How To Mirror iPhone To TV Without WiFi? – A Complete Methods

Mirror your iPhone to your TV has been a hot topic of discussion especially when we don’t need to use a Wifi to do that. All homes are not occupied with Apple TV which is easily to connect or mirror up with your Apple phone whenever you feel a need to watch something in a bigger screen or with a family. In cases, when we have a normal TV, not an Apple TV, you can say a LED etc. Still your iPhone can be mirrored with any TV and you can enjoy the same experience without using a Wifi.

Many methods of mirroring iPhone to your TV are used like using a Google Chrome cast but this technology generally involves use of Wifi. In this you need to be a Google Chrome cast owner to get access to easy mirroring of your iPhone to TV which involves downloading of a screening app on your iPhone and then connect it to your Chrome cast device which will help you in mirror iPhone with TV over Wifi.

There is alternative to this in which you can mirror your iPhone to TV without using Wifi which will be discussed in the following guide.

How to Mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi (Step by Step Guide)

Methods: 1

In order to mirror your iPhone to TV without using your Wifi is by bypassing wireless altogether by using Apple digital AV lightning adapter plugs into the bottom of your iPhone or iPad.

  • As you plug the adapters, it will allow you to output via HDMI to any display screen you might be having near you. This gives you access to a bypass charging port as well.
  • It is an expensive technique because these AV adapters are expensive adapters but if you’re looking to travel without having to worry about setting up a roku or fire TV. Drawing this adaptor in your bag is a very convenient way to go and if you ready for a one time investment then these adaptors make a perfect deal.

Methods: 2

If you have a TV which is capable of receiving an airplay broadcasts then you don’t have to use a physical adapter anymore instead you can use another feature that is unknown called peer to peer airplay that uses Bluetooth to mirror your phone without the need of Wifi.

  • Make sure both devices are disconnected from Wifi and you need to also ensure that Wifi is still enabled on both devices, no need to disable it.
  • Now pair your phone to your TV over Bluetooth using the standard pairing method on your phone, as each phone has their own methods. Once you are connected to your TV over Bluetooth, you should be able to see your TV appear in your airplay devices selection screen. Though you may need to restart both devices to make it work as it won’t work easy if reboot is not done. Restart you’re both the devices.
  • Apple does not recommend using peer to peer method regularly because it can harm your hardware if used regularly. In fact it’s hard to find any documentation on the feature of peer to peer at all on their website.
  • Similarly some third party apps including Netflix do not work in peer to peer mode of mirroring your iPhone to TV and this problem may lead you back to turning to the basic HDMI adapter to mirror your iPhone to your TV offline.

Methods: 3

You can mirror your iPhone to TV without using Wifi or without the need of a Chrome cast by just using your mobile data as well. It is a pretty simple but less known method to mirror your iPhone to your TV.

  • Suppose you have iPhone 10s max or any iPhone you can use that supports mobile data. First thing you need to do is go to the settings. In the settings go to cellular networks and turn on the mobile data of your iPhone. This is going you as once you turn on your mobile data, all the applications on your iPhone will start using the internet. Just be careful with the mobile data as it is somewhat expensive and depends on where you live.
  • So, once the mobile data is turned on you need to go to the personal hotspot settings which is located right below the mobile data option. Turn your hotspot on. Once you turn that on, this is going to enable your TV to connect to your hotspot. Now you can set up your password however you like. But once you enable your mobile data you have to be careful because it is pretty expensive in some places or in different countries depending on where you are living.
  • In your TV, for example Samsung TV, go to the network settings of your TV, and there you will be seeing a list of discoverable devices. Find your iPhone hotspot and connect to it. It will take few seconds depending on how big your password. Type your password and wait for few seconds. It will take few seconds to acknowledge your password and connect to your iPhone. It will now show connected.
  • Once your TV is got connected to your iPhone now there is a middleman that’s the hotspot. Now you don’t have to do anything on your TV. As long as your TV supports internet connection, this will work.
  • Now come back to your iPhone and download an app called iMediation, it’s a free app available in your apple play store maximum of 10 MB not that heavy data taking app. Your top of your home screen in your iPhone will show a blue dot indicating your hotspot is connected.
  • Once you download the application, you don’t need to sign as it’s a free app. Once you open the application, it will show a few options to you. It will take a few seconds depending on how fast your mobile data is working. As you are using your mobile data in your TV as well as in your iPhone data speed become low.
  • Now as the application opens, you will see a few boxes there in which you got pictures, music, videos, social networking etc. Choose any one of it. For example, I wanted to use the picture mode, just to check the mirroring worked well or not of iPhone with the TV. Open a random album from the thumbnail because you have a internet connection now in order to easily connect.
  • Remember there is a TV running in background of your iPhone and all the stuffs are slowing down, make sure you do not run many applications at the same time because it may slow down your iPhone’s software as well. Once you found a picture, clicking on that picture, it will show you a few options like My device – Your Samsung TV or any TV.
  • You need to turn off all your other TVs and only the TV you wanted to mirror your iPhone with should show its visibility. Samsung TV running in the background. Just click on the Samsung TV option that you want to mirror and it will automatically start mirroring your picture, picture on your iPhone on your TV now. Like this now you can open your iMediation app and select pictures, movies, videos or anything you wish to appear in your television screen as well. You can even mirror online videos as well. This way you can easily manage your iPhone in a big screen of your TV with easy swiping of media in your iPhone and the same happens on the TV as you have mirrored your TV with your iPhone now.
  • You can do a lot of stuff with this application called iMediation but sometimes it becomes a bit glitchy depending on the 3D connection so it is kind of buggy so it might crash sometimes as well. So be careful need not to worry you can connect it again.

