What Channel are the Dallas Cowboys Playing on Today in 2024?

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most popular and valuable sports franchises in the world. Their games draw millions of passionate fans each week across various television networks. With the 2024 NFL season now underway, many Cowboys fans are wondering what channel America’s Team will be playing on for their upcoming games.

Dallas Cowboys Television Broadcasting Rights

The Dallas Cowboys have had their games broadcast on national television since the team’s inception in 1960. Over the decades, various major networks have held the rights to air Cowboys games.

Current Network Television Partners

In the latest round of NFL television contracts finalized in 2022, the Dallas Cowboys once again secured first-tier broadcasting rights across several major networks for the 2024 season and beyond:

  • FOX: As part of the NFC, a majority of Cowboys Sunday afternoon games air on the FOX network. This has been the case since 1994 after FOX acquired the broadcast rights to air games from teams in the National Football Conference.
  • CBS: The Cowboys will appear on CBS for certain interconference afternoon matchups against AFC opponents. CBS and FOX alternate airing these interconference games.
  • NBC: The Cowboys have regularly appeared in the primetime Sunday Night Football game on NBC since 2006. High viewership and the team’s star power ensure they receive maximum allowable appearances in the elite SNF slot.
  • ESPN: Through connections with parent company Disney, ESPN secured rights to air one Cowboys game per season on Monday Night Football beginning in 2024 in a lucrative 10-year deal.

Scheduling Flexibility for Primetime

The Cowboys’ status as one of the NFL’s premier television draws grants them unique flexibility when organizing game schedules. League broadcast partners often work collaboratively with the Cowboys to move their games into primetime windows.

So even if Dallas is slated for an early Sunday afternoon kickoff, there exists potential to swap matchups to place the Cowboys in a more high-profile Saturday or Sunday night broadcast. This further showcases America’s Team to a wider national audience.

Consult the 2024 Dallas Cowboys Schedule

Pinpointing the exact channel for upcoming Cowboys games requires obtaining their latest schedule for the 2024 NFL season. This lists all opponents, dates, start times, and assigned television networks.

2024 Regular Season Schedule

As defending NFC East champions, the Dallas Cowboys received a first-place schedule against rivals from the same division in 2024. They also go up against all four teams from the NFC South and AFC North:

Week 1 (Sep 5): vs New York Giants (NBC)
Week 2 (Sep 15): @ Philadelphia Eagles (ESPN)
Week 3 (Sep 22): vs Washington Commanders (FOX)
Week 4: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (FOX)
Week 5: @ Los Angeles Rams (CBS)
Week 6 (Oct 13): vs Cincinnati Bengals (CBS)
Week 7: @ Baltimore Ravens (CBS)
Week 8: vs New Orleans Saints (FOX)
Week 9: @ Buffalo Bills (FOX)
Week 10: vs Pittsburgh Steelers (FOX)
Week 11: @ Atlanta Falcons (FOX)
Week 12: vs Carolina Panthers (Thanksgiving – CBS)
Week 13: vs Jacksonville Jaguars (FOX)
Week 14: vs Philadelphia Eagles (NBC)
Week 15 (Dec 22): @ Tennessee Titans (NFL Network)
Week 16: vs Washington Commanders (FOX)
Week 17: @ New York Giants (FOX)
Week 18: @ Pittsburgh Steelers (TBD)

This official slate provides the assigned TV channel for every Dallas Cowboys regular season matchup through Week 17. Broadcast partners get to select games during the final week of the season to air in the late afternoon and primetime windows for optimal viewership.

Potential Playoff Appearances

If the Cowboys qualify for the NFL postseason as NFC East champs or a Wild Card team, they’ll appear on the following networks:

  • Wild Card Round: Early January on CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN/ABC
  • Divisional Round: Mid January on CBS, FOX, NBC
  • NFC Championship: Late January on FOX
  • Super Bowl: Early February on FOX

So be sure to keep an eye on FOX, NBC, and CBS down the stretch next season if Dallas makes a run towards Super Bowl LIX!

Locating Cowboys Games on TV in 2024

Armed with the dates and scheduled broadcast channels, locating live Cowboys telecasts in 2024 simply requires turning on the correct network affiliated station prior to kickoff.

Here are some simple steps:

1. Confirm the Date and Start Time

Use the schedule above to identify which week’s game you want to watch along with kickoff time.

