key headlines moving the stock market each day and breaking news impacting companies. But they present it in a more casual, lively format versus the traditional stuffy business newscast.

Cheddar also covers technology, media, cannabis stocks and crypto news that a mainstream channel like CNBC may not dive into as much. You can live stream Cheddar News for free on their website or app. No login or subscription is required.

So if CNBC’s vibe feels stale, give Cheddar News a look for more relaxed and modern business coverage. The app experience makes discovery really easy too.

10. Yahoo Finance Live YouTube Channel

As mentioned earlier, Yahoo Finance has been ramping up their own live and on-demand business/finance video content. A great place to easily access all the latest Yahoo Finance Live full episodes for free is through their YouTube channel.

Yahoo Finance Live provides daily market updates every morning and closing bell shows in the afternoon. You also get regular interviews with high profile CEOs, investors, economists and authors providing insights on topics impacting stocks and personal finance.

The benefit of subscribing to the Yahoo Finance Live YouTube channel is you can turn on alerts to immediately see new videos when they publish live or on-demand replays. It serves as a freely available alternative source for watching business television without cable.

How to Watch CNBC Without Cable – Quick Summary

  • Top live TV streaming services with CNBC are Sling TV, YouTube TV, fuboTV, DirecTV Stream and Philo. Plans start at only $25 a month.
  • CNBC offers tons of on-demand full episodes for free via their website and mobile apps.
  • Great alternative free business and financial news apps/sites are Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg TV+ and Cheddar News.
  • The Yahoo Finance Live YouTube channel publishes ton of great business and stock market analysis.

With over-the-air antennas losing support for CNBC and a traditional cable subscription feeling outdated, the options covered above make it really easy and affordable to access CNBC in 2024 without cable. The streaming services provide live CNBC feeds with tons of other channels, while CNBC’s website/apps, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg and Cheddar serve up quality on-demand business and financial video content.

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How to Get a Free Trial to CNBC?

Here are a few ways to get a free trial for CNBC:

  1. Sling TV offers a 3-day free trial that includes access to CNBC. Just sign up at for the free trial.
  2. fuboTV provides a 7-day free trial that also grants access to CNBC and over 120 other channels. Register at to activate the free week.
  3. DirecTV Stream gives new users 5 days of free streaming. Their packages include CNBC. Visit to claim the 5-day trial.
  4. YouTube TV normally offers a 14-day free trial, but CNBC is restricting access just to a 7-day trial for now. Still, you can sign up at for 7 days of CNBC plus over 100 channels.
  5. Philo grants new users a 7-day free trial with 60+ channels including CNBC. Sign up at to try their service free for a week.

Sling TV, fuboTV, DirecTV Stream, YouTube TV and Philo all provide free trials that give you access to CNBC for a limited promotional period. This allows you to evaluate these streaming TV services risk-free. Just be sure to cancel before the trial ends to avoid being charged. Take advantage of these offers for free temporary viewing of CNBC!

How to Get a CNBC Live Stream?

Here are a few methods to access a live stream of CNBC:

  1. Live TV Streaming Services: Youtube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, FuboTV and other live streaming services provide full CNBC live streams in their channel packages. Most offer free trials. They provide live access on many devices.
  2. TV Provider Login: You can stream the CNBC live feed on their website or app by logging in with a qualifying pay TV provider like cable, satellite, Optimum, Spectrum, etc. This allows authenticated access to the live stream.
  3. Free Options: While they don’t stream the exact live CNBC channel feed for free, services like Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg Quicktake, and Cheddar provide live free business/financial newscasts on their apps and sites that can serve as alternatives.
  4. International CNBC Streams: Residents outside the USA can check official CNBC affiliates in their country to see if any provide free live streams of CNBC programming. Examples include CNBC Africa, CNBC Europe and CNBC Asia.
  5. NewsON: An app mainly focused on local news, NewsON offers some national live news channels including CNBC for free with ads. It’s worth checking for CNBC live capability in your area via NewsON.

