What Channel is History Channel on DirecTV – Channel Guide

There is no end to the quest for knowledge. No matter how much knowledge we have, we always want to gain more and our quest never ends. Learning about something new or learning about the past always entices us. That is why history always excites me. With history, you not only learn more but learn about something new. But wait, when we talk about history it might appear boring.

That is true. Most of us would remember, we never liked those history classes. But, what if history is shown in form of entertainment. That works for us. We love entertainment, and we also lover what entertainment can deliver to us. History Channel for long has been that platform delivering insights on history through entertainment. History channel is already available on DirecTV and is quite popular amongst the viewers.

You might be wondering, “What channel is the History Channel on DirecTV?“. Well, it’s a way to learn history through entertainment. Now, learn crucial aspects of history just sitting at home. History defines our past and justifies our present existence. It helps to connect our present with the past.

What is History TV Channel on DirecTV

History TV or as popularly known as the “History Channel” was formed in 1995. It is a flagship infotainment channel owned by A&E Networks, which is an American broadcasting network. History TV is a joint venture of Hearst & Disney. It was formed to prove the information in form of entertainment, and thus why is called infotainment.

It is a pay-TV, which means you have to subscribe to pay. It is currently, viewed by more than 100 million American subscribers, making it one of the highest viewed channels in America. Even though founded as The History channel in 1995, soon it became global and was renamed History TV. DirecTV is one of the major satellite broadcasters across the globe, offers History TV on its broadcast platform. Initially, the channel started with some documentaries, that will be based on some historical events or historical facts.

However, soon it started programs that were more than reflections of history and delivered history in the form of entertainment. Today, History TV offers a different kind of programs which ranges from history to knowledge-based programs, to trivia. It has got a wide variety of programs where one can not only get some knowledge but can also get entertained.

Current History TV programs also have reality shows, movies, talk shows, and game shows, offering mover variety to the viewers. Even though History TV tries its best to show the details pertaining to history, sometimes it is criticised for distorting the facts or hiding the facts.

However, History TV has always refuted these allegations and as a practice, in credits, they always share the sources that have been used for developing a particular program. Nevertheless, this is one of the most popular channels in America which is enjoyed by both adults as well as kids. More than 80 percent of American houses have History TV subscribed. Now, that is quite huge and endorses why it is so popular.

What Channel is History Channel on DirecTV – Channel Guide

The History Channel is located on channel number 269 on DirecTV.

Channel NameChannel Number
History Channel269

How to Get History Channel on DirecTV

We have explained, “What channel is the History Channel on DirecTV?“, and now let us also mention how you can subscribe and view History Channel on your favorite DirecTV. The first question that might come to your mind might be, Does DirecTV offers the History TV channel? Of course, it’s been there on the DirecTV platform for quite some time. DirecTV is quite popular as a satellite broadcaster.

It has got packages which are affordable as well as available. It is one of the best platforms that delivers your daily share of entertainment to your house. its viewers definitely expect the best channels available on the platforms. So, how can they miss having History TV on their platform?

The History channel is available on the DirecTV platform. However, if you are a new user, lets us share some more information about DirecTV. DirecTV has been one of the biggest sources of entertainment for American households. No to mention in America, multiple cable operators are operating, and they cannot be even counted. But nothing beats DirecTV when it quality package at an affordable cost. DirecTV has several features which are unparalleled and unmatchable when it comes to other operators in America.

These features ensure that viewers get maximum entertainment at an affordable. Moreover, these offerings are exclusive to DirecTV customers. More than 18 million families are using the services of DirecTV in the US, so definitely it stands out amongst others. As a subscriber, DirecTV ensures that your favorite channels are available right at the comfort of your living room.

Some features that make DirecTV exclusive:

  • The exclusive lineup of the channel with all top channels included.
  • The lineup of channels that have got something for everyone.
  • DVR option to record your favorite shows.
  • Steam live through the DirecTV app.

You get all with that keeps you entertained, this includes your favorite History TV as well. In case you have internet services from CenturyLink then there is more good news for you. You can bundle DirecTV with your internet services, and get the channel packages at a much attractive price. There are customised DirecTV plans for CenturyLink customers, which saves your monthly bill to a greater extent. To get the best quality entertainment with high-speed internet. Some of the popular plans for DirecTV are listed below.

History Channel is part of all these plans given above. So, the first thing you have to do to watch History Channel on DirecTV is to subscribe to any of the plans. You can check the benefits and features of these plans on the DirecTV website, and select a plan of your preference. Now once you have subscribed, you might be curious to know how you can watch History Channel on DirecTV.

