How To Connect Samsung TV To WiFi: Easy Instructions

In this day and age, Smart TVs are all the rage. Every household and even establishments opt for this type of Television Screen. A few players for Smart TV are seen in the market today, such as Apple and Samsung, that is considered as the giants of this innovation. A few electronic companies then followed the trend of changing their products to a more adaptable business model that instead of having an obsolete form of technology, they made options for their audience such as adding the Smart TV unto their business line.

Special considerations are made by the user and consumer as to why they would opt for a Smart TV rather than the standard television set we have used and seen growing up.

Some simple reasons why Smart TVs are being patronized more are:

  • More options for channels via streaming apps.
  • This can be used for browsing the internet.
  • Smart TVs can be integrated into your smart home appliances or mobile devices.
  • Everything that can be seen in the Smart TV is HD.

Due to these factors, patrons gravitate more toward the use of smart TVs as this can provide all things that the consumer needs all in one appliance. Even though there can be various glitches or crashes that happen to the product or disadvantages into converting into Smart TV use, there is no foreseeing anytime soon that the loyalty of the mass public towards any brand of Smart TV out there.

For first-time users of this piece of equipment, things can get very complicated regardless of any brand. But, there are actually ways that are not as complicated as it seems. Especially when trying to connect to the WiFi. For Samsung TV users, there are various ways how to connect to WiFi.

Just in case there is no remote available to use to connect, Here are some tips and easy instructions for anyone in need of it that allows users convenient and stress-free set up for their Samsung TV or Smart TV and connect this device or equipment to the WiFi:

Here is how to connect Samsung TV to WiFi without a remote:

How To Connect Samsung TV to WiFi via Keyboard or Mouse

  • Step 1: Check keyboard and mouse compatibility. Not all available equipment or brands are recommended for this.
  • Step 2: Connect the device via a USB port and cable.
  • Step 3: Proceed to connect the Samsung TV to WiFi. Click on Input, then choose Live TV. Select Recommended and click configure Network.
  • Step 4: Input your Router SSID and Password.

Note that all these are done when the mouse and keyboard are securely connected to the Samsung TV; otherwise, there are other options that are possible for anyone to try.

How To Connect Samsung TV Through a Mobile Hotspot

Samsung TVs as a smart tv can connect to the WiFi via a Hotspot. Simply turn on the WiFi of the device and proceed to connect the Samsung TV to the internet like how anyone can connect to a Hotspot device.

Make sure that the Hotspot device can still stream in HD through checking the plan it has available as the consumption of the data can be excessive in the hotspot, thus affecting the quality.

Connect through Partner Apps like the Samsung App or any available in the market that is compatible with the brand that one has.

  • Step 1: Download the App.
  • Step 2: Register and input all details needed, such as email, full name, contact number, and password.
  • Step 3: Confirm all details and proceed to log in with the App.
  • Step 4: Continue on with how to connect Samsung TV to the WiFi through adding the smart TV accordingly as New Device.

Having a partner app to connect to the WiFi for the Smart TV is handy and easy to address what is needed on how to connect Samsung TV to the WiFi without remote.

The instructions seen here are all applicable to the Smart TV discussed.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

In addition here are some Frequently Asked Questions on how to connect Samsung TV to WiFi:

How to Install Apps in the Smart TV?

  1. Upon connecting to the WiFi, Find the App to be downloaded and select.
  2. Save it in external storage that can be put into the Smart TV as well.
  3. Connect the external storage and install it to the Smart TV.
  4. Wait for the prompt that it has been successfully transferred and installed before disconnecting or unplugging the cable or USB.

Note that this can all be transferred and done while the WiFi is on and the device or Smart TV is connected to it.

Is There a Certain Speed Needed for Routers or Internet Broadband for use with Samsung TV or Smart TV?

As mentioned, Smart TVs are widely used by the public for streaming online videos right on their television.

The faster the connection, the higher the quality and streaming. 4k HD is highly recommended for the streaming apps or platforms accessed through the Smart TV, and the Samsung TV is no stranger to this.


How to connect Samsung TV to WiFi has many possible ways that anyone can quickly try or do. With or without a remote, other alternatives can be done. Just remember that specific parameters should be followed and considered, such as Cable and USB recommendations, Storage Capacity when downloading apps to the TV, and others that may affect how to connect Samsung TV to WiFi with or without a remote.

The on-screen menu may vary depending on the brand of the Smart TV, and the app recognition can also affect how the partnership of the tv to connects to the WiFi. The terms can also be different such as some brands or products refer WiFi to Wireless Network, Home Network, WiFi Network, or just WiFi. Regardless of these hindrances, it can slow down the process of how to connect Samsung TV to WiFi without a remote, but it does not necessarily mean that it is not possible to do.