Getting the exact CNBC TV live feed legally without a paid TV subscription requires using a live streaming provider’s free trial or authenticating with a cable/streaming login. But for free options, apps like Yahoo Finance offer usable alternatives with comparable live business and financial news.

How to Watch CNBC on Roku?

Here are the best ways to watch CNBC on your Roku device:

  1. Subscribe to a Live TV Streaming Service: Many streaming services like YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, FuboTV, and Sling TV offer CNBC in their channel packages. Most offer free trials. You can install their Roku channels to watch a live CNBC feed.
  2. Use the CNBC App: CNBC offers their own dedicated app for Roku. While you can’t live stream CNBC shows in the app without a provider login, you do get access to a large on-demand library of recently aired episodes and segments from all CNBC programming.
  3. Consider Other Business News Apps: Apps like Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg TV+, and Cheddar provide select live and on-demand business/finance news for free on Roku. While not identical to CNBC, they can supplement with related content.
  4. Use Airplay with an iOS Device: You can airplay a CNBC live stream or video from an iPhone or iPad directly to your Roku streaming player, essentially using the iOS device as the video source. This works with CNBC’s app, YouTube TV free trial, or authentication using a provider login.

Overall, a live TV streaming subscription with CNBC offers the best experience if you want full access to live and on-demand viewing. But the CNBC app and other finance outlets do provide some alternatives to get CNBC or CNBC-style content on Roku without paying.

How to Watch CNBC on an Amazon Fire TV?

Here are the best methods to watch CNBC on an Amazon Fire TV:

  1. Subscribe to a Live TV Streaming Service – Services like YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, and DirecTV Stream offer CNBC in their channel packages. You can install their Fire TV apps to access a live feed.
  2. Download the CNBC App on Fire TV – CNBC’s app allows on-demand viewing of latest full episodes & segments from CNBC shows. You can’t live stream without a cable login though.
  3. Use Other Business News Apps – Apps like Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg TV+, and Cheddar provide live or on-demand business news for free on Fire TV sticks/cubes. Useful CNBC alternatives.
  4. Airplay CNBC from an iOS Device – You can mirror CNBC from an iPhone/iPad to the Fire TV. This includes airplaying a live feed from a friend’s cable login or the YouTube TV free trial.
  5. Use Silk Browser to View Website Stream – Amazon’s Silk browser built into Fire TV devices can stream video from websites. You could view CNBC live on their site with a cable/streaming login.

The best quality and reliability will come from installing a full-featured streaming TV app with CNBC live access. But CNBC’s own app, news apps, airplay workarounds or Silk browsing allow some alternative viewing options on Fire TVs without a streaming subscription.

How to Watch CNBC on an Apple TV Device?

Here are the best methods to watch CNBC on an Apple TV:

  1. Subscribe to a Live TV Streaming Service – Options like YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, FuboTV, or Sling TV allow you to install their Apple TV app and watch a live feed of CNBC through their channel packages.
  2. Use the Apple TV App – You can access CNBC’s on-demand library to view recently aired full episodes and clips for free in the Apple TV app. Just search for CNBC.
  3. Download the CNBC App – CNBC offers their own app for Apple TV as well. It also provides on-demand full episodes from all CNBC shows to watch without needing a cable login.
  4. Use Airplay from an iPhone/iPad – You can mirror your iOS device’s screen to Apple TV, including airplaying a CNBC live stream from a service like YouTube TV or even the CNBC app with a cable subscription login.
  5. Check Other News Apps – Apps like Bloomberg TV+, Cheddar, and Yahoo Finance offer select live or taped business news programming for free directly on Apple TV devices as well.

For the best user experience, a subscription streaming TV service with CNBC offers reliable live streams plus on-demand access. But CNBC’s app and alternative news apps do allow some options for free ad-supported viewing of CNBC or CNBC-style content on Apple TV boxes.