NFL start times generally fall into these windows:

  • Early Sunday Afternoon: 1 pm ET / 12 pm CT
  • Late Sunday Afternoon: 4:25 pm ET / 3:25 pm CT
  • Sunday Night (NBC): 8:20 pm ET / 7:20 pm CT
  • Monday Night (ESPN): 8:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm CT
  • Thursday Night (Prime Video): 8:15 pm ET / 7: 15 pm CT

Saturdays (mostly early December) and NFL Network games occasionally also apply for the Cowboys.

2. Determine the Broadcast Network

The next key detail is identifying which network – FOX, CBS, NBC, or ESPN – will air the matchup.

Use the official 2024 Dallas Cowboys schedule above as your guide for each week or game.

3. Tune to the Proper Local Affiliate Channel

With the date, time, and broadcasting network now known, simply turn your television to that channel just prior to kickoff.

  • FOX: FOX 4 (KDFW) in Dallas-Fort Worth
  • CBS: CBS 11 (KTVT) in Dallas-Fort Worth
  • NBC: NBC 5 (KXAS) in Dallas-Fort Worth
  • ESPN: Channel 206/1206 on DirecTV, 29/829 on DISH in Dallas
  • NFL Network: Check local listings or channel 212/1212 on DirecTV, 154/1154 on DISH
  • Prime Video: Amazon Prime membership required

This allows you to enjoy the live game broadcast in the comfort of your own home.

Streaming options for cord cutters are also available across various partner platforms and apps associated with each network. Consult your streaming provider for package details.

Watching Cowboys Games Live Outside DFW

Finding a televised Dallas Cowboys game across the country typically boils down to locating the local affiliate station on your system that carries the scheduled broadcast network.

Search Channel Listings

Most areas have at least one or more FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN stations available. Check the channel guide on your cable/satellite package or local listings via TV Guide/newspaper.

The specific channel numbers vary by location and provider. But the station naming conventions usually contain clues (e.g. FOX Chicago, CBS New York, etc.) to make identification easier.

Premium Sports Packages

Subscribers with premium tier sports packages through major cable/satellite providers can often view out of market Sunday afternoon games via NFL Sunday Ticket (DirecTV) or NFL Plus (Streaming).

These let fans choose from multiple live NFL matchups each week regardless of their location on a given Sunday. Just look for the Cowboys game specifically to tune in live.

Live Streaming Options

Without premium sports subscriptions, streaming remains an alternative for catching Cowboys games in 2024.

Apps and platforms like Yahoo Sports, FuboTV, Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and more carry many local network affiliates which air Dallas games. Availability varies, so check supported channels offered in your region before signing up.

And as mentioned above, an Amazon Prime membership opens up Cowboys appearances on Thursday Night Football streaming exclusively on Prime Video next season.

Deciphering More Complex NFL Broadcasting Rules

Certain intricacies exist with NFL broadcast regulations that occasionally result in shifted or unavailable Cowboys telecasts for some viewers.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the NFL television policies in 2024 to be aware of:

Local and National Broadcast Split for CBS/FOX

  • Week 1 through Week 17 CBS and FOX air games primarily aimed at local team home markets
  • The NFL rules prohibit other games from airing locally at the same time on these networks
  • This means certain away Cowboys games could get blacked out on local Dallas CBS/FOX if another matchup is designated for that week

Week 18 Undetermined Matchups

  • Week 18 broadcast schedules are not finalized until just prior to the final regular season weekend
  • Networks have some flexibility on which games to air in all Sunday timeslots
  • Cowboys games aren’t guaranteed to air locally in the early or late afternoon windows for Week 18

Single Header Restrictions on Early Kickoffs

  • The NFL limits CBS and FOX to airing only one game each in the early Sunday afternoon window
  • If multiple Cowboys away games fall into this early 1:00 pm ET slot for a given Sunday, there’s a chance one won’t broadcast locally

Amazon Prime Exclusive National Rights

  • All Thursday Night Football matchups (excluding Week 1) air exclusively on Prime Video
  • This live stream requires an Amazon Prime membership and prevents other national or local broadcasts

DirecTV Offers Unique Out of Market Access

  • NFL Sunday Ticket provides live online and mobile access to out of market Sunday afternoon games
  • So if a Cowboys game gets blacked out on local Dallas CBS or FOX, Sunday Ticket carries it instead
  • Sunday Ticket access requires the premium package and DirecTV satellite subscription

Understanding these nuances allows fans to better track when and where to catch America’s Team in action all season long in 2024!

