How To Return Spectrum Equipment: A Complete Guide

Spectrum is among the biggest internet service providers (ISP) in the United States with over 100 million broadband subscribers across 42 states. With it’s fast and reliable internet connection, Spectrum has become a household name in the United States with its provision of home phone and television service over its cable network. Spectrum offers a hiqh quality internet connectivity that reaches speeds of up to 1000MBps.

The internet speed is based on what type of Spectrum package you subscribed to. One of the best features of Spectrum is the fact that unlike other service providers, it does not present a data cap on its users. There is no limit to the amount of data you can purchase and use on a monthly basis. Spectrum also offers its customers cell phone service on the Verizon Wireless network.

With all the commendable features of Charter Spectrum services, it might not be for everyone because of various reasons. To end a subscription with Spectrum, you will be required to return any equipment that you got from the company. You can also return equipments that are malfunctioning or broken. If you need to return Spectrum equipment and you do not want to be charged equipment return fees, then there are certain protocols and parameters you need to follow in order to make the return.

This article will help you understand the steps and processes involved in returning Spectrum equipment back to the company.

When Should I Return Spectrum Equipment?

There are many situations that will require you to return Spectrum equipment back to the company. These situations include:

  • Cancelling your Spectrum subscription completely.
  • Upgrading to a new package.
  • Returning a malfunctioning or broken Spectrum equipment.

Upon cancellation of Spectrum services, the company gives you 15 days (to 30 days) to return the Spectrum equipment, or you will be made to pay equipment return charges as penalty. The company holds you responsible for returning all leased equipment if you unsubscribe or downgrade your package. This policy is stated in the company’s Terms and Conditions and you will be notified of this when you contact the customer care service to cancel your subscription.

How Do I Return Spectrum Equipment To The Company?

Spectrum makes the equipment as easy and convenient as possible for its subscribers. There are multiple ways by which you can return the equipment to the company. You can return Spectrum equipments in person by dropping it off at a Spectrum office or retail store, through mailing/postal services, or by requesting a pickup from the company. Whichever of these methods you intend to use, you need to put the appropriate documents with the equipment stating the reason for return and describing the condition of the equipment you are returning.

How To Return Spectrum Equipment Back To The Company In Person?

You can return Spectrum equipment by dropping it off at the Spectrum store or office. There are up to 650+ Spectrum stores across the United States and if you have a problem locating a store near you, you can make use of the Spectrum store locator. It is the simplest way to directly return Spectrum equipment to the company. Accountability is better this way as well since the company accepted the equipment directly from you.

Return Spectrum Equipment

How To Return Spectrum Equipment To The Company Through Mailing Services?

You can also drop off Spectrum equipment at mailing services stations like FedEx return and UPS return.

1) UPS Mail

This is Spectrum’s most preferred method of returning equipment because UPS handles the packaging and shipping of all Spectrum equipment free of charge. All you need to do is inform them that you are a Spectrum customer and they will process the return. A receipt will be given to you to help you track the equipment shipping and to prove that you have submitted the equipment for return.

2) FedEx

Spectrum also accepts the return of equipment through FedEx. You’ll be provided with a label that you will attach to the containing equipment you will return. Unlike UPS, you have to handle the packaging process yourself and Spectrum will handle the postage. You need to make sure that you collected a receipt from FedEx as confirmation that you have dropped off the spectrum equipment. Note that not all Spectrum equipment are accepted for return by FedEx. The equipment that can be shipped via FedEx are:

  • Spectrum receivers inclusive of DVR and HD receivers.
  • DOCSIS 2.0 Wi-Fi gateway devices.
  • DOCSIS 3.0 modem and gateway devices.
  • Spectrum voice modems.
  • Wi-Fi routers.

3) US Postal Services

Another convenient method of returning your Spectrum equipment to the company is through the US Postal Services. You can drop off the equipment at your nearest USPS location. While packaging, the equipment needs to be secured in its original packaging if available, together with the return label that was given to you upon purchase. Let the USPS office know that you are a Spectrum customer and they will take care of the shipment of the equipment back to the Spectrum company without any return fee.

How To Return Spectrum Equipment Through Pickup From The Company?

You can have the Spectrum equipment picked up from your home by a Spectrum official if you are unable to process a return using the methods previously mentioned. This service is only for disabled customers so refrain from using this service otherwise. To request for equipment pickup by a technician from Spectrum, you can contact the company.

Hopefully, the above mentioned methods have been of huge help to you when trying to return Spectrum equipment. You should know that if you do not return Spectrum equipment within the time stated in the company’s Terms and conditions, you will be charged a $200 penalty fee for each equipment that was not returned. You should also make sure that you properly track the shipment of Spectrum equipment after dropping it off at postal services to ensure that the shipment has reached Spectrum in good condition.

What Will Occur if I Do Not Return the Spectrum Equipment?

Failure to return Spectrum equipment to the company after the cancellation of services or after an upgrade or downgrade of package within the 15-day window, you may be billed hundreds of dollars as penalty. The company will charge you for the replacement of each piece of equipment and this might pile up to hundreds of dollars. To avoid these extremely high charges, you need to ensure that you return the equipment to the company as soon as possible.

Do I Have to Pay Postal Services to Return my Spectrum Equipment?

When you are making use of UPS, FedEx or the US Postal Services, you do not need to pay any shipment fees as long as you prove to them that you are a Spectrum customer and you are returning Spectrum equipment. FedEx and USPS will require you to package the equipment yourself and provide a return label that Spectrum has given you upon initial purchase.

Can I Use the Spectrum Pickup Option to Return my Equipment Even if I Am Not Disabled?

No. The pickup option is only for certain type of Spectrum customers that are disabled or elderly. If you are none of these, then you should follow the other routes of returning Spectrum equipment.

What Is The Best Method of Returning Spectrum Equipment to the Company?

The most ideal way of making a return for Spectrum equipment is by dropping off the equipment in person at a Spectrum office or retail store, or by shipping the equipment to the company through UPS. No fee will be incurred on you while using any of these methods.

Can I Exchange or Replace my Spectrum Remote Control?

Yes. Your faulty remote control can be replaced if you bring it to any Spectrum store or office, or you can just contact them and request for a replacement remote. Spectrum will mail the new remote control to you within 3 to 5 days with instructions on how to process the return of the old or faulty remote control.


Charter Spectrum provides highly reliable and strong internet connection services and it is among the most used internet service providers in the United States. With all its commendable services and reliability, you might still find yourself in a position where you have to cancel your Spectrum services due to various different reasons. Upon cancellation of the Spectrum services, the Spectrum company will expect you to return the equipment you have been using to access their services back to the company within a specific period of time.

Failure to return these equipment at the appropriate time will lead to the company charging you a penalty fee that will cover the cost of the replacement of each equipment that was not returned. In this article, the multiple ways you can easily and conveniently return equipment back to Spectrum company has been explained fully so that you do not have to go through the hassle of paying the penalty.