How to Watch CNBC on a Computer?

Here are a few methods to watch CNBC on your computer:

  1. CNBC Website – You can stream CNBC programming on-demand for free at Just visit their video section to browse clips and full episodes. Requires a TV provider login for live streams.
  2. TV Streaming Service Websites – Services like YouTube TV, Hulu Live, and Sling TV allow you to access CNBC live streams and on-demand libraries on their websites with your account login. Most offer free trials.
  3. TV Provider Websites – If you have a qualifying cable, satellite or live streaming login, you can authenticate at to unlock live CNBC streams on their website.
  4. News Websites – While not CNBC exactly, sites like Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and Cheddar provide live and on-demand business programming for free directly through your web browser.
  5. Mobile Screen Casting – You can cast or mirror CNBC mobile app video from an iPhone/Android to a computer browser using tools like AirPlay, Chromecast or cable-free HDMI.

Overall, websites of a paid live TV streaming subscription with CNBC provide the most convenient desktop access. But CNBC’s site and alternative news outlets allow some free options to view CNBC or CNBC-style content through a computer browser as well. Authenticating via TV everywhere apps also works.

How to Watch CNBC on iOS (iPhone or iPad)?

Here are the best ways to watch CNBC on an iPhone or iPad:

  1. CNBC App – The dedicated CNBC app provides hours of on-demand content including full episodes, clips, segments and more. You can also use a TV provider login for some live streams. And it’s free.
  2. YouTube TV App – YouTube TV offers CNBC live and on-demand with a subscription. Their iOS app enables streaming CNBC everywhere. There is a free trial available.
  3. TV Provider App – Use your cable or satellite provider’s iOS app (eg. Xfinity, Spectrum, DirecTV) to access live CNBC streams. Just login to authenticate access.
  4. Other News Apps – While not identical to CNBC, apps like Yahoo Finance, Cheddar, and Bloomberg offer free business news live-streams and videos.
  5. AirPlay to a TV – You can mirror your iPhone/iPad’s CNBC video to a TV using AirPlay. This includes live streams with a shared cable login.

The CNBC app grants the most versatile free access for iPhones/iPads through on demand episodes, while YouTube TV and TV providers enable full live/streaming access. And tools like AirPlay allow you to view CNBC from iOS on the big screen conveniently.

How to Watch CNBC on an Android Phone?

Here are the best methods to watch CNBC on an Android phone:

  1. Install the CNBC App – CNBC offers their own app for Android providing extensive on-demand full episodes and clips for free. Authenticate with a TV provider for some live streams.
  2. Use Streaming Service Apps – Apps like YouTube TV, Sling TV, or DirecTV Stream allow you to log in and access CNBC live feeds and DVR recordings on an Android smartphone.
  3. Cast to a TV from Android – You can cast CNBC video playing in the Android app directly to a Google Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku or smart TV for easy viewing on a big screen.
  4. Use TV Everywhere Apps – Apps from cable/satellite providers like Xfinity, Spectrum, Optimum let you login to unlock live CNBC streams on an Android device if you have their TV subscription.
  5. Check Alternative News Apps – While not exactly CNBC, apps like Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and Cheddar offer free live and on-demand business programming.

So the CNBC app, streaming TV apps, casting abilities, and TV everywhere login allow you to conveniently watch some version of CNBC for free on an Android. Using a streaming service like YouTube TV provides the best full experience with unlimited DVR and true live viewing.

How to Watch CNBC on an Android TV?