Finding Cowboys Analysis, Highlights and Replays

Beyond the live broadcasts, many television and streaming platforms supply Cowboys focused NFL coverage all season. Seeing expert analysis, game replays or highlight packages only requires knowing where to look:

NFL Network

The 24/7 NFL channel presents various Cowboys centered programs with insider perspective:

  • Game replays with condensed and All-22 film angles
  • Extensive game highlights and player features
  • Daily news updates and interview segments
  • Expert picks, predictions and injury reports all season long


Trusted voices across ESPN dissect the Cowboys daily on popular shows like:

  • NFL Live – Weekday news, highlights and takes
  • Sunday NFL Countdown – Gameday previews, picks and more
  • Monday Night Football pregame show
  • Various debate style shows like First Take, PTI, Around the Horn etc.

Plus they supply category leading written and video content online at ESPN.com

Network Pre and Post Game Shows

The major networks airing each Cowboys game provide bookend programming examining matchups:

  • Pregame shows preview the matchup with keys, predictions and injury analysis
  • Postgame wraps immediate reaction, commentary, press conferences and highlights

Examples include FOX NFL Sunday, The OT, Football Night in America, and Monday Night Countdown.

Social Media and Team Programming

The Cowboys produce behind the scenes digital content on their official website DallasCowboys.com and mobile app. Players and coaches also connect with fans daily via personal social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Local Dallas Sports Programming

Regional sports coverage centered entirely on the Cowboys appears across Dallas area TV and radio such as:

105.3 The Fan, Fox Sports Southwest, NBC 5’s Blue Star programming, Cowboys insider shows like Silver Star Nation, plus various print and online outlets.

How to Watch Today’s Dallas Cowboys – Step-by-step Guide

Here are the key steps to watch today’s Dallas Cowboys game:

Step 1) Check today’s date and the Cowboys’ opponent for the week

Consult the Dallas Cowboys 2024 schedule listed in the article to see who they are playing this week and reference the date.

Step 2) Identify the broadcast network

Match the opponent up with the schedule to see which network – FOX, CBS, NBC or ESPN – will be televising today’s Cowboys game.

Step 3) Locate your local channel affiliate

If watching on TV from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, tune to one of the following stations before kickoff:

  • FOX: FOX 4 (KDFW)
  • CBS: CBS 11 (KTVT)
  • NBC: NBC 5 (KXAS)
  • ESPN: Channel 206/1206 on DirecTV, 29/829 on DISH

Step 4) Verify the start time

Check whether today’s game starts at 1:00 pm ET, 4:25 pm ET or is a night game at 8:20 pm ET.

Step 5) Enjoy the Cowboys game!

Sit back and watch America’s Team live on your preferred screen once the broadcast begins. Use streaming options if your area lacks access to the scheduled television channel.

Let me know if you need any other specifics on how to tune in to the Dallas Cowboys game happening today!

Staying Up to Date All Season Long

With a renewed appreciation for where to find live Cowboys game broadcasts, highlights, expert analysis and insider coverage – never miss a moment of keeping up with America’s Team during the thrilling 2024 NFL season!

Others Q&A

What channel are the Dallas Cowboys games on?

The Cowboys games air on a variety of networks including FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN. Most Sunday afternoon games are shown on FOX or CBS, Sunday Night Football games air on NBC, and the one Monday Night Football game is on ESPN.

Where can I find the Cowboys schedule to see which channel they are playing on each week?

The full Dallas Cowboys 2024 regular season schedule is included in the article, listing the date, time, opponent, and TV channel for each game. Their official website at dallascowboys.com also posts the schedule week-by-week.

Do I need NFL Sunday Ticket or NFL Plus to watch Cowboys games?

No. As long as the game is airing on your local Dallas FOX, CBS, NBC or other affiliate station, it will be available without needing a special NFL package. These packages simply offer access to more out-of-market games.

What if I don’t live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? How can I watch Cowboys games?

Check which station in your area is the local affiliate for FOX, CBS, NBC and ESPN. These channels provide Cowboys game broadcasts nationwide in select weeks and primetime slots. Streaming options like FuboTV and YouTube TV also carry these local affiliates.

Why are some Cowboys games unavailable to watch locally?

Certain NFL broadcasting rules can sometimes result in a Cowboys game being blacked out locally if another matchup is scheduled to air in that time slot. Games may also shift broadcast channels within a week or two of gameday.

How else can I get Cowboys coverage beyond live games?

Great alternatives include NFL Network, ESPN programming, pre/post game shows on FOX and CBS, radio coverage on 105.3 The Fan, official team digital content, and local DFW sports outlets.