Methods: 4

Mirroring iPhone to TV without Wifi, without Chrome cast or any cable is also possible following the steps in the guide. All the routers connecting Wifi should be kept off so that there is no WiFi on either on the TV or the iPhone.

  • Now to connect the iPhone to the TV in order to mirror it and view media in your TV. Suppose in this case you have a LG TV and you should know that TV has no crank cost and it’s Bolton feature for someone for example for Sony Bravia etc.
  • Getting started, Get your iPhone with Wi-Fi turned off. Now go to the share and connect settings in the settings icon. Inside share and connect, go to mirror cast, that is the option that will let you connect to the TV. Now you can see that there is no TV displaying right now in the screen of mirror cast, this is because the hotspot from TV is not yet turned on.
  • On your TV just go to the main menu and you will see a screen running over there. Go to connect to devices in your TV and click on screen whirring. Now again go to mirror cast in your iPhone and there you will see the name of your TV displayed on the iPhone screen. Click on connect and it will automatically connect to the GT on the screen. Accept the invitation in your TV as well. The TV will start displaying- Preparing Screen Mirroring. Wait for a few seconds and your iPhone will be mirrored to your TV. Now stream anything on the iPhone it will automatically get displayed on your TV screen as well. I hope this guide is helpful. Happy mirroring and Enjoy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Technology Behind iPhone Mirroring to TV or in other words how does Mirroring of iPhone Screen to TV Really Works?

The technology behind screen mirroring of your iPhone to your TV is that in your Control Center of your IOS device it generally duplicate your entire iPhone screen to a TV or a projector by using Airplay. Making it easy for you to view your media same to same on your TV as well.

Is there any Difference Between Normal Screen Mirroring and Airplay Mirroring of iPhone to TV?

Yes, there is a difference between normal screen mirroring of your IOS device or iPhone than Airplay mirroring it. The difference is that with Normal screen mirroring allows you to stream your desktop or iPhone screen onto the TV. While with Airplay mirroring, it allows the user to play or stream games along with other normal activities the mirroring generally performs.

Do Connected or Mirrored iPhone with TV Automatically Disconnect, if yes why does this Happen?

Yes, sometimes due to some problems your iPhone will keep on disconnecting from your TV when you are trying to mirror it. This happens because of interrupted Airplay playback and yes also the auto lock mechanism which comes built in with your iPhone. You need to change auto lock preferences from your settings in order to avoid this problem of disconnection again and again.

How can we Make sure if Screen Mirroring of our iPhone is Turned off so that it won’t Connect Automatically?

In order to ensure that mirroring of your iPhone to TV is turned on voluntarily. You need to stop it following the steps, Open your Control Center, from there click on Screen mirroring and then you need to click on stop mirroring. The next you wanted to mirror your iPhone to TV you need to restart it from the Control center.

Can I Permanently Delete Screen Mirroring Option from my iPhone?

Yes you can delete it by clicking on screen cast-TV cast until it starts a vibrating or shake on the screen, a X-mark will appear, click on the X to delete permanently Screen mirroring from your iPhone.

Final Word

Screen mirroring can be done efficiently even without a WiFi connection. If you are wealthy enough go on with Chrome cast purchase or purchase of an AV adaptor which is compatible with your iPhone and is quite durable, handy itself as can be carried to different places, used with different TVs anywhere. If you do not do screen mirroring so often then using your data or mirror cast option is best for you as for a short period of time. I hope this is helpful, happy mirroring.