How To Stream HBO Max On Discord? – Streaming Guide 2022

How to stream HBO Max on discord? During weekends, we want to spend time with our friends and binge-watch a season or movie’s premiere. However, there are times that we cannot go out to be at our friend’s home to spend the day watching. Good thing there are ways to watch HBO Max with your friends online. Even indoors and you are alone, you will be able to have some company while enjoying movies and series on HBO Max.

Most people think Discord is only used for gaming content and streaming, but it’s not. The platform can be also used to stream any content category as long as you add them to your channels which only takes a few minutes to do. If you want to watch real-time shows on HBO Max, you can use this streaming service. It also allows you to send messages to each other while watching.

The only downside of streaming in Discord is you only get 720p quality without the nitro subscription. But 720p can be clear enough and loads continuously on mobile phones. But how can you stream HBO Max on Discord? Read through the article to know how to set up your HBO Max watch party.

How to Stream HBO Max on Discord Using The Screen Sharing Feature?

Now that you know you can stream it on Discord, just follow the instructions below to start hosting your HBO Max streaming.

1) Download the Discord App or Software

Whether you are using an Android phone, download the app from PlayStore, App Store on iPhone, and other app stores for PC. Once you have downloaded Discord, you can now start your watch party.

2) Use a Web Browser in Opening HBO Max

Launch the web browser that you will use to watch HBO Max. You may use Google Chrome, Firefox, or other browsers that you want to use. Open the browser’s settings and turn off the hardware acceleration. This needs to be disabled to prevent a blank or plain black screen from appearing while you are streaming HBO Max.

3) Open Discord user Settings to Add your Browser

Once you are done with the second step, open the User Discord Settings then tap or click the Advanced tab. Like in the browser settings, you also need to turn off the hardware acceleration in Discord and this will restart the app or software. Once reopened, go back to the previously opened user settings and choose Activity Section, then Activity Status. Now add your browser in the Activity Status to be able to watch HBO Max with audio.

4) Start Screen Sharing through a Voice Channel

If you are done with the adjustments on the settings of your browser and Discord, go to the Voice Channel. You should see your added browser here. Tap or click the computer icon and choose Go Live to start screen sharing. The HBO Max should automatically start and stream seamlessly if you have no connection issues and the cache of the browser and Discord is cleared.

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Is Hosting a Watch Party of HBO Max Legal?

Because people are mostly staying at home, people are now taking the advantage of using online apps and software. The screen-sharing features of videoconferencing software such as Zoom and Discord are now used to start a watch party online.

Though the setup process is easy, hosting an HBO Max watch party in Discord is illegal. You need to check your area’s regulations regarding copyright and patent laws. However, if the watch party is used for reviewing movies or series, you may not get into trouble. But if you displayed the whole movie without any disclosure and credit to the filmmakers, you may face a problem with copyright infringement.

Black Screen Is Encountered While Streaming

1) Hardware Acceleration

If you experienced having a black screen while watching, one reason could be a problem with the servers of HBO Max. You may check on a third-party online website to check the status of the server. Another reason is you may have forgotten to turn off the hardware acceleration on your web browser and Discord. To solve this, just do the necessary adjustments mentioned earlier in this article.

2) Internet Connectivity Issues

The black screen may be caused by a slow internet connection which makes it difficult for HBO Max to load the movie or series. HBO Max needs to run on a 5Mbps internet speed for HD quality. You may check your internet speed at third-party websites to avoid interruption while watching.

3) VPN Is On Use

The black screen may be caused by a VPN. Some VPNs cause streaming interruptions because of the changing of your IP address. To ensure smooth streaming, it is recommended to turn off VPN while hosting the watch party.

Alternative Software for Screen Sharing That Does Not Allow HBO Max

Aside from Discord, other software such as Zoom, Twitch, and GoToMeeting are just one of the most famous software that has screen sharing. However, you cannot use these on hosting a watch party of HBO Max.

There are certain restrictions on streaming especially on Twitch. Once you are live-streaming on Twitch, it will be available to all of your followers and not just with whom you want to share the screen.

While Zoom allows you to screen share, it restricts sharing of HBO Max shows since Zoom is used mostly for teleconferencing, webinars, and collaborations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I be Able to Open HBO Max if other Users are Watching?

Yes, HBO Max allows simultaneous watching on up to three devices.

Can HBO Max Updates Interrupt Watching?

Like any other app or software, HBO Max regularly sends updates to ensure that errors are fixed and watching is not interrupted. Always make sure that your HBO Max is up-to-date.

Can You Stream HBO Max on Discord?

No. You cannot stream directly from Discord since streaming of HBO Max on any streaming platform is not allowed. However, you may use third-party apps and software to screen share in watching HBO Max shows with your friends simultaneously.


Though HBO Max restricts direct streaming on Discord, more tech junkies are finding solutions on how to do it. With the steps mentioned in this article, you will be able to watch HBO Max shows with anyone you invite on Discord as long as the instructions are done correctly.