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What Channel Is CNN On DirecTV?

While there are many television networks out there, nothing tops DirecTV’s quality channels, with its satellite technology coupled with the newest technologies out there to maximize television consumption. DirecTV stands out among other competitors, providing the television needs and wants of more than 39 million homes in the United States daily.

What is DirecTV?

Knowing DirecTV with just the statement above reduces the many aspects that the satellite network brings. For one, it brings stability to the table. Often, cable and satellite networks experience some slowdowns when issues like bad weather and signal instability occur.

DirecTV ensures that you get only the best out of what you pay by using technologies to stabilize the receptor and decoder of the satellite, even in the worst cases. So, if you’ve been itching to watch that show on CNN, then DirecTV assures you that nothing terrible interrupts you while you find what channel is CNN on DirecTV.

What Channel is CNN on DirecTV?

If you are looking for CNN on DirectTV, you will see it on channel 202. Just browse your television through DirectTV and you will be able to watch and subscribe on CNN.

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The Popularity of CNN on DirecTV

One of the most consumed channels in DirecTV is Cable News Network (CNN), which is primarily known for its excellent broadcast channel, providing news from all sorts of fields, ranging from traditional news to entertainment and business.

Not only that, but the channel extends to providing shows outside of what it is known for, like the classic television series that not only adults but teenagers enjoy, like Anderson Cooper 360, which is a breakthrough that aims to stray away from the spoon-feeding culture of news media. Then there’s Deathrow Stories, which is also a TV show that tackles the United States’ system of capital punishment.

What makes it even better is that it is available on DirecTV. You only have to subscribe to one of the many entertainment packages of DirecTV, and you are good to go, looking for what channel is CNN on DirecTV, and enjoying your day and night plunging into the latest stories and series.

Why People are Watching CNN on DirecTV?

There are many reasons why you should choose DirecTV to be your channel provider for CNN.

  1. Flexibility of Subscription Packages.
  2. Protection Plan Exists.
  3. Exclusive Privileges.

1) Flexibility of Subscription Packages

The first has to do with the flexibility you get from the subscription packages DirecTV offers with CNN. Starting from $69.99 monthly, you’ll have to look for what channel is CNN on DirecTV, which is Channel 202 in most locations, by the way. And the base offer comes with 60+ other channels to maximize your entertainment.

2) Protection Plan Exists

The second reason is that you can also avail a protection plan from DirecTV, which is relatively cheaper than when you buy from somewhere else. You can expect 100% reliability and durability when watching CNN with DirecTV. The price starts at $8.99 and can upgrade up to $20.99 monthly, with upgrades every two years, plus no-cost service calls.

3) Exclusive Privileges

Thirdly and lastly, DirecTV has the exclusive privilege to many channels over other cable and satellite networks, including e CNN. So, if you want something that separates you from other CNN viewers by just a little bit, then you can rely on DirecTV’s connections, for that matter.

How to Watch and Subscribe to DirecTV Today

Subscribing to DirecTV only a couple of clicks. But for reference, here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to DirecTV’s official website, directv.com. The site will ask you to make an account on their site first before you can further explore their offers and subscription method. Don’t worry, signing up is free.
  2. You finally have your account on the site. Next is to click on the “Stream” tab and continue by selecting the “Explore Stream,” which will show you another portal to all their subscription packages.
  3. There, you can start checking them individually, looking at what channel is CNN on DirecTV upon checking if it is included in the package. But if you want to get a better picture of what subscription package fits your interests the best, then you can select on the “Compare Full Lineup” tab.
  4. Feel free to continue with your checkout by clicking on the button that indicates it.

And you can expect it to come in the shortest time possible. From deciding to get it, to actually getting it, and receiving it, DirecTV continues with its mission to its subscribers to provide quality entertainment alongside excellent service.


CNN is a channel where you can get a lot of information worldwide. Since it’s a news channel, you can learn what’s happening in any corner of the world. If you want to know what channel it is on DirectTV, we summed up the information above. Don’t forget that you can actually watch it without worrying about limited access. Just follow the instructions we have above.