Here are the best methods to watch CNBC on an Android TV:

  1. Download Live TV Streaming Apps – Services like YouTube TV, Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, and FuboTV all have Android TV apps providing live CNBC streams through your subscription package.
  2. Install the CNBC App – There is a CNBC app for Android TV giving you free access to an extensive on-demand library of CNBC shows and segments to watch on-demand.
  3. Use Alternative News Apps – Apps like Yahoo Finance, Cheddar, Bloomberg TV+ offer select live and taped business news programming for free directly on Android TV.
  4. Cast CNBC from Your Phone – If you can access CNBC video on your Android phone, you can cast it to the Android TV just like Chromecast. This includes casting from the CNBC or YouTube TV apps potentially.
  5. Use Live Channels Integration – Android TVs have Google’s Live Channels, which can integrate with TV everywhere apps like Spectrum, Xfinity, DirecTV and show channel guides with live streams.

For the best experience, a live TV streaming service like YouTube TV offers reliable CNBC access with unlimited DVR. But the CNBC app, alternative news apps, casting from your phone and TV everywhere login allow different free options as well.

How to Watch CNBC on an Xbox?

Here are the main methods to watch CNBC on an Xbox:

  1. Download Streaming TV Apps – Services like YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling TV, FuboTV and more have apps for Xbox consoles and include CNBC access with your subscription package.
  2. Use the Microsoft Edge Browser – The Edge browser on Xbox lets you navigate websites like CNBC to watch some video content directly or authenticate TV provider access.
  3. Cast from Mobile Apps – You can cast or mirror CNBC video from mobile apps on your iPhone or Android phone over to the Xbox, whether from the CNBC app or services like YouTube TV.
  4. Consider OTA DVR Options – Over-the-air DVRs like HDHomeRun with Channels DVR software integrate live channel guides into the Xbox. You may find CNBC this way if receiving the channel signal.
  5. Try a VPN for Access – Connecting your Xbox to a VPN can sometimes allow access to region-specific CNBC live streams from other countries, though locally this likely violates TOS.

The easiest and most reliable way is downloading and logging into a streaming TV service app. But casting from your phone, using browser authentication, OTA DVR or VPN tricks provide alternative methods to potentially access CNBC on Xbox consoles without paying.

FAQs About Watching CNBC Without Cable

What is the cheapest way to watch CNBC without cable TV?

The cheapest live TV streaming service with CNBC is Philo at only $25 per month. While their channel lineup is focused more on entertainment than sports and news, they do include CNBC plus Bloomberg TV, Cheddar and other popular business news channels. The low $25 monthly cost makes Philo the most budget friendly cable alternative for accessing CNBC.

What channels come with Sling TV?

Sling TV offers two base packages: Sling Orange ($40 per month, 31 channels) and Sling Blue ($40 per month, 41 channels). CNBC comes with Sling Blue. Other popular channels included with Sling Blue are Bravo, AMC, Comedy Central, CNN, E!, ESPN, Fox Sports 1, FX, Syfy, TBS, TNT and more. Extra channel packs can also be added to expand your lineup.

Does YouTube TV have CNBC?

Yes, YouTube TV carries CNBC as part of its lineup of over 100+ channels. YouTube TV costs $65 per month. Some of the other major channels they offer beyond CNBC are ESPN, TBS, TNT, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, HGTV, AMC, FX and many more top cable networks. YouTube TV is considered one of the best cable alternatives available today, especially for sports fans.

Is Bloomberg TV free online?

Bloomberg TV’s live linear feeds require a paid TV provider login, but their app Bloomberg TV+ offers select live and on-demand Bloomberg TV shows/episodes for free without any login needed. Bloomberg TV+ is available on iPhone/iPad, Android phones/tablets, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices. The app makes it really easy to access lots of quality business and finance video content from Bloomberg TV for free.

Does CNBC have an app that is free?

Yes, CNBC offers a free iOS and Android app that provides a huge on-demand library of CNBC shows, clips and segments. Popular CNBC programs available include Mad Money, Squawk Box, Closing Bell, Fast Money and more. The app gives you access to recently aired full episodes. However, you cannot actually live stream the real-time CNBC TV feeds for free. The CNBC app on-demand content is more for catching up on the most recently aired videos from all CNBC shows.