It is simple, just switch to Channel: 269, yes that is the number. Go to this channel, and now you know what channel is History channel on DirecTV.

Advantages of the History Channel On DirecTV

There are not one or two, but multiple benefits of subscribing to DirecTV. Live like a king when you become a DirecTV subscriber. Let us check why.

1. Access DirecTV 4K

Most of today’s televisions are 4K, but the biggest question is, are the broadcasters offering 4K resolution? The answer is no, not all of them. But with DirecTV 4K, you get 4K videos right on your 4K TV. Get a superb viewing experience with 4k, as if it is completely real. On top of that enhance the experience with some surreal sound system.

With DirecTV, your mini theater could be right at your home. Watch your favorite concerts, exciting NBA matches, and some of the greatest action flicks in one of the most premium picture formats. With DirecTV never miss the experience of theatre anymore.

2. Unstoppable Entertainment

The entertainment is simply unstoppable with DirecTV. Best TV series, best movies collection, best sporting action, you get everything with DirecTV. Boredom is never going to creep to your living room with DirecTV. However, this dose of entertainment becomes simply infinite, when you have History TV as well in your collection.

Watch how Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, or the untold secrets of Egyptian Pyramids or even architectural facts about the Taj Mahal. Yes, that is what History TV offers on DirecTV. It offers some of the key insights about history in form of entertainment. These programs on History TV are not only rich in terms of information and knowledge, but they are quite rich in terms of presentation that is why these programs are so interesting.


Do you miss your favorite shows on TV? Not anymore with DirecTV HD DVR. Often it happens that due to our day-to-day routine tasks, we might miss our favorite shows. It is annoying as well as disappointing. With the DVR option, you can record your favorite shows in a high-definition format, and play them whenever you want to view them.

With DirecTV you can record shows up to 200 hours. Now here comes the best part, you can schedule the recording. For example, you know when your favorite program on History TV is going to start, but unfortunately, you have to go to your friend’s birthday party.

You can simply schedule the recording, and go to the party. With DirecTV you get Genie as well as Genie 2, which offers premium HD DVR options. GENIE has 1TB storage, and it allows recording of up to 5 shows. GENIE 2 offers 2TB storage, with recording up to seven shows. With GENIE2 you can also record 2 shows in 4K format. Both the DVRs are available with inbuilt Alexa from Amazon.

So, just pick up your remote, and name the recorded title you want to watch, Alexa will start playing it instantly.

4. On-Demand TV

If you think the entertainment on DirecTV is limited to the channels it offers, you are wrong. It provides on-demand entertainment. Think of a classic of yesteryear or recent music video, everything will be available right on your screen. DirecTV On-Demand offers limitless entertainment.

Your order and it gets delivered. The On-Demand library has got all that you need for your entertainment. On DirecTV, you can watch your On-Demand videos on different devices. You can start your video on the TV, and then you can pause it. You can resume it on your mobile device. It is flexible and convenient.

Disadvantages of the History Channel On DirecTV

DirectTV is one of the best broadcasting platforms, but it has its disadvantages. Let us check out some of them:

1. Disruptions Due to Weather

When it snows or rains, the satellite broadcast of live TV will be interrupted. So, you are left at the mercy of the weather god. These disruptions can be longer, and sometimes it takes time to restore. However, in case of these disruptions, you can still watch DirecTV through your mobile app or you can opt for internet TV as well.

2. Second Price Increase

When you buy DirecTV you will get it at an attractive price, and probably the best price. However, the problem starts with the second-year subscription. You will find that prices are not the same as the first year, and there is a certain hike in the price. However, with the quality of entertainment provided by DirecTV, this price hike can be justified.

Best Programs to Watch on History Channel on DirecTV

Some of the programs which you should look out for the on History Channel:

  • Pawn Stars.
  • History’s Greatest Mysteries.
  • The Curse of Oak Island.
  • Ancient Aliens.
  • Hunting Hitler: The Final Chapter.

Check the DirecTV electronic program guide to check the timings of these programs.

Bottom Line

DirecTV is one of the best entertainment platforms that deliver quality content at an affordable cost. In practice, it has been found that DirecTV offers better service at a lesser cost than local cable televisions. Thus, when it comes to selecting the best between DirecTV and Satellite TV, then definitely DirecTV is the winner.

Moreover, with DirecTV Stream one can seamless and uninterrupted telecast even in extreme weather conditions, as far as the internet is functional. One of the attractive features of DirecTV is its channel lineups, which includes popular channels like History Channel. With the DVR option even record your shows on History Channel and watch them later. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that you get the best experience of History Channel on DirecTV.

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